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  1. Symptoms but blood tests no help
  2. Cystic vs Solid - next step
  3. Has anyone had their hair COME BACK?
  4. 5 Nodules.....
  5. Much less freaked out about my nodule
  6. Just want it removed, no tests.
  7. Need help with thyroid results, Meep !!!
  8. Have Autoimmune Disorder/ Strange I Never Get Communicable Diseases
  9. Question about Hashis
  10. Dry skin & scalp
  11. Fluctuations: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  12. I need to Vent and Cry
  13. Can anyone feel their own nodules?
  14. Heart-rate differences in AM vs. PM for hypothyroid?
  15. going crazy not understanding if these results are normal, please read
  16. have date for thyroid uptake scan
  17. OT: BonBe how are you?
  18. Questions on Bloodwork
  19. Angel doc - there is hope
  20. Question for the Vets on symptoms
  21. MEEP - please take a look if you have time..
  22. Weightloss when Ft3 - Ft4 are optimized?
  23. how big of a deal is this?
  24. Ultrasound results - help please :)
  25. Help me with my lab results.
  26. Meep, Midwest, K9...anyone
  27. Im so sad
  28. thyroid medicines and burning skin question...
  29. test results
  30. High Tsh Update Blood Test Results
  31. Please Read... and give me some insight! Thanks!
  32. Going Off Thyroid Meds for Nuclear Scan...Advice needed!
  33. thyroid surgery
  34. Freaked out about Thyroid nodule
  35. Is 10Mcg T3 a lot?
  36. fluoride in water
  37. Tsh = 3.44
  38. Don't know what to believe...
  39. hypnotherapy
  40. panic attacks
  41. Ultrasound question
  42. how important is it that your endo rx's Armour
  43. Metabolism Test- Should I Take me meds?
  44. Help please interpreting test results!!
  45. Anyone in upstate NY?
  46. Help TSH is over 56, am losing hope
  47. thyroid meds ... Flu like symptoms ?
  48. I guess I'm hyper - TSH Undetectable !
  49. Stretch marks... PLZ HELP!!!
  50. I have all my Test Results Need a Pro here
  51. Prohibited foods
  52. sometimes I wish that I could trade
  53. I am SO excited!!! :)
  54. I just saw the most horrible doctor... please help.
  55. Decifer these labs - what does this mean
  56. Rapid pulse, Elevated BP, hypo- input?
  57. Radioactive iodine treatment
  58. Hairloss question?
  59. Ideal #'s for a healthy person..
  60. Update to Hiya all! Im new here
  61. could be several causes? HELP
  62. symptoms? help please
  63. Please help with thyroid results
  64. thanks -
  65. Going crazy w/thyroid!
  66. Naturopathic doctors
  67. New Labs - Have ?'s
  68. Can taking Selenium make you more depressed?
  69. Is shortness of breath from being hypo?
  70. Bloodtest results. Need advice
  71. Dose Poll
  72. Doctorless
  73. Hiya all! Im new here.. Can anyone help me?
  74. NEWBIE - Q on blood tests and returning to normal
  75. hyperdens parenchym
  76. Adrenal glands
  77. Does Need for TH Fluctuate?
  78. dose increase
  79. switching to a different brand of levothyroxine
  80. Help with Free T3
  81. please someone help me calm down!
  82. Going to be away from the boards!!
  83. Levothyroxime double the dose??
  84. Newbie w/question
  85. Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  86. so. cold.
  87. anyone with hypothalamus problems?
  88. Blood tests...
  89. Hypo and GERD
  90. Still I feel like crap...
  91. Potential Thyroid or Liver Disorder... Any of this sound familiar?
  92. Fwiw
  93. Hypothyroid meds question
  94. How do you take Armour?
  95. Which indegestion remedies safe with atd/thyroxine pls
  96. new meds
  97. FRUSTRATED!!!! Words of wisdom needed and appreciated
  98. after radioactive iodine tx?
  99. what is the best type of doctor
  100. meep and midwest can you help!!
  101. My story
  102. normal t3 t4, low tsh?
  103. Why am I not being posted?
  104. STUPID hot flashes!!!
  105. Does anyone here split a 5mcg dose of Cytomel?
  106. Dose increase - ha ha so soon
  107. How accurate are the result of fna?
  108. results from ultra sound show small noudule
  109. radionucleotide scan
  110. How long till I see changes?
  111. Help with Thyroid Results
  112. Hypo to Hyper in just 3 months what???
  113. quick question
  114. Psychosomatic?
  115. new, have questions
  116. i love my shrink!
  117. Hypo AND Hyper? I'm so confused..
  118. Question lady needs some help
  119. I'm feelin' hyper!
  120. Hyper with Hypo Symptoms!
  121. only testing tsh???
  122. Just got thyroid results from ultrasound today
  123. Is this hyperthyroidism that I have?????
  124. high tsh levels 4 years after thyroidectomy
  125. Hypo/Hashi's & not taking meds
  126. Any Feedback would be great :O)
  127. Mood changes?
  128. weight loss with hypothyroid!
