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  1. thyroid medication
  2. Testosterone results
  3. need help fast endo put me back on synth with ndt! anxiety
  4. Posting for a friend: Help understanding labs
  5. hypo and graves disease ? can somebody explain
  6. Can someone answer my question about meds?
  7. Could this be Primary Hyperparathyroidism?
  8. Hair loss and thyroid
  9. Am I over medicated now ?
  10. Should I start meds or not?! Need advice
  11. Thyroid problems
  12. Low TSH
  13. 21 year old female sooooo confused !! :(
  14. What is happening to me?
  15. Ultrasound ? re nodules
  16. Help please! Thyroid levels keep getting worse. Any changes I can make?
  17. Am I "Normal"
  18. Thyroid Results... TSH Slightly High, T3 & T4 Ok... help!
  19. Anybody tried dessicated supplements?
  20. Menstrual cycle & Armour
  21. Results...Symptoms...Need advice
  22. what about hashi's with TSI?
  23. need an honest opinion regarding cytomel
  24. Can anyone interpret my results?? Please??
  25. Am I sub-clinical
  26. Long post - I'm feeling desperate!
  27. Low Vitamin D?
  28. Results - Help
  29. Thyroidectomy
  30. Do these symptoms fit hypothyroid ?
  31. Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I have questions.
  32. TSI Present - So called "Negative"
  33. Hurthle Cell Adenoma
  34. does the blood test tell for sure?
  35. TSI Present but negative.
  36. Thyroglobulin 2nd gen levels high
  37. After Hemithyroidectomy...
  38. Hashi's a BAD perimenopause
  39. My TSH Level Flucuated alot. Why
  40. Are These Numbers Hypo?
  41. Frustrated and FED UP...
  42. Cortisol has saved my life!
  43. Is it a thyroid problem?
  44. reverse t3 opinion
  45. please help interpret my thryroid panel results.
  46. First post in over a year - please read
  47. can I get pregnant?
  48. When to take armour
  49. Assistance with labs
  50. First lab post TT
  51. Should I seek an endocrinologist?
  52. So scared -- FNB is "Suspicious for Hurthle Cell Neoplasm". Advice appreciated.
  53. Large Thyroid Cyst?
  54. Could this be a thyroid problem?
  55. food and hypothyroid disease
  56. anxiety and hashimotos? Does it get better?
  57. Normal Thyroid, High TPO Antibody - cause of miscarriage?
  58. TSH 0.450/ Need help / input PLEASE!
  59. New lab results help please
  60. I need serious HELP
  61. low magnesium
  62. Lab result questions..thank you
  63. Alopleca
  64. Do I need to treat thyroid too, or is it enough to treat the adrenal fatigue?
  65. There is Hope Yet!
  66. Help... Adrenal issues and low thyroid... tests ordered
  67. Help!!!! Throperoxidase at 6930!!
  68. New to hyperthyroidism
  69. Advice Needed PLEASE (Levothyroxine/Cytomel)
  70. nodule hurts when I swallow
  71. Antibiotics and thyroid meds?
  72. Could this be my problem???...or not to worry
  73. Hypo... with adrenal fatigue... or... ?
  74. End of my rope- need help PLEASE
  75. my new blood test results!!
  76. recent labs... what to do?
  77. Thoughts on Dr. Ken Blanchard's theories?
  78. Thyroid Problem - Follicular Lesion.
  79. Time medication remains in body...
  80. Hashi's and Insomnia anyone?
  81. Graves/Hashimotos with low TSH, normal free T4, no goiter?
  82. Month 11 - labs confusing
  83. Synthyroid side effects
  84. Enlarged thyroid and lump on neck ... Any advice please?
  85. Thyroid
  86. Did I mess up my lab results?
  87. Vanity Question
  88. Unclear About Dose Optimization and Lab Results
  89. My Lab Results
  90. Grey hair turning brown?
  91. Post-RAI: lemon candy? And other important questions
  92. effects on blood when taking liothyronine
  93. Do I need treatment for hypothyroidism...
  94. armour dosage question
  95. Misdiagnosed with Hypothyroidism?
  96. Need your help with thyroid numbers
  97. Thyroid Scan result
  98. Hypothyroid and Low T, double wammy?
  99. Question about thyroid levels
  100. Is almond milk okay for people with hypothyroidism?
  101. Will switching from levothyroxine to armour help fatigue?
  102. Hashimotos Advice?
  103. New Symptom of Hypothyroid?
  104. Hurtle Cell Neoplasm
  105. False Positive - Celaic with Hashimoto
  106. RAI for hyperthyroidism/Graves': How long until I'm put on Synthroid?
  107. What do you think about this?
  108. Dosage of Armour Thyroid - Free 3 & 4 low
  109. My TSH levels are 24.50 help please need info.
  110. Could it be Hyperthyroidism??
  111. Thyroid and joint pain?
  112. More confused than ever - please help
  113. Advice on: Normal TSH elevated T4 and elevated T3
  114. URGENT: Should I go through with RAI or should I stay hyperthyroid?
  115. confused need help reading cortisol test
  116. Anyone heard of this... Celexa and Prolactin
  117. Hashimoto's related constipation
  118. Frustrating...
  119. Hashi's and high d-dimer?
  120. Hi....
  121. Tirosint - Can I take it with anything other than water?
  122. Anyone else have these symptoms with Hashimoto's?
  123. Advice on recent labs
  124. Got bloodwork done not sure if I have a thyroid issue or not.
  125. Bloated with hypothyroidism
  126. Got bloodwork done not sure if I have a thyroid issue or not..
  127. does levothyroxine make you sleep?
