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  1. Cheapest Place to get Saliva tests??
  2. Where would I find this to give to my dr.?
  3. 8 months post rai
  4. I know this is a long shot
  5. New Blood Work Opps???
  6. 60 days later....
  7. my #'s
  8. What's next?
  9. If diag. w/thy. problem, PLEASE help!!!!!!!!
  10. Question about thyroid nodule and FNA
  11. Dr. David Brownstein...anyone heard of him?
  12. young and shaken..how will they treat this problem?
  13. In Need Of Help
  14. CBC....Question
  15. Anybody on Cortef?
  16. High antibodies still, but feeling great!
  17. High antibodies still, but feeling great!
  18. Advice on ultrasound/scan results
  19. Is this a thyroid problem?
  20. well went to Gyno
  21. Thyroid Surgery Scar Question
  22. what to do?
  23. New Member with questions
  24. Why am I so Hot???
  25. Sick for 3 months & still know NOTHING..
  26. Normal TSH w/+antibodies are you being treated?
  27. can anyone help, really sick to death of this
  28. Can one drug brand work and another not?
  29. Free T3
  30. does anyone know?
  31. Can thyroid problems cause panic attacks?..
  32. I Am So Confused!
  33. Surgery on Sept. 19
  34. Question....?
  35. new labs done, do they look ok
  36. please can someone help me!!
  37. on higher dose for 3 weeks, why do relapses keep occuring?
  38. friend at work with thyroid and migraine
  39. could this be the problem? Help!!
  40. Suffocating feeling - hypothyroid?
  41. Help! comparing lab work, looks weird
  42. Does low T4 cause low esophagael motility?
  43. what should I ask the doc for??
  44. Clueless Daughter...Please Help!!!
  45. Saliva test are in "what to do now?"
  46. I'm new, please help me understand!!
  47. Going to get an ultrasound down on my neck..
  48. Symptoms
  49. What Tests to Request?
  50. goiter (feeling in throat!)
  51. Synthroid and weight loss
  52. How quickly do you feel diff. when change. meds?
  53. Three cheers for everyone here!!!!!!
  54. Kant.....a few questions bout surgery
  55. hypothyroid question
  56. Thyroid blood test results
  57. Question
  58. Whats wrong with me?
  59. Have upped my thyroxine, now have very oily skin
  60. Recovery from surgery
  61. I just need to know
  62. Local anesthesia for removal of nodules??/
  63. severe nasal swelling, does anyone else have this
  64. A few questions
  65. Getting a little scared...
  66. Has this happened to anyone?
  67. what do I do?
  68. Question about T3 uptake
  69. Synthroid?
  70. Hi, a newbie the adrenal - thyroid link what is it?
  71. Please Advise
  72. doctor is checking thyroid
  73. Lab results today HYPO
  74. I had to quit Armour
  75. HELP*Dizzy & sudden weakness,chest pain*Hypo at its worst
  76. Levothyroxine vs Synthroid...
  77. Thyroid Doctors in Birmingham AL
  78. I need some advice on Radio Active Iodine Treatment
  79. can someone give me some advice?
  80. radioactive Iodine anyone else
  81. Nastyhashi....ferritin
  82. My neck is swollen.. is it my thyroid?
  83. TSH 12.9 yet "everything's dandy"
  84. Thyroid Graves advice needed badly
  85. Thyroidectomy - Leg Muscle & Feet Pain
  86. getting taller?
  87. Need Advice
  88. Nodules on thyroid
  89. Is this shortness of breath and other sx's typical?
  90. Swinging hyperT with Hashimoto's
  91. PLEASE HELP! Do I have Hyperthyroidism?
  92. Soy inhibits T4 conversion to T3???
  93. Hypo or hyper question???
  94. High thyroid peroxidase level...not sure what to do?
  95. Thyroid problems?
  96. GNP, questions about your thyroid and surgery???
  97. Ultrasound, even stranger than I thought it would be
  98. New here with questions
  99. Look 9 months pregnant and I'm a fat slob
  100. THYMUS Related to Borderline Hyperthyroid?
  101. Endocrinologist Appointment!
  102. Another venting post...
  103. Clueless.................
  104. Feel sick every day
  105. hello again
  106. Bob
  107. Those On Armour
  108. Hypo? Test results
  109. Question About Hashimoto's
  110. Lab Results..can someone tell me what this means?
  111. Thyroid medicine & Weight Loss
  112. What do these results mean?
  113. Should i worry????
  114. Questiion about stress and thyroid
  115. exophthalmos?
