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  1. Having trouble with Armour
  2. not sure if this means anything
  3. ok to seek another doctor?
  4. Experts- I have 2 Questions????
  5. Does anyone here take Just Cytomel for their tyroid issue?
  6. questions about levoxyl?
  7. new to this... please help!
  8. taking armour
  9. Help! Missed Period
  10. Feeling a nodule
  11. Has anyone had a hard-beating heart due to thyroid operation?
  12. "normal" TSH
  13. How long do thyroid test result usually take to get?
  14. Questions re: armour (when to take it) and calcium
  15. RAI to kill thyroid
  16. Suprising Test Results
  17. FNA results
  18. synthroid
  19. Post surgery--tightness/swelling
  20. Level of Thyroid Antibodies
  21. Anyone ever been to a University Hospital?
  22. I just found out that I have a 9mm nodule...
  23. Weight Gain and Hypothryoid
  24. Endo finally admits he doesn't know thyroid
  25. Can Changing dose armor/synthroid combo cause serious problems help!
  26. Selenium ?
  27. Is this my thyroid or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  28. Generic Levoxyl
  29. wilson's treatment?
  30. blood test results.......Help Pls.
  31. New post
  32. Finally saw doctor
  33. Please help with spacing of meds
  34. Changing from Armour to Synthroid question
  35. Meaningless TSH
  36. I'll play the Optomist!
  37. Help, Not sure how much Meds to take on synthroid/armour combo?
  38. Confusing Labs- Gopherhead
  39. New Hashi DX
  40. levothyroxine and weight gain?
  41. Nursing mother on Antithyroid meds
  42. Finally found a knowledgable doc!
  43. CT Scan of My Thyroid
  44. progress with the holistic doctor!
  45. just a question
  46. Appt. tomorrow - need advice
  47. This is the FIRST time I have been "normal"
  48. OH MY GOSH! My PCP listened to me!
  49. Strange Symptom.....is this related to antibodies?
  50. quick question...
  51. Hello new friends
  52. I Finally Saw The Doc!
  53. Thyroid Test Results are Confusing
  54. I got my T3 and T4 back....looks normal?
  55. Thyroid and Scenar
  56. Thyroid and Voice
  57. Hi all my fellow thyroidians!!!!
  58. TSH 28.8 What does that mean?
  59. Hyperthyroid Newbie Needs HELP!
  60. If hairloss is a common symptom of thyroid problem
  61. help with test results
  62. Question about Levoxyl and birth control
  63. Hashi Hypo Synthroid Vitamin Questions
  64. Surgeon called with lab results
  65. hyper thyroid and no weight loss??????
  66. Should I ask for more?
  67. So what are normal TSH levels? Confused.
  68. Please help with lab values
  69. hyper vs. hypo
  70. Well, That was a Waste...
  71. Importance of Free T4?
  72. part of blood test results back in...help pls.
  73. Help with these results
  74. Is this a sign that I should switch?
  75. What does this test mean??
  76. Can Levoxyl make blood pressure go up?
  77. scheduled for RAI but changed my mind
  78. TSH 14.97 -What should I ask Dr
  79. Weight Gain (will I ever loose it)?
  80. FNA today & pop
  81. Feeling off 'balance'
  82. Zoloft Tapering-not Going As Planned
  83. Hashimotos Disease
  84. Question...
  85. Newbie w/ Hyper Needs HELP!!
  86. OK, This is It...
  87. Does low body temp=thyroid problems?
  88. I feel like garbage again....
  89. More Questions: Please Read
  90. How fast is fast?
  91. My Problem
  92. temp 94.4
  93. Voice
  94. Hyperthyroid Blood Test Questions
  95. Is it possible?
  96. Update on Doctor Hope
  97. Hairloss after 3 weeks on Levothyroxine?
  98. How crappy will I really feel?
  99. It's been awhile....
  100. What Are Normal Levels for TSH?
  101. How often to test?
  102. Worse instead of Better
  103. Did you have lymph node swelling?
  104. Happy Post!
  105. generic vs real ?
  106. TSH versus TSH, hs, Is there a difference?
  107. scan
  108. Meep, Midwest, Anyone...Someone please diagnose me
  109. Enlarged thyroid but 'normal' T3 and T4 levels
  110. Thyroiditis Question
  111. midwest question for you
  112. question on lab results
  113. Why do I feel so bad if my lab work is in range?
  114. Just Wondering
  115. Dr. appt. today and a bloodwork question
  116. Skipped my med today..HELP
  117. Did not take my levoxyl today...HELP?
  118. New Here and New Hypo
  119. How bad is this?
  120. I have this sinking feeling
  121. Back to depression/all the old symptoms
  122. Is anybody here ONLY on Cytomel?
  123. I have this AGAIN????
  124. first & last endo appt.
  125. Diet Pills
  126. Saw a new endo today and have some questions
  127. nausea?
