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  1. High Blood Pressure Caused by Levothyroxine?
  2. Has anyone heard of this?
  3. Researching our options
  4. Found a lump in my throat
  5. Bad Attitude
  6. sick of been sleepy
  7. Going to an endo, taking these tests...
  8. thyroid levels better stomach pain and need scope
  9. K9 MOM HELP scan before RAI treatment?
  10. Why surgery instead of radiation or hormones
  11. Queston for inyourdreams....
  12. lab result questions
  13. New Labs after 7 weeks..................
  14. Does the change of season affect the symptoms or not?
  15. Questions from a newbie..
  16. Had my RAI uptake scan yesterday...
  17. Dizzy spells
  18. 4 weeks post surgery checkup test results
  19. Is anyone unable to work?
  20. Raleigh86: How was your appointment?
  21. eye pain/problems?
  22. Bad breast pain
  23. To Bosman(Barb)
  24. RAI getting closer
  25. If TSH goes down, should FT3 (free T3) and FT4 (free F4) go up?
  26. Help with lab results
  27. CT Scan results: Golf Ball size 'growth'...
  28. RAI concerns
  29. Test Results - how to read....
  30. new member - mixed symptoms and confused.
  31. Question - about testing
  32. Visit to the Doc - TSH Only? Ultrasound?
  33. Itchy Salty Taste
  34. how long to be off westhroid
  35. Thyroid Medicine
  36. Thyroids and lack of energy
  37. Feeling like crap
  38. Can someone explain the thyroid function?
  39. My test results ...
  40. Could 15mg be enough?
  41. trouble with antibiotics????
  42. Hyper blood tests Hypo symptoms
  43. Difference between Hashimoto and Hypothyroidism
  44. Lump on thyroid and calcium deposits in lungs...
  45. Toddler's test results
  46. Ever had nodules on ultrasnd but not on CT scan?
  47. Results of My Ultrasound Nodule 7.0 cm found and more?
  48. I Feel like I'm dying!!
  49. Using hormone to shrink Thyroid
  50. Questions ? need opinions about hashi's
  51. Hyperthyroid questions
  52. Need to vent
  53. Please Help!!!
  54. Thyroid surgery-size of goitre
  55. I have hyperthyroidism, a few ???
  56. New to meds/Blood tests??
  57. Major Moan
  58. Advice on these numbers please!
  59. Is it time???
  60. My Mother-in-Law
  61. "clicking" in my throat
  62. First Post-Hypo-Diagnosis Visit
  63. They're Baaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccckkkkk!
  64. anyone with weight gain after loss from treatment?
  65. Dr. Blanchard
  66. Need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Armour to Cytomel
  68. Need advice on hyperthyroid!
  69. Thyroid question - Please advise
  70. Can a Thyroid problem affecting the heart and breathing?
  71. pain in ears and neck?
  72. What are the symtoms of a thyroid problem?
  73. Scared to start synthroid
  74. Does anyone feel this after thyroid med?
  75. Perchlorate and Thyroid
  76. new here, help!!!!!
  77. Lipemic blood samples
  78. help what should I do
  79. Do you have calcium probs if only thyroid is removed?
  80. Can Someone Help?
  81. The truth about thryoid and skin?
  82. T scan for Nodule need to stop meds HELP so confused
  83. Lasix water pill and how much Potassium to take?
  84. Labs ok now for the MRI
  85. please please help me
  86. children and thyroid
  87. Body Temp - any success in raising?
  88. ultrasound results
  89. TSH,T3,T4 results??
  90. Mustang_Sally......
  91. testosterone and progesterone: help!!
  92. Hypo...do They Remove The Thyroid If The Medicine Dont Work..and How To Lose Weight
  93. What's the opinion on Dr. Sanford Seigal??
  94. Forgot to take meds - advice needed
  95. RAI Uptake results
  96. first visit to endo completed, still scared.
  97. Parathyroids still not working
  98. Has anyone had eye decompression surgery?
  99. Desperate: clueless about my symptoms and everything else!
  100. Heat-sensitive thyroid cases: tips? I have a few for you too.
  101. is T3 available in Canada?
  102. Pitiritary Gland or Thyroid problem?
  103. Normal thyroid ranges?
  104. Just curious..
  105. Sore thyroid??
  106. Pregnancy and TSH
  107. High Anti-TG and miscarriage
  108. Does anyone know anything about FHH (familial...)?
  109. Fluoride discussion on radio today...Also ? abt. water filters
  110. After surgery- hypo.
  111. TSH Level
  112. Does thyroid control metabolism?
  113. Beta blockers stop thyroid function
  114. Help !!!Thyroid and Mental Confusion
  115. paprillary carcinoma and only lobectomy
  116. heart palpitations
  117. question about different meds.....
  118. omega3 fatty acids
  119. Hyperthyroid & Weight Gain
  120. Thyrin Diet Pills
  121. I feel better after stopping levoxyl altogether
  122. new to board, need some help!
  123. Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody.
