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  1. Case study 21: Diagnose: "I dunno" - Doc
  2. Refried-Endo appointment
  3. Hypo meds question
  4. WOW what a great day.
  5. does anyone have bloating?
  6. Hi, I'm new, would like to talk
  7. test results - comments
  8. Smelly pits...Peee UUUUU!!!!
  9. Hasimotos
  10. Results :( MEEP! Need help Plz
  11. chest pain
  12. Thanks for answering!
  13. Stupid Question of The Day!
  14. Lab Results- What do you think?
  15. Thyroid & cough syrup
  16. Bad Day, Bad Month, Bad Year
  17. anybody been there?
  18. parathyroid disorders
  19. Is anyone mixing synthetic and Armour?
  20. Where do I go from here?
  21. Time between bloodwork??
  22. Did not feel better with increase?
  23. Sonogram Results are back....in English anyone?
  24. test results
  25. My Test Results
  26. hey guys !! New and need direction
  27. Quick Q re: Adding t3
  28. Thyroid Problems - Doc missed it
  29. hyperactive thyroid and a yucky cold
  30. Ever get dizzy while eating?
  31. Question about Thyroid Medician,
  32. How Do You Describe Brain Fog?
  33. Cortisol test and thyroid meds
  34. Can you decipher these numbers?
  35. ? for ppl on meds wh normal blood tests.
  36. antibodies
  37. Gums
  38. im back
  39. Anyone on Armour? How's it working for you?
  40. drs say this is normal
  41. Diagnosed with Hashi's!
  42. Meep I have a question for you
  43. im taking synthroid
  44. Uh Oh! Overmedicating myself???
  45. cortisol question for hypodude and anyone who can help ..
  46. hypothyroidism and angioedema
  47. alive!
  48. Help interpreting labs
  49. Synthroid Increase Question
  50. Not sure if Thyroid or Fibromylagia related?
  51. meep help with my lab results!
  52. adrenaline rushes??
  53. Thyroid condition that can bypass testing...any help?
  54. I got the notice from my insurance for all the blood test costs
  55. fatigue
  56. Help me with my hypo numbers - going bald
  57. A little advice needed
  58. difficult to lose weight even when euthyroid?
  59. All is okay
  60. Meep, Midwest, and Other Numbers Experts...Please Help With Test Results
  61. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
  62. Move Over, And I'll Join You!
  63. Test results. What is Serum T3???
  64. Happy Thanksgiving To All !!!!
  65. At Last I'm Stable!!!! Update
  66. lab reports and cortisol levels
  67. Losing hope
  68. O M G
  69. Barking up weird tree
  70. Hyper-hypo question.
  71. calling all hypo's!!!!!!!
  73. To my thyroid family
  74. Another symptom that went away with Armour!!!!
  75. Ever had feelings of being dumped by endo?
  76. Multiple Thyroid Cysts
  77. Doctors Visit and more test results
  78. advice needed
  79. Finding a doctor
  80. to: meeps
  81. Question for Lynhan??
  82. I Can't Lose Weight No Matter What I DO!
  83. My Wits End..Help! Diagnose Hyperthyroid?
  84. Supplmenting with Kelp can it cause ....
  85. Disappointed and Discouraged Again
  86. Question
  87. Thyroid gland and enlarged tonsils? Any link?
  88. Thyroidectomy and running/training/exercise
  89. Thyroid Assist
  90. Disappointed with Endo
  91. armour dosage
  92. smoking
  93. Is T3 (Cytomel) mainly for cognative improvement?
  94. Hypothyroid and hydorxycut... PLEASE HELP!!
  95. help
  96. Acne and hypo
  97. Renee....just for YOU!
  98. Hypo/Hyper? My doc has me totally confused
  99. new here with a questions
  100. Antibodies ??
  101. Help!!How long does it take for a goiter to form????
  102. Headaches and Hypothyroid connected?
  103. Thyroid nodules - sudden change in size
  104. Arggggg!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. Studies on adrenals.
  106. what is a thyroglobulin ab test?
  107. This would explain the insanity - Meep, others...
  108. What Book?
  109. Cyclical hypo? Help!
  110. menstral cycles on synthroid w/ hahi's
  111. Help with hypo labs
  112. help with lab results
  113. Help finding good endo!
  114. I had the scan done....
  115. you've probably heard it all before...sorry but i've got questions :)
  116. Not So bad after all lol! doseage synthyroid?
  117. Do protein drinks affect thyroid??
  118. Hypo to hyper?
  119. need help with dr. that wont do tests
  120. Meep
  121. Can I take phentermine
  122. Lab Results - Indicating Hypo but Free T's are perfect?
  123. I'm excited!
  124. Joint Pain
  125. Bouncing around - normal?
  126. need help
  127. natural progesterone/thyroid med adjustment
  128. Just a newbie with a typical newbie post
  129. Fiber and Thyroid problems
  130. I'm TRYING to head off a cold, that normally leads to bronchitus....here's my recipe!
  131. Duff.....
  132. DR appt tomorrow Which tests to ask.....
  133. Need Help From Vets. of Thyroidectomy
  134. Rapid pulse low body temp? What?
  135. Need Help With Labs, Please!
  136. desperate for improvement
  137. For Kiminnc and lil'missdiagnosis
  138. tests results : need some help
  139. Undermedicated?
  140. Decessitated thyroid supplement
  141. test results
  142. how do I ask?
