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  1. So confused. And scared FNA biopsy report
  2. Test Results
  3. Confused about TSH & T3 Uptake numbers
  4. Thyroid Peroxidase AB elevated
  5. New to Thyroid Issues & Slightly Freaking
  6. Jump between hypo & hyper
  7. What is the normal value of TSH?
  8. Hypothyroid No Goiter, No Constipation, No Weight-Gain?
  9. everything is almost out of range all the sudden
  10. Test results!?!
  11. Thyroid Resistance Definition Search
  12. Free T3 + Stiff Neck
  13. Levothyroxine and bloating?
  14. Hi
  15. Naturethroid exhaustion
  16. Help reading labs and pre dr appt prep
  17. Am I on too high a dose?
  18. hyo or not confused!or such thing else
  19. Dr. Barnes' BBT Test
  20. FNA results are in... now what!?
  21. Arm yourself with Info
  22. Low Free T4 Question - If low, Hypothyroid always?
  23. Need opinions
  24. Can someone please tell me what these numbers mean?
  25. High TSH optimal ft3 and ft4
  26. Thyroid, adrenals, hormones, B-12???
  27. Pet Scan with contrast and autoimmune thyroid disease
  28. frustrated!!!
  29. It's me again ! new labs!
  30. FNA process....
  31. Hypothyroid With Only Some Symptoms?
  32. Biopsy result question..
  33. Hypothyroid craziness
  34. Any insight on labs and ultrasound results welcomed
  35. 5 months post Hemithyroidectomy - symptoms started again - help!
  36. Help with Hashi's and understanding labs
  37. Not sure its synthroid is working
  38. Scared! Any help would be great!
  39. Weakness/Heaviness lower legs
  40. Tsh & t4 climbing. Can this cause swollen lymph nodes?
  41. Do my labs indicate hyperthyroidism?
  42. Over the counter thyroid supplements
  43. I had thyroid biopsy today
  44. How do you know?
  45. Graves
  46. Frustrated with endo.
  47. Bloodwork results: should I pursue further?
  48. When do you start noticing a difference?
  49. Hypothyroid And Abnormal Neck Form?
  50. hypothyroidism / enlarged thyroid
  51. anyone want to take a look at my new labs?... meds aren't helping.
  52. Thyroid! please help!!!
  53. Frustrated
  54. Looking for advice on test results
  55. desperate for your help
  56. Hypothroid & Dry Tongue
  57. getting my thyroid levels balanced out
  58. Thyroid Nodule Biopsy Report
  59. is this graves? or anything thyroid related?
  60. I know I have Hashi's
  61. Brominated Vegitable Oil and Thyroid
  62. Am I likely suffering from hypothyroid?
  63. biopsy inconclusive
  64. Swollen Lymph Nodes-Thyroid?
  65. More help reading test results
  66. Need advice and opinions of hyperthyroidism
  67. Need help with numbers
  68. gbm
  69. Hashi's, or am I just looking for trouble?
  70. Thyroid issues
  71. Help Interpret thyroid ultra sound
  72. Weight gain after Thyroid Nuclear scan? HELP!
  73. TSH High T4 Free Normal
  74. swelling around jaw
  75. thyroid scare
  76. Sweating and feeling warmth in back
  77. Hi Im new to this board and was wondering if someone can help me read my thyroid lvls
  78. Another wonderful thing caused by hypothyroidism
  79. levothroxine and citalopram together
  80. hypothyroid not allergies
  81. How to bring on anxiety, chest pains with synthroid
  82. Levothyroxine at 100mcg
  83. weight gain
  84. High TSH and High Free T3!?
  85. Hypothyroidism and College
  86. Inflammed Thyroid | Possible Hashimotos ?
  87. Labs....
  88. Elevated WBC caused by Hypothyroidism?
  89. Need some advice on thyroid ultrasound!
  90. Trauma to thyroid
  91. High TSH and High Free T4
  92. What labs to check for hyper?
  93. Thyroid cyst disappeared... Another one forming?? Help!!
  94. very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.
  95. Help w/Labs
  96. generic armour thyroid meds
  97. Need thyroid test result help.
  98. Petechial Rash
  99. Need feedback on thyroid panel results
  100. Could I benefit from T3?
  101. Need help with thyroid labs and Uptake Scan Please
  102. Thyroid antibodies tests
  103. My medication is causing me problems?
  104. Graves Disease Question
  105. Tsh 30.15
  106. Stop taking Thyroid Medicine
  107. Thyroid test results
  108. First time with sythroid
  109. Normal TSH, but LOW Free T4 - Please explain?
  110. Malabsorption?
  111. Does TSH matter if you are on Cytomel
  112. Lab results...low tsh, t4 and Free t4 while on Cytomel
  113. Desperate For Doc in Santa Clarita, CA
  114. Time to switch to Armour or Naturethroid???
  115. Taking medicine first thing in am
  116. My experience and need help
  117. Can This Be A Side Effect of Levothyroxine?
  118. How many had hair loss?
  119. Thyroid NIGHTMARE
  120. gastric ulcers and thyroid?
  121. hypothyroidism and irregular menstrual cycles!
