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  1. More results need help
  2. Finally some usefull answers!
  3. What to expect after surgury
  4. Can low T3 cause Slow Heart Rate?
  5. FNA results back
  6. Confused - Goiter and Lyme
  7. Its Done
  8. Can anyone explain this, re: t3
  9. Newbie--Need help with test results
  10. Please Help ..... I am so scared
  11. Disappointing Visit to Endo
  12. Bad taste in mouth symptom or not?
  13. Have to get a biopsy! Im scared...
  14. Had thyroid uptake scan today
  15. NEW and confused
  16. Are these symptoms or not?
  17. Post surgery blood results..inconclusive???
  18. Anyone here Hyperthyroid?
  19. Getting surgery tomorrow
  20. Need Help With Thyroid Values And Symptoms
  21. Can anyone tell me what this means?
  22. Ticker...
  23. Levothyroxine?
  24. Graves info needed
  25. my biopsy...
  26. questions for the experts
  27. My adrenal and other test results
  28. Elevated Calcium/ionized Calcium. Parathyroid? Endocrinologist Referral? Hellllpp!!
  29. Tired all the time- Don't know why!!
  30. Someone please explain what T3 does vs. T4
  31. Cholesterol and Hypothyroid
  32. My curly hair is going straight!
  33. Does a low heartrate mean hypo?
  34. TSH result normal
  35. Endo - extremely UNhelpful
  36. meds for life??
  37. What do you think?
  38. Strangest symptom ever
  39. my nodules are getting bigger. help
  40. Help Please
  41. Im adding selenium to my regimine but..
  42. Thyroid troubles
  43. allergist
  44. Need Endo in Rhode Island
  45. ok for the 4th time..LoL
  46. Lab results and i have no clue how to read them
  47. Help with thyroid symptom
  48. Worried about Husband.
  49. Ok to eat?
  50. hypo with anemia?
  51. Relying on TSH levels
  52. Lady50, where are you?
  53. Good Thyroid books
  54. Novocaine
  55. Looked up old results.
  56. Pregnancy and Hypothroidism...Is it possible??
  57. combination of meds
  58. Finally losing weight
  59. help with labs
  60. lab results..... HELP!!!!!!!!
  61. please help with test results
  62. Armour v synthroid?
  63. Recovery Timeline
  64. Tingling And Burning
  65. Does It Matter....
  66. Please help- my friend is desperate.
  67. Can synthroid/hypothyroid hurt my baby?
  68. update: waiting on surgery
  69. Headaches and HypoT?
  70. Saw Endo today
  71. Anyone in BC, Canada????
  72. New Results -- Officially Hypo but will she treat me?
  73. My New Doctor Scared Me To Death!!!
  74. Facial Edema
  75. Has anyone become "toxic" with T3?
  76. Results ADVICE NEEDED
  77. Meep, midwest need your opinions on friends test
  78. High TSH, few symptoms-still confused
  79. Vitamins and Supplements
  80. Can HypoT and/or Synthroid Increase Blood Pressure?
  81. What Dosage of Synthroid Should I Ask for?
  82. Searching For An Answer
  83. New here - I hope someone can help
  84. Searching for Answers
  85. Chest infection? medicines safe to take please
  86. Question about BBT and thyroid treatment
  87. If it's not a thyroid problem, then what is wrong with me??
  88. Thyroidectomy - Now What
  89. My Appointment is moved up...and Im kinda nervous!
  90. OK got my labs- someone explain them to me??
  91. Latest Test Results !!!
  92. Just got my Free T3 and T4
  93. Is Armour More Effective Than Synthroid?
  94. Crazy Labs, Crazy Doc - Please Help!
  95. Stupid nodule question?
  96. Help, Tsh Lowered From 47.10-1.60 In 2 Weeks? Possible
  97. HypoT & missed period
  98. yeast infection question
  99. TSH levels
  100. frequently sick related to hypo?
  101. daughter with thyroid probs??
  102. Reaction to Thyroid Medication
  103. Questions about my test results
  104. i have a question,please help
  105. Strange health problems..Possibly Thyroid related?
  106. It's comming out!
  107. pregnant with possible thyroid problem
  108. thrown out of the docs office!
  109. what is going on with me?
  110. Please help me understand what my levels mean.
  111. Severe water retention
  112. Malabsorption
  113. Under and overactive thyroid?
  114. graves disease
  115. lab test came back today (help)
  116. The light in the tunnel was NOT an on coming train!
  117. i really need some help.does anyone know if this sounds like a thyroid problem?please
  118. RE: New Labs For Meep, 1/20: PLEASE HELP...EVERBODY!
  119. Are these symptoms of thyroid problem????????
  120. Thyroid Help In Australia
  121. thyroidectomy
  122. how do they test your thyroid?
  123. Question about the body absorbing thyroid meds
  124. Here are my results and symtoms-what do y'all think?
  125. Time of TSH test - does it matter?
  126. Question on determining optimal lab range
  127. How often should I be tested if thyroid disease runs in my family?
  128. Who has heart palps with hypothyroidism?
  129. Thyroid problems causing miscarriages?
  130. anyone have CRH/ACTH tested?
