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  1. I dont know what is wrong.. Can i get help?
  2. Chronic heartburn/headaches/nausea
  3. Everyone makes fun of my last name
  4. Growth Spurt
  5. my insecurities about my looks are killing me
  6. worry about my height
  7. Hesitant to Say - Depressed or overreacting?
  8. I have strange bump on my chest
  9. Sweaty palms, shakiness and watery eyes. Help.
  10. Parental Problems
  11. Thigh Gaps = Being Loose?
  12. My boyfriend got aroused with another girl..
  13. Teenage girl, health conditions, are they related? :(
  14. Lip percings (Snakebites)
  15. Illogical fear of pregnancy?
  16. My boyfriend's mother is difficult
  17. Hard lump in the middle of chest just a little to the right.
  18. Why am I so mean??
  19. Diagnosis for tender spots on chest?
  20. Suggested diagnosis?
  21. me
  22. Height Concerns
  23. Relationship Troubles
  24. He said some thing
  25. he does it on purpose
  26. Very worried teenager!
  27. Game Addiction
  28. Unusually Hairy?
  29. Currently seeing Black
  30. Haven't Gotten My Period Yet And I'm 15
  31. Angry teen. Wants to stop hurting family!
  32. Progression of Puberty at age 15
  33. I like this girl, but I have problems around her
  34. Long Distance
  35. I like a girl who's boyfriend asked her first but is a friend of mine
  36. I'm 15 and 5'5" will I grow?
  37. No periods in 4-5 months and now cramps for 2 weeks
  38. Am I almost done growing?
  39. Unsure
  40. Kissing
  41. Long Distance Relationship Problem
  42. worries about my health
  43. Is this wrong? Super long.
  44. me and my girlfriend broke up
  45. please help, break up...
  46. how do i deal with a difficult and controlling best friend?
  47. Depressed :c
  48. Get a bra?
  49. Really unsure...
  50. lower abdominal pain & back pain
  51. Overactive Brain/ Insomnia?
  52. Gastritis
  53. Voice - cannot speak loudly?
  54. Insane itching. help!
  55. Rggg? No period?
  56. my dear life
  57. Is this normal?! please get back to me ASAP!!
  58. Thyroid
  59. How can i grow taller
  60. Swollen lymph glands.
  61. Help me!
  62. What Should i Do? HELP
  63. New problem
  64. 16 years old and tummy problems
  65. Happiness?
  66. My boyfriend doesn't want to talk to me...
  67. going MAD
  68. 15 and haven't hit puberty, I think
  69. What could be wrong with me
  70. Feeling Alone
  71. Anxiety and my boyfriend, please help!
  72. She used to love me
  73. A question about growth and development
  74. Do i need help?
  75. my friends don't like it when i hang out with boyfriend
  76. im 17 and having chest pains
  77. I can't stop crying.
  78. What should I do?
  79. My best friend is 15 and pregnant .
  80. Tailbone/Butt Pain
  81. Get My Tummy In Shape?
  82. Help!
  83. help please
  84. How do I flirt with girls and avoid the friendzone?
  85. dizzyness naseouse headaches need advice
  86. Irregular eating and 'pooping'. Related?
  87. Dry Throat
  88. Help
  89. why doesn't my girlfriend tell her parents we are dating yet?
  90. Symptoms include swollen nodes, lump on back of head
  91. So many symptoms :'(
  92. Pressure to eat... Advice?
  93. I'm only a teen why is this happening?
  94. ugh!
  95. An Impossible Situation
  96. Can someone convince me not all guys are like this :(
  97. Awful sleeping trouble, is anyone else up?
  98. First my heart, now my kidney?
  99. Terrible Pains
  100. leg help
  101. I can't make up my mind.
  102. scared for my relationship!
  103. Health Anxiety, teenager. Life is hell.
  104. Desperately need advice now!
  105. Constant nausea ruining my life :(
  106. Symptoms + pics
  107. Mucus in stool and throat with abdominal,head and chest pains worried!!!!!!!
  108. lymphoma ????
  109. Diarrhea
  110. Can someone help
  111. Swollen lymph nodes
  112. please answer. i really need to know.
  113. Consideriding anorexia
  114. What am I Having ?
  115. Someone Please help! Do i have lung cancer?
  116. Possible Glossitis?
  117. Weight growing up every day (16 Boy) :(
  118. Can Someone please help get the old me back
  119. Please Answer/Very Worried
  120. Super Worried. Please answer(:
  121. Early symptoms of leukemia or any type of cancer?
  122. incomplete puberty?
