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  1. What is Hypo morning body temp?
  2. I Can't hold a note! (Singing)
  3. My 7 year old daughter has congenital hypo
  4. Confused?
  5. Does stress effect thyroid
  6. symptons and signs?
  7. Cylert or Central Nervous System Stimualants?
  8. I finally had my surgery..now it's time to loose weight! Pls read..
  9. My experience with generic synthroid
  10. Doctor in Western PA
  11. Do doctors care about low body temerature?
  12. Reading pictures of thyroid?
  13. thryoid antibodies
  14. T3's and T4's can someone tel me what they are?
  15. Anyone Ever Experience this?
  16. More Questions: 2+ Years worth of labs....
  17. Quick Question: Anyone's T3 come down after starting Synthroid?
  18. Daughter with Narcolepsy...
  19. How are these results!?
  20. Free Thyroxin
  21. Rephrase my question
  22. Whoa! BC Can Affect Thyroid Testing?!?!?
  23. How Severe Is Your Fatigue?
  24. I have questions can anyone please help....
  25. Anyone Know What The Average Armour Dose Is?
  26. My first endo appt today
  27. new here with a question
  28. New to the board
  29. Toxic Nodule
  30. hrtofluv?
  31. Muscle soreness and achilles tendon problems
  32. Cold Weather Intolerance And Thyroid Function
  33. Update on visit with Holistic Dr
  34. Help with labs
  35. Eye Infections
  36. Do you think I need Armour????
  37. Beats per minute
  38. Aching Legs
  39. RAI scheduled
  40. Furious - am I justified?! 8 yr old results
  41. I Went To The Wrong Doctor!!
  42. Anyone's dr using Domisse values??
  43. how much and what symptoms will meds help?
  44. Thyroid hormones give false positive pregnancy?
  45. Surgery through...reporting in
  46. Update of dizzy spells from Hell
  47. Update on diagnosed GD.. started tapazole
  48. Please answer!!
  49. Help!!!!
  50. I am freezing, but my heart is racing ?
  51. Anyone Else Have A Slow Heart Rate?
  52. Information Need Please
  53. pernicious anemia w/ hypothyroidism gopherhead
  54. Gopherhead Can you check my new labs please
  55. Which antibodies to test for?
  56. A strange question....
  57. Results are in!! What do you think?
  58. When is the best time to take Thyroid?
  59. Tested for anti-tpo
  60. Two steps forward, One step back
  61. So many questions, so few answers!...anyone?
  62. When do you stop the meds?
  63. Need translation of Ultrasound Results!
  64. Results Are In! Help On Reading Please?
  65. Finally....normal levels
  66. should this be of concern??
  67. Emergency in Maryland!!
  68. Ladies I Need Some Help With This One
  69. wouldn't you know after I posted my dr called with results of scan
  70. How Fast Can Problems Progress??? New Person
  71. B complex Vitamins.
  72. Sudden thyroid swelling...droopy swollen eyelids!
  73. Synthroid and UTI medication
  74. AM I Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  75. Advice for 8 year old?
  76. You all are great!
  77. Tests Normal but I'm NOT.
  78. My first time on T4 and Questions
  79. Milk - How soon after taking meds?
  80. hives on face - related to generic armour???
  81. Sorry
  82. New to the board.......
  83. What do you think is going on?
  84. How Do You Know if you have Hyperthyroidism?
  85. Has anyone taken bio identical thyroid
  86. explaining to work that i AM sick, even though i don't look it...
  87. My results came back - no cancer! Yipee!
  88. Got new labs today.....what is going on???
  89. please help w/ my labs~anyone??
  90. Need advice please for thyroid Ca.
  91. Anyone wanna take a shot at these labs?
  92. What Just Happened Here?
  93. Update from RAI
  94. Cytomel approved!!!!!!!
  95. Trying to stay positive
  96. Who here takes Armour andCytomel?
  97. Burning muscles? Hashi?
  98. UPDATE on ME....
  99. Why are docs hesitant with Armour??
  100. question about time cap laboratories
  101. thyroid swings high and low
  102. Why can't doc prescribe beta blocker?
  103. High Low Roller Coaster
  104. Worried...trouble swallowing
  105. Gobs and Gobs of Hair coming out
  106. Misha- How are you feeling????
  107. Please tell me..
  108. Tsh Wow!!!
  109. Angry - Bad Dr. Appt!!!!!!!!!!
  110. goiter and nodule, are they the same thing?
  111. Anyone, please help! Question on latest labs.
  112. Need Doc!
  113. Question about nodules/goitre and hypo symptoms
  114. nutritional info
  115. Sooo Moody!!!!
  116. Inyourdreams...... weight loss
  117. Long history of symptoms and no resolution... HyperT in men?
  118. elevated antibodies?
