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  1. Put on Synthroid
  2. total thyroidectomy and synthroid (tiredness)
  3. Info on Dr. Domminese
  4. Does this sound right?
  5. does being hyperthyroid...
  6. Help!! Puffy ankles and fingers
  7. My new doctors appointment
  8. Is losing weight possible
  9. Talked with my OB today
  10. new to board
  11. Good News-LEVOXYL helps with SWELLING/Puffiness-so Happy
  12. had my first endo appointment.technitium uptake test is next.....input needed
  13. Help, new doctor appt. this week
  14. I was doing some research, wonder if it works
  15. Food With Meds?
  16. Male Thyroid problems
  17. A little advice please...
  18. Problems with thyroid medications
  19. Thyroid - Affecting Voice?
  20. Girl problems on synthroid
  21. Back again... with another question!
  22. Having I-131 after all...what is I-123?
  23. throid and adrenal exhaustion and weight
  24. Hi to those who remember me and those who are new since my last post.
  25. A Few Questions
  26. Does an increase in Armour change bowel habits?
  27. Need a refresher on TSH
  28. Skin problems
  29. lab reports in UK
  30. Total TT - Voice Strength
  31. help!!!!
  32. Anyone else have trouble with Styes
  33. Help Please
  34. WAS feeling great!
  35. Question???
  36. Please help! Goiter, ? about labs
  37. Mood swings
  38. Next 6 week set of labs.
  39. Inflammation
  40. Beaten down and depressed
  41. Many questions, should I have surgery for a 3cm nodule?
  42. cravings
  43. Swelling thyroid?
  44. questios on saliva kit
  45. frustrated....
  46. hypothyroid & IBS
  47. Newbie
  48. I need help
  49. Results
  50. Need some opinions please!
  51. thyroid ultrasound
  52. Allergies from thyroid medicine?
  53. How do you see for your treatment
  54. Question!!
  55. sore thyroid
  56. More than 4 gr. of Armour???
  57. Losing yourself
  58. kids and thyroid meds
  59. question for Kant
  60. [B]Paranoia & anger[/B]
  61. thyroid cyst surgery
  62. Why is my TSH increasing?
  63. Vocal cord damage after thyroid surgery
  64. Help...anyone Please
  65. Foods to avoid?
  66. Just quit taking my medication & would appreciate feedback
  67. please tell me this is all in my head
  68. Help me interpret my last thyroid panel
  69. very new to this, have endo apt in 2 weeks
  70. Back From Surgeon and Endo kind of upset -BP IS 80/48 no surgery!
  71. How long til it works?
  72. Question?
  73. soya and thyroid disorders
  74. Skin tags
  75. overmedicated and miscarriage
  76. Thyroid affecting breathing
  77. Does and uptake scan include the whole body?
  78. KANT - how'd the surgery go?
  79. thyroid scan results ...help!
  80. How do you cope?
  81. I need help!!
  82. Loosing it!
  83. Autoimmune Thyroiditis/Hives
  84. kelp for thyroid problems
  85. Hashimoto's and treatment
  86. My tests number after 19 weeks
  87. Is it or isn't it?!
  88. Hi, got my T3 T4 results.........please explain
  89. i need help"lab test results"
  90. Hashi's/Armour/Help!!!!
  91. Ibs
  92. Dr Appt in 2 days need advice
  93. Please help!
  94. How?
  95. A Pain in My Leg
  96. Enlarged Thyroid....
  97. TSH range
  98. Dr. In California
  99. Hi, I am new and totally confused and depressed
  100. Test Results ???'s
  101. Desperately Need Some Help!!!
  102. Hyper and Hypo Percentage
  103. Dr.'s Appt Tomorrow - What should I tell her?
  104. Test Results
  105. Recommendations for a Good BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR?
  106. Just Came from ER-LOW Blood pressure/severe Numbness scared anyone else have it
  107. Was anyone treated for depression with T3 prior to TD
  109. This might be a stupid question but...
  110. Hereditary "Fatty Liver" and Parathyroid or adrenal or parathyroid
  111. Kant...
  112. Radiation Treatment Information
  113. Help with my labs
  114. LABS, Help ME
  115. Hyperparathyroidism
  116. To Nastyhashi
  117. How abnormal am I??
  118. What is allowed
  119. What to limit
  120. What not to eat
  121. is it Possible to have THYROIDECTOMY EVEN AFTER RAI?
  122. Wasp sting reaction and thyroid
  123. Hyperthryoid Question
  124. Please Help, 12yr old is sick on synthroid.
  125. med ???'s
  126. will synthroid help lower my cholesterol?