  128. soy and synthroid
  129. 16 yr old lab results undetectable
  130. Looking for a doctor who prescribes Erfa for thyroid disease
  131. Help for proceeding further --Single Thyroid Nodule
  132. Hyperthyroid and Pregnant
  133. whats considered a therapeutic dose?
  134. Could Meds Work This Fast?
  135. Hypothyroid??
  136. rapid-cycling bipolar disorder mistaken (by me) for hashitoxicosis
  137. 8 week follow up labs...
  138. Question About Lab Results
  139. Seven months since last dose increase, and levels holding steady!
  140. Phentermine and thyroid blood test
  141. enlarged thyroid with cystic nodules
  142. lab results...what's this mean?
  143. Neck looks awful after thyroidectomy - anyone else?
  144. Hypothyroid and Hypertension
  145. Thyroid Related??? Searching...
  146. If my labs are normal - Why do I still feel terrible?
  147. Doctors in Dallas for Candida & Thryroid
  148. Input on Thyroid symptoms and turning from hyper to hypo?!
  149. What medication would you ask for high Anti TPO/TSH?
  150. Labs and symptoms
  151. high tpo#
  152. Thyroid Iodine Scan
  153. Puffy eyes, Droppy Eyelids, Wrinkles & TTC
  154. thyroid diagnostics
  155. Newbie here
  156. new guy, need help deciphering labs
  157. Medication w/ symptoms and labs sound right?
  158. staples left after thryroidectomy
  159. Exercise seems to worsen Thyroid Syptoms. HELP
  160. Changing to Armor? Dose question
  161. Brain Fog, Fatigue, Tinnitus but Good Labs?
  162. Can anyone answer?
  163. post thyroidectomy issues
  164. Help w/ Bloodwork
  165. Biopsy results!
  166. Going for RAI tx next week... Diet?
  167. 2 Month old - FT4 1.20ng /dl and TSH 4.50 uIU/ml - please help
  168. Please help, Hyper, remission, back to Hyper
  169. Is it muscle pain or tension with thyroid problens
  170. Graves, methimazole, and myasthenia gravis
  171. Tolerance to Synthroid
  172. SREAT or Hashimoto Encephalopathy
  173. Only half a Thyroid and feel v unwell
  174. Normal TSH but hypothyroidism symptoms
  175. Went for FNA yesterday, learned the radiologist miss read my sonogram
  176. Need advice about meds after partial thyroidectomy
  177. Central Hypothyroidism
  178. What counts as Antibodies?
  179. too much methimazole
  180. Anyone know of good doc in Portland OR for nodules and low FT3/FT4?
  181. Low LDL and high T4 have connection
  182. mkgbrook :)
  183. 20 years old, thyroid antibody test
  184. new test results- help!
  185. Reason to be Nervous?
  186. Hyperthyroid Symptoms, normal TSH (0.41) & 3cm nodule - worried!
  187. I'm still trying to figure out this RT3.
  188. Doctors in Boston or Massachusetts area??
  189. Is the doctor right? lab results
  190. hospital says I had a "panic attack"
  191. Can you take half Synthroid and half Armour Thyroid?
  192. is it possible to feel .. somewhat normal on a low dose of synthroid?
  193. Switching from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid
  194. follow-up: daughter with mixed labs/symptoms
  195. Nodules and symptoms related?
  196. Hyperparathyroids- Unable to Find My Glands
  197. Hypo/BP
  198. Finally got to see my new doctor. New blood work questions!
  199. can you explain different options with side effects?
  200. Synthroid and Armour Thyroid
  201. I have multiple nodules on thyroid,I am wondering do I need a biopsy
  202. Anyone wanna take a stab at these labs?
  203. Conflicting labs confused
  204. Infection?
  205. less on the board and your opinion
  206. Need advice
  207. Surgery is done!
  208. TSH went from 3 to 2? Test Results Help!
  209. FInally some bloodwork results
  210. Possible thyroid condition? but free t4 is normal?
  211. Need help with new labs & reverse T3
  212. Am I even hyper at all?
  213. Thyroid meds gave me cold feet and coarse hair?
  214. rash.on.methimazole
  215. Thyroid problem
  216. Suggestions for First Doctor Visit?
  217. Unsure of recommended treatment for my mom
  218. Could it be thyroid ?
  219. 4.4cm Thyroid Nodule, Making Sense of Everything...
  220. Graves disease, a bit of itching on methimazole..
  221. Graves Disease/Hyperthyroid
  222. exceptionally high thyroid antibodies level
  223. Thyroid cancer, blood results, Help!
  224. Rt3
  225. After umpteen years finally diagnosed!
  226. Black spots in right eye and headaches
  227. Weight loss possible?
  228. Tests to request for Hypothyroidism?
  229. Thyroid Concerns
  230. How to ease symptoms while waiting for test results
  231. leg hair loss
  232. New Results, Hypo with Hyper Symptoms. Help!
  233. Help!!!
  234. Recommended Tests for Hyopthroidism = Please help
  235. Plz help to understand T3, T4, TSH results
  236. hypothryoidism?
  237. Partial Thyroidectomy Questions
  238. please help me thyroid gone crazy
  239. Just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  240. Just diagnosed with Hashimotos...
  241. hypo and doc wont up meds
  242. Hypothyroid... Anyone swollen above the thyroid?
  243. high reverse t3, going on nature thyroid
  244. Fasting while on Levothyroxine (75mcg)
  245. hyperthyroid?
  246. Anyone else have this after TT?
  247. hashimotos
  248. Switched from synthroid to armour
  249. Can blood tests be off, or not accurately represent a possible condition?
  250. just got results and new to this, help please

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