  122. thyroid nodule?
  123. hypothyroid
  124. Is Graves disease related to pain/ache somewhere inside upper left side of the chest?
  125. Confused about labs etc.
  126. Opinions
  127. Husband looking for advice
  128. Just started on Armour (throat problems)
  129. Could I have hyperthyroidism?
  130. Armour problems
  131. 7 Nodules, Normal Blood Work *Please Help!
  132. Cytomel Only - New to board
  133. Tight throat!! Help??!! Help
  134. heart beat a bit fast
  135. Is this side effect normal?
  136. Thyroid nodules and Hyperthyroid
  137. Antibody tests.
  138. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  139. Reducing Thyroxine
  140. Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism
  141. Old lab retrospective
  142. TSH Levels
  143. Help with my thyroid lab results
  144. Different lab ranges
  145. Can you help me with my thyroid results?
  146. Ultrasound of Thyroid
  147. Thyroid Disorder, Warfarin and Weight Loss
  148. Iam wondering?
  149. Looking for Guidance and Answers
  150. Can someone give insight to my lab results?
  151. eyebrows??
  152. Dosing help
  153. Dr appt 4/2 revealed large nodules "C" ?? HELP
  154. think I may need to have my meds changed...help
  155. Could Use Your Help
  156. new test results, need help deciphering!
  157. Hypo or hyper?
  158. Nature thyroid dose
  159. Thyrotoxicosis??
  160. Just started naturethroid
  161. Hypothyroid or Depressed or Hypochondriac or just plain crazy?!
  162. Update to help with my results please-714 antibodies
  163. Help Me Please
  164. Hypothyroidism, rT3 problem and other issues, please help
  165. Anxiety is better but still here!!! Please Help!!
  166. Questions about Hashimotos!!
  167. TSH Result
  168. Lab results
  169. New looking for advice.
  170. Question about test results
  171. Help with my thyroid test results please!
  172. hypothyroidism and fungal nail infection
  173. "Normal" TSH, low FT4...best approach with doc?
  174. I have been on Armour for about 8 months and now I have a strange rash!
  175. Switched from Armour to Synthroid & Cytomel
  176. Low T4, Does Armour Thyroid help?
  177. Best support or recourse now?
  178. Help please!! do these symptoms point to a thyroid problem?
  179. FT4 won't budge, FT3 keeps dropping - advice?
  180. Synthroid and Thyroid NP
  181. Newly diagnosed
  182. Under active or over active
  183. My first post- need help finding thyroid specialist who understands mood disorders
  184. Anxiety/Depression/Overactive Thyroid
  185. What should I tell the Doctor?
  186. TSH is normal but I don't feel any better!!
  187. My Thyroid is throbbing?
  188. The results are in
  189. New to board, thyroid questions
  190. Biopsy results - not as specific as hoped
  191. Hashimoto's: panel is normal, feel like crap
  192. Thyroid/low ferritin issues
  193. Thyroid Nodules Biopsy Results Help
  194. How much time off for partial TT?
  195. Newly diagnosed with questions
  196. Question from former Hashimoto's
  197. New labs... please take a look
  198. Underactive Throid - Newbie
  199. quick question: thyroid and xylocaine (gastro)
  200. New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism
  201. Multi-nodal goiter = Hashimoto's??
  202. Consult about my hypothyroidism.
  203. Hypothyroid test level ok. Still feel bad.
  204. Hashimoto's
  205. Hasimoto's
  206. low TSH and Nature Throid
  207. Mild Hypothyroidism?
  208. Synthroid Question
  209. From hyper to hypo (graves)
  210. Test interpretation! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  211. Hormones and thyroid?
  212. Treating hashimoto's disease
  213. Hashimoto's disease
  214. New to me... going HYPER
  215. Looking for Hope
  216. Hey y'all! I am new to all this.
  217. Does your memory get better?
  218. Hyperthyroid! can it have numbness feelings?
  219. Help me pleaseee! Please help!
  220. I think I'm hyperthyroid? TSH 5.8
  221. Lab results
  222. Please help interpret labs...ty
  223. Child with thyroid issues?
  224. Went to the doc this am
  225. Newbie help...
  226. New, Confused... Please help
  227. I am from RI. I am hyperthyroid and am looking for an endo.
  228. Hypothyroidism causing Endometriosis symptoms?
  229. Need some help!
  230. Help with test results?
  231. Need help analyzing blood work results...
  232. Another question
  233. a yeast infection now, but without any symptoms?
  234. More than one thing wrong with Thyroid
  235. Anyone in Atlanta, GA?
  236. Consult on Sonogram
  237. Just had blood drawn
  238. raising my FT4 when TSH already suppressed?
  239. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  240. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  241. Could this be related?
  242. please help with thyroid ultrasound readings.
  243. Parathyroid issue? Or just crazy?
  244. Cytomel Side Effects-DIZZY
  245. Hyperthyroid
  246. Thyroid nodule or parathyroid tumor?
  247. TSH is <0.05 1month after Thyroidectomy
  248. I've got Hashimotos - are these new symptoms hashimotos?
  249. Opinions appreciated
  250. Pain in the neck?

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