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  1. Thyroid results
  2. I met with my endo today
  3. Still a mystery
  4. pedatric thyroid disorder?
  5. Dosage increase
  6. Please help me with bloodtest results
  7. Chloasma
  8. FNA results...your opinions????please
  9. miswest -- how are you doing on cortef?
  10. levels TSH versus symptoms
  11. Does anyone feel better...
  12. could this be some thyroid disorder?
  13. diagnosed with hypothyroidism yesterday, med side effects ???
  14. My daughters' tsh
  15. symtoms of HypoThyroid
  16. T4 (eltroxin) question
  17. Anyone with Nausea and Constipation(Hypo)
  18. Question about numbers
  19. can Armour cause HYPERthyroidism?
  20. Thyroid problem
  21. Borderline Hypothyroidism
  22. Yesterday's doctor appointment..total let-down
  23. thyroid and depression
  24. Afternoon slumps
  25. Low T4 AND low TSH? What does this mean?
  26. Switched Meds
  27. Most recent visit since starting treatment
  28. Help Test Results?
  29. ptu/inderal side effects
  30. removal of thyroid
  31. hair growth and thyroid? please answer
  32. Support at home/work
  33. Switching brands
  34. Can anyone recommend..
  35. Can anyone tell me if these levels are normal?
  36. Has anyone heard?????
  37. Midwest- Anemia Question
  38. How can I get help?
  39. What is the conversions
  40. Do I Have Thyroid Problem Symptoms?
  41. Please help!
  42. Another numbers-focused endocrinologist...
  43. Any Thyrogen takers here?
  44. Question about t4 supplement without a prescription
  45. i think i have a problem, help ?
  46. Update on Bonbe
  47. Please help with test results
  48. Might be getting closer to getting t4!!
  49. Thyroid nodules and more....
  50. Can I be geting better this soon?
  51. UK members
  52. Diet pills and hypo
  53. My Mom's hit a wall w/her Doctor-about Thyroid tests and Medicare
  54. questions, FNA and core biopsy...Fibrosis?
  55. T3/T4 protocol, any experiances?
  56. Hearing Loss/Memory Loss
  57. Autoimmune thyroid?
  58. Just received lab results . . . .
  59. Test Result Questions Please
  60. My Son's Apt.
  61. Need Advice!! Calling All Experts
  62. Meds Before Appointment?
  63. Osteopathic doc visit
  64. K9MOM!!! block and replace thyrodians!!
  65. Lupus question ???
  66. hair stopped falling out, will it grow back?
  67. thyroid pain 7 mos after partial ********ctomy
  68. looking for advice
  69. So has treatment worked?
  70. Anxiety and other symptoms
  71. 2nd endo visit will things ever get better???
  72. anyone on Levoxyl that has muscle pain?
  73. My test results...
  74. anyone taking pregnenolone?
  75. Had to sign a release to get my daughters thyroid bloodtest results!!
  76. body temp and energy after adjusting to dose
  77. First appointment with Endo
  78. diagnosing hypothyroid
  79. Has anyone had thyroid removed?
  80. IS This Symptoms of Exessive Thyroid Hormone??
  81. New to Thyroid research and have questions!
  82. This is what we are up against
  83. Transferritin saturation??
  84. New with Nodule, low TSH
  85. What does a nodule feel like:
  86. musles twitching...thyroid problem??
  87. Question for midwest1,dea, k9mom or any one else,
  88. hypO and glaucoma
  89. My Mom is gone
  90. Hashimoto - lab tests-confused- please help
  91. Any understanding doc's in D.C./Baltimore area?
  92. Midwest1 & K9Mom, Please Help!
  93. hasimoto's question?
  94. Appropriate Dosage?
  95. Hypothyroidism question...
  96. I have a question for anyone that know about PTU
  97. How is April?
  98. small amount of antibodies
  99. Levoxyl feelings
  100. Which vitamins/minerals/foods support thyroid?
  101. Help need new Doctor
  102. Panic Attacks
  103. Seeking Help..................
  104. Splitting doses
  105. Advice re: switching drugs (and self-dosing)
  106. help with results please
  107. How low should it be?
  108. Fine Needle Aspiration - Has anyone had this done?
  109. Test Results.....
  110. Seeking help...
  111. Thyroid Problem
  112. Saliva testing results..how tied in with thyroid?
  113. Levoxyl question
  114. Riddle re: meds/labs
  115. Please help me with a FREE T3 question
  116. New to this board
  117. Taking your meds question
  118. Is anybody else experincing this with hypo?
  119. My Son's new Dr. appt
  120. ok this time its not about me..lol my grandma
  121. ready to give up
  122. hyperparathyroidism
  123. Weird eye sensations- Graves Disease?
  124. I think my aunts alzheimers is really hypothyroidism
  125. Meds from compounding pharmacy?
  126. I'm back..update and question
  127. Interpreting the Free T4
  128. Please be honest – I am ready to throw up my white flag
  129. New here, ? re. veg diet and TD
  130. Help with Lab Results
  131. what if it never gets better?
