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  1. test results
  2. OK now I am really confused? Regarding T3
  3. Question about lab results
  4. Finally have all results please help me
  5. Need help interpreting results
  6. Hypodude Re: Tightness in throat
  7. My TSH result
  8. Need Help-Just Diagnosed Hypothyroidism
  9. Antidepressants and hypo!!!
  10. wondering about symptoms & parathyroid
  11. dreadful news about bonbe
  12. I can eat tomatos again
  13. Arms/legs falling asleep at night & couple questions
  14. Itchy skin
  15. Just Checking In
  16. I need Help with my sister's Lab Reoport
  17. MEEP, or anyone else who might know: bonbe faces CA surgery
  18. Bonbe
  19. Tsh 98.4
  20. Hypo, exercise, dosage
  21. need explanation of scores
  22. i think i've found a great naturopath!!
  23. midwest: i can't thank you enough ...
  24. Armour Thyroid?
  25. I have a question...
  26. Can someone help me with the new blood test results?
  27. gaining weight...help
  28. Different brands, whats the difference??
  29. Osteoperosis
  30. low iron?
  31. Tightness in throat - HELP!
  32. Questions
  33. going away for a few days :)
  34. 3 months on Synthroid...new #'s
  35. Help reading test results
  36. How Do you know?
  37. Update docs visit
  38. Radioactive Iodine vs. Surgery?
  39. Update on new naturopathic doctor Today!!!!
  40. Got records in less than 24 hours.
  41. I don't know what is going on,!!!!
  42. DR visit
  43. a quick question
  44. Concerned about Palpitations!! any advice?
  45. K9Mom, others - a few Graves questions....
  46. Eye Problem!! White Line Bump Red Eye
  47. Eye floaters caused by RAI??
  48. Midwest, what do you think?
  49. Told to ask K9Mom?
  50. Sleeping is a nightmare!
  51. Hyperthyroidism or something else?
  52. Armour and bcp
  53. Hair Changes?
  54. Re: New Thyroid test results
  55. Can you become cured on your own?
  56. Is there a definitive antibodies test for hashis?
  57. Sore neck
  58. Desperately need help!!
  59. just want to know
  60. Armour and obesity usage
  61. Levoxyl and sore throat
  62. Could l of turned hypo this quick????
  63. blood tests back - hyper?
  64. Armour users
  65. Am I barking up the right tree?
  66. upper arm/thigh weakness
  67. Question on lab work
  68. Graves disease?
  69. Meds that can alter ft4 test....
  70. upped in dosage....feeling FABULOUS!
  71. Need some advice
  72. new to this
  73. Hashimoto's- Question about Levoxyl Dosage
  74. any hypos experience hyper before a crash?
  75. How many of you have acne.
  76. New lab results
  77. HELP - Confusing Lab Tests HYPO now HYPER
  78. not sure if its thyroid related
  79. New test results.....
  80. I was diagnosised with graves 2001
  81. Quit taking lipitor no more leg pain!!
  82. Endo update....
  83. Can't seem to get records
  84. Is this part of being Hypo
  85. Frustrated
  86. New Here.. Blood results Please help!!
  87. seen the endo
  88. Tired after starting synthroid
  89. What is wrong with me???
  90. newbie - hyperthyroid/Grave's disease?
  91. Lots of symtoms.
  92. Is this number possible?
  93. Bubblebug
  94. test results-do i raise the dose of lev.
  95. How to present your case to your doctor
  96. Headache & Nausea from Armour Thyroid
  97. kltj
  98. Had a great checkup with wonderful FNP
  99. What is this?
  100. Synthroid dosage - osteoporosis?
  101. Osteopathic doctor (DO)
  102. New Results-need help figuring out....
  103. question about painful legs with hypo
  104. Hopefully I will get some help!!!
  105. Weight Gain Hell
  106. How to explain ?
  107. Please help if you can
  108. Plz help..i think i have my ft4 & tsh #s
  109. Can a nodule cause Hashi-like symptoms?
  110. T3 uptake
  111. Am ready to scream
  112. T4 Conversion Into T3
  113. Does low CO2 levels have to do with any thyroid issues?
  114. Help, need some reassurance
  115. Oh my my my
  116. Hypo and lipitor!!
  117. New Labs - Opinions Please
  118. Can low thyroid levels cause infertility?
  119. Please help! - I got the results for my first thyroid panel…
  120. Blood pressure
  121. New Hypo & have a question
  122. Different brand T4
  123. TSH 3.6, but have hyperthyroid symptoms?
  124. Insanity or just Hypo?
  125. See my specialist tomorrow
  126. Need some Answers Please
  127. TSH of 11? What Does It Mean?
  128. Surgery this week
  129. New and need help
  130. Newly Diagnosised with Graves
  131. Recommend any books for Hypo?
  132. Thyroid + Leg Aches
  133. pills losing potency/storage of pills
  134. A question and an intro.....
  135. my blood work results... NOW WHAT!
