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  1. My Decision....(long)
  2. Kinda new, I've been learking
  3. Graves Disease
  4. Hyperparathyroid & Tinnitus, any link?
  5. Armour/Synthroid combo help, please
  6. Switch doctors? Any Doctor Recommendations in the Nashville, TN area?
  7. Anyone on a compound thryoid dose?
  8. How serious is low calcium after thyroid surgery???
  9. New test results
  10. First Time Posting...Hi!
  11. Some what new here!
  12. Why do i feel like i am going crazy????
  13. Progression of need for meds
  14. Starving on Synthroid! Please HELP!!!
  15. My TT surgery went well (very long post)
  16. Hashi's and TT
  17. my numbers
  18. seen GP
  19. Hoshimoto's and losing body fat/weight
  20. -
  21. Starting higher dose?
  22. vomited and weak stomach for no reason
  23. questions....
  24. does anyone forget to take their meds?
  25. Joke
  26. Anybody, please!!:(
  27. hello everyone!
  28. Need help with lab results
  29. Pixiek...Enlighten me on your RAI experiance
  30. Nutri Thyroid - should I take it?
  31. -
  32. -
  33. Hashimoto's/ getting sick
  34. Back home from TT
  35. Rai- Kills Whole Thyroid?????
  36. Weird symptom?
  37. Just had RAI treatment yesterday
  38. Pretibial Myxedema, Help!
  39. Advice Please...what Next?
  40. Anybody watch popular talk show(schizophrenic mom update)
  41. Is 0.675 okay?
  42. Adrenals
  43. Homeopathic treatments
  44. Question about taking medz
  45. Anwers....finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  46. Question for TT Veterans
  47. Midwest...........or anyone who knows
  48. Can you be hyper and sleepy?
  49. # advice plz
  50. what blood level do you feel good at?
  51. Multinodular goitre - Advice needed
  52. Tired of all this
  53. Can someone please help?????
  54. Is my Daughter Hypothyroid?
  55. Need help understanding lab work!!
  56. Energy booster Enada
  57. Need help for my father in law
  58. mitral valve prolapse
  59. Best argument for getting my free T3 & T4 tested
  60. Lab question
  61. Test results question
  62. Anyone unsuccessful on natural thyroid replacement
  63. Inactive Ingredients in Thyroid Meds
  64. Armour users
  65. Attention Kant.......
  66. I have a dream...
  67. Thyroid & Vision???
  68. TSH Help
  69. Newbie facing TT with questions
  70. Tests before surgery? None done.
  71. pixiek and others converting too fast...FYI
  72. 3 weeks post op (TT)
  73. Getting nervous about surgery Friday. Ack!
  74. My Story...
  75. driving me NUTS
  76. Really- JUST NEED TO VENT &???????'S
  77. How do I find a good Dr?
  78. hashis-Vision problems- Lost vision in one eye suddenly anyoen else?
