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  1. Someone please tell me what this means.
  2. Weight Spiralling Out of Control
  3. ??? Anyone have RAI right after surgery?
  4. difference between hashimotos and graves
  5. Just venting i suppose
  6. Meep.......quick question
  7. K9mom Graves disease or not? needs your advice
  8. Stages of hypo med adjustment?
  9. Where can I buy dessicated thyroid in Canada?
  10. Can someone help with my results?
  11. Is this normal?
  12. Follow-up Blood Test Results
  13. Goiter
  14. No half moons on fingers!!!
  15. Venting.
  16. What dose of Cytomel/T3 were you started on?
  17. is it my imagination?
  18. normal FT4, but high TSH...question
  19. I have Hashi's; now my dh was dx as having thyroid problems????
  20. quick question
  21. Anyone get red palms and a cast of redness on arms?
  22. questions about lab tests
  23. Symptoms, Dr. Appt., and Questions
  24. First appt. w/ endo - PLEASE advise
  25. did [ *** ] get banned?
  26. Some questions about Thyroid medication
  27. burning sensations
  28. Stress and Thyroid
  29. paging kh41126.....
  30. Heart Doc checking Thyroid??????
  31. saliva testing....
  32. No skipping heartbeats but feeling very tired
  33. Can a Boy be Hyperthyroid?
  34. Can Mono trigger thyroid dysfunction?
  35. Great visit with my doctor
  36. Lab Result's for a friend..
  37. multi nodular goiter
  38. Cytomel dosing help needed, please - Meep, anyone
  39. Question about anemia
  40. further testing needed?
  41. Lab Report For My Husband
  42. Other blood tests
  43. 2nd day on armour - HELP
  44. lexapro and/or antidepressants during thyroid treatment
  45. Question
  46. Can I take this t-3
  47. Do any of you self-dose?
  48. cold sensitivity?
  49. Fatigue Pattern
  50. Chest Pain???
  51. Have a question for anyone that took RAI and antithyroid drugs after
  52. Meep! Or n e 1 else about FreeT3 T4
  53. Proof wellness after t-dectomy
  54. Flare ups :(
  55. Question about Ferritin?
  56. anyone have decompression surgery
  57. I haven't been REGULATED on synthroid yet, but I wonder how do you know if Armour....
  58. quick question
  59. find a doctor in CT/RI --Armour
  60. Bizarre thyroid story
  61. Elevated TSH
  62. Ears, Nose and Throat or Endocrinologist?
  63. Test results, doc suggestions, your thoughts, please
  64. New Labs, adding T3 - your opinion please
  65. Graves Disease or not?
  66. new and need help please
  67. Taking Armour was a horrible experience.
  68. Now I am sick
  69. levoxyl
  70. Turns out I have cancer after all...
  71. Follow up appt today
  72. Armour Question ?
  73. Iodine in vitamins
  74. My daughter was diagnosed hypo
  75. Important press release about levothyroxine
  76. Help please
  77. Flp?
  78. Tired and Minerals!
  79. how to increase armour?
  80. ? for West end girl
  81. How long for levels to drop?
  82. Endo in chicago?
  83. Problems with gripping and wrist pain
  84. arrrgh! Mexico trip cancelled
  85. trouble swallowing?
  86. Hypodude, Meep or anyone with a suggestion about blood testing.
  87. Has anyone else experienced very dry patches of skin at their waist?
  88. Update On My Hubby's Doctor Visit
  89. Radiation Therapy
  90. Best time of day to take meds
  91. Follow-up Visit Blood Tests
  92. Guess I just need to vent
  93. All the symptoms but no diagnosis
  94. Hey Bellajoon
  95. Will I ever feel normal again...
  96. After waiting for so long..doctor's tomorrow
  97. New to the board!
  98. Parathyroid
  99. yeap its me again with a new thread
  100. Thyroid scan and uptake
  101. Low Dose Armour
  102. thyroid results,, cant read them
  103. Sleep Study
  104. Endocrinologist in the Boston area
  105. Question about Armour
  106. Reaction to dyes used in testing
  107. Update - No Hashimoto's Disease!
  108. New to levothyroxine...concerned
  109. Anyone else?
  110. Elevated Sed Rate..goes along with Hashimoto's?
  111. For Meep, and others, two questions
  112. Help with doctor
  113. need help with levels?
  114. biopsy shows follicular cells...is surgery only cure?
