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  1. Anyone take DHEA? How does it work? Can you feel anything?
  2. Need Advice
  3. Voice Loss After Thyroid Surgery
  4. Feeling really awful
  5. Pernicious anemia symptoms
  6. Confused by diagnosis. Next step?
  7. Would like opinions on my labs...thanks!
  8. TSH over 200...it it normal to feel.....
  9. New to board..need advice
  10. Need Advice
  11. what does "moderate fowlers" mean
  12. How long after starting meds did everyone's hair stop falling and start regrowth?
  13. have to stop Tapazole cold turkey!
  14. Help...awful pounding heart all night long
  15. Any Danger in adding T3 w/suppressed TSH?
  16. Is 98.6 a normal waking temp???
  17. alternative causes of hyperthyroidism
  18. need help advice - thyroid/lupus problems
  19. Kant...
  20. thyroid bloodwork came out perfect so why do I feel so bad???
  21. Anyone try Thyrin AC for weight loss
  22. 1st Endo Appt - I am so disappointed...really need some advice
  23. KCThy..I know tomorrow is it.
  24. warning, TMI :) odd symptom
  25. adrenal fatigue and Thyroid meds dosing
  26. Do Muscles Need To Reset After Being Hyper ?
  27. Adipex and thyroid
  28. it's been forever since i posted here ...
  29. Past thyroid and Graves back?
  30. Being increased but wondering still......
  31. Updated labs--can someone help me out?
  32. I could really use some help interpreting my results!! Let me know what you think.
  33. lab tests after surgery-please interpret
  34. Help me out here...I'm about to destroy my scale
  35. Anyone just on Cytomel?
  36. Is this normal
  37. throat feels like swollen glands after surgery
  38. Anyone else struggling to lose weight? New here
  39. Parathyroid problems - need advice
  40. Thyroid Struggle
  41. Foggy Brain
  42. leg pain/numbness w/throid cancer, anyone else?
  43. help with tests
  44. OMG heart started racing up again
  45. Question About Thyroid Cysts
  46. Hashi's
  47. Adrenal Fatigue? Labs are in...
  48. I'm sick of this!!!
  49. Vitamins and supps. for thyroid probs.
  50. Have you told your new doctor!!
  51. my thyroid experience and suggestions
  52. Thyroid and other autoimmune conditions
  53. Kant questions for ya :)
  54. conection between thyroid and Adrenaline
  55. What Would You Do If You Where Me ??
  56. Stopping Medication For A Couple Days
  57. major thyroid probs
  58. Had my 2nd Opinion - confirmation
  59. Hyperthyroid and Headaches
  60. lab results please help
  61. Changing Doseage and Symptoms
  62. synthroid and high fiber diet
  63. NastyHashi how are you??
  64. Stomache Ache With Graves Disease ???
  65. Might be a silly question...
  66. A few questions
  67. does anyone else have leg pain w/thyroid
  68. More thyroid/medication problems
  69. Newly Diagnosed
  70. Does overactive thyroid cause same effects as underactive?
  71. Somebody pinch me!!!!
  72. Any one else on a blood thinner
  73. HELP!! my endo says I'm fine!
  74. thyroid dosage delema
  75. Can someone help me out with the new TSH numbers?
  76. New labs - still feel like crud. :(
  77. high tyroid counts
  78. PLEASE HELP!! wrong diagnosis?
  79. Thyroid Confused
  80. Jumpiness
  81. Is treatment different if you have no thyroid
  82. Thyroid problems..again?? Test Results could use advice!
  83. useless consultants
  84. which medication to take???
  85. Thyroid Storm????
  86. Midwest, Benzi, Senior Vets???
  87. staples or stiches?
  88. Thyroid and the Urinary Tract
  89. endo referral
  90. jrzygirl - July 7th
  91. Is my thyroid back from the dead?
  92. Do hypervascular nodules mean Grave's?
  93. Please help with my daughter!!
  94. recommend a good book
  95. weight loss and surgery
  96. Hypothyroid false pregnancy test
  97. first endo appt tomorrow!
  98. I,m Not Been Pushed Into Surgery!!!! :)
  99. weight loss..hmm.. actually lack of
  100. is it medically irresponsible
  101. Looking for a good doctor in New York
  102. synthoid and weight gain
  103. It's follicular cancer
  104. Can Nausea and Dizziness Be Thyroid Symptoms?
  105. Hypervascular nodules??
  106. Synthroid...
  107. New labs. please help!!
  108. Swollen Vein/Vessel in Neck after 2nd surgery...?
  109. Secondary Hypothyroidsim???? DHEA
  110. Chest pains and DHEA-S?
  111. Advanced Multi nodular goiter
  112. High total t3...low free t3
  113. need to gain weight...endrocrine problems
  114. Everything is good and then wham
  115. Off topic, just a moan
  116. What is the right test for hashi antibodies?
  117. Calling all New Armour users
  118. People that are treated with homopathic meds
  119. birth control and thyroid
  120. Help!! My equalibrium is shot!! any help?
  121. Thyroid Tests For Opinion`
  122. synthoid and L-tyrosine
  123. Symptoms of hypothyroid? Bloodtest?
  124. Armour May Have Saved My Life...
  125. First endo visit tomorrow
  126. low low adrenaline
  127. Cold/Flu relief...need tips on what I can take
  128. Nodule & TPO
  129. Does achiness mean too much or not enough??
  130. Quick query
  131. Cough & mucolitic secretion
  132. pixie....gotta Q for ya....
