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  1. Very Moody...
  2. Why doesn't she believe me?
  3. Mono!
  4. what do I do to get a guys attention
  5. What age to start getting period?
  6. need some answers...
  7. Rectum hair problem, help please :D
  8. earrings on guys....definately NOT gay
  9. Fear of other guys!!!
  10. I too underweight! Help!
  11. She is engaged in highschool but its rocky with her bf and im in the middle, help!
  12. So I have this ear infection...
  13. there's this boy....
  14. I Need Major Help With My Jealousy And Gf's Mom
  15. sigh..There is this girl
  16. How long to wait?
  17. Energy Drinks
  18. Some advise...maybe goin into to the rule book a bit.
  19. weight concern
  20. There's this girl...
  21. Black 'shadows' under my eyes
  22. Im new and need advice
  23. Need Advice!
  24. Dating
  25. Problems keeping friends??
  26. Help Guy Problem!!!
  27. conversation starter? does she like me?
  28. blah worried once again please help it would be great
  29. Concussion??
  30. Stretch Marks..
  31. tiny black dot near lips
  32. girl problems
  33. Doesnt know what it is...
  34. Girl trying to steal boyfriend!!
  35. what is the weight height for a 14 year old boy
  36. how does JROTC helps me with peer pressure
  37. Strict Parents
  38. why cant i get over my ex joel??
  39. 17.4 BMI : 5'11 - 125lbs
  40. hey
  41. how do i know when i am over my ex boyfriend
  42. how dose jrotc helps teenagers deal with peer pressure
  43. soft colourless lump
  44. Bad Pelvic Pain
  45. Period on valentines day!!
  46. moles
  47. i dont like water how to have smooth skin
  48. Blackheads on legs - please help!!
  49. belly button ripped from ring what to do
  50. if the girl do not msg me back
  51. Sweating...in other places...
  52. tanning
  53. what age will a human stop growing in height?
  54. how junior ROTC helps deal with peer pressure
  55. Sexual Confusion.
  56. how long for shaved eyebrows to fully grow back?
  57. does it hurt to have your belly redone?
  58. is it right for a guy to go see his ex girlfriend everydayand get drunk with her
  59. Ribs high.
  60. boyfriends
  61. Never had a BF
  62. Help me
  63. physicals what happens
  64. i feel fat but im not what do i do?
  65. I'm about to go crazy. Please read.
  66. frustrated with puberty and height (long read)
  67. Stressing out about future, my head feels pressed...
  68. When Do Women Stop Growing
  69. Too Shy
  70. So theres this girl i like...
  71. how jrotc helps me deal with peer pressure
  72. The guys won't accept me
  73. Neverending ear infection
  74. how to get over an ex-boyfriend
  75. weight
  76. how to take a belly button ring out yourself
  77. how do i let go of my exboyfriend who i still love very much
  78. how to clear up scars
  79. no period yet?
  80. So what happens next?
  81. when i get out of the shower my skin is flakey
  82. white hairs at 17?
  83. popped blood vesels
  84. Is it true electronics can make you dumb?
  85. underwire bras cause breast cancer?
  86. why do i ache all over and be sick
  87. what age should you grow breasts
  88. Incomplete puberty?
  89. things to say to a girl
  90. just needing to connect
  91. how tall is the average 14 year old?
  92. Am i being stupid?
  93. Building Muscle help!
  94. Weight :(
  95. Sore Throat
  96. Late growth spurt?
  97. do i put peroxide on navel piercing
  98. how to get rid of hickies
  99. What's a good place for clothes for a guy?
  100. how to get over my ex-boyfriend
  101. Pressure - auditions
  102. tongue
  103. My lips? Has anyone ever had this?
  104. Relationship
  105. always hungry :(
  106. huge ear lobe, torn and in need of stitches
  107. if a guy calls u fat....
  108. why do i think these horrible thoughts all the time that upset me?
  109. How can I look older?
  110. I feel I am losing my precious daughter...need help
  111. tss???? help
  112. Losing HUGE Amount of Weight For No Apparent Reason
  113. what cause bumps on your throat
  114. Problem I need to have help with!
  115. what is wrong if you black out
  116. Found a lump! Now im scared!!
  117. Infected Navel Piercing..
  118. Ear piercing issue
  119. Need Help Please!
  120. Does my mom hurt me on purpose?
  121. Relationship issues...
  122. i feel used..