  132. Here are my levels
  133. Went to doc today,also a vent....
  134. Sorry, I just need to get this off my chest!
  135. hair falling out
  136. I'm still around
  137. Constantly short of breath...thyroid related?
  138. I'm new to this thyroid stuff
  139. Eye disease after RAI with Graves Disease!
  140. Do I have thyroid problem???
  141. Anyone???????please????
  142. Can someone please tell me
  143. Is It My Thyroid???
  144. Does anyone know
  145. Beta Blockers
  146. Anyone diagnosed with only a blood test?
  147. what is this?
  148. Uptake test- RAI
  149. I could use some help
  150. My numbers
  151. Anyone Know Good Multivitamins!!!
  152. atypical parathyroid adenoma
  153. My new doctor said he could not feel my thyroid
  154. Blood Test Results?
  155. Synthroid and What happens
  156. Changing heart beats
  157. Is this just another symptom?
  158. Finding a Naturopath
  159. Buzzing/twitching muscles,Dizziness,Uncontrolled heart and more.Thyroid?
  160. what will happen if I quit taking ptu
  161. Generic Thyrolar
  162. Hyersensitivity to meds
  163. Thyroid disorders and visual migraines
  164. Magnesium?
  165. Been retested!!
  166. Allergic to Parke-Davis (natural thyroid)? Switch to?
  167. Will taking appetite suppressants affect my test results?
  168. Help w/ Lab Results
  169. This might be VERY hard to believe...but we need your help!
  170. T3's
  171. Hypo and Leg Pain...
  172. what blood tests to get?
  173. help with radiation question
  174. Hi..what do you think
  175. Thyroid nodule
  176. Thyroid question
  177. FTI and heterogeneous prod. solid???? newbie
  178. Synthroid's Generic
  179. High T3
  180. Sore neck - hypo or something else?
  181. test results
  182. OK now I am really confused? Regarding T3
  183. Question about lab results
  184. Finally have all results please help me
  185. Need help interpreting results
  186. Hypodude Re: Tightness in throat
  187. My TSH result
  188. Need Help-Just Diagnosed Hypothyroidism
  189. Antidepressants and hypo!!!
  190. wondering about symptoms & parathyroid
  191. dreadful news about bonbe
  192. I can eat tomatos again
  193. Arms/legs falling asleep at night & couple questions
  194. Itchy skin
  195. Just Checking In
  196. I need Help with my sister's Lab Reoport
  197. MEEP, or anyone else who might know: bonbe faces CA surgery
  198. Bonbe
  199. Tsh 98.4
  200. Hypo, exercise, dosage
  201. need explanation of scores
  202. i think i've found a great naturopath!!
  203. midwest: i can't thank you enough ...
  204. Armour Thyroid?
  205. I have a question...
  206. Can someone help me with the new blood test results?
  207. gaining weight...help
  208. Different brands, whats the difference??
  209. Osteoperosis
  210. low iron?
  211. Tightness in throat - HELP!
  212. Questions
  213. going away for a few days :)
  214. 3 months on Synthroid...new #'s
  215. Help reading test results
  216. How Do you know?
  217. Update docs visit
  218. Radioactive Iodine vs. Surgery?
  219. Update on new naturopathic doctor Today!!!!
  220. Got records in less than 24 hours.
  221. I don't know what is going on,!!!!
  222. DR visit
  223. a quick question
  224. Concerned about Palpitations!! any advice?
  225. K9Mom, others - a few Graves questions....
  226. Eye Problem!! White Line Bump Red Eye
  227. Eye floaters caused by RAI??
  228. Midwest, what do you think?
  229. Told to ask K9Mom?
  230. Sleeping is a nightmare!
  231. Hyperthyroidism or something else?
  232. Armour and bcp
  233. Hair Changes?
  234. Re: New Thyroid test results
  235. Can you become cured on your own?
  236. Is there a definitive antibodies test for hashis?
  237. Sore neck
  238. Desperately need help!!
  239. just want to know
  240. Armour and obesity usage
  241. Levoxyl and sore throat
  242. Could l of turned hypo this quick????
  243. blood tests back - hyper?
  244. Armour users
  245. Am I barking up the right tree?
  246. upper arm/thigh weakness
  247. Question on lab work
  248. Graves disease?
  249. Meds that can alter ft4 test....
  250. upped in dosage....feeling FABULOUS!

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