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  1. Urgent Help Please
  2. Thyroid problem?
  3. How sensitive are you to dose changes?
  4. Need advice
  5. Can you "grow out" of hypo thyroid?
  6. Hashi's with Normal Thyroid Levels
  7. My Thyroid Scan and Uptake (TSH <0.01)
  8. HURTHLE CELLS...need help w/interpretation!
  9. lab results
  10. Doctors Appointment
  11. I think I'm broken! Lab results-->
  12. Some Progress
  13. Effexor
  14. Got my labs back and I am shocked!
  15. med question
  16. YAHOOOO!!!! I have a DR that listened!!!!!!!
  17. Rollercoaster
  18. MIA Blacktulips abducted by aliens
  19. Question Regarding Symptoms
  20. 2 weeks on meds....
  21. TSH level of 110.52
  22. TSH level of 110.52
  23. Woke up to shaking sensation
  24. T3
  25. Hypothyroidism and carbs
  26. Dry throat and difficult swallowing
  27. Higher than normal iodine uptake test/ hypo
  28. Synthroid,Levo, and Armour?-Help!
  29. PLEASE READ-All who were dx'd hypo w/NORMAL LABS
  30. Newbie w possible hypo-Emergency room?
  31. Intro, and next steps?
  32. Selenium
  33. Should I be on Meds?
  34. My Dr. ideas on the weight issue
  35. Help - need some answers.
  36. I'm ok :)
  37. There's fog coming out my ears!
  38. Does anyone get numb fingers?
  39. Synthroid vs. Armour ???
  40. question about soy....
  41. Low TSH, High T4 - Hypo symptoms?
  42. New to board and have a lab story
  43. Test Results
  44. Thyroid Uptake Pre-Worries - Does this sound right?
  45. I need some advice!
  46. thyroid skin rash
  47. update on armour
  48. Doctor put me on meds today, is this right?
  50. Does stress affect hypoT?
  51. Hypothyroid and Addisons...Anybody?
  52. Those lab results...hypo
  53. Need some questions answered...
  54. Does this make any sense??
  55. Just Darn.....
  56. hypo labs - T4 falling? Frustrated!
  57. Need Urgent Help
  58. T3
  59. the run-around AGAIN!!!
  60. Coughing after eating ice cream or hot foods?
  61. New to HyperT and New to this Board
  62. New Doctor Questions......
  63. skin redness over thyroid area?
  64. TSH high - t3, t4 normal - antibodies
  65. Hypo...still having severe problems. New here, too.
  66. Hello, I'm new here.
  67. Afters years of suffering....Hyperthyroid
  68. Hospital tomorrow- Help. need advice
  69. Eggs- Thyroxine
  70. anybody ever stop taking thyroid meds ?
  71. female reproductive organ problems anyone?
  72. For those on less than 100 mcg.; do low doses of T4 work?
  73. WOW What a day
  74. Heat and Fatigue
  75. K9Mom... Advice for this young man?
  76. Name of on-line lab please
  77. I think I have an underactive thyroid
  78. Chinese Bean Sprouts
  79. silly question. - Anyone thin, but got an underactive thyroid
  80. Questions - Hypo
  81. I Can not cope Anymore
  82. What doseage of Selenium
  83. Need advice - No one else to turn too, This is my story
  84. Anyone tried Cortislim? Does it work? Are these products safe?
  85. Weight gain and Hypothryroidism
  86. Test results: TSH normal, T4 low, T3 low
  87. adrenal fatigue ??
  88. I'm back/questions,/update
  89. Seasonal Connection?
  90. Yes, someone else needs help w/ lab results!
  91. I don't know what these results mean. Please help!
  92. heeeeeellllppppp!
  93. High T3 associated with HypO??? New Labs...Someone please give me a hand with these.
  94. Headaches and swelling feet and ankles
  95. FYI those taking cholesterol lowering drugs w/ t4 drugs
  96. Anyone else have skin discoloration?????????
  97. FMLA benefits
  98. Whey protein shakes
  99. Tested in Dec., should I test again?
  100. Energy increase, how long does it take?
  101. Book Review:"Thyroid for Dummies" By Dr. Alan Rubin, MD
  102. My Endo Specialist Dumped Me....
  103. Symptoms of hypothyroid, test at lower limit of normal - Thyroid the culprit?
  104. offline for a while
  105. Having CT scan and Needle Biopsy
  106. Confused about lab results
  107. Off until Wednesday
  108. Welcome Back, Bonnie!!!
  109. Cytozyme-AD vs Cortef?
  110. foods etc
  111. Only TSH abnormal - does this cause symptoms?
  112. Is this a big drop?
  113. After a UTI, I'm Crashing AGAIN!!!
  114. Have you experienced Apathy due to hypothyroidism??
  115. spin vs. truth: re Cytomel & Armour
  116. Does your "cycle" affect your symptoms?
  117. Anyone ever tried cortislim for weight loss?
  118. alcohol consumption and Hashi's
  119. food before op ?
