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  1. thyroidor menopause?
  2. how much is TOO LITTLE?
  3. How can I loose weight!
  4. sorry, but I need to rant
  5. Question about enlarged thyroid
  6. Good news (I think!) from doc. appt. today!!!!
  7. Fatigue and Natural Remedies
  8. need advice please
  9. cyst on thyroid..
  10. Nastyhashi...are you on medication?
  11. How long after increase does achiness subside?
  12. synthroid side effect stories
  13. Effects of Levoxyl
  14. My doc just said my results are normal. Am I?
  15. dosage ??'s
  16. Are these numbers ok?
  17. Could reducing synthroid dose actually reduce the number of nodules?
  18. Possible thyroid problem?
  19. doc appt today, update
  20. Help! Thyroid Test Results
  21. Eye problems/changes anyone?
  22. Normal tsh but low ft4 help please
  23. sorrel2 autoimmune thyroid
  24. KCthy and all.......
  25. Tomorrow
  26. Grrrrrrr...so annoyed (apologies for ranting!)
  27. swollen eyelids??
  28. help please??
  29. Symptoms of Thyroid disorder?
  30. Can yall look at my temps please?
  31. L-Tyrosine, B-complex, & Kelp
  32. Chance of getting BREAST CANCER after RAI
  33. face numbness
  34. Thyroid Storms
  35. Phypothyroidism
  36. RAI August 16
  37. My lab results...
  38. Can you tell me what these mean?
  39. Synthroid dosages. Help?!
  40. hypothyroid & frustrated with doctors...venting
  41. Under Active Thyroid, New B
  42. Could It Be Hyperthyroidism
  43. Disappearing Nodule
  44. Why Is My arthritic-like joint pain coming back?
  45. put on meds
  46. Getting tired of going to the DR!! PLZ HELP
  47. hilery79, remember me?
  48. I am hyper!!!
  49. KCthy..............
  50. Diagnosed...
  51. Would like opinions on my numbers
  52. What's your update on Armour?
  53. Tongue
  54. What do my test results mean?
  55. Help I goofed but found instant relief
  56. hand & legs?
  57. Feels Like I have the flu
  58. Why am I getting so much worse?
  59. New Labs - Is my Free T4 high enough, or too low?
  60. Hypothyroidism
  61. Thyroid Throu
  62. Yikes!!!
  63. Possible conflict with Lecithin?
  64. Oh man, do I feel for those of you who have to live with Hypo-T...
  65. 9 pound weight loss since switching?
  66. illness with hypoT
  67. Ongoing Hypo Problems
  68. Graves Disease Suffers Please Read In
  69. Adrenal and Thyroid Problems
  70. new endo visit
  71. Just wondering how bad was I?
  72. Possible Hyperthyroidism Newbie!
  73. thyroid problem
  74. Ultrasound of enlarged thyroid
  75. Taking iodine...feeling really good, symptoms falling away...
  76. Hurthle Cell Changes
  77. hurts to swallow
  78. headaches - ugh!!
  79. HELP ! I need to know the symptoms of Thyroid Disorders..,
  80. If you don't mind me asking......
  81. Midwest...anyone??
  82. Headaches???
  83. To Lady50 Re- TOTALLY FED UP 15/7/05
  84. Ferritin - Iron - Important for ALL!
  85. Tender thyroid upon palpatation only
  86. From Cytomel to adding Armour
  87. HELP! I am at a complete loss!
  88. Has a DO helped you?
  89. Whats the difference T3/T4 Variations
  90. Thyroid tests
  91. Does anyone get muscle twitches???
  92. underactive thyroid
  93. Exercise and Hypo
  94. Thyroid Peroxidase AB #'s
  95. New, would like some advice:)
  96. My appt :)
  97. Thyroid Cream???
  98. Intermittent Eye Lid Drooping anyone?
  99. Lobectomy Question for those who had it done
  100. Dosage *decrease*
  101. Help - TSH Results - Do I need a new Dr?
  102. medication and food
  103. Vitamins - synthroid
  104. Boyfriend is sick....
  105. did anyone's choking go away completely after thyroidectomy?
  106. Free T4 &TSH Test?
  107. TSH Test Question
  108. Please help me before I go crazy
  109. Wouldn't it be great???
  110. Hypothyroid and Teens
  111. what made you think it was a thyroid problem?
  112. Does thyroid problem = ear pain?
  113. Stopping thyroid medication
  114. KCthy.......( and all )I am doing it!!!
  115. How long should I wait to take vitamins after my synthroid dose?
  116. Thyroid Disease and Lupus
  117. Pains Across The Chest ??
  118. goiter-neck feel so swellon
  119. test results. meds finally! frustration hopefully gone?
  120. Massive Weight Gain
  121. Dr. prescribed 1/4 grain Armour (15mgs)..not enough
  122. Post Thyroidectomy Labs & Armour trouble
  123. Thyroid Test Pointers?
  124. Totally Fed Up!
  125. confused! Armour users help!!