  128. Hypothroid and Fast Heart Rate
  129. Just need some support while increasing
  130. Chunky Hypo Vegetarian
  131. parathyroid glands/hypocalcaemia?
  132. guys, i`m new here and i need ur help
  133. sorry; I forgot a question....
  134. Scared out of my mind and trying to cope
  135. Help New dosage, Am i going hyper?
  136. please help wild sex lab
  137. Usual T3 doasge for those with Thryroid removed
  138. Who splits Armour Dose AM and PM?
  139. Just A Little Anxious
  140. Question about Thyrin ATC/weightloss
  141. Idea's about depression and going hypo?
  142. FNA questions
  143. Anyone had Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test/Scan
  144. not a good day..
  145. Switched from Synthroid to Levothyroxine
  146. What does a "full" thyroid mean?
  147. How Fast Can Numbers Change?
  148. Hey Midwest.....
  149. Could I be going HYPER!
  150. Juice fasting
  151. Lab Results...NEED HELP. Going crazy here! My story.
  152. Anyone ever experiment with iodine supplements or iodine repression??
  153. I was just looking at past labs. Help???
  154. Are we able to suggest doctors here?
  155. Hashimoto's and the South Beach Diet
  156. Can anyone answer a few ? for me
  157. Hashimoto's thyroid disease
  158. Food related to goiter? Anyone else's Thyroid shrink or swell after eating?
  159. Looking for a reason for low prolactin level
  160. Barley green
  161. Hypo and tight muscles
  162. Help! what do these numbers mean
  163. Hypocalcemia post Subtotal-Thyroidectomy
  164. My heart is beating fast and I can't sleep
  165. Wait A Minute...
  166. New to the Thyroid post, but long-timer to the Fibro Post
  167. Learned something last night at the family dinner
  168. Undiagnosed symptoms and thyroid test results
  169. Feeling worse again
  170. question on increasing med
  171. question regarding pesticides exposure
  172. Dry dry scalp...any ideas??
  173. What can I expect now?
  174. Hot flashes and extreme fatigue, thyroid?
  175. I need your help
  176. hypo,but hyper with iodine anyone?
  177. Estrogen and hypo
  178. What is this anyway?????
  179. Do thyroid patients need a certain amounts of carbs for T4 conversion?
  180. Endo help - please!
  181. Exasperated -- Please Help
  182. confused
  183. Should I get a second opinion?
  184. Thyroid problem?
  185. IGF-1? LH/FSH? Thyroid function?
  186. Depression
  187. Sublingual Delivery, etc.
  188. Help with new test results
  189. Hypo, a few questions
  190. Update Since Starting Synthroid/Armour Combo
  191. my numbers and what is going on
  192. New here
  193. Selenium
  194. Cholesterol
  195. losing marbles or low thyroid
  196. Update on my condition
  197. Help!!!!
  198. Can these symptoms be associated with hyperT?
  199. Why does my heart go beserk after eveining meal?
  200. My Free T numbers are in. Looking for input
  201. both Hashi's and Graves'
  202. MIDWEST, want to run this by you for your thought
  203. Opinions needed - please!!!
  204. What would you do??
  205. Surgery decision
  206. Am I converting???
  207. can thyroid problems make your eyesight worse?
  208. wisdom tooth extracted
  209. Will this ever go away?
  210. Need help with test results
  211. need opinions is this normal?
  212. Help with Test number please
  213. Do you have to take meds for the rest of your life?
  214. Hypo and parathyroid
  215. tests levels say hyper but hypo symtoms
  216. Anyone been to Dr. Teitelbaum?
  217. Has anyone tried herbal meds
  218. Thyroid and Testosterone Levels
  219. new secondary hypothyroidism diagnosis..HELP
  220. I have a new diagnosis
  221. trying to figure out my blood test results
  222. Can the pill effect your TSH?
  223. TSI Antibodies - Calling all Graves' Experts please!
  224. Jinglebts
  225. Been awhile, but I have new labs. Help?
  226. What do the results mean?
  227. Lab Report
  228. vitamins and hypo
  229. goiter and progesterone
  230. progesterone and goiter
  231. progesterone and goiter
  232. Cortef question
  233. Hashi Diagnosis with these labs?? Input Please!!
  234. Radiation Iodine
  235. Dental Appointments
  236. 28 wks pregnant & just diagnosed hypo
  237. What should I ask my Doctor test results-Armour
  238. Armour Question-Replacement amount!
  239. Question about TSH
  240. Confused! Need some expert input!
  241. Enlarged Thyroid
  242. Would you be annoyed at my doctor?
  243. Are optimal lab ranges different for males and females?
  244. teeth marks on side of tongue
  245. connection between low calcium levels & being hypo?
  246. eleni61
  247. its official
  248. Help!!!!
  249. AZ Thyroid doctor
  250. Any theories on why so many people have thyroid problems?

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