  123. Is this normal?
  124. Hard & puffed out nipples
  125. Used and Abused
  126. Knee problems
  127. Bad thoughts. Help please.
  128. Please help.. Idk whats wrong..
  129. Healthy Regular Diet
  130. Lump On Neck Under Ear (Picture)
  131. Deperate-Help
  132. need advice on what happend to my belly piercing?
  133. Breast Reduction Proposal Questions
  134. what should i tell my friends?!
  135. 18 years old and heart symptoms! HELP
  136. I'm confused....
  137. Do I have pinworms
  138. Lump under right nipple
  139. breasts itching? Please Need Help ASAP
  140. Eve's Apple?
  141. can someone please help me? im a teen and got all these symptoms after pneumonia.
  142. Almost constant tiredness(with full energy episodes)
  143. Spasms all over body?
  144. Can't take this anymore!!!
  145. Chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. HELP!
  146. i am young and my parents recently seperated
  147. i have a problem with what people say about my face
  148. I'm a teen and I think I have Lymphoma Cancer...
  149. Lymph nodes?
  150. I think I have colon cancer?
  151. Bleeding too little and for too long for a period.. No pregnancy! Help :(
  152. i need help....
  153. Hi, I need help regarding my poop.
  154. Vague working memory problems
  155. Head Rushes Causing Spazms/ Short memory loss.
  156. Fordyce Spot Infection?
  157. Knee problems?
  158. My bestie
  159. What should i do????
  160. Is It Wrong?
  161. Redness in cheeks and forehead
  162. Tongue Problems
  163. Having Moderate/Severe Pain In my Lower throat when i swallow, help please?
  164. Unhealthy relationship?
  165. Strong heartbeat/palpitations
  166. My Dad Left
  167. I need some thoughts!
  168. Period was cut short
  169. Absolutely sick and tired...
  170. What is wrong with me?!
  171. Is the size of a girl's breasts important?
  172. I just dont know??
  173. How Can You Tell if You are Ovulating?
  174. I want to re-kindle our love.
  175. could an injury to your penis when your yound cause it to stop growing?
  176. Can your BBT rise during menstruation? Pls pls help. :(
  177. I've been throwing up for two weeks... What's wrong with me?
  178. Someone please help :s
  179. very scared, need your help
  180. What if water gets in to the penis?
  181. Does penis stop growing if injury?
  182. Puberty Questions
  183. I Think I'm Crazy..
  184. Male nauseous in mornings.
  185. Asocial
  186. Weight Issues.
  187. I'm a teen and all things point towards it, PLEASE HELP!!!
  188. feeling left out
  189. Feeling sorta depressed.
  190. I REALLY need help overcoming my insecurities
  191. Abnormal Size and Stretch Marks?
  192. Lower abdomen/pelvic area sticks out slightly??
  193. Memory issues and hypochondria really don't coincide well.
  194. What's the best thing to do?
  195. Being possessive
  196. Scared to lose her and relapsing plzzz help asap
  197. Too low body fat..
  198. Someone please reply, im scared
  199. My boyfriend is cousins with my best friend?
  200. incomplete puberty
  201. did i make the right choice?
  202. Painting problems...?
  203. weird problem...
  204. Help me!
  205. The wierdest bathroom experience...
  206. When i get up fast i get dizzy and lose my balance?
  207. unknown infection
  208. Menstrual mood swings
  209. i have a question
  210. Problems
  211. Help!
  212. Very late period?
  213. My guy friend is ignoring me! I'm really sad! :((
  214. Navel Ring Issue
  215. Girlfriend can't express her feelings
  216. My Relationship.
  217. Girl started to feel awkward
  218. Feel like im losing my bestfriend
  219. Should I stay away from intimacy until..
  220. lump above chin
  221. Jealousy?? Overreacting? Helpp?? It would mean alot...
  222. heavy but athletic
  223. Help ... Light brown thing in my ***
  224. Does my mother truly love me?
  225. Is this a rash?
  226. Blood In Urine
  227. Blood in urine
  228. Cold testicles
  229. Have been sick for 2 years with severe abdominal symptoms
  230. pain in tummy
  231. Daughter again
  232. Help Pleaseee ?!!
  233. eating a lot of eggs ..
  234. Ice cream after workout? fat? more questions!
  235. Am I too Clingy? Plus Three Other Questions...
  236. The birth control patch, antibiotics and bleeding?
  237. Late period... again.
  238. acne
  239. breast stage
  240. little painful bump between thigh and anus?
  241. Breast Lump?
  242. Abdominial Pain 4 months
  243. What's sex like for the first time
  244. Is there anything to do for scar tissue in the throat?
  245. I love a girl who is already taken.
  246. Height issue
  247. functional dyspepsia- how long?????
  248. bf only wants me to wear short skirts
  249. My Girlfriend Wants To Slow Down
  250. Frustrated! Oh, where do i begin....