  79. Calcium
  80. Two questions...
  81. painful lumps getting larger
  82. Tell me about Beta-Blockers
  83. Am I imagininig things ~ taste after partial thyroidectomy???
  84. Everyone is stressing me out!
  85. This just keep getting more interesting
  86. very confused
  87. Is anyone available to give a quick response about tests?
  88. strange test results
  89. Help Please! Hyper/Graves now Hypo?
  90. I had such a GREAT Endo appointment today!
  91. A Trip To Endo!!!!!
  92. blood test result
  93. Anyone tried progesterone cream?
  94. Thyroid and stroke connections
  95. Feeling good after MNG Surgery.
  96. Swollen Thyroid and pregnancy
  97. prescription charge exemption
  98. Anxious
  99. Does these BOTH usually happen together?
  100. thyroid
  101. Forgetfull???
  102. Help Please, I'm getting more confused. (LONG)
  103. Sick of Thyroid mess! aghh
  104. Questions about Armour & my throid #'s
  105. What's the best way to get accurate test results?
  106. What is my doctor thinking??
  107. Chlorella
  108. Afraid to take Synthroid...
  109. Its Me Again
  110. anyone feel like this from time to time
  111. Can hypo appear as hyper after major surgery
  112. January is "Thyroid Awareness Month"
  113. Lab Ranges and Drug Companies
  114. Free T3 Question
  115. Linda in Texas????
  116. Please Help Me...
  117. Excited, get to try Armour, but need help.
  118. Any Papillary cancer people out there?
  119. Help with the totals
  120. I am New Here!
  121. Hashimoto's questions/answers
  122. Fullness in the neck feeling
  123. tsh 4.28 and low temp
  124. New here and questions (long...sorry)
  125. New here and questions (long...sorry!)
  126. Should I continue taking synthroid even if cant see a doctor?
  127. thyroid test question
  128. Anyone use Toprol XL only 'as needed'?
  129. i feel like crying
  130. Experience with Thyroid Eye Disease
  131. Fever?
  132. HELP No Thyroid and No Medication
  133. some idea to ponder
  134. How I Reversed My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism
  135. How to increase or decrease meds?
  136. How many of you have shortness of breath from hypothyroidism?
  137. acid reflux/hypoT/nexium
  138. Has anyone ever used adrenal glandulars to treat adrenal fatigue?
  139. Thyroid Symptoms
  140. Thyroid disorder is KILLING me!!!>.<
  141. Underactive Thryoid .... too much medicine; help
  142. eye probs
  143. chlorella
  144. Herb for Hyper Hearbeats?
  145. bowel action
  146. Effects of surgery on thyroid
  147. When will the scale drop?
  148. thyroid problem or not?
  149. For those of you who've had nodules...
  150. Please help me
  151. Thyroid meds and antidepressants
  152. Hyper ?
  153. dizziness
  154. What I don't get:[
  155. + 10lbs in two weeks!
  156. My Endo appointment is this Monday
  157. lets play doctors and nurses
  158. Hyperthyroid and anaesthesia
  159. Urinary burning and hypothyroidism
  160. Pain near kidney?
  161. New Thyroid Victim?
  162. sons thyroid test
  163. Hashimoto's
  164. cold medicine
  165. Back from Cardio appt!
  166. Change Of Meds
  167. Help, I worry about my mother!
  168. could this be thyroid
  169. Can doctors charge you for copy of your tests?
  170. Antibodies - How to control them...
  171. Hair Help Please!!!
  172. Going in for TT tomorrow! Wish me Luck!
  173. does this really cause this?
  174. antibody question
  175. Trouble adjusting to Meds: Calling all resistant
  176. debating to stop meds
  177. Thyroid levels and anxiety/depression-CURED!
  178. Vascular Solid Mass
  179. Heart rate right now.. what can I do?
  180. Dismayed/Venting
  181. New lab results
  182. Weightloss after thyroidectomy
  183. Hungry?
  184. questions
  185. How long on meds?
  186. singing voice gone
  187. Coincidence?
  188. question for te29071
  189. Green Tea and hormone retest
  190. question about pathology report
  191. Chest pain and cramping
  192. Please, need opinions on this persons tests I'm trying to help
  193. insomnia
  194. Surgery or another test? HELP!
  195. if levels are "normal" ..........
  196. fast heartbeat yet high TSH? Doctor might put me on heart monitor
  197. shoulder/neck muscle soreness
  198. Any restrictions to life when taking Thyroxine?
  199. Confused about my mum
  200. new to the board
  201. Ruth Lamont 27 years of age from Scotland
  202. Scheduled for TT, confused about numbers, veteran help please?
  203. 16 y/o - female - Diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  204. Taking L-Thyroxine 50mcg - Isn't working anymore - Help
  205. Just Diagnosed, have results here, need some guidence.
  206. Fast heartbeat out of the blue anyone else?
  207. Levothyroxine
  208. Question about total removal of thyroid
  209. Update
  210. New, scared. Elevated FTI.. What does this mean??
  211. New lab results, help.
  212. I Need Your Support
  213. Question - Change in Cytomel Manufacturer?
  214. Anyone Better!?
  215. New to hashi and hypo
  216. Had adrenals tested, curious about this 'STIM' test they gave me...
  217. Advice on which tests to get?
  218. Post TT Question
  219. Connection between thryoid problems and Rheiter's Syndrome?
  220. Having my surgery on the 20th!!!
  221. Thyroid Hair
  222. New Labs
  223. dosage question
  224. Feeling like you did in the good old days!!!
  225. New Blood Results
  226. Safe to perm a 'hypo's hair???
  227. January -Thyroid Awareness Month
  228. Post Op Pathology report - Stitches out
  229. Am I crazy????
  230. post-partum and hyperthyroid problems?
  231. Hashitoxicosis Experts Where R U??
  232. Hypo and seizures
  233. Just been told I'm having my thyroid out 12th Jan!!
  234. Possible hypothyroidism?
  235. Dad has thyroid problem?
  236. Hi, I would like to introduce myself
  237. back from endo
  238. Metal implants thyroid problems appear
  239. Thyroidectomy And Drinking
  240. How do you deal with family/thyroid issues?
  241. What to expect from meeting surgeon tomorrow?
  242. any insight would be great
  243. Terrible headaches!!
  244. Cytomel
  245. 2 questions
  246. How do I find out what caused hypoT
  247. Thyroid as mask of mental health issues??????
  248. hives
  249. Feeling Really Lousy
  250. Hypothyroid and getting cystic acne

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