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  1. Midwest, Meep, Gopherhead,..Someone please explain this........
  2. Question
  3. Help reading test results and symptoms
  4. Advice--Tsh .05 free T4 and T3 below midrange
  5. Hey Nat/Gopherhead....re adrenals
  6. BC pills affecting TSH?
  7. iodine doses and conversion CT vs. RAI
  8. Stopped Smoking and Falling Apart!
  9. Nutri-Med Desiccated Thyroid
  10. Help! New numbers, New pains
  11. My bloodwork results.
  12. For those who have had TT...
  13. What should I ask for @ next appt?
  14. Doctor
  15. For those who have had a TT..What is your med dosage?
  16. Endo appt today
  17. Normal Results.... UGH! Help!
  18. Kcthy, MDA, skewch, results are back.....I
  19. Low TSH, normal FT3 FT4?
  20. Please Someone Answer This Does It Sound Like Hypo?
  21. Could this me my thyroid?
  22. Anyone go from Hypo to hyper?
  23. Urrrrrrrr
  24. TSH test--questions
  25. Thyroid removal
  26. Help With Thyroid
  27. has anyone dealt with the low calcium?
  28. Is this normal?
  29. Heartburn after surgery?
  30. sore lymph nodes...should I worry?
  31. Can you change brands of meds all at once?
  32. Anxiety from Hell
  33. Taking meds before labs
  34. Seeing Endo tommorow- Please advise
  35. graves disease
  36. Am I Making the Right Decision?
  37. 200mcg
  38. I think I am having low calcium symptoms....
  39. Goitre
  40. Has LIBIDO Improved * after REMOVAL of THyROID??
  41. Libido gone missing, please help!!
  42. Diagnosed Hypo with contrary symptoms
  43. synthroid rookie
  44. my #'s look ok? how often should i have checked
  45. Thyroid Disorder Causing Lump?????
  46. Patrice Again,,looking for a thyroid specialist in columbus ohio
  47. tests are in and i need help..
  48. Is this kosher to ask? Tales of self-medicating?
  49. antibodies and pregnancy...perinatologist?
  50. Got my labs back and I am lost!!!
  51. Synthroid vs Armour
  52. worried about sister with rash on chest
  53. Thyroid scan results are back....it's a cold nodule
  54. Thyroid cyst-normal labs
  55. Got my big list of thyroid lab results back...
  56. new labs, and some depression thrown in on top.
  57. Good doc in Atlanta area? Please help...
  58. newbie
  59. Don't know where to turn
  60. Nuclear Test
  61. Excessive thirst and urination???
  62. Swollen Sac on Eyelid and Painful Nodule on the same side Related?
  63. Swollen lymph after surgery?
  64. Is this a symptom of a thyroid problem?
  65. Graves and having problems with discolored nails
  66. What doctor?
  67. Have you felt better after REMOVAL OF THYROID?
  68. will have Thyroid Removed-antibodies leave the body too?
  69. KCthy, MDA, gnp.........TT folks.........
  70. KCthy...............
  71. 75mcg of Levoxyl?
  72. morning anxiety...how about evenings?
  73. Meep (and others)...thyroid/adrenal connection
  74. I need to reach out to someone just diagnost
  75. Help - Free T's, help me explain to my dr.
  76. Kant...
  77. Does Alvidar work?
  78. Is This Possible?????????
  79. I can't believe this
  80. Need some help with results
  81. Muscle pain advice PLEASE!
  82. How many of you being treated with TSH below 5.0?
  83. Alternative Ways To Heal Hyperthyroidism?
  84. Hyper with Hashimoto's?
  85. Thyroid 101 - Need a tutor
  86. Armour Thyroid Question?
  87. Anyone try Armour?
  88. Thyroid and anger?
  89. ran into some problems with labs today
  90. Thyroid and Menopause
  91. so do I still say I have hashi's post TT?...
  92. Best times to have blood taken?
  93. Anyone with Graves disease
  94. Scary Blood Tests
  95. Heat Intolerance
  96. Please I Need Advice On Result!!
  97. Stopping Estrogen Before Thyroidectomy?
  98. Confused newbie don't know what I am
  99. New labs...no med increase :(
  100. No thyroid
  101. could it be my throid
  102. back from surgery!.....
  103. scared!!!
  104. Questions...Heart Rate...Hypo & Hyper
  105. It all makes sense now!!
  106. Can't stop losing weightj- HELP
  107. What Tests Should I hope for Post TT?
  108. Kant, how you doing?
  109. TSH of 4.1? Please help!
  110. Hyperparathyroidism
  111. After all this time...............
  112. Test Results ??? Please, help!
  113. hypothyroidism and anemia
  114. What's the best thing to do if a little hyper?
  115. possible thyroid problems?