  124. Has anyone ever had this test done?
  125. RAI v/s removal of thyroid
  126. Update on doctor visit-Top Doc.!
  127. Any body knows about thyroiditis?
  128. westhroid dosage
  129. switched from Armour to levoxyl
  130. Can you be sure follicular lesion is not cancerous?
  131. Please hekp interpret results
  132. dont know what this level means.
  133. help with weight loss question
  134. Hyperthyroid Symptoms?
  135. Hypothyroid and Shaky/Trembling Hands
  136. Colds become laryngitis, could it be thyroid related?
  137. Typical Lab Costs for the 3 tests for thyroid?
  138. Recieved results today from endo
  139. Spontaneous remission? What about pregnancy?
  140. Why do we choke on that tiny little pill?
  141. I have just been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  142. what are the symptoms?
  143. I want to chart my temperature
  144. Question about meds
  145. 22 yr female..I may have a thyroid disorder...HELP!!
  146. thyoroid and infertility
  147. follicular neoplasm
  148. Knees? You're kidding!!
  149. got QUALITEST instead of ARMOUR? does it work
  150. Has anyone been through this?
  151. Does T4 medication affect T3 levels?
  152. Hairloss-When does it end????
  153. A bit nervous on this FNA results....
  154. Yuck Mouth Associated with Thyroid Disease????
  155. Getting nervous please help
  156. New Symptom from taking Cytomel?
  157. FNA Results/Time
  158. Synthetic version of T0, T1, T2???
  159. Varying lab reference ranges
  160. FT3 spike / FT4 drop
  161. Elevated CPK and Aldolase = Hypo?
  162. Will be off boards for 10 days
  163. I think I am HYPO but "normal" labs?
  164. thyroid problem and breast stain
  165. cold seems to bring symptoms on
  166. does your thyroid make you dizzy?
  167. Should I go??
  168. POst surgery question
  169. Report on Dommisse Consultation
  170. all blue scan
  172. anyone know what this is
  173. question on lab report
  174. Xanax and hypothyroid question
  175. 3 Days since Surgery
  176. Ticker...need your advice
  177. Joint/tendon stiffness?
  178. Polio vaccination an issue?
  179. help, lab results
  180. Please help with lab results
  181. Is this the beginning stages of hypo.."labs"
  182. Does anyone have Intestinal cramps after every med increase.
  183. New - TSH going up after synthroid?
  184. thyroid causes muscle aches; what about lumps?
  185. please help with test results
  186. Help, New Confused and Mad
  187. Good and Bad trip to the endo
  188. sleeping 15 hours?
  189. lab results (TSH/T3/T4) / Whats next with endo appt?
  190. Daughters' test results..please help
  191. Visit with Endo today
  192. I have 3 thyroid nodules
  193. How high is your dose?
  194. chest pain anyone
  195. Three different doctors so far! Need help!
  196. Trouble with Doctors
  197. Thyroid and teeth
  198. not myself today
  199. My Update with Endo
  200. could i maybe?
  201. Trends/changes in thyroid hormone levels
  202. Lighter Periods
  203. Midwest or anyone please help
  204. Ipriflavone
  205. a pain in the neck!!
  206. parathyroid stories anyone?
  207. Hypo/Hyper
  208. Need some good vibes. Thyroid Surgery
  209. Midwest....Need your help
  210. Please Help Me W/test Results
  211. Hypothyroid Symptoms
  212. HElp, Upping synthrpoid or NOT? so confused
  213. KBT's Mom
  214. hypo and varicose/spider veins-related?
  215. Low TSH and HIGH Blood Pressure? HELP
  216. looking for a good doc in Pueblo or Colorado Springs, CO area
  217. Hashimoto's, now going hyper
  218. Constipation?
  219. i need help with/for my husband...please!
  220. New Labs > Hashi's? Graves? Both?
  221. Dhea
  222. Possibility of Thyroid Hormone Resistance?
  223. Cytomel overdose ???? Midwest????
  224. Need help with LAB TESTS
  225. Bruising and petechiae...
  226. Should I use Radioactive Iodine 131
  227. Teenager.. please help!
  228. itchy rash!!
  229. endo doc
  230. Advice Needed Asp Eye Problems
  231. Help uncontrolled thyroid and other serious issues
  232. how long to adjust to new dose?
  233. inyourdreams...question for you
  234. Heart racing off and on. Skipped beats.
  235. ITCHING...raised rash on legs and neck itches
  236. H Pylori and Thyroid
  237. New here and needing help, feeling the worst ever
  238. Nimbeth, I just noticed ......
  239. thyroid disorder?
  240. Help please with cough and cold meds safe
  241. Input on Lab Results Please
  242. Anyone been good for years and then kapow!
  243. please help with lab results
  244. Need advice?
  245. Am I Supposed To Ask For My Labs From My Endo???
  246. Does PTU Inhibit Weight Loss?
  247. Need Advise Please about Armour????
  248. Finally got my way
  249. Will I ever lose weight????
  250. anyone on Armour and Cytomel ??

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