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  1. Rai
  2. Crashing again. Please help!
  3. Haven't been on the boards for a bit, but need some good vibes...
  4. Does anyone else feel antisocial?
  5. does anyone have time for a quick answer?
  6. Question
  7. Multi-vitamin containing iodine
  8. Post Op nerve damage
  9. Diagnosed with Hyper T and on MEthimazole, some questions.
  10. Midwest1 - anyone with hashi's pls read...Can Hashi's be treated with medication????
  11. Aluminum and thyroid problems? Anyone hear anything???
  12. Need a Diagnosis- Feel like death....
  13. Thyroid nodule
  14. sorrell2 get in touch about pit problems
  15. New Armour takers:how are you all doing now
  16. What is difference between TSH and TSH Cascade?
  17. Hypothyroidism and Infertility
  18. Please experts--I'm new and desperately need your advice
  19. Thyroid nodules
  20. Is it safe to try for a baby with my levels?
  21. hypot 8 year old
  22. Help with questions for my doc appt.
  23. hoarsness
  24. TPO Question
  25. Just home from June 16 surgery
  26. Confusion over advice of two doctors
  27. KCTHY........news to tell you
  28. Had surgery june 15
  29. Overdose?! Help please
  30. High T4 Low T3
  31. It's all greek to me...help with US results?
  32. Can you have normal FT4 and high FT3?
  33. thyroid recovery and restrictions
  34. How Long Did It Take For You To Feel Better On ARMOUR?
  35. New here but old to hashi - pls advise
  36. Lab results, please help!
  37. Pregnancy and testing frequency
  38. Armour Increase
  39. Hello I'm new
  40. Views on my last test results please
  41. need to unload
  42. confused about tsh levels
  43. Home from 2nd surgery....prescribed Cytomel
  44. Questions for vetrans about thyroid disease....
  45. Anyone's numbers been this out of wack??
  46. question about my scar from TT
  47. need help with my test results please
  48. Hypo to hyper
  49. FYI - bloating & gas gone...probably wasn't a thyroid thing
  50. Trouble swallowing?
  51. Finally got FT3 tested..help please
  52. Question and Theory about parathyroid damage and Hashi's
  53. Q about checking BP and temp
  54. I don't want surgery!
  55. Graves Disease & other Autoimmune Disorders
  56. anxious...advice, please
  57. Doc says I have a suppressed thyroid
  58. New labs - all #'s are falling... no wonder I feel so crappy.
  59. Hypo/Hashi - Hot/Cold Extremes
  60. Nodules-ethanol Injection In Mayo Clinic
  61. Adrenal and Tyroid Labs results?
  62. What would you do?
  63. dexamethasone supression test
  64. off the wall ?
  65. What could this be????
  66. I am a bit hyper!!
  67. scared to death
  68. Help! I'm new to this.
  69. Tired and hungry ALL THE TIME.
  70. Need Help and /or Advise
  71. Vent
  72. Weight Loss Question
  73. How is everyone feeling today?
  74. Meds dosing problem help, I think?
  75. Anyone tried apple cider vinegar???
  76. Help with Lab Results
  77. new thyroid levels..your thoughts on why ?
  78. hypo or hyper
  79. Finnaly diagnosed hypo!! Medication help needed
  80. Hypo & Hyper???
  81. Please help with my lab results
  82. biopsy
  83. TSH is 13
  84. Kant - Follicular lesion/hashi's
  85. When T4 gets too low...
  86. Personality change when taking meds
  87. This is kinda gross, but I have to ask...
  88. Does normal T4 exclude thyroide malfunction?
  89. How Well Do You Sleep when You're Hypo?
  90. Thyroid support group in SoCal
  91. thyroid disorder that results in seizures?
  92. Please help, confused....
  93. Does Synthroid effect menstrual cycle?
  94. Dr. Appointment this Week!
  95. what to expect after T. thyroid removal
  96. Hypoglycemic???
  97. These are my symptoms
  98. Question about T3 med?
  99. Synthroid
  100. Deda...u around???
  101. double dose of Synthroid
  102. What specialty?
  103. TSH Guidelines - link?
  104. Lab ???
  105. the T3 in Armour
  106. I got snipped!
  107. new here hyperthyroidism
  108. 3 Grains Armour and hairloss!
  109. Thyroid eye disease
  110. How can I shrink my goiter? My doctor won't prescribe meds.....
  111. Reaction to Cytomel T3
  112. thyroid problems
  113. Has my doctor got it wrong?
  114. Anyone Taking Selenium? Is it working?
  115. For ones that have switched from Armour to only t4
  116. Calling all new to Armour
  117. Desperate for advice Please help
  118. Low Iodine Diet
  119. Advice re lab results?
  120. Hypo--Hyper--GERD..Oh My
  121. Thyrin ATc
  122. Oh, now I get it!!!
  123. t3 and t4 absorbtion
  124. Omg Got Myself A Bad Back Now :(
  125. Cancer, but not in Lymph Nodes...2nd Surgery?
  126. made it through surgery
  127. Anyone else ever get tremors with Hashi's???
  128. Bulging eye, drooping eye -
  129. How many dx hashis by biopsy while having neg AB?
  130. FT4 going down with tx?
  131. Armour trouble already?
  132. How manyh with ear ringing drink diet soda?
  133. Where can I get T3?
  134. kcy...info for you.....