  136. question about cheapest t4 therapy
  137. there ARE advantages of being hypO!
  138. going to be away!!
  139. Roseanne Rosannadanna is right...LOL
  140. Question for Ladies on Armour
  141. Help .......I can't Sleep
  142. whats going on???????
  143. Question about bloodpressure rising with hypo
  144. Lab Results
  145. From hypo to hyper without feeling good
  146. Internal Tremors
  147. Anyone know if Prednisone effects TSH?
  148. Midwest etc advice on tests
  149. muscle twitches and muscle cramps
  150. Question about blood pressure and hypo
  151. Some hope to share and a question about bodies getting used to meds and needing more
  152. Thyroid & Tonsil glands, any link???
  153. how do you survive the depression while waiting for thyroid meds to work?
  154. good endo Dr's in Southeren New Hampshire
  155. New to this board...kinda I need help plz
  156. Fish/Fish Oils Question
  157. Finally have a referral to an endo but...
  158. Hello all am new!!! :wave:
  159. Bloodwork back, 1st timer, Could use some helpful insight
  160. Blood test- what is LYMPH?
  161. Over suppression?
  162. What should I expect when I visit the Endo?
  163. Painful lump on thyroid gland
  164. hyper=weightloss????
  165. did anyone become hypo after birth of child????
  166. got labs back. cant wait to see the doc
  167. selenium ?
  168. Pulse rate
  169. Okay...help please
  170. an apology for lisascott
  171. Thyroid issues
  172. waiting for my follow up blood test results.....
  173. Postpartum thyroid problem
  174. Just dxed with Autoimmune thyroiditis
  175. hot nodule not on scan?
  176. Update on my hypo state
  177. Think Ive swung into hyper mode
  178. Enlarged thyroid
  179. thyroid disorder...estrogen therapy?
  180. Anyone with hyper and not overweight?
  181. ? about Herbal Remedies
  182. TSH results, what does this mean? insulin injections?
  183. help with my tsh level please and some ?'s
  184. ? about Armour dosages
  185. INTOLERANCE to HEAT/ question - help!
  186. Normal TSH test????
  187. Pregnancy after Hyperthyroid RAI treatment?
  188. Does this DR sound like a nut?
  189. just a couple of questions
  190. Hypertension and Hypo
  191. Needing a cork on Armour
  192. K9mom am worried and have a question for you
  193. 8 yr. old boy test results
  194. ? about TSH result
  195. To Neicey
  196. confused about hyper
  197. I took my very first synthroid today
  198. Help with test results....
  199. My Free T numbers are in
  200. The Armour difference -- Wow!
  201. Got my numbers - would appreciate advice
  202. Reverse T3
  203. Issues with proper Dosage!
  204. I Need help to found a good Endocrine?
  205. Is this even possible?
  206. How important are other tests of thyroid function??
  207. Just another question about hypo?
  208. I have a question??
  209. I had to have a 2nd RAI treatment today...
  210. should I follow my doctor's advice?
  211. help with non-thyroid test results?
  212. Hypo symptoms question
  213. Had a thyroid test done
  214. Price of Armour
  215. Radioactive Iodine Scan Precautions?
  216. What are some of your symptoms of Thyroid problems?
  217. First Antibodies Test and New Labs - Hashis?
  218. What Are These Tests For??????????
  219. What Are These Tests For??????????
  220. Question - TSH Down to 1.53
  221. Postural Hypotension, Anybody?
  222. normal free T4/low free T3
  223. Time of Day Blood Tests
  224. Armour
  225. When did you notice changes after switching to Armour?
  226. Definitely Hypo, doctor won't treat. Help.
  227. Guess I Will Be Switching Boards
  228. Have a question about red irritated eyes with hypo!!
  229. How is Niecsey?
  230. Test results back - Dr thinks I'm normal *sigh*
  231. Achy and Sore
  232. synthroid vs Armour
  233. New dr. actually prescribed me Armour!
  234. I feel "detached."
  235. Taking a KELP supplement
  236. I have a question for hypo people
  237. Please help - I got my thryoid removed 1 year ago, dosage/symptoms
  238. Linda Ronstadt's Hypo problems
  239. Question about blood pressure with hypothyroidism
  240. Swollen hands & feet
  241. Question on Generic
  242. I JINXED MYSELF :( probable ra too :(
  243. Correct dosage?? grrr.. how long does it take?
  244. Strange side effect from Synthroid - hands itching?
  245. Weight loss on Synthroid?
  246. Chrisgj's,
  247. sick of feeling sick - please help!
  248. midwest - interesting australian report
  249. Left-side Paralysis
  250. Low TSH

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