  127. Getting ready for RAI, questions, scared, HELP!!
  128. Cysts
  129. Alcohol
  130. Had My Thyroid Scan
  131. Midwest, Meep, Gopherhead,..Someone please explain this........
  132. Question
  133. Help reading test results and symptoms
  134. Advice--Tsh .05 free T4 and T3 below midrange
  135. Hey Nat/Gopherhead....re adrenals
  136. BC pills affecting TSH?
  137. iodine doses and conversion CT vs. RAI
  138. Stopped Smoking and Falling Apart!
  139. Nutri-Med Desiccated Thyroid
  140. Help! New numbers, New pains
  141. My bloodwork results.
  142. For those who have had TT...
  143. What should I ask for @ next appt?
  144. Doctor
  145. For those who have had a TT..What is your med dosage?
  146. Endo appt today
  147. Normal Results.... UGH! Help!
  148. Kcthy, MDA, skewch, results are back.....I
  149. Low TSH, normal FT3 FT4?
  150. Please Someone Answer This Does It Sound Like Hypo?
  151. Could this me my thyroid?
  152. Anyone go from Hypo to hyper?
  153. Urrrrrrrr
  154. TSH test--questions
  155. Thyroid removal
  156. Help With Thyroid
  157. has anyone dealt with the low calcium?
  158. Is this normal?
  159. Heartburn after surgery?
  160. sore lymph nodes...should I worry?
  161. Can you change brands of meds all at once?
  162. Anxiety from Hell
  163. Taking meds before labs
  164. Seeing Endo tommorow- Please advise
  165. graves disease
  166. Am I Making the Right Decision?
  167. 200mcg
  168. I think I am having low calcium symptoms....
  169. Goitre
  170. Has LIBIDO Improved * after REMOVAL of THyROID??
  171. Libido gone missing, please help!!
  172. Diagnosed Hypo with contrary symptoms
  173. synthroid rookie
  174. my #'s look ok? how often should i have checked
  175. Thyroid Disorder Causing Lump?????
  176. Patrice Again,,looking for a thyroid specialist in columbus ohio
  177. tests are in and i need help..
  178. Is this kosher to ask? Tales of self-medicating?
  179. antibodies and pregnancy...perinatologist?
  180. Got my labs back and I am lost!!!
  181. Synthroid vs Armour
  182. worried about sister with rash on chest
  183. Thyroid scan results are back....it's a cold nodule
  184. Thyroid cyst-normal labs
  185. Got my big list of thyroid lab results back...
  186. new labs, and some depression thrown in on top.
  187. Good doc in Atlanta area? Please help...
  188. newbie
  189. Don't know where to turn
  190. Nuclear Test
  191. Excessive thirst and urination???
  192. Swollen Sac on Eyelid and Painful Nodule on the same side Related?
  193. Swollen lymph after surgery?
  194. Is this a symptom of a thyroid problem?
  195. Graves and having problems with discolored nails
  196. What doctor?
  197. Have you felt better after REMOVAL OF THYROID?
  198. will have Thyroid Removed-antibodies leave the body too?
  199. KCthy, MDA, gnp.........TT folks.........
  200. KCthy...............
  201. 75mcg of Levoxyl?
  202. morning anxiety...how about evenings?
  203. Meep (and others)...thyroid/adrenal connection
  204. I need to reach out to someone just diagnost
  205. Help - Free T's, help me explain to my dr.
  206. Kant...
  207. Does Alvidar work?
  208. Is This Possible?????????
  209. I can't believe this
  210. Need some help with results
  211. Muscle pain advice PLEASE!
  212. How many of you being treated with TSH below 5.0?
  213. Alternative Ways To Heal Hyperthyroidism?
  214. Hyper with Hashimoto's?
  215. Thyroid 101 - Need a tutor
  216. Armour Thyroid Question?
  217. Anyone try Armour?
  218. Thyroid and anger?
  219. ran into some problems with labs today
  220. Thyroid and Menopause
  221. so do I still say I have hashi's post TT?...
  222. Best times to have blood taken?
  223. Anyone with Graves disease
  224. Scary Blood Tests
  225. Heat Intolerance
  226. Please I Need Advice On Result!!
  227. Stopping Estrogen Before Thyroidectomy?
  228. Confused newbie don't know what I am
  229. New labs...no med increase :(
  230. No thyroid
  231. could it be my throid
  232. back from surgery!.....
  233. scared!!!
  234. Questions...Heart Rate...Hypo & Hyper
  235. It all makes sense now!!
  236. Can't stop losing weightj- HELP
  237. What Tests Should I hope for Post TT?
  238. Kant, how you doing?
  239. TSH of 4.1? Please help!
  240. Hyperparathyroidism
  241. After all this time...............
  242. Test Results ??? Please, help!
  243. hypothyroidism and anemia
  244. What's the best thing to do if a little hyper?
  245. possible thyroid problems?
  246. Virgin Coconut Oil Does It Work?
  247. I don't get it (venting)
  248. Help with lab
  249. Question about Scan...
  250. Hello! Newbie here!

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