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  1. Help:( Test Results???
  2. What are the symptoms of a thyroid disorder?
  3. complaining again!!!
  4. Has anyone Seen Dr. Shames, or Dr. Blanchard?
  5. Question about blood work
  6. Thyroid Disorder
  7. Armour Medicine
  8. Hypo/Hashi and Pregnancy
  9. See Surgeon today :)
  10. Your opinion-Surgery or Drugs
  11. Have surgery or not?
  12. Gaining weight
  13. Goitre
  14. I'm desperate
  15. BP Meds
  16. Is it Thyroid or is it Menopause?
  17. biokinetics used to threat thyroid??
  18. Anyone have temporary anxiety when upping thyroid meds?
  19. Thyroid function test?
  20. **Update on Thyroid Issue and Use of Synthroid**
  21. who avoids certain foods and what?
  22. 350 mcg Synthroid and still hypo!
  23. can thyroid nodules cause you problems when eating?
  24. Neck pain
  25. Thyroid or depression?
  26. Eye pain?
  27. hypo resting heart rate
  28. Hypothyroid? PLEASE HELP!!
  29. THYROID test results antibodies
  30. Am I having thryoid problem?
  31. no sex drive, for along time now
  32. Cortisol level and T3
  33. Does this sound crazy?
  34. I'm lost for the last 5 YEARS, Help please
  35. Hashi's and muscle pain ?
  36. tingling extremities
  37. Weight loss?
  38. Mad maz is really MAD!!!
  39. Is this normal?
  40. Ultrasound?
  41. I Hate Doctors!!!!!!!
  42. for those who had 'tightness' in the throat...
  43. Mouth Ulcers - Can anyone help!!??
  44. blurry eyes?
  45. Anxiety from hyperthyroidism
  46. Another set of #'s - doc doesn't like my TSH
  47. mod high pulse rate and shortness of breath
  48. Any Suggestions???
  49. What is going on with me?
  50. Has anyone heard of the thyroid med liotrix?
  51. lightheaded
  52. Need Ammo to bring to the doc
  53. Hi! I'm a newby with a few questions..
  54. Help & Info Please
  55. Evening primrose oil
  56. meep, midwest.......ideas please
  57. Tired and woozy
  58. Does anyone get sick easier since their Thyroid problems?
  59. Thyroid & facial swelling
  60. Vision Issues with Thyroid Problem
  61. Help Me!!!
  62. Hashi attack*Chest pain/Tightness anyone??
  63. 19 years on levoxyl switched to armour not good lab results
  64. What Would Happen?
  65. can you help?
  66. Hives and Antibodies**HELP
  67. Input please on heart palps, PVCs and Cytomel
  68. help with diagnosis
  69. switching to synthetic ?????
  70. Verdit is Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  71. Undermedicated or Overmedicated?
  72. Lips swelling
  73. Confused... yet optimistic
  74. Who had fna and surgury w/o uptake scan?
  75. Transplants?
  76. Wigging out over Hashi's
  77. Question ?
  78. Levothyroxine
  79. Ears ringing (tinnitus)
  80. Afuji please read!
  81. could this be thyroid related too?
  82. Health Issues
  83. Hashi's question
  84. blood results - need your opinion please
  85. anyone else ever feel like this
  86. Very new here and informative
  87. Can you help !
  88. had surgery,Hashi's,oncocytic, Hurthle cell, change
  89. synthroid, t4 and t3 question
  90. Pressure Urticaria
  91. **What do these T3/T4 Levels tell you.**
  92. when do you take your medication?
  93. Heart and hyperthyroid
  94. started T3; new T3/T4 research
  95. Dizziness
  96. Books?
  97. Its back!!!
  98. So scare, I think it's cancer
  99. what are the usual treatments for large nodules?
  100. Thyroid Summary Sheet
  101. To Midwest1
  102. I give up
  103. Taking methimazole for hyperthyroid
  104. Elevated Reverse T3
  105. Hyperthyroid?
  106. Question about Cold Nodule and Graves/Hyper
  107. "tight throat" sensation
  108. Just found out that I have hashi and fibromyalga
  109. Great doctor's appt. today :)
  110. KANT &other follicular veterans Ineed input
  111. dosage question
  112. Hashi/Hypo... Why don't dr.s just remove the gland?
  113. Please check my labwork results!!
  114. Nodules very large, Doctor wants to do biopsy!
  115. Low body temp during the day...
  116. synthroid
  117. ****2 Quick Questions for Synthroid Users****
  118. The flu jab (Thyroid) yes or no?
  119. Hashi's/hypo...the difference?
  120. voice sounds husky after surgery
  121. Hypo??
  122. What do test results mean? What do I do?
  123. Anyone with muscle aches and pain with Hashi's and lobectomy?
  124. Hashimotos and Numbness/tingles in head??
  125. To Much medicine make you gain weight?
  126. more questions
  127. Lab results..2 1/2 weeks since TT
  128. Need Help With Test Results Please
  129. Thyroid ultrasound-nodules ??s
  130. Help am i Hypo?
  131. am i hypo or hyper?