  131. Question about Graves
  132. New Range
  133. stopping med's
  134. Am I Hypothyroid - Please read / help!
  135. Rai
  136. micardis/telmisarten
  137. Need help please. Is this Adrenal Exhaustion?
  138. Does anyone have hard nodules?
  139. Started armour/synthroid combo CHEST PAIN?
  140. What if I take more meds than doc perscribed?
  141. HypoT and Steroid Contraindication?
  142. Symptoms Discriptions
  143. Doctor of Naturopathy
  144. Normal T3 T4 Elevated TSH
  145. Dry Patch of skin on my kneee
  146. Temperature plus some other questions
  147. Derealization
  148. New Test Results
  149. Hashimotos Diagnosis Question
  150. Newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, lots of questions
  151. does T3 make your skin feel hot?
  152. Getting Another Opinion--Best Way To Handle It?
  153. quite worried right now CAN YOU HELP ME OUT!
  154. People with no thyroids...
  155. Multinodular goiter/Autoimmune/Subtotal Thryoidectomy
  156. What's the difference?
  157. when does levothyroxine start working?
  158. Anyone get Nausea with HYPO?
  159. thyroid hormones/birth control?
  160. Need advice tsh on way down and new concerns
  161. Correlation between Hypothyroid and...
  162. New Labs For Meep
  163. TSH of 393.40 Have you heard of such a thing??
  164. Doc apt tomorrow - need help
  165. Got some results back today
  166. Experts I REALLY need yall now PLEASE!!
  167. New TSH Limits?
  168. I got my results..could anyone look at them
  169. Is this supplement ok?
  170. New blood test results - Hyper?
  171. crying alot
  172. New test results
  173. Can someone PLEASE tell me!!!
  174. AAARGGHHHH (regarding the right doctor)
  175. confused and despairing
  176. Tingling? Is it normal?
  177. armour thyroid versus generic
  178. Self Help Nutrition Aiding Graves
  179. Cystic nodules up and down
  180. Can all levels be surpressed or just the TSH?
  181. BBT temp
  182. question about thyroid T3
  183. Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Not for Thyroid Patients
  184. I just wanted to say thank you Meep
  185. To April--now that wasn't so bad, was it?
  186. dose increase question
  187. Cushings Disease and hypo?
  188. Swelling and rashes!!!
  189. Attn: Msbdoe or Anyone
  190. Noob really needs help
  191. Possible to find a doc who will consider prescribing Cytomel with Synthroid?
  192. Vascular, color doppler ?
  193. Q:Relationship between thyroid and cholesterol?
  194. Getting very depressed? Need some info?
  195. Latest Fibromyalgia Treatments, Simple, Please.
  196. Help...My sister has questions & I'm curious too
  197. Panic Attacks Again!!
  198. New Lab Results
  199. Best time of day to take meds???
  200. Adrenal Burnout
  201. Ultrasound results
  202. any suggestions
  203. Do I begin the chase again?
  204. New Labs
  205. What shall I do now?
  206. Are there any men on this board with nodules?
  207. Cylert or other stimulants?
  208. question regarding foods like peas and hypo
  209. Things you wish you knew before your first blood test.
  210. HELP! Hypo or Hyper...my symptoms...
  211. What does a level of 7.0 mean?
  212. Help!!!
  213. Symptoms but blood tests no help
  214. Cystic vs Solid - next step
  215. Has anyone had their hair COME BACK?
  216. 5 Nodules.....
  217. Much less freaked out about my nodule
  218. Just want it removed, no tests.
  219. Need help with thyroid results, Meep !!!
  220. Have Autoimmune Disorder/ Strange I Never Get Communicable Diseases
  221. Question about Hashis
  222. Dry skin & scalp
  223. Fluctuations: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  224. I need to Vent and Cry
  225. Can anyone feel their own nodules?
  226. Heart-rate differences in AM vs. PM for hypothyroid?
  227. going crazy not understanding if these results are normal, please read
  228. have date for thyroid uptake scan
  229. OT: BonBe how are you?
  230. Questions on Bloodwork
  231. Angel doc - there is hope
  232. Question for the Vets on symptoms
  233. MEEP - please take a look if you have time..
  234. Weightloss when Ft3 - Ft4 are optimized?
  235. how big of a deal is this?
  236. Ultrasound results - help please :)
  237. Help me with my lab results.
  238. Meep, Midwest, K9...anyone
  239. Im so sad
  240. thyroid medicines and burning skin question...
  241. test results
  242. High Tsh Update Blood Test Results
  243. Please Read... and give me some insight! Thanks!
  244. Going Off Thyroid Meds for Nuclear Scan...Advice needed!
  245. thyroid surgery
  246. Freaked out about Thyroid nodule
  247. Is 10Mcg T3 a lot?
  248. fluoride in water
  249. Tsh = 3.44
  250. Don't know what to believe...

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