  116. Virgin Coconut Oil Does It Work?
  117. I don't get it (venting)
  118. Help with lab
  119. Question about Scan...
  120. Hello! Newbie here!
  121. Question about estrogen blood test
  122. Results are in...
  123. I need help for my 16 yr old
  124. new-need test result help
  125. Need Advice Pls.
  126. This has gotten stupid and pathetic
  127. Help! with hashimoto's Thyroid
  128. lab results
  129. thyriod question
  130. Lab and ultrasound results, help please!!!
  131. need a good enodcrine Dr in NW IN area
  132. Help--terrible stomach pain, gastritis??
  133. T3 uptake?
  134. Viens Suddenly Appearing All Over My Body :(
  135. Are Total T4/T3 tests useless?
  136. Interesting! Practice Guidelines for Thyroid Testing
  137. Is there a chart somewhere?
  138. Symptoms dismissed by doctor!
  139. RAI/I-131 for cancer & side effects temporary?
  140. Hey everybody
  141. What is a good FT4, FT3 reading?
  142. Hey Everyone, I am confused....
  143. mimiblue a message from jbohemian
  144. Ringing in the ears=thyroid problem?
  145. Got my second lab results back. What do you think?
  146. After surgery question?
  147. WxKathy2..........new one!
  148. Help
  149. will my hair stop falling soon?
  150. Cytomel only
  151. Vent
  152. advice..weight and hypothyroidism
  153. Antibodies
  154. What Do I Do Now??
  155. T-3 Uptake 35?
  156. Could it be my thyroid?
  157. Fatty Liver and Conversion
  158. Thyroid & alcohol tolerance?
  159. My TSH levels
  160. Kicking over the coffee table
  161. Antibodies after TT
  162. LOOK please!
  163. Low Ionized Cal; elevated HGB & HCT; Swollen Lymphs; Exhausted -- HELP!!
  164. Put on Thyroid Meds after being told my levels were normal?????
  165. Low T3
  166. I am so sad and tired I could cry
  167. Weight gain after surgery
  168. Upped dose causing anxiety.............?
  169. Sandpaper face CURED!!
  170. My scan results in, AND.....
  171. What do my results mean?
  172. Sorry I've Not Been Around
  173. Thyroid and THS levels
  174. Sweating and chills
  175. Beginning synthyroid dose?
  176. Does anybody else crash after trying to exercise?
  177. Analyze labs please
  178. Thyroid lab tests results, suspicious of hypothyroid
  179. ringing in ears and being cold
  180. Neck Pain
  181. HashiGent - Electric Shocks and Excess Nicotine
  182. Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma/Elevated Calcitonin
  183. Armour dose and pregnancy
  184. Needing help understanding
  185. How Long???
  186. Please Help - Thyroid Nodule cancerous?
  187. Appt tomorrow - Which thyroid med??
  188. Radation Treatment
  189. Need Help!!
  190. Ringbearer, Reece, or anyone else...
  191. Can Thyroid Disorder Affect Plasma Normetanephrine?
  192. Does anyone have cramps at night (feet and toes)?
  193. Cytomel vs. Thyrolar
  194. My scar is suddenly tender
  195. Nodule tenderness & electric current
  196. Want a BOOST?
  197. Can someone interpret these numbers?
  198. Sucessful Surgery!
  199. My Arms Ache
  200. Thyroid Problems & Frequent Urine infections? anyone
  201. Should i go on meds?
  202. Shortness of breath & Hyperthyroidism??
  203. Help!!
  204. Questioning Diagnosis
  205. Question for Endo appt
  206. thyroidor menopause?
  207. how much is TOO LITTLE?
  208. How can I loose weight!
  209. sorry, but I need to rant
  210. Question about enlarged thyroid
  211. Good news (I think!) from doc. appt. today!!!!
  212. Fatigue and Natural Remedies
  213. need advice please
  214. cyst on thyroid..
  215. Nastyhashi...are you on medication?
  216. How long after increase does achiness subside?
  217. synthroid side effect stories
  218. Effects of Levoxyl
  219. My doc just said my results are normal. Am I?
  220. dosage ??'s
  221. Are these numbers ok?
  222. Could reducing synthroid dose actually reduce the number of nodules?
  223. Possible thyroid problem?
  224. doc appt today, update
  225. Help! Thyroid Test Results
  226. Eye problems/changes anyone?
  227. Normal tsh but low ft4 help please
  228. sorrel2 autoimmune thyroid
  229. KCthy and all.......
  230. Tomorrow
  231. Grrrrrrr...so annoyed (apologies for ranting!)
  232. swollen eyelids??
  233. help please??
  234. Symptoms of Thyroid disorder?
  235. Can yall look at my temps please?
  236. L-Tyrosine, B-complex, & Kelp
  237. Chance of getting BREAST CANCER after RAI
  238. face numbness
  239. Thyroid Storms
  240. Phypothyroidism
  241. RAI August 16
  242. My lab results...
  243. Can you tell me what these mean?
  244. Synthroid dosages. Help?!
  245. hypothyroid & frustrated with doctors...venting
  246. Under Active Thyroid, New B
  247. Could It Be Hyperthyroidism
  248. Disappearing Nodule
  249. Why Is My arthritic-like joint pain coming back?
  250. put on meds

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