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  1. Latest TSH test and 25 mcg did almost nothing!!
  2. Being hypo and hard to loose weight
  3. Armour? symptoms of thyroid?
  4. help with my counts
  5. Yea! I finally found a doctor!
  6. Worried :(
  7. Question about Hashimotos?
  8. Crashing again - why???
  9. Just had a ********ctomy, have a few questions
  10. I have a hyperthyroid question
  11. What are my risks?
  12. RAI Experiences, Please Post
  13. Just diagnosed FINALLY with hypothyroidism - how soon.........
  14. I'm being TREATED!!! (WV)
  15. My symptoms: A thyroid problem? Please help
  16. Carpal Tunnel?
  17. Heart Palpitations after baby??
  18. Swollen thyroid
  19. Need help understanding Antibody values
  20. Renee' ?? about Armour
  21. Cholesterol? Results..please help!
  22. ramblings of a thyroid
  23. Hypo formerly Hyper
  24. Please help, Need advice!!
  25. Synthroid Reduction and Headaches
  26. Hashimoto's AND hyper symptoms??
  28. Neck Lump-What doctor?
  29. Blood Test Question
  30. After doing so good for so long..feel hypo again
  31. T3 and T4
  32. Another lump in throat question
  33. help! I've gone hyper
  34. depression and panic attacks
  35. Shot in the Dark -- Atlanta Endo?
  36. My story and some questions
  37. SOY question
  38. To All that are HypoThyroid: Could you tell me you symptoms?
  39. Am I just a freak, or....??
  40. Hashimoto's and alcohol
  41. burning tongue/hypothyroid?
  42. throat complains
  43. More feet questions....
  44. Has anyone noticed...
  45. How serious are nodules?
  46. Hyperthyroid, but feel like a ZOMBIE
  47. Second Fna Test Performed
  48. Is this even possible?
  49. New here and not sure where to start!
  50. Swelling in throat?
  51. hypo sheehans syndrome
  52. Something Interesting
  53. Please help with test result numbers
  54. Armour/Bowel improvement
  55. adding cytomel to synthroid
  56. 96 degrees to 98.2 after just eating breakfast within 15 mins???
  57. I found a doctor!!!
  58. MintChocolate (off topic)
  59. Gave up!!!
  60. goiter and pain when swallowing
  61. Thank YOU emtinsc!!!!!!!
  62. Newest Thyroid Test Results!
  63. ear pain and thyroid?
  64. My treatment, Does anyone have advice?
  65. Burning Feet
  66. Slightly OT: Vitamin C
  67. High T3, High TSH, Normal T4 - Please help with labs
  68. Help! Pls Explain Tsh,t3,t4. Should I See A Specialist?
  69. ?Relapse of Postpartum Thyroiditis or Graves?
  70. help I really need info on svt and thyroid
  71. Is This Normal for Thypothiroidism
  72. Hashi Sufferers
  73. complicated ? about armour
  74. Cytomel while going off Levothroid?
  75. Dizziness, Fatigue, aches, Thyroid?
  76. frustrating symptoms
  77. Good News!!!!!!
  78. progesterone
  80. Why would my Doctor prescribe Levothyroxine? (synthroid)
  81. Help, I need SLEEP!
  82. Dr. Guttler's newsletter, May 1st 2004
  83. Can someone explain?
  84. ? about Hypothyriod Med.
  85. Please Explain Tsh, T3 And T4
  86. Heartburn???
  87. Question about Cytomel side effects
  88. Feeling Better
  89. Any connection between ear pain/problems and Hashi?
  90. Taking Armour...once or twice a day?
  91. Just an update.
  92. Three fingers thyroid
  93. Thyroid meds that aid in loosing weight
  94. thyroid and antidepressents
  95. ?'s about armour thyroid - high or low dose??
  96. temp and thyroid
  97. Free T4 and TSH Question
  98. female question
  99. Girlygirly or anybody who know? Re: Magnesium
  100. Diet Pills and Labs?
  101. Thyroiditis - What should I do now????
  102. Finally getting somewhere!
  103. New the site
  104. New to this board...nodule found, please HELP!!
  105. Doctors are SOOOO Frustrating
  106. Welcome Back
  107. Ups & Downs common while adjusting? Questions
  108. could hyper cause heart problems?
  109. Elbow pain?
  110. advice please
  111. Question About Ft3??????
  112. hypo after RAI - any advice?
  113. Well another side effect... I guess
  114. do i need a higher dosage
  115. What are the chances?
  116. thyroid related seizures?
  117. Anybody 60+ on Synthroid?
  118. what do these labs mean?