  126. Labs, Help Me Understand?
  127. Throid results are normal, but symptoms won't go away?!
  128. TBG Test Anyone???
  129. Radioactive Iodine pill for hyperthyroidism
  130. HI, newbie/Thyrin
  131. My upcoming scan...
  132. Questions...
  133. Synthroid New User
  134. Update
  135. Understanding blood tests
  136. TSH results, need help.
  137. I'm a walking pharmacy
  138. Help with lab....please
  139. Grave's Disease
  140. Just diagnosed
  141. Some questions
  142. Light-headedness, what is causing this?
  143. Suppressed TSH, please explain
  144. boarderline?
  145. New Here...(introduction - May have a thyroid disorder)
  146. "Temporary Unavailability of Nichols Advantage Thyroglobulin Assay"
  147. Is stress going to make a difference?
  148. Lab result opinion?
  149. Meep... Hello!
  150. Veterans and Armour buddies Help!
  151. Why some good days & some bad days?
  152. Questions for the experts : )
  153. Thyroid Peroxidase-What is a normal range?
  154. Centhroid affecting Menstrual cycle?
  155. What To Expect...
  156. Does this sound like I'm possible getting close to levels built up??
  157. I wonder
  158. Hashi's Antibodies
  159. Need help with lab results
  160. Need Help Here
  161. Lab results..should meds be lowered?
  162. 1st Endo appt - no isolation for I-131...Ok?
  163. About my scan
  164. Endo Visit
  165. Labs and Dr. won't increase meds
  166. oral thrush and hypothyroid related?
  167. Possible thyroid problem?
  168. miserable
  169. Hypothyroidism/Not Looking Your Age
  170. So frustrated for everyone - ranting
  171. Skin on face feels like sandpaper
  172. Cannot find posts on High feavor & children
  173. Your adrenal support stories: helped you?
  174. Jboehemian....pls read
  175. Too many questions....no answers.....:-(
  176. Newbie Needs Help
  177. I have a question
  178. Does Anyone Else Take Carbimazole ??
  179. New labs... what does it mean?
  180. Help -- I'm HYPO, and have felt bad even with replacment
  181. Gaining Weight Faster than I know what to do with it!
  182. surgery done
  183. Anyone with Diabetes & Hypothyroidism?
  184. Swollen Puffy Eyes/other problems HELP PLEASE
  185. I need advice please.
  186. Iodine for Low Thyroid
  187. One more question...it's about Synthroid
  188. Primary and Seconday Hypothyroidism
  189. HERE I AM (old member)
  190. Not feeling so good
  191. 100 mcg increased to 125 mcg of synthroid...hypersymptoms?
  192. Synthroid working or Thyroid working???
  193. Good endo/thyroid doc in Memphis, TN?
  194. Hashimoto's AND multinodular goiter???
  195. Anyone take DHEA? How does it work? Can you feel anything?
  196. Need Advice
  197. Voice Loss After Thyroid Surgery
  198. Feeling really awful
  199. Pernicious anemia symptoms
  200. Confused by diagnosis. Next step?
  201. Would like opinions on my labs...thanks!
  202. TSH over 200...it it normal to feel.....
  203. New to board..need advice
  204. Need Advice
  205. what does "moderate fowlers" mean
  206. How long after starting meds did everyone's hair stop falling and start regrowth?
  207. have to stop Tapazole cold turkey!
  208. Help...awful pounding heart all night long
  209. Any Danger in adding T3 w/suppressed TSH?
  210. Is 98.6 a normal waking temp???
  211. alternative causes of hyperthyroidism
  212. need help advice - thyroid/lupus problems
  213. Kant...
  214. thyroid bloodwork came out perfect so why do I feel so bad???
  215. Anyone try Thyrin AC for weight loss
  216. 1st Endo Appt - I am so disappointed...really need some advice
  217. KCThy..I know tomorrow is it.
  218. warning, TMI :) odd symptom
  219. adrenal fatigue and Thyroid meds dosing
  220. Do Muscles Need To Reset After Being Hyper ?
  221. Adipex and thyroid
  222. it's been forever since i posted here ...
  223. Past thyroid and Graves back?
  224. Being increased but wondering still......
  225. Updated labs--can someone help me out?
  226. I could really use some help interpreting my results!! Let me know what you think.
  227. lab tests after surgery-please interpret
  228. Help me out here...I'm about to destroy my scale
  229. Anyone just on Cytomel?
  230. Is this normal
  231. throat feels like swollen glands after surgery
  232. Anyone else struggling to lose weight? New here
  233. Parathyroid problems - need advice
  234. Thyroid Struggle
  235. Foggy Brain
  236. leg pain/numbness w/throid cancer, anyone else?
  237. help with tests
  238. OMG heart started racing up again
  239. Question About Thyroid Cysts
  240. Hashi's
  241. Adrenal Fatigue? Labs are in...
  242. I'm sick of this!!!
  243. Vitamins and supps. for thyroid probs.
  244. Have you told your new doctor!!
  245. my thyroid experience and suggestions
  246. Thyroid and other autoimmune conditions
  247. Kant questions for ya :)
  248. conection between thyroid and Adrenaline
  249. What Would You Do If You Where Me ??
  250. Stopping Medication For A Couple Days

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