  123. Former HGH patient
  124. Little white bumps inside nipples?
  125. My nipples!
  126. Weight gain
  127. Stressing out about College
  128. taking away my priveleges for no reason?
  129. friend zone HELP
  130. I need some advice..help if you can.
  131. Shaved Eyebrow
  132. Sharp Pain
  133. Twitching
  134. Excessive sweating
  135. Is there a growth pattern?
  136. Underweight?
  137. Boyfriend left for 4 yrs :(
  138. Will I ever be tall?
  139. Please help me! someone
  140. Still like this girl...
  141. Please use the correct board for your health issues.
  142. My life is falling apart...
  143. I'm so sick of life...
  144. dreamy but 'normal' teenager
  145. I Need To Talk! I Cant Stop Thinking About Him!
  146. i hate my father
  147. Emotionally distraught. Thinking about running. Need serious advice.
  148. Friend question or a question to ask you people about what i should do.
  149. I honestly hate my father. Help..-_-
  150. Boyfriend-Age Difference
  151. socially immature??
  152. i dont think these are the years of my life :P vent
  153. best friend taking me for granted....
  154. I'm a still growing?
  155. help pls! feeling down about relationship
  156. Problems with friends
  157. cheating ex and best friend
  158. Going to live like a nomad for a while - advice?
  159. Confused
  160. Need some advice, would really appreciate it.
  161. Advice needed!! confused
  162. I don't know anymore....Someone help
  163. Break up
  164. not so important...but help needed
  165. Friends
  166. Am I gonna get taller?
  167. my voice not broken yet
  168. Serious Advice needed
  169. Girlfriend always on my mind, bad thing?
  170. so confused!
  171. Girlfriend and parties causing me to really worry..
  172. Height Question
  173. I'm 19 and my brother and I are strangers
  174. did i do the right thing?
  175. Period question...
  176. I'd like to know what's wrong with me.
  177. What's wrong with me?
  178. Growing?
  179. Underage.... HELP
  180. advice needed! i dont know what to do
  181. I FEEL SO BAD! :dizzy:
  182. Need Some Advice (Girls)
  183. Short and Looking for a Girlfriend
  184. JockStrap/Cup problems!!!
  185. Need opinion/interpreting...
  186. Moving away from my future?
  187. Relationship troubles:(
  188. <3
  189. 2 Questions...
  190. I know i've already asked this but--
  191. so many issues, I don't know where to start.
  192. Building up stamina
  193. question about acne
  194. Spicing things up?
  195. unwanted hair
  196. dorm room nightmare
  197. sweating.
  198. Please help...sudden feelings, not good
  199. Am I going to grow?
  200. Drunk feeling during basketball match
  201. I know I love him
  202. Jelousy?
  203. Jus dumped...someone help please
  204. tanning
  205. 16 and 20..she just had his baby
  206. embarassing gaseous question
  207. confusing girl plzzzzz help
  208. weigh/bodyshape/self esteem
  209. Question...
  210. Guy Girl Problem, Girls Please Respond!!!
  211. What do i really look like?
  212. How would you react?
  213. Leaving my gf's past in the past
  214. MY weight...not overly worried, just interested...
  215. testosterone pills
  216. i cant take this anymore.
  217. lonely?
  218. lopsided breasts
  219. HELP!!!...huge breasts, and i'm still young?
  220. I have a reading problem
  221. more jealousy issues!!!
  222. About a Girl. Help!!
  223. could it last
  224. Red big rash
  225. Am I ....
  226. girlfriend
  227. Breakdancing making you shorter
  228. I moustache you a question
  229. yeh im a nervous bugger!!!!
  230. How do i get round her?
  231. Is this normal?
  232. Bad breath is killing me
  233. help- so confused, dunno what to do
  234. Please Help!
  235. the whole puberty thing
  236. Big problem
  237. What does it mean...
  238. Period?
  239. Certain Dri
  240. Really worried about my experience with giving blood
  241. Rapid puberty?
  242. relationship advice needed...
  243. Is this a good choice (becoming more violent)
  244. Type 2 Diabetes
  245. Irregular Periods?? possible?
  246. I feel bad for my mom, what can I do?
  247. Anorexia
  248. Depressed?
  249. Who I really am?
  250. Relationship question