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  1. Do antibodies come down after starting meds???
  2. Has anyone's TOTAL T3 come down after starting thyroid replacement hormone?
  3. Need Expert Verifcation on Dosing Question
  4. Adding Cytomel to Levox...need advise please
  5. newly diagnosed with hypothyriod
  6. Possible Reason for Loss of Hair on LEGS
  7. Opinions please
  8. nodules/scans/biopsies
  9. thyroidectomy/depression/mood
  10. Right sided goitre - nodules - please help!!!
  11. Hi from a newbie & Questions
  12. 75 to 100 synthroid
  13. Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism..tons of questions
  14. "cold" nodule..what is it?
  15. tsh level
  16. Need Help Interpreting Lab Results!
  17. Can a person be sometimes HYPER and HYPO?
  18. My biopsy and results
  19. Hot Nodule Advice Please
  20. what are normal labs
  21. goiter and menstration
  22. just kick me in the shins..
  23. weight loss without trying
  24. How long does meds take to kick in?
  25. body temperature
  26. My post surgical lab results:
  27. Help with lab results
  28. surgery tomorrow - I'm scared
  29. lymph nodes or thyroid
  30. UPDATE..My ENDO himself called me!
  31. New results after 2 wks of tx
  32. Need some answers - please help!
  33. 1st appt with endo & ? on FNA
  34. Low FT4, symptoms...
  35. Thyroid CA, then again... and again... and again
  36. swollen thyroid
  37. Pregnancy after thyroid removal
  38. NEW Blood work.....comments please
  39. Tsh 3.4 And Major Edema
  40. Very Tired And Disappointed
  41. Thyroid Issues...
  42. To ASDGRMama
  43. ENT visit not too sure.....
  44. Had my visit with the surgeon yesterday for the nodule....Not happy at all!
  45. Scar from surgery question
  46. surgery results
  47. Unidentifable lump on thyroid
  48. Lobectomy from Nodular goiter, what now, am I going to get sick?
  49. Not thyroid related afterall? Upset
  50. Why hypo symptoms worse on T4
  51. Seemingly strange effects from Armour
  52. RAIU results
  53. just found out it's cancer
  54. New here-what questions do I ask?
  55. Had appointment with endo...
  56. hypoT can cause NEUROPATHY
  57. New to the boards
  58. nuclear thyroid scan tomorrow
  59. TSH not behaving itself...
  60. oncologist/mass in chest CT scan/thyroid nodules
  61. Thyroid meds without a script??
  62. Anyone ever use the online walk in blood test places?
  63. Hypo and adrenal fatigue
  64. Could I be misdiagnosed?
  65. T4 low & feel terrible
  66. New labs...Am I still too low, hypo??? Midwest..Gopherhead, anyone
  67. bizarre skin issues....anyone else?
  68. I want to see an endo-help please
  69. bad skin and hypo? really?
  70. Questions...for Doctor
  71. hyper and pregnancy?
  72. Period Problems with birth control?
  73. Thyroid and stress
  74. Surgery two days ago
  75. Had lobectomy, now dizzy, cold/hot, ringing in ears...
  77. Thyroid and ovarian cyst
  78. My brother is hypo losing wight.
  79. cytomel with levothyroxine
  80. Answers please
  81. New and confused to thyroid, if it is a thyroid problem.
  82. Radioactive iodine treatment-Scared!
  83. Thyroid article in new Woman's World
  84. Hypo, Hashi's and feeling strange!
  85. Sweating / Chills
  86. Armour dosage too high?
  87. HELP!! Confused- need help w/ test results.
  88. Sweet Synthroid???
  89. Hypothyroidism? Help
  90. increased dose on your own?
  91. making me hyper and causing thyroid swelling
  92. Do you feel better when....
  93. Propanolol & A Goiter :Just Had My Hospital Appointment
  94. To All With Hypothyroidism
  95. Help I've Fallen and can't get up!
  96. What tests should I ask for?
  97. maximum dosage of synthroid
  98. Can you help me figure out what's wrong with me?
  99. Nodule - possible adenoma - can this cause hypo or hyper symptoms
  100. Anyone?
  101. Remember:it's nobody's fault
  102. Would like comments on labs
  103. Sound in throat/swallowing
  104. Just had my fna done 5/2/05 waiting....
  105. New TSH ranges
  106. Runaway bride
  107. Can one sister be hyper the other hypo?
  108. Bonnie Jo
  109. frustrated and need to vent
  110. New Thyroid ranges
  111. Do heart flutters go away?
  112. Cold Nodule and Surgery Question
  113. Going Hypo! How bad will it get?
  114. Help For Fatique???
  115. What IS a naturopath and how do I find one
  116. going for first blood test after westhroid
  117. Sick with hypothyroid
  118. Hypothyroid and cholesterol link
  119. ya know what bugs me?
