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  1. How old?
  2. i need her!
  3. bestfriend crisis
  4. Broken Past - Need Help
  5. depression...just being a teen...or what?
  6. what does it mean........
  7. Forced to hide my true self
  8. Courage Problem
  9. breaking up (16 yrs old)
  10. I dont want to "feel" anymore...
  11. Ex Girlfriend Got pregnet and still calls question
  12. Confused
  13. wut do u think the odds r?
  14. I need help with a girl
  15. Friend and bf mix up
  16. Why does this girl have to be insecure around me?
  17. Still in love help!
  18. Don't Want to be Alone
  19. what is up with that
  20. does he have feelings
  21. Broke up yesterday - now what to do?
  22. How can I...???
  23. Guy Problems....help
  24. Confused
  25. i need major help by today plz
  26. Heavy period!
  27. beard growth
  28. No Idea where to put this: Burning in leg...
  29. does he want me back or is he stringing me along?
  30. Does Anyone Else
  31. One of my best friends seem to be ignoring me..
  32. Friend with drinking problem
  33. Best Friend (Guy) vs. BF
  34. A Friend?? In War...
  35. the quickest way to get rid of hickies?
  36. trust issues
  37. High School Physicals
  38. Guy trouble...serioussly confused, need help
  39. teeth...girls answer plzz
  40. What should I do? I'm stuck!
  41. Ask another Teen
  42. Help im short
  43. Friend In trouble
  44. Sub-conscience crush or something?
  45. advice needed about friend
  46. Please help me I am so confused!
  47. The Death Of My Friend
  48. More problems...
  49. death of s.o.
  50. friend trouble!
  51. The Right Thing
  52. am i too small??
  53. Another Flirting question!! HELP!
  54. Does anyone ever...
  55. Haven't seen a friend outside of school in four years...
  56. Forearms
  57. help i am so short!
  58. All girls I like become friends!
  59. Some good ways to flirt? Boys PLZ help!
  60. Advice for teens in abusive houses
  61. Any teen here vegetarian or vegan?
  62. past history ruining my life
  63. Can anyone give me some insight?
  64. Sexual issues?
  65. Don't have a girlfriend..
  66. Ex-Boyfriend Problems
  67. Loss of trust.
  68. my girlfriend bilemic?
  69. feel trapped
  70. My Girlfriends parents wont let me see her
  71. Belly Rings!?!?!
  72. ??family troubles/ middlechild syndorm??
  73. Scared of rejection.
  74. Finally Happened!
  75. Can't get over something.
  76. Can't get over something.
  77. Boy's & Girls Opinions
  78. Need major help regarding football team :(
  79. Wow...I Never Knew I was such a ....
  80. Parents that wont get off ur bak
  81. Timeline?
  82. low standards
  83. boy probs....
  84. What do you really want?
  85. I think?
  86. a silly, but important prob
  87. Troubles with a friend
  88. Problem...
  89. Another typical post
  90. Please help... Horrible at Phys Ed but wanna get better
  91. Depressed
  92. How Come No Boys?
  93. Growing up...literally
  94. Dating & Kissing
  95. Follow up on school fights
  96. Wanna grow taller!!
  97. guys??? i dont get them
  98. nada
  99. What to do...
  100. high school fights
  101. Boyfriend Mother Issues
  102. werid
  103. what is "crossing the line"
  104. fact or fiction....
  105. Very pathetic question
  106. getting over someone....
  107. Bodies
  108. My friend went bilistic when I told him!
  109. What do guys want??!
  110. boyz r confusin meh!~!~!
  111. A few question about a certain girl.....
  112. cant lose him
  113. Period Pain
  114. Nude tanning etiquette
  115. Do girls like.......
  116. my sense of humour... :(
  117. how can i convince her
  118. Some advice Please..Urgent
  119. getting over it
  120. guy trouble?help!
  121. Babysitting
  122. I want to.... but I'm too nice. Please Help me!!
  123. Scared im dying...only 17
  124. Prom
  125. ooh the love
  126. growth
  127. Ahhh! Need help!
  128. i dunno what to put this under so i put it here lol
  129. ok guys i have a question for you
  130. A Married Man :O
  131. dont know what to do.....help
  132. can't firgure it out- guys??