  119. Thyroid and feminine cycles
  120. Insurance Co turns down cytomel, Help!
  121. Tsh Levels
  122. Need advice about Armour
  123. need encouragement
  124. Just had thyroid surgery on 4/5/05 - lots of questions!
  125. Hypothyroidism and dry skin...
  126. What does LOL mean?
  127. 2nd endo visit - treatment started
  128. finally saw the endo today
  129. Questions for those who split Armour dose
  130. Had RAI treatment today
  131. forgetting meds
  132. [B]Is it possible to have symptoms of both hypo and hyper?[/B]
  133. Hairloss; anyone know??
  134. should I find new endo?
  135. Bedtime swallowing - ER?
  136. High Blood Pressure Caused by Levothyroxine?
  137. Has anyone heard of this?
  138. Researching our options
  139. Found a lump in my throat
  140. Bad Attitude
  141. sick of been sleepy
  142. Going to an endo, taking these tests...
  143. thyroid levels better stomach pain and need scope
  144. K9 MOM HELP scan before RAI treatment?
  145. Why surgery instead of radiation or hormones
  146. Queston for inyourdreams....
  147. lab result questions
  148. New Labs after 7 weeks..................
  149. Does the change of season affect the symptoms or not?
  150. Questions from a newbie..
  151. Had my RAI uptake scan yesterday...
  152. Dizzy spells
  153. 4 weeks post surgery checkup test results
  154. Is anyone unable to work?
  155. Raleigh86: How was your appointment?
  156. eye pain/problems?
  157. Bad breast pain
  158. To Bosman(Barb)
  159. RAI getting closer
  160. If TSH goes down, should FT3 (free T3) and FT4 (free F4) go up?
  161. Help with lab results
  162. CT Scan results: Golf Ball size 'growth'...
  163. RAI concerns
  164. Test Results - how to read....
  165. new member - mixed symptoms and confused.
  166. Question - about testing
  167. Visit to the Doc - TSH Only? Ultrasound?
  168. Itchy Salty Taste
  169. how long to be off westhroid
  170. Thyroid Medicine
  171. Thyroids and lack of energy
  172. Feeling like crap
  173. Can someone explain the thyroid function?
  174. My test results ...
  175. Could 15mg be enough?
  176. trouble with antibiotics????
  177. Hyper blood tests Hypo symptoms
  178. Difference between Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism
  179. Lump on thyroid and calcium deposits in lungs...
  180. Toddler's test results
  181. Ever had nodules on ultrasnd but not on CT scan?
  182. Results of My Ultrasound Nodule 7.0 cm found and more?
  183. I Feel like I'm dying!!
  184. Using hormone to shrink Thyroid
  185. Questions ? need opinions about hashi's
  186. Hyperthyroid questions
  187. Need to vent
  188. Please Help!!!
  189. Thyroid surgery-size of goitre
  190. I have hyperthyroidism, a few ???
  191. New to meds/Blood tests??
  192. Major Moan
  193. Advice on these numbers please!
  194. Is it time???
  195. My Mother-in-Law
  196. "clicking" in my throat
  197. First Post-Hypo-Diagnosis Visit
  198. They're Baaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkk!
  199. anyone with weight gain after loss from treatment?
  200. Dr. Blanchard
  201. Need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. Armour to Cytomel
  203. Need advice on hyperthyroid!
  204. Thyroid question - Please advise
  205. Can a Thyroid problem affecting the heart and breathing?
  206. pain in ears and neck?
  207. What are the symtoms of a thyroid problem?
  208. Scared to start synthroid
  209. Does anyone feel this after thyroid med?
  210. Perchlorate and Thyroid
  211. new here, help!!!!!
  212. Lipemic blood samples
  213. help what should I do
  214. Do you have calcium probs if only thyroid is removed?
  215. Can Someone Help?
  216. The truth about thryoid and skin?
  217. T scan for Nodule need to stop meds HELP so confused
  218. Lasix water pill and how much Potassium to take?
  219. Labs ok now for the MRI
  220. please please help me
  221. children and thyroid
  222. Body Temp - any success in raising?
  223. ultrasound results
  224. TSH,T3,T4 results??
  225. Mustang_Sally......
  226. testosterone and progesterone: help!!
  227. Hypo...do They Remove The Thyroid If The Medicine Dont Work..and How To Lose Weight
  228. What's the opinion on Dr. Sanford Seigal??
  229. Forgot to take meds - advice needed
  230. RAI Uptake results
  231. first visit to endo completed, still scared.
  232. Parathyroids still not working
  233. Has anyone had eye decompression surgery?
  234. Desperate: clueless about my symptoms and everything else!
  235. Heat-sensitive thyroid cases: tips? I have a few for you too.
  236. is T3 available in Canada?
  237. Pitiritary Gland or Thyroid problem?
  238. Normal thyroid ranges?
  239. Just curious..
  240. Sore thyroid??
  241. Pregnancy and TSH
  242. High Anti-TG and miscarriage
  243. Does anyone know anything about FHH (familial...)?
  244. Fluoride discussion on radio today...Also ? abt. water filters
  245. After surgery- hypo.
  246. TSH Level
  247. Does thyroid control metabolism?
  248. Beta blockers stop thyroid function
  249. Help !!!Thyroid and Mental Confusion
  250. paprillary carcinoma and only lobectomy

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