  115. Calcitonin
  116. New here - Question about chemical taste/smell
  117. New With Synthroid Questions
  118. Lab Values - What do you guys think?
  119. Has anyone used a "Compounding" Pharmacy for supplying their thyroid meds?
  120. Hypodude how are you doing?
  121. thyroid vrs heart
  122. Help with pre-op blood test numbers & Any advice for neck scar?
  123. My dog is being tested for thyroid too.....
  124. nodules and cyst found on thyroid
  125. switching from synthroid to armour
  126. Sore throats
  127. tsh results
  128. What if I forget?
  129. I guess Im just crazy
  130. Labs ok...feel like crap?
  131. Normal Body Temperture????
  132. thyroid meds and breakfast
  133. suppressed tsh after RAI
  134. Need some advise
  135. Question on increasing levothyroid toleration
  136. Parathyroid
  137. Please help - what do you take for the anxiety ?
  138. Feelings after RAI
  139. Feeling Good
  140. New with a few Questions
  141. lump in throat
  142. Test Results - Advice Please
  143. Question re: pre-op blood test results
  144. Pharmacy switched me, having reactions
  145. Having a Upper G.I done got ?'s
  146. Dear lazy endo, YOUR FIRED
  147. Has anyone taken this???
  148. someone please help me understand these results
  149. Finally....Test Results....Confused....
  150. Hypo with tachycardia and migraines ??
  151. Is it true........
  152. Enlarged Goiter ??
  153. Normal TSH, elevated T4 and Thyroxine?
  154. TSH or T4 effect on Metabolism?
  155. cytomel & synthroid vs armour
  156. Help!!....Can't reach Doctor, need advice!!!
  157. Depressed&Giving up hope :(
  158. Thyroid tests
  159. No skipped heartbeats!!!
  160. how do you take your armour?
  161. what was it like switching from synthetic t4 only to armour?
  162. Your guidance please
  163. estrogen dominance
  164. Maybe thyroid?? problem ive had for past month
  165. size of thyroid
  166. My doctor is willing to prescribe Armour!
  167. is hashimoto's a "chronic illness"? (re: flu shot)
  168. Progress!
  169. confused and frustrated
  170. Cortisol test
  171. Body temp
  172. So sick No Answers
  173. Mood Swings
  174. sleep disturbances?!?
  175. help with cortisol test results?
  176. t3 and t4 dropping after starting medication?!!?!
  177. Hurthle Cell Carcinoma HELP
  178. What is best time of day for blood test follow-up?
  179. Statins (Crestor) and low thyroid
  180. thyroid cysts
  181. Thyrogen: Should I do it?
  182. Other meds have a effect on thyroid?
  183. bug opening?
  184. Can anyone take a look at my labs?
  185. 2 quick questions
  186. New with questions about treatment
  187. Midwest1, help!
  188. How high is too high?
  189. Hello Everyone
  190. Thank God for small miracles!!!!!
  191. Is fasting necessary for blood work?
  192. Help with doctors
  193. Thyroid sonogram results - doesnt look good
  194. should hypo people use iodized salt?
  195. Question: hypo after hemithyroidectomy?
  196. Doctor appt Thursday
  197. Pale colored lips
  198. What is going on???
  199. Question About Results
  200. New here-need help!
  201. Have a question about different labs results
  202. Some questions to Meep?
  203. Can your T3 and T4 be elevated at some point without having Thyroid Disease?
  204. Head and neck pain
  205. Normal TSH fluctuations?
  206. Questions to Midwest
  207. Blood Test Say im fine but im not HELP please?
  208. I'm back
  209. Gopherhead- Question?
  210. Feeling Crummy the same times each day???
  211. Docs visit.
  212. Getting better, ran my first marathon!!
  213. I give up, doctors just don't care....
  214. Goiter is back
  215. first appointment after starting medication.
  216. Hair falling out!
  217. Losing weight w/ Hypothryoid
  218. Unofficial lab results
  219. Need some help cuz i'm confused!
  220. what kind of warnings did you get?
  221. Now what - am I hypo, hyper, a little of both or is my hormones?
  222. Help. radiation damage to neck
  223. Skin problems
  224. Who has leg pain?
  225. Premature Ventricular Contractions
  226. low albumin level with suppresive synthroid therapy
  227. Daytime fatigue
  228. Can someone help me , please ???
  229. Secondary Hypothyroidism
  230. Should l be having woozy spells?
  231. is this okay
  232. Cholesterol deposits in the eye
  233. So many "Whys?"
  234. Confused about labs
  235. I think my doctor is wrong
  236. Anemia from hypothyroidism anyone??
  237. Armour or Syntrhroid??
  238. Old Blood Tests from 1999 Shed Some Light!!!
  239. from hyper to hypothyroidism
  240. Dangerous Side Effect of Armour-Sould I Switch
  241. Will The Twitching End??
  242. Anyone with heart flutters after stopping antithyroid drugs
  243. When will the meds remove symptoms?
  244. Side of Armour- Should I switch?
  245. Anyone in San Diego
  246. Effects of Thyroid Medication on Menstrual Cycle?
  247. I am a walking Medical Mystery...
  248. Orange feet and thyroid connection
  249. Armour questions
  250. little thyroid- big problem.

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