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  1. Question for upcoming labs?
  2. Welcome to the hypo club
  3. Best time for labs?
  4. OK--Now I am scared! Labs.....
  5. back from doctor, no higher dose
  6. Thyroid numbers
  7. dea4, questions for you
  8. Goodbye Armour
  9. coming into the general public info
  10. Latest lab results
  11. Link b/w thyroid probs. and tendonitis?
  12. Midwest1
  13. Iwannalife but I didn't get one...
  14. General/ Venting
  15. what questions to ask doctor
  16. Lab Results, Help!
  17. Slow weight loss once levels are normal
  18. thyroid issues? what are the signs???
  19. I may have found an endo!
  20. Students who suffer?
  21. dry eyes-I just got my upper ducts plugged
  22. re Midwest1 and anyone
  23. Update
  24. Hypothyroid can it disappear?
  25. Finally, the test results show hypothyroidism
  26. levoxyl vs. Synthroid? What is the difference?
  27. upcoming wisdom tooth extraction
  28. seeing endo tomorrow morning.
  29. last stomach question
  30. medication causing this?
  31. Looking For A Good Doctor
  32. Do They Ever Quit Treating The Numbers???
  33. New here and questions about "test" results
  34. dry eye symptoms continue! hypothyroid
  35. Test results in. All normal
  36. Tests are fine and so are you...Or so they say.
  37. 2 questions
  38. Swollen Throat
  39. Weight Issues
  40. Meep - Running out of ideas, can you help?
  41. Re: Eyes
  42. which doctor do i go to
  43. Hair
  44. Midwest
  45. I thought you were suppose to put the thermometer under your armpit in the morning
  46. Can someone help me interpret my test results...Please?
  47. Levoxyl: Synthroid: ARMOUR!!!!
  48. stomach ailments
  49. New Rai ?
  50. Switching to Armour from Synthroid- what to expect?
  51. Thyroid
  52. Is it possible for a Thyroid nodule to break and disappear?
  53. New here: Perimenopause and thyroid
  54. taking basal temp
  55. Do you think I might have a problem?
  56. help intepreting test results!
  57. What are the tests for Thyroid probs?
  58. Should I take Wellbutrin
  59. Carpal Tunnel and Hypothyroidism
  60. Goiter Developing and Confused
  61. First time on a board (help)
  62. Conversation with Endo
  63. thyroid related hairloss
  64. Question about taking synthroid with other meds.
  65. Question About Synthroid
  66. Good Housekeeping May Issue-TD article
  67. New here; please help
  68. thyroid and depression.
  69. Can Thyroid disorder cause dry eye?
  70. New Test Results
  71. Anyone take Naturethroid or Westhroid?
  72. Throat pain
  73. back from dr visit/still hanging on
  74. Help me ask for the correct tests PLEASE
  75. Doc increased my thyroxine, suddenly had heart palpitation, fear of dying help..
  76. Please Help Interpret Lab Results
  77. Question for the hypo sufferers out there
  78. Got labwork back...still no Free T3
  79. bloodwork nothing new---still normal
  80. Newbie with nodule & cushings symptoms
  81. choking
  82. Joint Aches
  83. new labs, how do they look?
  84. Sorta bored - A new twist on my blood results
  85. Venting
  86. Ear and Jaw Pain, anyone else?
  87. Fluid Retention Worsens As Day Progresses
  88. Any other Hypos out there with Tachycardia/Fast Heart Beat?
  89. Help itchy skin problem
  90. antibodies CAN be developed ...
  91. Thanx Midwest1
  92. Possible thyroid?
  93. Post-op & getting really fat here...now what?
  94. Back from angel doctor visit...
  95. strange question
  96. Anyone ever recieve an explantion burning feet/hypothyroid?
  97. Can reducing cytomel cause severe headaches?
  98. A question about changes in hair if hypothyroid
  99. New symptoms; Scary
  100. Small victory for me!
  101. uptake and scan
  102. Help from hypothyroid experts
  103. Shortness of breathe
  104. Meep?
  105. body temp
  106. re Heddy 73
  107. Side Affect: Tremor
  108. Armour At Last:Questions on How to Take it and Dose????
  109. Bodybuildergirl
  110. Do I need to fast before labs
  111. Found this GREAT list of HYPO symptoms...
  112. Test Results and Your Suggestions please!
  113. Meep.......midwest.......
  114. confused about something...
  115. 1st endo visit during pregnancy
  116. New Dr./ new problems
  117. So, I saw my doctor yesterday
  118. bosmom: i found something that may explain your foot nodules ...
