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  1. I had to have a 2nd RAI treatment today...
  2. should I follow my doctor's advice?
  3. help with non-thyroid test results?
  4. Hypo symptoms question
  5. Had a thyroid test done
  6. Price of Armour
  7. Radioactive Iodine Scan Precautions?
  8. What are some of your symptoms of Thyroid problems?
  9. First Antibodies Test and New Labs - Hashis?
  10. What Are These Tests For??????????
  11. What Are These Tests For??????????
  12. Question - TSH Down to 1.53
  13. Postural Hypotension, Anybody?
  14. normal free T4/low free T3
  15. Time of Day Blood Tests
  16. Armour
  17. When did you notice changes after switching to Armour?
  18. Definitely Hypo, doctor won't treat. Help.
  19. Guess I Will Be Switching Boards
  20. Have a question about red irritated eyes with hypo!!
  21. How is Niecsey?
  22. Test results back - Dr thinks I'm normal *sigh*
  23. Achy and Sore
  24. synthroid vs Armour
  25. New dr. actually prescribed me Armour!
  26. I feel "detached."
  27. Taking a KELP supplement
  28. I have a question for hypo people
  29. Please help - I got my thryoid removed 1 year ago, dosage/symptoms
  30. Linda Ronstadt's Hypo problems
  31. Question about blood pressure with hypothyroidism
  32. Swollen hands & feet
  33. Question on Generic
  34. I JINXED MYSELF :( probable ra too :(
  35. Correct dosage?? grrr.. how long does it take?
  36. Strange side effect from Synthroid - hands itching?
  37. Weight loss on Synthroid?
  38. Chrisgj's,
  39. sick of feeling sick - please help!
  40. midwest - interesting australian report
  41. Left-side Paralysis
  42. Low TSH
  43. Goiter?
  44. spasmodic dysphonia anyone?
  45. Getting hypo for I-131, TSH at 111 two weeks post-op...
  46. What is the implication of a high reverse T3?
  47. timing of bloodwork
  48. Trouble sleeping
  49. T3 Level
  50. Got a thyroid ultrasound
  51. Help with my numbers
  52. Anyone order Armour from the net?
  53. upper normal range ...
  54. Need help after RAI?
  55. Question about skin paleness?
  56. May have thyroid problem. Who can i go for help?
  57. Tired Tired and still Tired............Plz help direct me
  58. 2 hour glucose level - please help!
  59. Hi again
  60. West End Girl wtc
  61. Back from the Drs, so much for being optimistic...
  62. double dose???
  63. sick of dieting and not losing...why bother?
  64. Need help with test results!!!!!!
  65. Question for meep
  66. Dr. wouldn't give me Armour
  67. New Here, Need Help
  68. Going For More Blood Work
  69. I'm soooooo sleepy!!
  70. Doc only treats patients with Cytomel?
  71. Need help with test results
  72. Pregnancy and hyper thyroidism?
  73. I'm off my meds and miserable...
  74. Estoril... did you get your results?
  75. Is this "normal"?
  76. ever wonder if its not your thyroid?
  77. Wrong tests?
  78. Wrong Meds??
  79. armour users
  80. Questions for Jinglebts
  81. Meds, Hashi's or ********ctomy, GRRRRR
  82. TSH result questions
  83. No antibodies, but swelling?
  84. Fibromyalgia
  85. What tests would you request?
  86. Update on my hypothyroidism
  87. Suspect Hypothyroidism - Drs. app. this week, Help
  88. Lingual thyroid
  89. What are the Thyroglobilin Ab and Thyroid Peroxidase Ab tests?
  90. Regarding results
  91. Doctor perplexed.....
  92. test results
  93. Thyroid tests and fasting
  94. I need some help with blood test results,Please
  95. Question
  96. Do diet pills affect TSH level?
  97. Timing of Blood Work
  98. slow pulse how low is too low?
  99. Sick of this!
  100. parathryroid hormone
  101. Meep....what dose of Armour and Synthroid are you on?
  102. anyone know the "new" range for a free T4 test?
  103. Hypo
  104. Low-normal TSH
  105. ?'s about Wilsons Syndrome?
