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  1. Air Hunger
  2. Tooth soap anyone?
  3. Lyme Disease
  4. Snake venom for medical purposes
  5. surprisingly happy
  6. acupunture causing nerve damage?
  7. Parasite cleansing for severe food allergies
  8. Any homeopathic remedies for Hemmorhoids?
  9. Ubitol and Proxene ES
  10. dog dander allergy
  11. Colloidal silver
  12. blood thinners
  13. Relief for Jaw pain after dental surgery
  14. How to find a laboratory?
  15. update
  16. Soothanol
  17. Natural remedies for irregular periods
  18. Blood thinners
  19. any natural way for tonsilitis
  20. dysbiosis
  21. Help With Sleep Problems
  22. acupuncture
  23. need dietary/cleansing advice, please
  24. Body hair growth
  25. L-Theanine...(what & how much) ???
  26. alkaline ionized water
  27. danger mixing medicinal herbs with prescription drugs
  28. Natural treatment : patches
  29. when i urine there's a white mucous in the toilet bowl i wonder what that is
  30. Ubitol
  31. Fish Oil
  32. Would like to lean out more/reduce overall bodyfat.
  33. bio-identical hormones
  34. Anyone know about treating a lung-based illness?
  35. Bioidentical hormone creams
  36. Omega 3's vs Flaxseed Oil
  37. Argenium nitricum anyone? (silver nitrate)
  38. Kidney disease
  39. how to unblock ear
  40. Really need help with motion sickness!!
  41. how much magnesium is needed to lower blood pressure
  42. Natural skin/hair products?
  43. Any remedies for fast healing after surgery?
  44. penis sensitivity
  45. Coconut Oil
  46. Morton's Neuroma
  47. Help, bad ear problems from TMJ
  48. what kind of silver is good for skin infection
  49. horse chestnut seed extract for veins
  50. New here
  51. 5 HTP and Rhodiola Rosea
  52. magnesium how much do i need
  53. Alternative treatment for low thyroid
  54. Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)
  55. trapped gas in your body
  56. Bad reaction from acupuncture
  57. high cortisol by saliva testing
  58. Theta Healing
  59. breast & ovarian cysts cure?
  60. Acupuncture question - weird reaction?
  61. what is trapped gas
  62. high b/p
  63. how should I wean off prozac to start SAM-
  64. what are foods that will detox my body
  65. supplements for anxiety
  66. mixing herbs
  67. Anti-Inflammatory reactions...
  68. Acupuncture question
  69. pure l-tryptophan when taking oxycontin is it ok to take both
  70. Idea's for kicking my cold
  71. Anything useful for a schizophrenic?
  72. growth on eye?
  73. Melatonin anyone/
  74. whey protein & gas?
  75. Alternative therapies for morning sickness
  76. How much magnesium do I need?
  77. What supplements are good for PMS or general irritability from period?
  78. Question!
  79. Cured my own left neck, shoulder, back pain with Acupuncture electronic stimulation
  80. MacaSure and TTC
  81. Great natural health supplements..
  82. magnesium for anxiety
  83. questions in medicine
  84. dr. recommendations IL alternative/holistic
  85. white furry tongue and mouth sores/canker sores
  86. Could a remedy have caused this?
  87. Ibs
  88. echinacea and antibiotics?
  89. Ginkgo bleeding issue
  90. Organic ginger tea for acid reflux?
  91. Dr. Natura's Colonix Program
  92. Is this vitiligo? is there a cure for these white patches?
  93. L-theanine No Appetite
  94. Natural remedies for post nasal drip
  95. Accupuncture through socks !
  96. High B/P
  97. okay, a tough one...
  98. how do you raise your sperm count naturally
  99. Looking for a good sea salt
  100. Seeking good colloidal silver generator
  101. how to brighten your eye colour permanently
  102. what brand of 5-htp do you prefer?:)
  103. advice for vitamins/supplements to help men thru mid life
  104. Holistic doctors?
  105. Coleus Forkolinii
  106. 5-htp keeps me awake
  107. Hypnosis
  108. mixing herbs
  109. what is UBITOL medecine used for
  110. Hydrogen Peroxide Reversed Gum Disease
  111. Apple Cider Vinegar Questions!
  112. 5-htp from walmart
  113. feeling sick on detox
  114. Using Vitamins/Supplements to help me get on Paxil (to ease the painful side-effects)
  115. Ginkgo Biloba
  116. Combining Homeopathic Remedies
  117. how much magnesium can i take per day
  118. Protein Powder
  119. how to get rid of body odor for the whole day
  120. Is there a way to stop snoring without using strips or wraps?
  121. C-Herb....Anyone used it? good vs bad results?
  122. ubitol
  123. Acupuncture questions
  124. Discussion on Natural Deodorants?
  125. random mood swings
  126. Fucodian
  127. magnesium tablets
  128. prolotherapy for dislocated elbow?
  129. tryptophan
  130. ubitol
  131. Amazed ! Two Week Cure from all Anxiety and GAD
  132. magnesium as a muscle relaxer?