  133. Anyone whose had the college experience please help!
  134. Belly Bottun Piercing
  135. Huffing ruined my life...!
  136. Teenage ovarian cysts
  137. to ask or not to ask
  138. going to college soon
  139. confused
  140. Should I ask her out?
  141. I feel embarassed
  142. my girlfriend well ex
  143. I don't belong...
  144. Keep dating silent?
  145. a friend...?
  146. hmm... read this.
  147. how do i tell him?
  148. ok i got it but how should i do it?
  149. oh boys...
  150. short
  151. does he like me
  152. Changes....
  153. Guy problem...Please help!
  154. I Cant get a boyfriend
  155. ppl please help me. what would you consider to be short for a guy ?
  156. Is this a turnoff?
  157. i have no idea what to do!
  158. The right thing.
  159. Should I tell her?
  160. Guys and quotes??
  161. girls?
  162. help
  163. prom less than a week away!!!
  164. getting worse
  165. In love with best friend?
  166. does he not want to talk to me??
  167. Some advice for a worried teen please
  168. Need Advice on an Ex-Girlfriend who still likes me
  169. i cant make them stop
  170. Gf help
  171. question help meeee
  172. Will I ever find myself?
  173. To Jillybelly..question about smoking
  174. Confused about the world all the time
  175. Should i be embarressed? Help plz
  176. Why is the Sun so painful!?
  177. Can anyone help me out?
  178. what's wrong with me
  179. QuestionS for SMOKERS Plz Answer....
  180. QuestionSS for Smokes Plz Answer....
  181. who has a tattoo on there lower back?
  182. Weird..........
  183. morp-ideas for mathcing outfit
  184. help!!!
  185. Please help!!
  186. rethinking it all
  187. Never been kissed...
  188. Older guy help
  189. Age Gaps: When Are They Okay?
  190. advice on friendship!!!
  191. What people would think...
  192. AP Classes
  193. Dilemma.....advice
  194. I Cant Stop Crying...i Duno What To Do???
  195. problems with my ex-boyfriend
  196. so sad
  197. What do i do now?
  198. feel horrible
  199. what's up with this guy?
  200. restraining order...?
  201. getting over relationshiop breakup
  202. I need help...help me?
  203. A freinds questions leads to boyfreind freaking out about me.. leads into a problem
  204. Am i stupid now?
  205. What can I do to help him?
  206. frenching
  207. opinions/help please
  208. Lip piercing?
  209. Scared and frightened, please help me, please!
  210. For All Teens I Guess
  211. awesome news on the abuse topic!
  212. general question i suppose...
  213. What you guys think?
  214. depressed. he won't leave me alone... :(
  215. Does he like me?!
  216. im really confused about this guy
  217. is he tooo old?
  218. A question for the guys... but girls can answer too!
  219. I like this guy...
  220. Please Help Need Input On Relationship
  221. A question about mono???
  222. Im confused about this girl...
  223. I left him... :'(
  224. Help--I'll never understand the male species.
  225. starting over (how do I...)
  226. what's the best way...?
  227. abuse...
  228. Big uh oh (relationship problem)
  229. Drawing a blank for a good idea... please help!
  230. So Confused... Not sure what to feel
  231. Too much stuff going on!
  232. Valentines Day?
  233. Old Love Letters..
  234. sons heartbreak
  235. feel like part of me is missing
  236. I need help confronting this one girl
  237. Is there a drug like this?
  238. Tell me who's in the wrong here.....
  239. could use some support
  240. Tonuge piercing!
  241. depresion? Phase? or just ME?!
  242. friends on the outside, more than friends on the inside
  243. So self-concious and not very confident sumtimes
  244. What do u guys think?
  245. getting him to leave me alone
  246. Need advice
  247. Girl Problems... NEED HELP from girls and guys!
  248. need some input please!!!
  249. i need help
  250. "Nazi" (no racism intended) mother? Or is this something else?

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