  106. Being treated with anti-d's but could it be thyroid probs instead?
  107. My TSH is totally wacky!
  108. Still learning! Still Confused!
  109. Dodge the soap that makes you sluggish
  110. Try a gland revving yoga position
  111. I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack
  112. Does this sound like a thyroid problem?
  113. Going to camp for a week
  114. Dizzy????uurrggg
  115. Synthroid and symptoms
  116. Is this Thyriod or Not?
  117. Fluoride could be making you fat
  118. cold when exercising, also nodules
  119. TSH Guideline Confusion
  120. Do I or Don't I have a thyroid problem?
  121. TSH Question
  122. anybody have paroxysmal (episodic) hypertension
  123. my tsh is 4.1, i feel sick, dr says i'm fine
  124. My story and a Question
  125. New Doctor and Armour
  126. confused, need help w/ results
  127. Little question about thyroid meds and no alcohol drinks
  128. Anyone taking Kelp supplements?
  129. Do kelp supplements work?
  130. Thyroid or Not?
  131. Where's Tree Frog?
  132. its me again
  133. My daughter went to my doctor today
  134. When can you take Armour Thyroid
  135. TSH RESULTS - Need help with results
  136. saw palmetto
  137. Lab results... Meep could you pop in for a bit?
  138. I am disappointed with my doctor!!!!
  139. Hypo/Hashis and Syndrome X
  140. Questions about low iodine diet
  141. New Labs - what do you think?
  142. Saw the Dr. today...
  143. I thought Drs went to school to help people?
  144. Dr. appt. today. Midwest and Opal, U were right
  145. How do your friends and family cope with the effects of your thyroid disorder?
  146. ? about uptake scan
  147. First Dr. Appointment- good and bad
  148. Thinking about my symptoms and blood tests
  149. Anyone have problems with Throat Clicking?
  150. Help with symptoms/test results
  151. Wow - 96.1 body temp.
  152. "Episode" symptoms
  153. What is going on????
  154. New Lab Result's
  155. feeling sick...
  156. IBS-like symptoms with thyroid disorder?
  157. what do you do on those days when you just feel lousy?
  158. Consistancy taknig thyroid medication?
  159. Changing from Synthroid to Westhroid
  160. hypo: available medications, pros and cons?
  161. Question about overmedicated on PTU
  162. Midwest, Update, changing it again
  163. sos bracelets
  164. Gone until July 26th!
  165. got lab ranges, advice what to do now??
  166. UTI's
  167. How long can you take cytomel before a scan?
  168. saliva testing
  169. HYPO-HYPER- HYPO or the tale about a black soul in a white overall.
  170. So frustrating!!
  171. dx hyper, but now my TSH AND FT4 are dropping...+ thoughts of babies...
  172. No need for meds right now
  173. New job and feeling really lousy
  174. Anybody ever have a malar rash
  175. Ready to give up hope
  176. West end girl and the gang!!! :)
  177. Right Meds for Reverse T3?
  178. k9mom please help
  179. Has anyone got the cholesterol prob with hypo? (metabolic disorder)
  180. Midwest1 and other experts....
  181. Anyone increase meds during PMS?
  182. Can I ask for an increase in meds with these labs?
  183. very, very, very confused and frustrated
  184. First Week Of Levoxyl Done....
  185. My Son's Thyroid Test Results!
  186. Any Input Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  187. Tips For Reducing Puffiness :)
  188. Eye Floaters
  189. Another LID question
  190. first time post. possibly hypo/hashimoto's
  191. Opinions before doctor visit please...
  192. Follow-up Labs - TSH too low now - questions
  193. Mega-low TSH + low T4. New med to blame?
  194. Maybe this is all in my mind...
  195. Reaction to Armour???
  196. hashi/hypo to the max....someone help!! please
  197. Does swallowing hurt back of neck?
  198. How much iodine?
  199. Just needing to vent
  200. Update on new MD visit
  201. Synthroid to Westhroid???
  202. Question about dosage of Armour
  203. Body numbess
  204. What do U all think??
  205. Food, supplement interactions?
  206. Food, supplement interactions?
  207. Help...low iodine diet!!!
  208. No Periods..... Help !!!
  209. Want to have babies after ********ctomy
  210. New to all this
  211. TSH Results
  212. ? for westend girl
  213. Does anyone else get sore eyes?
  214. What to do next?
  215. Top Hypo symptoms
  216. Torch passed to a new generation
  217. Another Cytomel Question
  218. Went to endo - have lab values
  219. Can somebody help with my results??
  220. ?? about graves disease
  221. Hypo - Hyper ?? Don't know anymore !
  222. throat pressure
  223. question to abbott labs? reply but no answer.
  224. Questions about possible thyroid problem and treatment
  225. Confused
  226. Pained Vision
  227. Any heat intolerant hypo's here?
  228. 1st specialist appointment
  229. not sure what this test is.......
  230. Seeing my real MD tomorrow What tests should I ask for
  231. Kanchanar Guggulu ??
  232. Blood work came back low. Have question
  233. any FAILURES on arrmour/parke davis thyroid?
  234. Question for people w/ nodules
  235. Can someone help me with these new test results please?
  236. MEEP!!! So glad to see you!
  237. Went to my new DO...
  238. Loss of Sensation
  239. heres my labs...please help me understand
  240. Symptoms ?
  241. Anti-tpo...other thyroid tests normal help!
  242. Ive Beeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeen ;) !!!!
  243. forgot and took meds
  244. Omg Another 2hrs 45 Mins!!!
  245. Thyroid Nodules..... New To Board
  246. New MD - Suggestions Please!
  247. Can someone please help
  248. Vent...But , I got my Armour
  249. All of my symptoms are back..what do I do??
  250. Is this multi-vit ok to take on the LID??

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