  133. Omega 3 and fish allergies
  134. St Johns Wort + 5-HTP
  135. How to get rid of a wart between my toes?
  136. how can I get rid of laryngitis
  137. Has any heard of or used Ibunex or Gluconex?
  138. shower de-chlorinator
  139. Hair analysis: Is it valid?
  140. Help get my husband off BP meds
  141. Will Naturopath Be Disgusted With Me?
  142. what is a natural alternative to xanax
  143. best body detox??
  144. Skin rash
  145. Can You Freeze Unsweetened Yogurt?
  146. Body detox symptoms
  147. anyone tried color light therapy?
  148. question on 5htp and rhodiola
  149. traditional chinese medicine
  150. Radiation treatment for cancer
  151. Needing energy!
  152. Fish Oil question
  153. Cave salt treatment (salt caves/grottos)
  154. why does apple cider vinegar hurt warts so much
  155. probiotics and enzymes
  156. Swollen Lymph Glands (Wisdom Teeth)
  157. Recovering from Wisdom Teeth Extraction Naturally
  158. Rash Received in Jamaica
  159. How much magnesium should you take?
  160. bags under my eyes
  161. side effects from antibiotics
  162. Joint creams
  163. Scared Of Regular Doctors, Naturopathic Better?
  164. Any energy ideas?
  165. Juice Fasting
  166. Alot of Dr's against alternative meds
  167. l-tryptophan how much to take
  168. what is the maximum amount of magnesium you should take daily
  169. Any one use Beta Glucan out there?
  170. hot plants for her
  171. green vibrance
  172. Feeling "Off" Accupunture or Chiropractor?
  173. Physiotherapy and loss of consciousness
  174. Stagnant Liver
  175. detoxifing the colon
  176. Anyone have good knowledge of probiotics?
  177. What is good for nausea?
  178. Has anyone tried N.R.T. or Muscle Testing?
  179. Colonix Colon Cleanse
  180. how to control my mood swings
  181. Can alternative meds help me?
  182. Long term 5-htp use??
  183. Hair Analysis
  184. Triglycerides
  185. what to take for insomnia that is safe
  186. Wisdom Teeth - Healing Infection Naturally
  187. How to find alternative medicine provider?
  188. Cure For Coughing & Spitting Up Mucous
  189. Question with NAC
  190. Cleanses that ACTUALLY work?
  191. Natural remedies for Eczema?
  192. What is Going ON INSIDE My Body?
  193. What Herbs Thin the Blood
  194. Alternatives for allergies and sleeping issues
  195. Nasty Reaction to Lexapro...L-Tryptophan an Alternative ???
  196. Energy boosters
  197. Beetroot juice for high blood pressure?
  198. Who's Your Vitamin Company?
  199. Heavy metal toxicity caused by vaccinations?
  200. Kinoki Pads
  201. Has Anyone Had Muscle Testing for Allergies?
  202. Alternative remedies to a hacking cough?
  203. 5-htp info
  204. ipecacuanha homeopathy?
  205. Sleeping Issues
  206. Guaifenesin for anxiety?
  207. malic acid question
  208. Question about Beta Blockers
  209. Oil of Oregano hasnt gotten rid of parasites
  210. Alternative therapies for anxiety?
  211. Integrative Medicine in Houston, Tx?
  212. Natural gallstone removal?
  213. Goji juice!?
  214. alkaline diet
  215. Any real herbal/ natural remedy for penile enlargement??
  216. Homeopathy for Tiredness
  217. Soft and Moveable Tumor
  218. Seems to have helped my itching
  219. rash/allergy
  220. quick question about 5HTP, Rhodiola, and Fish Oil
  221. TMJ and anti-inflamatories
  222. side effects of probiotics
  223. Chinese mallow and Senna
  224. What to take to sleep
  225. Fish Oil
  226. uti help?
  227. Hormonal headache help??
  228. lycopodium
  229. acidophilus
  230. Caffeine allergy
  231. Fish Oil, Catechin, Flovoxamine
  232. how to take L-tryptophan
  233. Herbs to help Reduce Overall Sleep Time?
  234. Can you take Valerian and SJW at the same time?
  235. Coffee/Caffeine
  236. Rhodiola for Depression.
  237. ? About Directions On Labels
  238. Herbs that nourish Breasts
  239. Kinoki Foot Pads
  240. how much magnesiun in a banana
  241. nux vomica
  242. Problems with kefir
  243. I Feel Ridiculous--Do I Take the Calcium in the A.M. & the Magnesium at Night?
  244. After Reading Long Post Re Importance Of Magnesium, How Do I Do This?
  245. can melatonin cause dizziness? 5-HTP and dizziness?
  246. Are There Any Herbal Supplements That Are Known To Bring About Depression?
  247. Alternative to Prednisone
  248. quick question please..about lemonade/master cleanse & medications
  249. master cleanse how long until my first bowel movement
  250. Consistancy of stool during cleansing?