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  1. Question about overmedicated on PTU
  2. Midwest, Update, changing it again
  3. sos bracelets
  4. Gone until July 26th!
  5. got lab ranges, advice what to do now??
  6. UTI's
  7. How long can you take cytomel before a scan?
  8. saliva testing
  9. HYPO-HYPER- HYPO or the tale about a black soul in a white overall.
  10. So frustrating!!
  11. dx hyper, but now my TSH AND FT4 are dropping...+ thoughts of babies...
  12. No need for meds right now
  13. New job and feeling really lousy
  14. Anybody ever have a malar rash
  15. Ready to give up hope
  16. West end girl and the gang!!! :)
  17. Right Meds for Reverse T3?
  18. k9mom please help
  19. Has anyone got the cholesterol prob with hypo? (metabolic disorder)
  20. Midwest1 and other experts....
  21. Anyone increase meds during PMS?
  22. Can I ask for an increase in meds with these labs?
  23. very, very, very confused and frustrated
  24. First Week Of Levoxyl Done....
  25. My Son's Thyroid Test Results!
  26. Any Input Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  27. Tips For Reducing Puffiness :)
  28. Eye Floaters
  29. Another LID question
  30. first time post. possibly hypo/hashimoto's
  31. Opinions before doctor visit please...
  32. Follow-up Labs - TSH too low now - questions
  33. Mega-low TSH + low T4. New med to blame?
  34. Maybe this is all in my mind...
  35. Reaction to Armour???
  36. hashi/hypo to the max....someone help!! please
  37. Does swallowing hurt back of neck?
  38. How much iodine?
  39. Just needing to vent
  40. Update on new MD visit
  41. Synthroid to Westhroid???
  42. Question about dosage of Armour
  43. Body numbess
  44. What do U all think??
  45. Food, supplement interactions?
  46. Food, supplement interactions?
  47. Help...low iodine diet!!!
  48. No Periods..... Help !!!
  49. Want to have babies after ********ctomy
  50. New to all this
  51. TSH Results
  52. ? for westend girl
  53. Does anyone else get sore eyes?
  54. What to do next?
  55. Top Hypo symptoms
  56. Torch passed to a new generation
  57. Another Cytomel Question
  58. Went to endo - have lab values
  59. Can somebody help with my results??
  60. ?? about graves disease
  61. Hypo - Hyper ?? Don't know anymore !
  62. throat pressure
  63. question to abbott labs? reply but no answer.
  64. Questions about possible thyroid problem and treatment
  65. Confused
  66. Pained Vision
  67. Any heat intolerant hypo's here?
  68. 1st specialist appointment
  69. not sure what this test is.......
  70. Seeing my real MD tomorrow What tests should I ask for
  71. Kanchanar Guggulu ??
  72. Blood work came back low. Have question
  73. any FAILURES on arrmour/parke davis thyroid?