  119. Panic Attacks/Anxiety related to Thyroid
  120. Test Result Back...
  121. Coughing, hoarseness-thyroid related?
  122. Having symptoms for 1+ years..sorry this is long..
  123. Has anyone tried to go off thyroid hormones?
  124. Heat Intolerance
  125. Antibodies, anyone?
  126. Tree Frog still around??
  127. The not-so-usual symptoms
  128. Question about armour for hypo
  129. Biopsy Results and my Numbers
  130. doctors, LA area
  131. mitral valve prolapse and hyperthyroid
  132. T4 to T3
  133. Miper... About your upcoming FNA
  134. neck sweating
  135. Thyroid or Hormone Imbalance???
  136. Thyroid and coldness?
  137. Raq26... Did you have your FNA? How did you make out?
  138. test results
  139. armour dosage
  140. stomach cramps
  141. Midwest, Miper, Noitergirl.. an overall thank you answering my FNA test today post
  142. What does this lab result mean?
  143. Just when i thought it was safe.........
  144. synthroid alternative
  145. I am having a serious problem with getting a diagnosis
  146. Need help with labs
  147. Meds And Unusual Reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!
  148. Double vision from thyroid or grave's? Need info!
  149. Thryoid test interpretation
  150. here are my levels with the ranges, thanks for helping
  151. I'm pregnant! Any advice
  152. Levels results...
  153. Lab Results - Please help Interpret!
  154. Not Sleeping
  155. meep or someone that know about dosages
  156. Hypothyroid and pregnancy
  157. Need Info Please?
  158. What to wish for?
  159. Need Help
  160. The hardest thing about thyroid
  161. thyroid symptoms
  162. Help for friend
  163. Help, this doc is gonna make my sister hyper
  164. Lab results... please help!
  165. Heres my test results PLEASE HELP
  166. Hi everyone
  167. hallucinations
  168. Help-TSH and T-4 are both low!
  169. I just had my FNA on Monday
  170. My endo appt yesterday ~ Wow :)
  171. having thyroid scan... nervous...
  172. For all you folks who had thyroid removed...
  173. Male with High Estrogen
  174. Went to new Endo
  175. What happens if pregnant while TSH is high?
  176. New Endo just called with Lab Result's and I need help
  177. Ultrasound
  178. Need infor on thyroid tests
  179. What do you think ???
  180. new here need help
  181. question about test results
  182. What could this mean?
  183. Hay fever is gone!
  184. dry eyes and Hashimoto's
  185. Went to New Endo......
  186. voice messed up after surgery
  187. 1.95 TSH and symptoms
  188. Conversion from Synthroid to Armour/Thyroid Hormone
  189. Doctors answer on test results!!!!
  190. Iwannalife's daughter needs help
  191. Hashis diagnosis
  192. GP vs. ENDO?
  193. Graves diagnosis?
  194. Hyperthyroid??
  195. thyroid storm/crisis?
  196. Help...
  197. Basal Body Temp - exactly how to take it
  198. Underactive thyroid???????
  199. New, Confused, looking for directions...
  200. Visiting New Endo today...??? for you
  201. Does this sound right to you?
  202. help with new labs/endo visit--blarrrr!!!
  203. ? for Meep or other--endo appt. Wed lab/med questions.
  204. test results, finally.
  205. soy affects on thyroid
  206. Im back again
  207. Vocal Chord injection?
  208. Dr. Appt didnt go so well, Know one will help..
  209. Tired and Cold
  210. MEEP.... Help...
  211. another question for thyroid sufferers.
  212. meep, midwest1 -- new labs and i'm crashing!
  213. New and in need of help!
  214. Have a FNA tomorrow morning.... HELP
  215. Long term cough and nasal congestion
  216. Question About Cytomel
  217. Feeling Very Bad Today
  218. hyper without graves?
  219. Newbie with a question...
  220. Synthyroid problem or is it just me, sigh...
  221. Upping the synthroid
  222. Change in my Meds
  223. need info on T-100X...can you help girlygirl or anyone?
  224. when can I put away the fan?
  225. test results back.
  226. How does one know if on right Thyroid med's ??
  227. Slowly Deteriorating. Exhausted. Sooo Exhausted. Desperate.
  228. Confirmation of Blood tests to get and OT question
  229. thyroid for thought...
  230. Taken off T4 due to BP/heart rate problems - any input would be appreciated
  231. Question concerning Free T4 level
  232. I'm Back And On A Downslide. Td Bites!
  233. emotional healing and thyroid...?
  234. Results 1.4 is normal?
  235. normal test results???
  236. Few weird questions on thyroid post-Grave's disease
  237. How can this be?
  239. One Diagnosis Down...
  240. Hashimotos Hypothyroid - am I getting worse?
  241. question for people that have thyroid disorders
  242. newly diagnosed sufferer
  243. TSH levels and Hypothyroidism?
  244. low dose?
  245. My Endo visit has left me feeling a little nuts
  246. saw my endo
  247. I Love Armour..
  248. Blood pressure with hypothryoid
  249. Need advise on new Lab Results
  250. hi. new here.

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