  133. Indigestion after going off Meds
  134. Hypo with no symptoms
  135. general anaesthetic
  136. New lab #'s
  137. Is it my Thyroid or just me?
  138. Are these Symptoms Typical of Thyroid
  139. Final paths on June 16 surgery
  140. Need advice-what to do now, feeling like crap again!!
  141. lilchardae
  142. Follow up after surgery 6/15
  143. salivary gland problems?
  144. Opinions appreciated on recent labs
  145. antibodies..
  146. Please Please help me with labs
  147. TSH in 300s
  148. Hypothyroid or Wilson's Syndrome?
  149. Hypo with hyper signs?
  150. synthroid reaction?
  151. Question about Free T4 T3 ranges
  152. Headache & feeling a bit woozey?
  153. Its Confirmed , I Have Graves Disease
  154. day 3 on Armour!!!!
  155. How high a dosage of synthyroid can u be on?
  156. Incresed my Synthroid to 50mg to soon?
  157. Incresed my Synthroid to 50mg to soon?
  158. To Smassmann
  159. hypothyroid HELP
  160. thyroglobulin and tg ab
  161. To Armour people--Do you use real Armour or the generic?
  162. Results in
  163. New dose of Synthroid--do you feel different right away?
  164. Follow-up treatment questions
  165. New labs
  166. Benzi...
  167. Temp drops after meds--What's with that??
  168. How long have I been Hyper?
  169. thyroid problems=menopause?
  170. Armour and HRT...Help!
  171. 10 weeks & still I haven't a clue??
  172. Anyone being treated with homopathic meds
  173. My new blood tests are in
  174. New with Nodules and questions???
  175. Increasing Synthroid On My Own
  176. Armour and t4 equivalents!!
  177. Taking Iodine When HypoT
  178. AWESOME doctor
  179. Thyroid Nodules
  180. Is Chest Sensations Normal?
  181. What test should I have done
  182. Do they Understand what I'm going through?
  183. First day of Armour, is this possible.
  184. Stupid Question
  185. Help! What should I do next?
  186. Crashing today..
  187. Armour to synthroid, and Hairloss???
  188. please help my wife has lost her mind......
  189. test results-Are they normal?
  190. Just Had My Scan , Should I Be Worried ??
  191. Med dosage being changed...is this ok?
  192. If You're "Crashing"...
  193. Do thyroid nodule/nodules go hand in hand with Hashi's?
  194. pixiek...starting armour have questions!
  195. Treatment options?
  196. Excessive fatigue after meals?
  197. Are Synthroid and Levoxyl the same thing?
  198. Help Help here are my labs..so Lost
  199. Midwest and armour users....
  200. What tests to ask for?
  201. acromagaly and thyroid
  202. I'm suprised that I need a CBC/TSH test for my fatigue, etc!
  203. underactive thyroid but losing weight?
  204. Help!
  205. Rai
  206. Crashing again. Please help!
  207. Haven't been on the boards for a bit, but need some good vibes...
  208. Does anyone else feel antisocial?
  209. does anyone have time for a quick answer?
  210. Question
  211. Multi-vitamin containing iodine
  212. Post Op nerve damage
  213. Diagnosed with Hyper T and on MEthimazole, some questions.
  214. Midwest1 - anyone with hashi's pls read...Can Hashi's be treated with medication????
  215. Aluminum and thyroid problems? Anyone hear anything???
  216. Need a Diagnosis- Feel like death....
  217. Thyroid nodule
  218. sorrell2 get in touch about pit problems
  219. New Armour takers:how are you all doing now
  220. What is difference between TSH and TSH Cascade?
  221. Hypothyroidism and Infertility
  222. Please experts--I'm new and desperately need your advice
  223. Thyroid nodules
  224. Is it safe to try for a baby with my levels?
  225. hypot 8 year old
  226. Help with questions for my doc appt.
  227. hoarsness
  228. TPO Question
  229. Just home from June 16 surgery
  230. Confusion over advice of two doctors
  231. KCTHY........news to tell you
  232. Had surgery june 15
  233. Overdose?! Help please
  234. High T4 Low T3
  235. It's all greek to me...help with US results?
  236. Can you have normal FT4 and high FT3?
  237. thyroid recovery and restrictions
  238. How Long Did It Take For You To Feel Better On ARMOUR?
  239. New here but old to hashi - pls advise
  240. Lab results, please help!
  241. Pregnancy and testing frequency
  242. Armour Increase
  243. Hello I'm new
  244. Views on my last test results please
  245. need to unload
  246. confused about tsh levels
  247. Home from 2nd surgery....prescribed Cytomel
  248. Questions for vetrans about thyroid disease....
  249. Anyone's numbers been this out of wack??
  250. question about my scar from TT

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