  135. yeast infection from being on meds too long?
  136. Thyroid questions
  137. Help with Lab Levels
  138. Cancerous Nodule...2nd Surgery scheduled
  139. Vitamins Can you or Can't you?
  140. could this be a hyper phase?,,,,,anyone
  141. Which test should I get?
  142. Is there a link between hypothyroidism and...
  143. new here...typical Syntheroid starter dose?
  144. Thoughts on Hyper fog and Hypo fog:T3
  145. Any advice? Please?
  146. Thoughts on Lab Results
  147. Meds and Blood Tests
  148. Need Advice
  149. Thymus and Hashimoto?
  150. feel tired, will herbs and t3? hypothroid
  151. Full neck/throat...
  152. If It's Depression...?
  153. Saw A New Endo Today With Mixed Results
  154. TSH levels thrown off by iodine?
  155. 15 year old with hyperthyroidism
  156. Kcthy
  157. conflicting dr's and how many have been told.
  158. I don't know if this is psychological or not
  159. Follicular neoplasm/Hashi's/Surgery
  160. Where do you ache?? Joints? Muscles?
  161. Feeling like crap today
  162. May I have some info please?
  163. My 12 yr. old Daughter - help please!
  164. Hot with Armour
  165. Anyone have skin changes??????
  166. First day after Japanese Armour
  167. Some results - any input
  168. Totally non-functional 'til about 3PM
  169. hypothyroidism & Cholesterol
  170. Sore soles anyone?
  171. Food and Hashi's
  172. Please help with lab results
  173. Weight Loss and Medication Change
  174. Please help me understand
  175. New to this?
  176. Thyroid and Back Discomfort
  177. Need doc Canada HELP
  178. Red, flushed, hot face - thyroid?
  179. Black spot on thyroid?
  180. Post thyroidectomy hair washing -- how?
  181. Stupid Things Doctors Have Told You.
  182. Hyperthyroid - just treat symptoms?
  183. Passing on some info
  184. inflammed throat
  185. Advice for upcoming blood work
  186. after a month..........lab results!
  187. What's an exophytic nodule ?
  188. carpal tunnel and hypoT
  189. Late night and weight loss
  190. Thyroid Problem?
  191. Thyroid test came back normal, but...
  192. Encouragement!!
  193. Fluoride?
  194. Question about the scan after RAI therapy for cancer
  195. Eastern medicine saved me....
  196. Those have or had anxiety from thryoid probs
  197. Help interpreting labs please
  198. Why did myTSH drop 8 points(from 10.1 to 2.3) in 3 days?
  199. AM cortisol results can anyone help?
  200. HELP Please--Post partum thyroiditis
  201. allergic to antibiotics - an autoimmune connection?
  202. Progress with Armour
  203. Armour Thyroid
  204. Methimazole? dizziness, under tongue swelling
  205. So Tired...Depressed...Fat....!
  206. Here are my labs.....need advice.........
  207. dosage question help!
  208. Armour & HBP meds
  209. just a quick question
  210. How Long Will This Last, I Have Had Enough :(
  211. Just had surgery...what should I expect?
  212. drug interactions
  213. radioiodine after surgery always?
  214. Thyroid Health
  215. burning tongue/ hypothyroid/b2 deficiency
  216. acupuncture
  217. Could symptom this be caused by my thyroid?
  218. Re: Hypo-hyper?
  219. Feel like a major basket case
  220. My daughter's test results - Help?
  221. Ahhhh
  222. Kant....please read
  223. High Cortisol
  224. Confusing lab results - advice?
  225. need dr in so cal
  226. Went to the Doctor's today...I'm not happy!
  227. Withdrawing from Thyroid Meds
  228. Back from FNA-not as bad as I thought
  229. Hashimotos Turned Hyper
  230. Re: Elevated Bp And Pulse
  231. Help, more confused now
  232. Possible Hypothyroidism??? Need help!
  233. Thyroid tests are inaccurate..........
  234. Are these labs normal (even though I fell like crap)?
  235. Mischa!!!!-How are you????
  236. Not good synthroid
  237. Synthroid side effects?
  238. Armour doses above 2 grains ???
  239. hypothyroid dosage question
  240. Help!
  241. Need DR Recommendation
  242. Have You Been the Victim of "Crazy Doses"?
  243. FNA with ultrasound
  244. I feel like crap!
  245. weight gain, HELP
  246. Radioactive Iodine burnout scheduled
  247. Question regarding uptake scan...
  248. Antidepressants and Thyroid
  249. Anyone Taking DHEA under Dr care
  250. synthroid armour equivalent dose

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