  119. ********ctomy questions
  120. Starting to feel better - now doc says meds too high
  121. Confused and very sad, please help
  122. Thyroid Problem Jittery??
  123. My labs.... help please???
  124. While I search for a better doctor...
  125. Good/Bad 1st new doc visit
  126. Adjustment to Meds
  127. Please look at my lab results!
  128. DID Thyrodectomy, now hyper, why?Pl. helppp
  129. Question about thyroid scan results
  130. Dosage Too High?
  131. Armour question for you
  132. Can someone please help...
  133. Question for upcoming labs?
  134. Welcome to the hypo club
  135. Best time for labs?
  136. OK--Now I am scared! Labs.....
  137. back from doctor, no higher dose
  138. Thyroid numbers
  139. dea4, questions for you
  140. Goodbye Armour
  141. coming into the general public info
  142. Latest lab results
  143. Link b/w thyroid probs. and tendonitis?
  144. Midwest1
  145. Iwannalife but I didn't get one...
  146. General/ Venting
  147. what questions to ask doctor
  148. Lab Results, Help!
  149. Slow weight loss once levels are normal
  150. thyroid issues? what are the signs???
  151. I may have found an endo!
  152. Students who suffer?
  153. dry eyes-I just got my upper ducts plugged
  154. re Midwest1 and anyone
  155. Update
  156. Hypothyroid can it disappear?
  157. Finally, the test results show hypothyroidism
  158. levoxyl vs. Synthroid? What is the difference?
  159. upcoming wisdom tooth extraction
  160. seeing endo tomorrow morning.
  161. last stomach question
  162. medication causing this?
  163. Looking For A Good Doctor
  164. Do They Ever Quit Treating The Numbers???
  165. New here and questions about "test" results
  166. dry eye symptoms continue! hypothyroid
  167. Test results in. All normal
  168. Tests are fine and so are you...Or so they say.
  169. 2 questions
  170. Swollen Throat
  171. Weight Issues
  172. Meep - Running out of ideas, can you help?
  173. Re: Eyes
  174. which doctor do i go to
  175. Hair
  176. Midwest
  177. I thought you were suppose to put the thermometer under your armpit in the morning
  178. Can someone help me interpret my test results...Please?
  179. Levoxyl: Synthroid: ARMOUR!!!!
  180. stomach ailments
  181. New Rai ?
  182. Switching to Armour from Synthroid- what to expect?
  183. Thyroid
  184. Is it possible for a Thyroid nodule to break and disappear?
  185. New here: Perimenopause and thyroid
  186. taking basal temp
  187. Do you think I might have a problem?
  188. help intepreting test results!
  189. What are the tests for Thyroid probs?
  190. Should I take Wellbutrin
  191. Carpal Tunnel and Hypothyroidism
  192. Goiter Developing and Confused
  193. First time on a board (help)
  194. Conversation with Endo
  195. thyroid related hairloss
  196. Question about taking synthroid with other meds.
  197. Question About Synthroid
  198. Good Housekeeping May Issue-TD article
  199. New here; please help
  200. thyroid and depression.
  201. Can Thyroid disorder cause dry eye?
  202. New Test Results
  203. Anyone take Naturethroid or Westhroid?
  204. Throat pain
  205. back from dr visit/still hanging on
  206. Help me ask for the correct tests PLEASE
  207. Doc increased my thyroxine, suddenly had heart palpitation, fear of dying help..
  208. Please Help Interpret Lab Results
  209. Question for the hypo sufferers out there
  210. Got labwork back...still no Free T3
  211. bloodwork nothing new---still normal
  212. Newbie with nodule & cushings symptoms
  213. choking
  214. Joint Aches
  215. new labs, how do they look?
  216. Sorta bored - A new twist on my blood results
  217. Venting
  218. Ear and Jaw Pain, anyone else?
  219. Fluid Retention Worsens As Day Progresses
  220. Any other Hypos out there with Tachycardia/Fast Heart Beat?
  221. Help itchy skin problem
  222. antibodies CAN be developed ...
  223. Thanx Midwest1
  224. Possible thyroid?
  225. Post-op & getting really fat here...now what?
  226. Back from angel doctor visit...
  227. strange question
  228. Anyone ever recieve an explantion burning feet/hypothyroid?
  229. Can reducing cytomel cause severe headaches?
  230. A question about changes in hair if hypothyroid
  231. New symptoms; Scary
  232. Small victory for me!
  233. uptake and scan
  234. Help from hypothyroid experts
  235. Shortness of breathe
  236. Meep?
  237. body temp
  238. re Heddy 73
  239. Side Affect: Tremor
  240. Armour At Last:Questions on How to Take it and Dose????
  241. Bodybuildergirl
  242. Do I need to fast before labs
  243. Found this GREAT list of HYPO symptoms...
  244. Test Results and Your Suggestions please!
  245. Meep.......midwest.......
  246. confused about something...
  247. 1st endo visit during pregnancy
  248. New Dr./ new problems
  249. So, I saw my doctor yesterday
  250. bosmom: i found something that may explain your foot nodules ...

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