  120. Help With Labs Requested
  121. New Lab For Our 12 Yr Old Daughter, Please Help??
  122. Son's Test Results - what to think?
  123. alienated my doctor today
  124. Confused...
  125. Lovely Graves disease
  126. 3 weeks later.....lab results for your input
  127. Still searching for Dr. Central Fl...
  128. Surgery and Hypothyroid
  129. Questions about Armour
  130. Looking for Dr. in north CA.
  131. What is the shortest time to wait between med increases?
  132. T4 increses hypo symptoms?
  133. Elevated TSH
  134. Hyperthyroid?
  135. Please look at my results
  136. Pain In Knees
  137. test confusion
  138. Thanks To Everyone On The Boards!!!!
  139. Looking for Dr. in Central Florida....
  140. Is it just me?
  141. Symptoms
  142. Ovulation and thyroid treatment
  143. Had a lobectomy rt. side and 3 wks later still large lump...
  144. Avg. life of thyroxine?
  145. strange lump next to my trachea
  146. Selenium supplements?
  147. Seeing Endo on Wed...can't wait!
  148. embarrassed and scared
  149. Amazing visual presentation on Thyroid Disorders
  150. tsh at 22!!
  151. No appetite
  152. 11 year old daughter - FT4 .9
  153. Am I crazy?
  154. test results. Wrong, but need suggestions
  155. Vascular Instability?
  156. Surgery on Friday
  157. Thyroid and nails
  158. low thyroid and broken bone
  159. Out of Curiosity
  160. Hypothyroid and Taking vitamins with iodine good or NOT?
  161. My Endo is changing my dose AGAIN...
  162. does thyroid affect periods?
  163. For fog to lift do....
  164. my 12 year old daughter
  165. Palmar Erythemia
  166. Follow up to my generic synthroid post
  167. the Runaway Bride
  168. Finally!
  169. food alergies and hypo debate...
  170. Myxedema Coma?
  171. Water Retention?
  172. Hypothyroid...best diet for my condition??
  173. grain, microgram(mcg), and mg.
  174. ? about Levothyroxine
  175. Levoxyl and Stomach Problems
  176. Low DHEA? - Gopherhead / Anyone???
  177. Question about test results??
  178. Hilery I hate to nag.....but.....
  179. hashis levels
  180. I knew I wasn't 'normal' - antibodies 25600!!!! highest lab will go.
  181. Stabbing pains in rib area/ bad heart burn
  182. synthroid (synthetic T4) make you tired?
  183. Thyroid test results
  184. RAI/Eye Disease/Surgery
  185. So frustrated...
  186. selenium to lower antibodies
  187. blah
  188. at the beginning it is possible to feel worse before better
  189. Hilery, everyone else! oncologist report
  190. surgery over help
  191. does anyone else feel the 'swing'??
  192. Overactive Tyroid With A Cyst...Worried
  193. Question before blood test
  194. I am Allergic to Armour
  195. Hypothyroid
  196. question about results
  197. menstrual irregularities and hypoT
  198. Foggy head what usually helps? T4 / Pigs?
  199. To Diatron
  200. Burning in ears
  201. It's official--Hypoparathyroidism
  202. I just want to sleep all day :(
  203. cramped throat
  204. Basal Body Temperature range!
  205. Should I be concerned!!????
  206. stiff neck
  207. HELP!! Test results, input please!
  208. First labs after starting T4
  209. Body weight and synthroid dose
  210. question about results
  211. results
  212. Newly Diagnosed with Hashimoto's...but is this right???
  213. Crashing need help
  214. Please help! Anyone?
  215. My 1st visit to osteopath...What do you think?
  216. Trying to search
  217. Lab Results....Help Please!
  218. Synthroid/sleep
  219. Benzi...
  220. Synthroid/sleep
  221. Pls help with labs
  222. Thyroid? Feet pain? Any help appreciated!
  223. chokeing!!
  224. Question for all struggling with Weight Issues...
  225. Does this sound like a thyroid issue?
  226. FNA results
  227. Thyroid, anemia and leg pain
  228. RAI for hot nodule?
  229. do you have to wait to eat after taking meds?
  230. Switching From Cytomel To Synthroid
  231. Don't understand Lab test..
  232. post thyroidectomy & nutrition
  233. please help
  234. Have you seen this doctor!!
  235. thrush
  236. Anyone Else Have Delayed Stomach Emptying w/ Hypothyroidism?
  237. ultrasound and normal size of thyroid gland
  238. Levoxyl or Amour?
  239. I'm Back, Long Time No See
  240. Is there a reason why?
  241. Nastyhashi....
  242. My thyroid hurts!!
  243. new test results, more questions, *sigh*
  244. ultrasound terminology
  245. Labs - What do you guys think?!
  246. synthroid and when to drink coffee
  247. Need Some Help- Confused
  248. Can Anyone Please Help????
  249. bugged up
  250. Synthroid Questions

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