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  1. Can your T3 and T4 be elevated at some point without having Thyroid Disease?
  2. Head and neck pain
  3. Normal TSH fluctuations?
  4. Questions to Midwest
  5. Blood Test Say im fine but im not HELP please?
  6. I'm back
  7. Gopherhead- Question?
  8. Feeling Crummy the same times each day???
  9. Docs visit.
  10. Getting better, ran my first marathon!!
  11. I give up, doctors just don't care....
  12. Goiter is back
  13. first appointment after starting medication.
  14. Hair falling out!
  15. Losing weight w/ Hypothryoid
  16. Unofficial lab results
  17. Need some help cuz i'm confused!
  18. what kind of warnings did you get?
  19. Now what - am I hypo, hyper, a little of both or is my hormones?
  20. Help. radiation damage to neck
  21. Skin problems
  22. Who has leg pain?
  23. Premature Ventricular Contractions
  24. low albumin level with suppresive synthroid therapy
  25. Daytime fatigue
  26. Can someone help me , please ???
  27. Secondary Hypothyroidism
  28. Should l be having woozy spells?
  29. is this okay
  30. Cholesterol deposits in the eye
  31. So many "Whys?"
  32. Confused about labs
  33. I think my doctor is wrong
  34. Anemia from hypothyroidism anyone??
  35. Armour or Syntrhroid??
  36. Old Blood Tests from 1999 Shed Some Light!!!
  37. from hyper to hypothyroidism
  38. Dangerous Side Effect of Armour-Sould I Switch
  39. Will The Twitching End??
  40. Anyone with heart flutters after stopping antithyroid drugs
  41. When will the meds remove symptoms?
  42. Side of Armour- Should I switch?
  43. Anyone in San Diego
  44. Effects of Thyroid Medication on Menstrual Cycle?
  45. I am a walking Medical Mystery...
  46. Orange feet and thyroid connection
  47. Armour questions
  48. little thyroid- big problem.
  49. A little retribution
  50. Question about lab ranges
  51. please help me
  52. Newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  53. Help Doctors are dumb!!!!!!
  54. To midwest1,
  55. To Midwest1, Update On My DOUGHTER Thyroid Report!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Melasma
  57. 17 Hydroxypregesterone and testosterone levels?
  58. ???'s about test resuts possible cushings
  59. Meep, FT help please?
  60. Have an app. tomorrow with a new doctor
  61. Info for all - test your TSH at home
  62. Losing Weight and Getting Cured without Meds?
  63. I feel like -----!(med info dosage)
  64. Is everyone seeing an Endocrinologist???
  65. Armour Users- Question?
  66. to midwest1
  67. quandry....Help
  68. good and bad news from specalist what is L-thy something
  69. I Am So Happy!
  70. Thyroid and Flu
  71. What if TSH is high, but Free's are in the normal range?
  72. What is the impact of high T3?
  73. got 2nd results, help.
  74. Just Wondering?
  75. question about t4 meds?
  76. About a fax from my new FNP
  77. Too bizarre
  78. Question about beta blockers with hypothyroidism.
  79. To K9mom
  80. can anyone help me
  81. Rai In Graves'
  82. Highs and lows
  83. numbers and size
  84. now my cholesteral results are high ...
  85. I am so confused
  86. Going down on the roller coaster
  87. Difference between generic and brand name Thyroid medications?
  88. I am So Upset!
  89. Got my bloodtests results
  90. Hypo/Hyper more hair coming out?
  91. Hypothyroidism and acid reflux
  92. I have to increase my dose???
  93. oh **** l cant take much more
  94. Hypo and antibiotics
  95. Increased Armour
  96. Anyone on Levoxyl, See the following
  97. Thyroid newbie
  98. A happy post
  99. Thyroid nuclear scan doesnt look normal
  100. Just wondering......
  101. More results...
  102. Irritated with doctor.
  103. just "THYROID" medication?
  104. Will hair grow back?
  105. Does this sound like hyper?
  106. Doctor frustration! (rant)
  107. when T4 &TSH improve, do allergies subside some?
  108. Definition of palpatations
  109. TSH Ups & Downs?
  110. eyes,driving me nuts
  111. please help!
