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  1. Teenager.. please help!
  2. itchy rash!!
  3. endo doc
  4. Advice Needed Asp Eye Problems
  5. Help uncontrolled thyroid and other serious issues
  6. how long to adjust to new dose?
  7. inyourdreams...question for you
  8. Heart racing off and on. Skipped beats.
  9. ITCHING...raised rash on legs and neck itches
  10. H Pylori and Thyroid
  11. New here and needing help, feeling the worst ever
  12. Nimbeth, I just noticed ......
  13. thyroid disorder?
  14. Help please with cough and cold meds safe
  15. Input on Lab Results Please
  16. Anyone been good for years and then kapow!
  17. please help with lab results
  18. Need advice?
  19. Am I Supposed To Ask For My Labs From My Endo???
  20. Does PTU Inhibit Weight Loss?
  21. Need Advise Please about Armour????
  22. Finally got my way
  23. Will I ever lose weight????
  24. anyone on Armour and Cytomel ??
  25. Do I have a thyroid disease?
  26. Gopher sex labs are in
  27. Wilson's Syndrome
  28. Hypothyroidism and breast cancer
  29. O.T. Just to wish
  30. confused
  31. One step forward, and two big ones back!! :(
  32. Mmm Now all my friends & family have decided they are hypo too.
  33. Thyroid test
  34. attn: givenup
  35. Does anyone else feel this way?
  36. anyone heard of them discontinuing unithyroid?
  37. Why do they think the TSH is the only number
  38. Dr's still refusing to test T3
  39. Anyone know about monocytes??
  40. Saw the Dr. Today..got results...
  41. question for Gopherhead..
  42. Will symptoms go away after surgery...
  43. porcine thyroid(not armour)
  44. looking for natural diuretics for hashi puffiness
  45. To Aprilpow
  46. Can someone tell me what your temp. has to do with your thyroid
  47. Could this be my thyroid?
  48. I got my new levels back today..wow
  49. Is it OK to be scared?
  50. Anyone get bad headaches from thyroid problems?
  51. Nutri Thyroid
  52. Adrenals and Thyroid-Question???
  53. attn: gopherhead
  54. not a good day..
  55. Has anyone tried ahswaghanda?
  56. New labs are in on Armour things are getting low!
  57. Thank you...
  58. Goiter Surgery/ Hypo=normal labs/elevated calcitonin ????
  59. Dietary Guidelines
  60. Need some advice!
  61. Problems with Caffeine
  62. Back from endo! Good visit! Bad news!
  63. Is Thyroid Hereditary?
  64. thyroid v. adreanl v. menopause
  65. Cold hands & feet? Acne? Are these symptoms?
  66. Odd symptom- could it be thyroid related?
  67. Blood Tests for Hyper Symptoms
  68. cushings and hypo???
  69. Other surgery causing sluggish thyroid?
  70. Lump in throat, but thyroid tests come back fine??
  71. Hi everyone, I just found this site..
  72. depression caused by thyroid disorder or symptoms caused by depression?
  73. my (negative) test results
  74. Who Should do an FNA and what are antibodies?
  75. taking control
  76. Hashi-Hypo and Adrenal Glands???INFO PLEASE
  77. SO i officially hate my doctor..she says proactive patients are bad!!!!
  78. Nails Lifting....thyroid related?
  79. Little question about turning hyoer again...
  80. Joint Pain
  81. ent appt.
  82. What tests should my Doctor have done?
  83. Being on low iodine diet...and I "cheated"?!
  84. Thyroid tests
  85. Need Help!
  86. Benzi...
  87. Painful dry skin due to hypothyroidism
  88. i need opinions please
  89. For those on Synthroid/Armour combo, what are you doses of each?
  90. Help with Meds
  91. Anyone else here w/ TYPE 1 diabetes?
  92. Pseudo Tumor Cerebri--any relationship to thyroid disorders?
  93. Feeling lousy again???
  94. Weird hair "down there"
  95. Thyroidectomy countdown!!!!!
  96. newbie poster with Hashimoto's question
  97. Where is Meep?
  98. Fullness in neck/goiter
  99. BioMeridian Testing and the Best Week Ever!
  100. Am I Going Hypo
  101. Help with Labs - Newly Diagnosed
  102. I feel like crud.
  103. For those taking b/c pills
  104. Question about Armour
  105. Hashi's hyper/hypo...Am I crazy??
  106. My Stylist Suggested Amino Acids For Hair Growth...???
  107. Help! Of what thyroid function was this a test?
  108. more gray hairs with hypothyroidism
  109. Pounding Heartbeat!!!-
  110. Midwest1, Pushka, Ladywolfe, Bluesnowflake, Bonbe, Jinglebts
  111. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  112. anyone gaining weight on synthroid???