  129. i need help
  130. back again.... more test results and questions...
  131. autonomous thyroid nodule
  132. Salty breakfast
  133. Any ideas, please??
  134. Renee and Pushka...I went to the seminar on BHRT! VERY HELPFUL!
  135. Test Results - What is Normal???
  136. synthroid vs Armour and Canadian supply
  137. synthroid and tia?
  138. Ultrasound Today (whining)
  139. Happy New Year!
  140. Told today I have HASHIMOTO'S...now what?
  141. Meep-Please respond...and everyone else
  142. Help - Letter from doctor
  143. tfh results. doc say normal.
  144. I have some blood tests that are abnormal...
  145. Should I add T4? Help!
  146. Walking Thyroid Experiment
  147. Free T3 / Free T4 relationship
  148. Unusual Sore Throat
  149. Hypo New in Blood test but told years ago
  150. Nuclear scan??? Anybody???
  151. Thyroid Test Results
  152. Meep or anyone: Quick help needed, please!
  153. Question for Dea4
  154. Hypo or Hyper symptom question
  155. Need your advice on Meds and Testing (Meep, everyone)
  156. argh!
  157. Water pills side effects?
  158. Can labs stay the same?
  159. Question about thyroid disorders
  160. How long does it take for T3 to work?
  161. Asthma and Thyroid
  162. Enlarged Thyroid and cough
  163. Blood Test Reuslts! Help?
  164. Does increasing med cause Gastric cramps
  165. Question
  166. Anyone who can help
  167. Advice Needed
  168. DO are just as quaky as Mds
  169. Aunt's levoxyl dosage seems really high-need clarification
  170. How do these numbers look to you?
  171. Feel better/wonderful doctor
  172. Dr. Blanchards's 2% Thyroid Solution
  173. Hi again
  174. Help please...
  175. Why is there more information pertaining to Hypothyroidism and not equally to Hyper
  176. Hypo Questions??
  177. Danny Meep
  178. To AprilPow
  179. Low body temp
  180. I stopped my Synthroid because it make me feel worse.
  181. Is it possible to have a balance problem with thyroid?
  182. Testing Question
  183. Balance/weird feeling, brainfog but normal thyroid results (ME/CFS diagnosis)
  184. Getting the proper care and tests
  185. The Goiter Thang
  186. Generic Synthroid - not as good?
  187. Running & Lack of "Oompf!"
  188. Thyroid and marital issues
  189. Enlarged thyroid, what is it?
  190. test results
  191. What tests to have run
  192. OT: Happy New Year to All!!
  193. Could this be a Thyroid Problem?
  194. I can't stand it
  195. Trying to find out what the hell is wrong with me
  196. low body temp and purple legs and arms
  197. What is Normal Body Temp?
  198. Please respond/question
  199. Well I had my blood work
  200. dry, itchy eyes- Levothyroxin - too little/ too much?
  201. Ultrasound on thyroid.. then what?
  202. Question about Thyroid and surgeons
  203. A few questions (want to ask here before doc)
  204. new here and need help
  205. emotions and thyroid hormones
  206. plantar fasciitis
  207. Hypo and Hyper thyroidism
  208. solid masses on both lobes of thyroid
  209. thyroid question
  210. About TSH test!!
  211. Seriously could this be something else other than brain fog?
  212. Question on Cytomel dosing
  213. MEEP! New labs! :D
  214. Pls help, jst diagnosed with cystic thyroid
  215. Hypo question?? Meep, Midwest, anyone:)
  216. Hypothyroid or Not?
  217. New results and questions
  218. Looking for support.. feel like dying...
  219. Crazy4ever -- Question for you
  220. Inreased Appetite????
  221. Being tested tomorrow - Will taking my thyroid meds affect these (non-thyroid) tests?
  222. still in limbo have some ?'s
  223. Hashi/hypo?
  224. Ran out of Thyroxin :(
  225. Treating hypo w CVAD & diabetes?
  226. New to Thyroid board, can't read everything right now
  227. difference between Unithroid and Synthroid ?
  228. Went to Cleveland Clinic Today
  229. Should he increase his medication?
  230. my endo made me cry :(
  231. Hyperfunctioning and Hypo
  232. Meep selenium question
  233. Question for those who've taken PTU
  234. Newbie looking for advice (blood results)
  235. Meep/labs back, ?'s for you
  236. What is basic supplements list for HypoT ?
  237. New Blood Work Question
  238. Do some people just need t4, not t3?
  239. Old Healthboard member name Lithiate - RE: Posting of hers
  240. A few ?'s
  241. Merry Xmas all
  242. Levoxly vs Synthroid
  243. low sex drive
  244. Meep and/or Dea4?
  245. Flu shot
  246. Morning Temp? What should it Be?
  247. the flu
  248. aal of my weight is going to my waist with hypo
  249. high thyroid peroxidase
  250. Decongestants

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