  112. heart flutters and pain back again
  113. Help with blood test results
  114. Have my fisrt set of thyroid #'s.
  115. Similar symptoms to other diseases/conditions
  116. progesterone
  117. help please Panic attacks
  118. Got my blood drawn today: tsh and freet4
  119. got more test results back
  120. Englarged Thyroid Goiter?
  121. Some Thyroid questions, ferritin levels ,restlessleg
  122. Enlarged Thyroid Low TSH HIGH T3 T4
  123. Cortisol Test
  124. Needing some insight
  125. new labs
  126. Doctor Blues
  127. Help with blood test results
  128. Does anyone know the difference?
  129. Meep, question about meds before tests from previous post
  130. what do I have to do
  131. Betablockers interfere with thyroid test
  132. just diangnosed hyper, need Q's answered
  133. Sugar and thyroid connection?
  134. Smoking and hypo
  135. Tsh 37.49?
  136. The brain fog!!!
  137. What are your main hypothyroid symptoms?
  138. Raw thyroid glandular .....armour?
  139. Can I have Grave's . . . .
  140. incresed dosage - sleeping a lot! Too much?
  141. What does it all mean? (Test results)
  142. Anyone else been told NOT to exercise?
  143. Thyroid, Fluoride and Tea
  144. Update
  145. my first thyroid test results
  146. I thought I was Crazy!!
  147. is joint pain normal
  148. Need Some Hyper-Hypo Guru Input
  149. my thyroid hurts!!!
  150. Latest test results
  151. thyroid tested by biofeedback machine
  152. Midwest, Meep- anyone?!?!?!
  153. swelling in the arm pit area
  154. Has anyone heard of this?
  155. Found a article you might want to read!!
  156. Your opintion please....(Armour)
  157. Low Iodine Diet... What are your tips?
  158. I Love my midwife!
  159. Heart Rate
  160. Update on my doughter's doctor visit
  161. All results from Mattie75 ...
  162. a little info please
  163. Gopherhead
  164. question about lymph nodes in your neck
  165. Thyroid Blood Results
  166. Starting Levothryoxine tomorrow -
  167. "Thyroiditis?" has anyone heard of this?
  168. Could I have a thyroid problem?
  169. Has anyone here had thyroid surgically removed?
  170. Doctor had me in tears.
  171. I am starting SYNTHROID...
  172. major update!
  173. BRAND NEW - Posting Quickly - Sorry - Can you Give Suggestions?
  174. More thyroid questions :-0
  175. Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin?
  176. when can i have a baby?/hyperthyroid
  177. goiter question
  178. Twitching Tongue
  179. Herbal Thyroid Remedies & Antidepressants?
  180. hypothyroid and dry eyes
  181. What are the best thyroid tests???
  182. some advice needed
  183. Doctor said I was depressed...
  184. 2 questions:head trembles, and time of day
  185. Going going going out of town
  186. Angry father
  187. What Are The Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidosm?
  188. synthroid / tummy ache
  189. Jaw pain - symptom of medication?
  190. Synthetic vs. Natural thryoid meds
  191. Hives
  192. Anyone taking supplements to help hypo?
  193. Surgery Monday
  194. My doctor finally came around
  195. dds appointment not good
  196. Freet4 and Freet3 question
  197. Sharp Shock Pains
  198. Poll question re:dose windows
  199. Thyroid Nodules
  200. To Meep (re: taking meds before blood tests)
  201. new here...lab results
  202. zachtysammon needs some good advice!
  203. New here..post of labs n a ?? Thanks 4 any info
  204. Desperate...please help
  205. Gday new member.. no clue here...
  206. hypothyroid - cysts - kidneys problems- help I'm falling apart
  207. Conference
  208. Test Results?
  209. My mom needs advice...
  210. Question reassurance needed if med is working
  211. Now I KNOW I'm not crazy!
  212. New and confused! Low TSH
  213. questions about TSH
  214. wish me luck
  215. A lump
  216. Has anyone used the Barnes Basal Temperature Test?
  217. For K9mom.
  218. I'm back, after major surgery....
  219. How long does it take to get hyper...?
  220. Thyroid problem??????
  221. Just when I thought I had heard them all!
  222. thyroid question
  223. Please help? I can't increase dosage anymore!
  224. Thyroid 12.3?
  225. Not so common symptoms
  226. Had My Appointment Today
  227. Really weird ? for hyper folk weird senstations
  228. I have to increase my dose, aaarrrrrg
  229. Is this hypo or going back to hyper?
  230. hyper thyroid raise blood sugar?
  231. To Gopherhead
  232. So disappointed
  233. Update On My Thyroid
  234. logarithmically??
  235. Arm Pain, Hypo
  236. Muscle Spasms / Tremors Question
  237. nature throid?
  238. Can Someone Help Me Decode Test Results
  239. Heart palpitations - fluttering. Thyroid related??
  240. values- any comments welcome
  241. New Test Results
  242. Test results
  243. Hi, I'm new here.
  244. hello my fellow thyroid friends
  245. Confused about test results
  246. URLs to scientific literature-Can you access them?
  247. Good To See Nurse Practitioner?
  248. Have a question about thyroid blood tests
  249. natural treatment/ and recovery?
  250. Update TSH now .96, will I finally start losing?

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