  132. Question on lab work
  133. Armour
  134. are the doctors wrong?
  135. Question before I start
  136. Switch from Levothroid to Armour
  137. cytomel side effects
  138. acupuncture/naturopath for thyroid problems?
  139. Thyroid problem
  140. Adrenal
  141. Victory! Surgery scheduled Nov. 30th
  142. Taking meds together
  143. Parathyroid in chest - anyone had this?
  144. Adrenal Burnout?
  145. fkrustrated with doctor...TSH and FT4 results
  146. T.e.d.
  147. Have you ever been laying in bed...
  148. Need help with new dose adjustment
  149. extremely cold...could this be a sign?
  150. hypo & ferritin
  151. sweating and chills together at night
  152. Why are docs reluctent to disagnose us with hyper/hypo
  153. Could this be hyperthyroid problem???
  154. For those who have taken calcium
  155. Hashi diagnosis-need help... sorry long
  156. Hypo and eye pain
  157. Figured out how Synthroid was making me so tired..
  158. hypo & hyper
  159. Hypothyroidism, can anyone help?
  160. multiple thyroid cysts and pain, is this normal?
  161. Do I need this high of a dose of leveothyroxine?
  162. Copper's effect on thyroid
  163. tsh range is 16.00
  164. Pleasehelp..am I in the right place..?
  165. Just Had ultrasound, HELP!!!
  166. Back again
  167. Help TSH 129
  168. Too much synthroid?
  169. Lab results
  170. Has anyone solved the morning anxiety problem
  171. Question about scar
  172. Scary Night - Need Help!
  173. Lady50 and anyone else who's TRIED Armour.
  174. getting pregnant
  175. hypothyroidism symptoms - not fun!!
  176. Could this all be thyroid related?
  177. Try not to beat a rerun topic...but
  178. Hypo and eye problems
  179. Hyperthyroid and osteopenia
  180. Synthroid and Normal Levels?? Question
  181. Lady50...benadryl question :)
  182. A Few Questions Please
  183. I Hate Doctors!!!!!!
  184. Synthroid for 7 days now... TIRED???
  185. 90mg Armour, 25mcg Levoxyl - suddenly tired again?
  186. anyone noticed?
  187. Thyroid Problem - Help
  188. vision problems
  189. Thyroid Related Problem?
  190. synthroid 25mcg makes tsh go to 0.035!
  191. Lag with downward gaze
  192. armour
  193. -- removed --
  194. Life after TT...the two week mark
  195. selenium
  196. Saw Endo for First Time
  197. uk help
  198. Is shaking part of thyiod
  199. Propylthiouracil??
  200. Synthroid survey... are you all happy being on it?
  201. One odd side effect on Synthroid for me...
  202. What is a normal TSH level?
  203. danger from my T3 T4 switch
  204. Now Im Really Confused
  205. Doctor Shopping
  206. Actually feeling better on cytomel
  207. Need thyroid info
  208. Thyroid and Weight Loss
  209. Speckled thyroid on scan? HELP
  210. strenuous expercise with suspected Hyperthroidism
  211. I'm 21 and I've got a lump in my throat.
  212. Need advice on test results, they seem to be "normal".
  213. Cytomel VS Armour
  214. Insomnia and no appetite...what can be done?
  215. Graves Disease
  216. Waiting for results...Trembling,Insomnia,Shaky Hands
  217. Htperthyroid and can't deal with my life anymore ...
  218. No clue what's going on..
  219. How do I convince doctors this isn't CFS?
  220. help with first set of all labs since TT.....
  221. depression anxiety and Cytomel
  222. Little help from seniors....
  223. cytomel ?'s
  224. Four days on Syntroid and I'm all puffy...
  225. Another autoimmune disorder?!?!?!?!
  226. Irritated with my endo
  227. Anyone's goiter hinder breathing during exercise?
  228. why synthroid if my t4 is normal?
  229. estrogen and synthroid
  230. Doctor shocked the heck out of me!
  231. T3 Uptake low?
  232. 16yr old daughter - huge behavior problems - thyroid related???
  233. TSH & thyroglobulin levels with RAI for cancer?
  234. Protocol for nodule size/removal?
  235. Armour
  236. Adding t-3
  237. 11 yr. old daughter has grey hairs...
  238. Got a question about my Numbers
  239. surgery Monday, follicular cells, HELP!!!
  240. hypo and crying
  241. can anyone help? progesterone is low, thyroid 'normal' but I FEEL TERRIBLE
  242. not a fun night
  243. really really bad few days
  244. Pre-surgery questions to ask the endo, surgeon, and PCP
  245. Recieved my test results, HELP
  246. Vacuuming my hair this morning...
  247. Certain foods cause a goiter in Hypothyriodism
  248. Help with lab results
  249. Question - ADHD/Thyroid problems?
  250. Estrogen replacement and the Total T4 test

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