  74. Question for people w/ nodules
  75. Can someone help me with these new test results please?
  76. MEEP!!! So glad to see you!
  77. Went to my new DO...
  78. Loss of Sensation
  79. heres my labs...please help me understand
  80. Symptoms ?
  81. Anti-tpo...other thyroid tests normal help!
  82. Ive Beeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeen ;) !!!!
  83. forgot and took meds
  84. Omg Another 2hrs 45 Mins!!!
  85. Thyroid Nodules..... New To Board
  86. New MD - Suggestions Please!
  87. Can someone please help
  88. Vent...But , I got my Armour
  89. All of my symptoms are back..what do I do??
  90. Is this multi-vit ok to take on the LID??
  91. what a waste of time and money
  92. Long-term Success with Cytomel?
  93. newly hypothyroid
  94. what do u do when u have tried everything
  95. UTI's
  96. still waiting
  97. Thyroids
  98. I am petrified terrified horrified out of my head.......
  99. westend girl
  100. Getting preg/maintaining preg while medicated...
  101. Internists?
  102. Trouble sleeping
  103. OT ~ Opalfirejucika
  104. Upcoming RAI scan & recent CT scan w/ contrast
  105. Skin Pigmentation is it Thyroid related?
  106. Terrible Day----Can it all be thryroid?
  107. I have a question.
  108. Oh, I am feeling so much better...
  109. Doing Atkins while being HypoT
  110. Need advice for post surgery- total ********ctomy
  111. Enlarged thyroid and "Normal" blood results????
  112. please read if you have Hashimoto's
  113. ?? for Armour or Nature-Thyroid users
  114. Anyone try pharmacy-made elixer?
  115. I see a lot of people are hypo........
  116. New tsh range-MD won't prescribe
  117. Anyone Develop a Sweet Tooth?
  118. Question about RAI and PTU?
  119. Tests?
  120. help
  121. Skin Sensativity and Thyroid
  122. Cytomel and "brain farts" :)
  123. cause of symptom - knees
  124. Dr. prescribed Armour....
  125. Back Pain?
  126. Lab Report
  127. A Question For The Ladies!!!
  128. Emergency - Thyroid Test Results
  129. Scientific literature-waiting to hear from administrator if I can post.
  130. not easy to calm down
  131. Test Results? Do they mean anything?
  132. Miper and Sara F, Any advice
  133. Feeling Great 5 weeks after RAI!!
  134. High blood pressure and thyroid
  135. Midwest, saw my dr. Update
  136. Hypothyroid- no weight gain?
  137. Hi all xxxxxxx ;)
  138. Finally heard back from my doctor!
  139. Radioactive Iodine and Pregnancy (m)
  140. daniel craig --- question for you
  141. Frustrating Dr. Visit !!!
  142. Home thyroid test
  143. West End Girl - Need your advice
  144. Diet/ Medication problems
  145. What is T3 and T4
  146. question
  147. Can someone please comment on these test results?
  148. K9Mom Need opinon PLEASE!
  149. Thought I was hyper, am I really hypo?
  150. Crying all the time
  151. FINALLY got a Free T3 done!!
  152. Some of my lab results...please help interpret!
  153. Some of my lab results...please help interpret!
  154. Can anyone tell me what to expect.......
  155. Freaking Out.. Again
  156. How to know how my thyroid is really working?
  157. Lab Results and Ranges - By Lisa Scott
  158. just diagnosed with hashi..please advise..
  159. swallowing during fine needle aspiration???
  160. What types of tests should I have done?
  161. have report, need advice
  162. thyroid story........really need your advice....
  163. hypothyroid is gone? Please help.
  164. Finally my test results and Lab Ranges- Please HELP
  165. Two weeks on 75 mcg and...
  166. Im feeling awful today ;( lm so fed up........
  167. Question about Free vs. Total T3/T4
  168. Now I'm wondering...
  169. Lab Results and Visit to a ENT what a Joke!!
  170. Lab Results and Visit to a ENT what a Joke!!
  171. All you experts! Hyper or Hypo?
  172. How many tests before diagnosed?
  173. Update I got some of the lab tests back
  174. Panic Attacks
  175. Dr. Visit Tomorrow......
  176. Funky labs, what is going on?
  177. Test Results and Doctor Visit
  178. Where to begin? Hypothyroid!!
  179. Hypothyroid and weight loss/gain??
  180. Test Results - Need Advice Before Seeing Dr. Today
  181. small hands
  182. small hands
  183. Vacation
  184. Finally got my lab results
  185. glonin, synthroid, specialist in LA
  186. Hi everyone, I've got a question about symptoms
  187. Finally - My test results - Please Help
  188. if not hashi's
  189. Had My Scan ;)
  190. The last 4 years of my life...
  191. ER Visit - Thyroid or Heart?
  192. Hi 'thyro' Gang :)
  193. Hypothyroid - memory, anxious etc
  194. Thyroid Uptake
  195. questio
  196. My story -- unlike the doctors -- I know you will listen
  197. My Lab Results/Please Help!!!!!
  198. HELP! I'm sick and don't know where 2 turn anymore!
  199. Lab results
  200. Labs
  201. Endo and GP both have different test results....What dO I do now?
  202. Tsh level
  203. CAn someone please give me there opinion
  204. worried!!!!!!!
  205. Urine and Blood Work--please help!
  206. Strange lump in throat feeling.......Doctors against Armour & Free T-3
  207. Free Ts reference
  208. upping dosage?
  209. Hi everyone...Question
  210. can someone help me with my lab results????
  211. Hey midwest and guys-Can you open this file?????
  212. Can someone help with my test results please?
  213. Can someone help with my test results please?
  214. Question about TSH, T3 & T4
  215. Update/Symptoms of Thyroid-Negative Test Results
  216. Question about TSH level and hypothyroidism
  217. Will it ever go away??
  218. pregnant, doctor found thyroid nodule..scared..
  219. Mineral Supplements
  220. UPDATE 3 docs visit ;(
  221. yucky!!
  222. question for Midwest
  223. Attention All You Great Guru's
  224. Disturbing Doctor Visit Today - Please Help!
  225. My health is not improving since visiting the endo
  226. A week on Armour (3gr natural) which I cut in half,and I feel lousy.
  227. 200 mcg's of Synthroid daily
  228. ME AGAIN!! :) weird 'pains'???
  229. Armour-Life altering medication????
  230. puffed out
  231. Here's my results so far
  232. Question to the experts here.
  233. help
  234. Exersize = hypo for days
  235. Question about suppressed tsh
  236. Safe Diet Aids?????
  237. Been treated for a year...still foggy..need help
  238. So disappointed
  239. What kind of doctor?
  240. 1.9x1.3 Nodule
  241. Sensitve teeth / hypoT question....
  242. Parasite Cleansing
  243. More Good news I think, maybe
  244. goiter
  245. Need Advice--Very confused
  246. Synthroid and Insomnia - Help
  247. Need Information on combination meds FT4 too Low
  248. Update 2!!
  249. Confused - another question.
  250. stress w/ thyroid problem--symptoms this bad?

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