  116. New lab results, please interpret!!
  117. Question About TSH Level
  118. Eeyore (in NY)
  119. I have a question about metabolism
  120. Ultra Sound?
  121. Help...
  122. I need info on RAI
  123. Hurricane Help
  124. Fatigue after RAI/I-131? Scan tomorrow
  125. Hypothyroid Myopathy??
  126. Does low TSH levels mean Hypothyroid?
  127. Enlarged Thyroid and your period
  128. is this a symptom and what time of day/month should women test
  129. What if it's not my thyroid?
  130. Induced yesterday
  131. new & confused over meds
  132. Decongestants/Thyroid Disease
  133. Kant and Kathy,
  134. Help With Test Results
  135. Different Med and its effect on levels?
  136. test resutls and lost
  137. labs..opinions please
  138. Hilery79, questions RE: your follicular cancer???
  139. Idiot Doctors... Someone Help
  140. Test Results
  141. HELPPPPPPPPP!! I am in tears
  142. Lymphnodes....?
  143. fiance with Hyperactive Thyroid
  144. Thinning Hair?
  145. Levothyroxine to Armour
  146. Is it possible to have an overactive then go underactive thyroid?
  147. Kelly...............
  148. Hyperthyriod Symptoms?? Are these enough to get checked?
  149. Question about Thryoid uptake
  150. How bad are my odds for getting pregnant with a thryoid disorder?
  151. Trouble with meds? This might help
  152. Doctor's can be so difficult.....what should I do?
  153. What a feeling as #'s get better.....
  154. Any connection between hypothyroidism and anxiety/depression
  155. New to board and need help
  156. Hypothyroid
  157. Congenital Hypothyroidism
  158. weight gain from Armour thyroid
  159. Thyroid and skin problems?
  160. Enlarged parotid gland
  161. NEW, curious about others with Hashi's, follicular cell biopsied nodule
  162. is this normal?
  163. could this be thyroid disorder?
  164. don't end up like me
  165. 12 Year Old Daughter Lab Results
  166. Experts at Test Interpretation Please Look
  167. I hate my life
  168. Great News!
  169. Does anyone have hyperactive thyroid?
  170. Endo's office called about ultrasound
  171. Good news, back from the doctor
  172. If you have the time today....
  173. Question....?
  174. Got lab results yesterday...
  175. How much Armour do you take?
  176. Just switched to Armour, have questions.
  177. Help Wanted Concerning Womens Probs And Thyroid
  178. Gall stones, PCOS, Ganglion cysts, cystic acne
  179. i'm new
  180. New person - advice?
  181. Nodule Pain
  182. Well, I Guess I'm Done
  183. Experts At Reading Labs Please Read In : Really Confused
  184. Whats with the freezing, numb toes?
  185. My partial lab results and I am confused
  186. Adding Female hormones! Any advice or experience with this
  187. Test Names
  188. A Few Questions
  189. Thyroid and Immunity???
  190. anyone taking T3?
  191. Put me out of my misery...
  192. Thyroid Removal and radiation questions?
  193. Overload of info, help!!!
  194. Kant, Mid West, can you take a peek?
  195. Kant
  196. New here and have questions!!
  197. update, adding cymotel and a bump......
  198. Had RAI / I-131 this morning...fine :)
  199. TSh and thyroid replacement meds
  200. I thought I could interpret these but hope for your guidance!!
  201. How much to increase Armour
  202. does any one have increased heart rate...
  203. HELP! I'm Freaking Out!
  204. Eyes sensitive to light and burning all the time..
  205. update on my daughter
  206. tsh 11.57 and feel great????????? help
  207. Does anyone take their t4 meds sublingually
  208. TT on Aug5, skin sticks
  209. Muscle twitching...anyone?
  210. Antibody tests
  211. Back from the USA Hi all!`
  212. Had to reschedule endo apt
  213. Put on Synthroid
  214. total thyroidectomy and synthroid (tiredness)
  215. Info on Dr. Domminese
  216. Does this sound right?
  217. does being hyperthyroid...
  218. Help!! Puffy ankles and fingers
  219. My new doctors appointment
  220. Is losing weight possible
  221. Talked with my OB today
  222. new to board
  223. Good News-LEVOXYL helps with SWELLING/Puffiness-so Happy
  224. had my first endo appointment.technitium uptake test is next.....input needed
  225. Help, new doctor appt. this week
  226. I was doing some research, wonder if it works
  227. Food With Meds?
  228. Male Thyroid problems
  229. A little advice please...
  230. Problems with thyroid medications
  231. Thyroid - Affecting Voice?
  232. Girl problems on synthroid
  233. Back again... with another question!
  234. Having I-131 after all...what is I-123?
  235. throid and adrenal exhaustion and weight
  236. Hi to those who remember me and those who are new since my last post.
  237. A Few Questions
  238. Does an increase in Armour change bowel habits?
  239. Need a refresher on TSH
  240. Skin problems
  241. lab reports in UK
  242. Total TT - Voice Strength
  243. help!!!!
  244. Anyone else have trouble with Styes
  245. Help Please
  246. WAS feeling great!
  247. Question???
  248. Please help! Goiter, ? about labs
  249. Mood swings
  250. Next 6 week set of labs.

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