  120. Renee'
  121. From Bonnie
  122. Level's dropping again..now what?
  123. Is this Grave's Disease?
  124. Moving, Need new ENDO quickly!
  125. Sorry
  126. what is the truth about labs?
  127. Need Advice Please TSH Question
  128. hypo and hyper
  129. General Question: 3rd Generation?
  130. Please help with tests results!
  131. Symptom?????
  132. Maybe I have an underactive thyroid
  133. Could I get you to look at my Labs?
  134. Advice on Labs?
  135. now what?
  136. Losing weight
  137. I found an awesome doctor!
  138. Now What???
  139. My son's symptoms-your thoughts please
  140. Proper Thyroid Testing
  141. Latest Blood Results - Not Hypo
  142. Looking for a doctor - Western Kentucky
  143. Bonbe........
  144. ???
  145. Have a question about symptoms
  146. New symptoms, MRI
  147. Latest TSH test and 25 mcg did almost nothing!!
  148. Being hypo and hard to loose weight
  149. Armour? symptoms of thyroid?
  150. help with my counts
  151. Yea! I finally found a doctor!
  152. Worried :(
  153. Question about Hashimotos?
  154. Crashing again - why???
  155. Just had a ********ctomy, have a few questions
  156. I have a hyperthyroid question
  157. What are my risks?
  158. RAI Experiences, Please Post
  159. Just diagnosed FINALLY with hypothyroidism - how soon.........
  160. I'm being TREATED!!! (WV)
  161. My symptoms: A thyroid problem? Please help
  162. Carpal Tunnel?
  163. Heart Palpitations after baby??
  164. Swollen thyroid
  165. Need help understanding Antibody values
  166. Renee' ?? about Armour
  167. Cholesterol? Results..please help!
  168. ramblings of a thyroid
  169. Hypo formerly Hyper
  170. Please help, Need advice!!
  171. Synthroid Reduction and Headaches
  172. Hashimoto's AND hyper symptoms??
  174. Neck Lump-What doctor?
  175. Blood Test Question
  176. After doing so good for so long..feel hypo again
  177. T3 and T4
  178. Another lump in throat question
  179. help! I've gone hyper
  180. depression and panic attacks
  181. Shot in the Dark -- Atlanta Endo?
  182. My story and some questions
  183. SOY question
  184. To All that are HypoThyroid: Could you tell me you symptoms?
  185. Am I just a freak, or....??
  186. Hashimoto's and alcohol
  187. burning tongue/hypothyroid?
  188. throat complains
  189. More feet questions....
  190. Has anyone noticed...
  191. How serious are nodules?
  192. Hyperthyroid, but feel like a ZOMBIE
  193. Second Fna Test Performed
  194. Is this even possible?
  195. New here and not sure where to start!
  196. Swelling in throat?
  197. hypo sheehans syndrome
  198. Something Interesting
  199. Please help with test result numbers
  200. Armour/Bowel improvement
  201. adding cytomel to synthroid
  202. 96 degrees to 98.2 after just eating breakfast within 15 mins???
  203. I found a doctor!!!
  204. MintChocolate (off topic)
  205. Gave up!!!
  206. goiter and pain when swallowing
  207. Thank YOU emtinsc!!!!!!!
  208. Newest Thyroid Test Results!
  209. ear pain and thyroid?
  210. My treatment, Does anyone have advice?
  211. Burning Feet
  212. Slightly OT: Vitamin C
  213. High T3, High TSH, Normal T4 - Please help with labs
  214. Help! Pls Explain Tsh,t3,t4. Should I See A Specialist?
  215. ?Relapse of Postpartum Thyroiditis or Graves?
  216. help I really need info on svt and thyroid
  217. Is This Normal for Thypothiroidism
  218. Hashi Sufferers
  219. complicated ? about armour
  220. Cytomel while going off Levothroid?
  221. Dizziness, Fatigue, aches, Thyroid?
  222. frustrating symptoms
  223. Good News!!!!!!
  224. progesterone
  226. Why would my Doctor prescribe Levothyroxine? (synthroid)
  227. Help, I need SLEEP!
  228. Dr. Guttler's newsletter, May 1st 2004
  229. Can someone explain?
  230. ? about Hypothyriod Med.
  231. Please Explain Tsh, T3 And T4
  232. Heartburn???
  233. Question about Cytomel side effects
  234. Feeling Better
  235. Any connection between ear pain/problems and Hashi?
  236. Taking Armour...once or twice a day?
  237. Just an update.
  238. Three fingers thyroid
  239. Thyroid meds that aid in loosing weight
  240. thyroid and antidepressents
  241. ?'s about armour thyroid - high or low dose??
  242. temp and thyroid
  243. Free T4 and TSH Question
  244. female question
  245. Girlygirly or anybody who know? Re: Magnesium
  246. Diet Pills and Labs?
  247. Thyroiditis - What should I do now????
  248. Finally getting somewhere!
  249. New the site
  250. New to this board...nodule found, please HELP!!

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