  143. Surgery
  144. Weightloss and Thyroid
  145. Hi! have questions regarding hashimotos
  146. What time of the day do you feel the best?
  147. I can see clearly now the fog is gone....
  148. Doctors office called & i'm a nervous wreck
  149. SillySundy43-Question???
  150. Got My Free T3 and T4 labs - Please Look!
  151. New TT patients, heed my tale!
  152. Thyroid burning out??
  153. Need Help. How long does it take anti thyroid meds to kick in?
  154. Armour question
  155. Its been a long time...
  156. Pre Update Update
  157. thyroid hormones and depression
  158. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  159. Lab Tests back for Daughter - Need some Insight
  160. Chicagoland endo?
  161. How long did you take meds to suppress nodules, if you did?
  162. K9Mom or anyone??
  163. away from boards
  164. Just saying hello
  165. Anyone ever hear of becoming cured without meds?
  166. My hypo symptoms are going away!!!
  167. Got An Increase, dea4 and Meep
  168. Not the thyroid...any opinions?
  169. Meep, Midwest, if your interested....
  170. Thyroid test results, need help
  171. Can someone de-code my TSH reading?
  172. hypodude anyone? question
  173. MEEP and Midwest
  174. How long for improvement after dosage increase?
  175. Strange illness. Please Help.
  176. Full thyroid panel versus TSH ?
  177. What do "compressing" nodules feel like?
  178. Help...Husband's symptoms
  179. TSH 0,03 and still tired
  180. daldre1269.....??? Are you here. - T3/T4 questions
  181. Going to be away from boards
  182. Question about body temp
  183. Update On My Health
  184. Multinodular Goiter
  185. ? what have you got if your inbetween hypo and hyper?
  186. So MAD, Can't believe what's going on
  187. Supplementing with Kelp question?
  188. Is thyroidectomy the right answer?
  189. Worries about thyroidectomy/thyroid hormone
  190. Upcoming thyroidectomy
  191. Thyroid vs. Adrenals?
  192. TSH of .03 but I'm not hyper, really....
  193. I'm So Sick!!!!
  194. New labs and Qs
  195. Recent doctor's visit
  196. **Off topic** Scott Peterson found guilty
  197. Going by my temperature
  198. Synthroid Dosage Increase, What Do You Think?
  199. Are you intubated??
  200. Trying to lose weight do you think .....
  201. Had surgery..no meds for years. Has anyone heard of this?
  202. Help lab tests bad!!!!!!!!!
  203. Eureka! I think I found my answer finally! Magnesium Deficiency - a must read....
  204. It's Always Something!
  205. RX question
  206. Has anyone tried Thyax?
  207. are these lab results ok?
  208. Anybody tried "Lean for Less"?
  209. What labs specifically do I insist on for Hashi's dx?
  210. Looking for answers for my daughter
  211. Medicate before or after bloodwork?
  212. 7 keto dhea vs dhea
  213. Doc Gave In!!!!
  214. Guess what!!
  215. Meep! lol
  216. I got my lab report in! I could use your opinion please.
  217. Advice Please
  218. Just got the MAC DADDY of blood tests....
  219. Heartblock related to thyroid?
  220. any advice
  221. Question about labs
  222. A difference in medications
  223. Going to camp out in front of Dr.'s office.
  224. Latest lab results....
  225. Orangatan treated for thyroid problems - made CNN
  226. To midwest1
  227. Losing wt. while on med increase
  228. My dog is on Levothyroxine
  229. Saw a naturopath today
  230. Oh! I'm so excited!
  231. T4 - T3 same as FT3 - FT4?
  232. "Daughter" with thyroid issues-scary diagnosis-HELP!
  233. Lab results...Please help!!
  234. Okay need help secondary hypo anyone?
  235. Use of antidepressants and TRH. Interesting info
  236. What do I need to know?
  237. Please help me . . . .
  238. Thyroid testing/results, just negative?!
  239. fast heart rate
  240. Question about FT3 and FT4
  241. I am having the worst year
  242. MEEP or DEA4
  243. Opinions Please on Friend's Hypothryoid Test Results
  244. Yay - TSH 38, off to RAI I go...
  245. Going to be away :(
  246. Synthroid vs. Levoxyl
  247. sdunner
  248. Can you have both Graves and Hashi's at the same time?
  249. I'm Huge!!!!
  250. Got new labs drawn today

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