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  1. How do you know if you have scar tissue? LOL
  2. This Girl
  3. Stay with her or not?
  4. Confused about Guys
  5. Hate myself
  6. WH** SHOULD I DO?!
  7. i like this guy for a long time
  8. Is she using me?
  9. GUYS
  10. Hate Myself
  11. I want my belly button pierced, mom said no
  12. what do guys want?
  13. it was so simple when guys had cootys
  14. guyz
  15. why dont i get along with my parents
  16. Girl problems
  17. Am I too crazy for him?
  18. What should I do
  19. Gotta Question
  20. Flirting dilema
  21. why dont i feel right
  22. looks
  23. What are guys thinking
  24. No pain!!!
  25. what too wear on a date
  26. How do i let him down easy?
  27. Height
  28. Nose Piercing
  29. All About Bums
  30. how to talk to girls
  31. Question to Guys
  32. wants boyfriend
  33. girls hate me...guys like me..HELP
  34. OMG!!!! what just happened to me!!
  35. Girls... Am i to short
  36. I need advice.
  37. freedom
  38. ear piercing paranoia!
  39. Girl Competes W/ Me!!! ahh!
  40. Friend Advice?..What Do I Tell Her?
  41. what do i do the next day i tell a guy i like him??
  42. I need to get this guy to like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Too Old? Too Punk? Advice.
  45. making a move......
  46. how to let him know
  47. Girl problems
  48. tanning?
  49. I dont know my boyfriend anymore....confused and scared!!
  50. Need advice about Boyfriend !! (please)
  51. end height
  52. Suggestion for a girl i like?
  53. is this cheating?
  54. Cartlidge Piercings
  55. does she like me??
  56. Navel Ring Questions
  57. im TORN!!
  58. He kissed me
  59. TSS HELP!~
  60. AM I ALONE?!?
  61. normal troubles?
  62. friend turning back on me???????
  63. How do I tell my mom that I'm mature and can handle issues she doesn't think I can?
  65. Abs and another issue
  66. Im Too Shy
  67. unapproachable?
  68. Advice ( Ladies preferred)
  69. help
  70. boyfriend/best friends
  71. Weit Weit Weit!!!!!
  72. putting on weight
  73. Friend wants to run away.....Please help me
  74. *PLEASE READ:: am i wrong??*
  75. Guys opinion on this....or anyones really
  76. help me out here please!
  77. no Friends
  78. Parents will not let me have any freedom!
  79. Is this a good birthday gift?
  80. How do I ask my mom I want to remove a mole?
  81. Social Life...
  82. a girl
  83. Girl Issue please please please help
  84. Friends leaving
  85. how do I know if I'm depressed?
  86. Promise Ring?
  87. age differnce
  88. Girl I really like, too affraid to talk
  89. girls please reply
  90. guy trouble write back quick!!!!!
  91. Tattoo on lower back area
  92. i dont know what to do!!!
  93. Weigh too little?( I am a male)
  94. Teen Girl Domintes Parents
  95. Muscles on a girl
  96. scared of being stalked - help!
  97. HELP!!!!
  98. barbell???
  99. Question about love....
  100. Body Piercings
  101. ~* Muscles? *~
  102. Really Mean Friends
  103. Help with girls.
  104. i'm one of the most popular gurls in my grade and i hate it
  105. I want to get my belly button peirced
  107. its hard to describe
  108. whats it mean to be called "yellow"
  109. info again
  110. need advice from guys and girls on my bf
  111. Anyone? Ideas?
  112. Braces...
  113. what shoud i do?
  114. Need Advice
  115. Am I really a bad girlfriend???
  116. Question(devorced and remarried)
  117. friends?
  118. moles?? : r they ugly???
  119. Is it normal to be this sensitive?
  120. How do I ask her out
  121. Teen Influences and whatnot
  122. is appearance everything?
  123. What do you consider cheating
  124. Rejected by girl...depressed
  125. Why do...
  126. how can i get a guy to notice me
  127. Desperate Need of a Boyfriend.. Help!!
  128. i'm just confused, what should i do?
  129. i need general info about belly button piercing
  130. I just need a straight answer
  131. Cartilage piercing
  132. strange/scary heart feelings
  133. right or wrong~divoreed familys
  134. parents, college, drinking....