  113. Why are we short of breath with hypothyroidism
  114. Goiter..what tests should be done
  115. Shouldn't T3 be tested during hypo
  116. What Levels Should be retested on first trip back...? about Lexapro
  117. Weak back muscles
  118. Question for hypothyroid women...
  119. Thyroid or depression?
  120. Hypo & B12 deficency?
  121. My Story..12 Years With Uneducated Doctors
  122. Twitching and slight cramping
  123. I Made It!!
  124. Hyperthyroid and tired all the time
  125. Results?thank You
  126. Post Thyroidectomy: swelling question
  127. my Thyroid is HUGE!!!
  128. Iv had a real blow today, please advise
  129. What does Elevated Thyroglobulin Mean? Do I have Cancer? I'm so afraid. Please Hel
  130. New Labs before appt. What do you think?
  131. High T3, Normal THS
  132. What can FNA diagnose
  133. biopsy report back
  134. I am freaking out! Help needed
  135. In a perfect world, can math be applied to our lab numbers?
  136. Back to square one more problems :(
  137. going hypEr? Too much meds? Please advise..
  138. ? about reverse t3
  139. Wanna see some messed up labs?
  140. gained 14 lbs on Armour HELP!
  141. HELP finding an endocrinologist in Tampa, FL!
  142. Swollen eyelids and ankles
  143. antibodies
  144. Good news!
  145. Labs Back and Low Tsh? leg pain?
  146. I can't take these HyperT symptoms!!
  147. question regarding itching & borderline renal fatigue
  148. Lab's are back!
  149. Have you read this???
  150. vent- drs and anti depressants
  151. Newbie here--problems with Synthroid
  152. Depressed today...
  153. blood tests yesterday..
  154. How do you know?
  155. Swollen feet and ankles, Help? ...Anyone?
  156. rebekkabobekka have a question for you :)
  157. Need to get educated!
  158. scared
  159. Exposure to yard insecticides & thyroid problems
  160. high T3; low TSH
  161. labs question
  162. Does anyone know of a diet to controll hyperthyroid
  163. anemia question
  164. Info. on Blood tests needed for thyroid
  165. Blood tests??
  166. T3 and other results in
  167. Bumps on Face
  168. Too Much Synthroid?
  169. decongestants with thyroid disease
  170. Armour vs. synthroid? Help
  171. Please HELP!!!
  172. what if it spreads: I am literally falling apart here
  173. Difference in iron supplements?
  174. Fantastic visit to the endo!
  175. Cyst on thyroid - what does this mean?
  176. Question about TSH
  177. Question
  178. What my endo says about T3
  179. TSH suppression...how low is too low?
  180. New lab Results- Need Input!!!
  181. Rash and nausea
  182. enlarged/swollen thyroid?
  183. Thyroid questions and dosage
  184. depressed tsh - elevated sugar - many symptoms - please help
  185. New to Synthroid
  186. Get to try Cytomel! :-)
  187. Pathology report in - Hashi's
  188. Got my results...someone please decode?
  189. the biopsy
  190. Hyper Becoming Hypo -- Can't Stay Healthy
  191. Finally got all of my results
  192. Quick Question on Lab Results
  193. crying with craziness
  194. Can these be new symptoms?
  195. Ft3/t3?
  196. Does anyone know what hypoechoic nodules are
  197. biopsy tommorow, very scared
  198. Synthroid and cytomel
  199. Misha - question
  200. stupid doctors office!
  201. question regrading testing on med contamination
  202. I don't understand!!
  203. Synthroid Increase - How long before it takes effect?
  204. New with questions.
  205. Low Sensitive TSH
  206. IgG Antibodies
  207. Having trouble with Armour
  208. not sure if this means anything
  209. ok to seek another doctor?
  210. Experts- I have 2 Questions????
  211. Does anyone here take Just Cytomel for their tyroid issue?
  212. questions about levoxyl?
  213. new to this... please help!
  214. taking armour
  215. Help! Missed Period
  216. Feeling a nodule
  217. Has anyone had a hard-beating heart due to thyroid operation?
  218. "normal" TSH
  219. How long do thyroid test result usually take to get?
  220. Questions re: armour (when to take it) and calcium
  221. RAI to kill thyroid
  222. Suprising Test Results
  223. FNA results
  224. synthroid
  225. Post surgery--tightness/swelling
  226. Level of Thyroid Antibodies
  227. Anyone ever been to a University Hospital?
  228. I just found out that I have a 9mm nodule...
  229. Weight Gain and Hypothryoid
  230. Endo finally admits he doesn't know thyroid
  231. Can Changing dose armor/synthroid combo cause serious problems help!
  232. Selenium ?
  233. Is this my thyroid or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  234. Generic Levoxyl
  235. wilson's treatment?
  236. blood test results.......Help Pls.
  237. New post
  238. Finally saw doctor
  239. Please help with spacing of meds
  240. Changing from Armour to Synthroid question
  241. Meaningless TSH
  242. I'll play the Optomist!
  243. Help, Not sure how much Meds to take on synthroid/armour combo?
  244. Confusing Labs- Gopherhead
  245. New Hashi DX
  246. levothyroxine and weight gain?
  247. Nursing mother on Antithyroid meds
  248. Finally found a knowledgable doc!
  249. CT Scan of My Thyroid
  250. progress with the holistic doctor!

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