  135. one memory forever and always
  136. Pot smoking boyfriend
  137. And the winner is?
  138. Help Me I really like her!!!
  139. ready or not
  140. Continuation of "Girls, is this a turnoff"
  141. Why me
  142. Hair on guys?
  143. University Stress!!
  144. Too Weird?
  145. Making Out?
  146. Leave him?
  147. guys, would you look twice at a girl who was short?
  148. what is this???
  149. Constant mixed emotions.... why??
  150. Hi all!!!
  151. Tug of war
  152. Did he like me & is it too late? help?
  153. Maybe I'm just crazy
  154. Why am i like me???
  155. I cant believe he's dead
  156. Stomach problems
  157. Is it a turn on if.....
  158. Mainly to guys, but girls input would be apreciated too!
  159. do all girls dislike big guys
  160. advice for my arms
  161. what do i do when the one i luv, luvs sum1 else??
  162. I need help 'getting over it'
  163. This is really awkward...
  164. Girls, is this a turnoff?
  165. Boy problem
  166. Any Teen Mothers?
  167. when girls giggle or laugh at u
  168. cant get a girl friend
  169. Guyz what are good traits u notice in a girl?
  170. ANYONE PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  171. Why can't people actually do something for others!!
  172. boyz
  173. I need more advice bout my belly -button piercing....please
  174. how do you know if someone likes you?
  175. Things un-related to drugs
  176. Part Time work
  177. I'm really shy
  178. Communication touble w\ g\f
  180. friends or not a friend
  181. his ex gf is messin' wit me...
  182. How old?
  183. Sound Like A Soap Opera???
  184. what should my boyfriend get me for my b-day??
  185. please help me im_robyn or ne1 bout belly peircings
  186. advice
  187. I don't know what to do about my boyfriend
  188. whats it mean?
  189. How my parents feel about the party scene. . .opinions please!
  190. breaking up cause of college???
  191. i think im bi
  192. sick of being the losery girl
  193. Is it ok to date my BEST FRIEND?
  194. finger nail biting deadly habit?????
  195. cant talk to girls properly
  196. My best friend hits on they guy that I like, while at my party and im watching!!!!!!!
  197. need advice
  198. Boyfriend Problems......
  199. I feel Like Dear Abby sometimes :(
  200. Whats this guys intentions?
  201. Am i depressed?
  202. High School Prom
  203. boyfriend too old????
  204. to 911_mom- belly button piercing
  205. Turn offs
  206. Guys drive me absolutely crazy!!!
  207. Pot smoking bf
  208. Belly button piercing
  209. i need advice
  210. Need advice for my little sister!
  211. How do I tell my parents?
  212. High School Prom
  213. Guys-- Girls who wear revealing clothes Turn ON or Turn OFF
  214. I hate my dad, for no reason at all sad as it is!!
  215. My g/f just broke up with me.. i dont understand
  216. weight for 19 year old female
  217. in love with my best friend?
  218. always sad
  219. do underwire bras give you cancer
  220. moving boyfriend
  221. Can't get over a guy who's older than me...
  222. Am I just paranoid? Should this not annoy me so much?
  223. Softer?
  224. getting played too much
  225. feel more comfortable talkin to a guy.......
  226. Belly Migration
  227. Belly Piercing
  228. Belly Button Piercing ????'s
  229. dont know who i am anymore :(
  230. 1st date kiss
  231. Gut trouble someone please help!!
  232. Help! 2 question.. Bout getting my belly button peirced!
  233. Can't talk to girls
  234. Dating a younger guy...I need advice
  235. Jailed 18 yr old back at home -I'm bad guy, my husband good guy
  236. what do i do? i dk how i feel.....
  237. Belly Button Piercing
  238. confused?
  239. any advice on this one?
  240. Please lend me some advice!
  241. Will he still be around?
  242. Belly Button Red?
  243. Concerned Big Sis.
  244. getting no attention from my parents :
  245. Is this a "ok" wieght for a 16 year old guy?
  246. Question For the GUYS
  247. NAVEL RING HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Parents & Piercings
  249. Why does everyone give me the cold shoulder?
  250. Getting a belly button pierced