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  1. P(ost)MS? Sorry guys!
  2. newbie with questions/sorry this is long
  3. Feeling of thickness in my neck
  4. Please I need Help
  5. thryodectomy question/bc pills
  6. Can You Have A Thyroid Problem with Negative Tests?
  7. Hypothyroid and MS?!
  8. Untreated hypothyroid
  9. Miper, CLA works, thank you!
  10. back to Ladywolfe
  11. Thyroid Disorders and Soy Milk
  12. Fast pulse???
  13. Can hypothyroidism be genetic?
  14. New here and I am in need of help
  15. DO sent from heaven
  17. Is this normal?
  18. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  19. Help!!!!!
  20. Get what you need to LIVE LIFE!
  21. shakiness, jittery...
  22. numbers, i have numbers, i have lots and lots of ...
  23. Boils???
  24. New to the board
  25. How strange!!!!!!
  26. Coconut Oil
  27. New. Subclinical? After 2nd baby
  28. From Meds to no Meds in a year???
  29. How bad do you have to feel to go to ER?
  30. Does anyone on Armour take calcium pills?
  31. Need response ASAP, Dr question
  32. anxiety and hypothyroid
  33. OMG. I'd hoped I'd educated them better.
  34. For Tree frog or other hypo experts, please
  35. TSH only tested
  36. Will this med hurt my test results
  37. Heart Palpitations Could this be Thyroid???
  38. Scan came back...... rust spot?
  39. Woooo WAAAA great news!!!!
  40. Is it worth it??
  41. Noticed a little swelling in my legs?
  42. Hi, I'm new with a question...
  43. Alittle More Hair Help!?!?!?...
  44. DUMB QUESTION (maybe)
  45. synthroid
  46. dosage?
  47. Finally some tests results... not promising though
  48. Meep I'd appreciate your thoughts here?
  49. Medication after surgery?
  50. Kidney problems
  51. Opinions, please! Hyper after surgery!
  52. Calcium
  53. Chest pain and thyroid probs??
  54. Lipitor question
  55. what's the difference?
  56. lab results...can anyone help me? :confused:
  57. thyroid questions?
  58. Thyroiditis - stomach pain?
  59. what were your meds after thyroidectomy?
  60. Meep... I could use some help
  61. Test results newly diagnosed
  62. lab results
  63. Hypothyroid? Please share...
  64. What other test are there?
  65. Question/Davitude? Miper? Supplements for someone who had no thyroid function.
  66. My numbers
  67. Finally saw my endo re: nodules.
  68. Low Iodine Diet??? REALLY confused. ANYONE?
  69. High Blood Pressure- Low Pulse
  70. Hi all, could someone read these results please
  71. Finally a Diagnosis (Sort Of...)
  72. Hyperthyroid? Results of TSH before and after PTU?
  73. Amazing!!!!
  74. a few questions
  75. for those of you.............
  76. Lab Results
  77. Tired and Dizzy
  78. Anyone on Niaspan? No? Hot Flashes then?
  79. Hashi's and nodules?
  80. Maybe it is just you!
  81. Test Results
  82. Appt time
  83. could someone please post the "normal" ranges for TSH ?
  84. making sense of labs
  85. For those on Armour who have had their thyroid removed
  86. ? about calcium
  87. Any vitamin/nutrient suggestions for Hyperthyroid?
  88. Hyperthyroid Symptoms?
  89. Hyperthyroid? Thinking about radioiodine?
  90. Newly diagnosed.....finally
  91. Questions...
  92. HELP!! Costco says it can't get Armour???
  93. understanding my readings
  94. thanks for the advise "to be patient"
  95. 3 days post thryoidectomy-switching meds
  96. Strange symptoms.... is it thyroid
  97. Natural metabolic increase through exercise?
  98. Armour Thyroid Info
  99. can low thryroid cause a peron's face to look bloated?
  100. Someone please tell me I am not crazy
  101. weird.
  102. New and surprised to be here
  103. new here - need help!!
  104. Was tired so the Doc Helped....added Drug.
  105. Meep, can you help?
  106. New - Do I need more testing?
  107. Question about current status
  108. Lab results
  109. Thyroid missing, skin unmanageable
  110. Do allergies go away?
  111. does anyone have these symptoms?
  112. Update on new bloodwork
  113. Swollen glands anyone?
  114. Hyper? or Hypo?
  115. Newly diagnosed
  116. dizzy?!?!
  117. Has anyone used Thyro Start?
  118. Now I understand where the depression fits in
  119. sooo tired ...
  120. Body Temperature
  121. HASHIMOTO'S & other auto-immune disorders
  122. Newbie on synthroid...need advice
  123. Needing Help From Someone Who Knows!!!
  124. What does these labs mean?
  125. Some of you will be jealous!
  126. Finally New Lab Results
  127. Face flushing/rash...thyroid-related?
  128. To much Armour?
  129. Muscle, joint aches....
  130. Ladywolfe
  131. Selenium questions!!!!!
  132. What is T3% mean on lab results?
  133. Is Thyroidism Genetic?
  134. Got my 7yr olds labs!
  135. PA doctor???
  136. Question for those with hairloss
  137. T3
  138. got ultrasound done
  139. Why is the T3 so important?
  140. Hashimoto's & amenorrhea
  141. Can anyone recommend a doctor in SC?
  142. question
  143. Question for Meep about readings
  144. HELP! synthroid giving me symtoms I didn't have
  145. Saw my endo on the 10th....
  146. Question on T3 Uptake
  147. Once thyroid is off, are other hormones?
  148. I want to be off of Synthroid.
  149. Question About Symptoms
  150. Encouraged but confused
  151. Fatigue, sleep disorders, allergies & thyroid
  152. Help!! I have questions!
  153. thyroid and eyes
  154. Newly diagnosed.
  155. A couple of questions
  156. Doctor messing with my doses is messing me up!
  157. What Foods to add and what Foods to omit (any hints)
  158. How do I convince my Doctor all is not well?
  159. Will HyperT go to HypoT?
  160. TSH = 4.6, please advise
  161. New with HypoThyroid
  162. New Labs..do I need med's?
  163. Armour in Canada
  164. another "labs help please" question
  165. Happy Valentines Day Everyone
  166. whats happening
  167. Feeling down......
  168. please help
  169. hormones/heart disease/stroke/menopause???
  170. Just fount lump on neck
  171. Thyroid eye disease & hypothyroid
  172. armour/levoxyl
  173. Thyrosol?
  174. SO what now?
  175. Side effects?
  176. Hot Nodule-Confused
  177. Agitation and Synthroid
  178. Anyone Wilson's Thyroid T3 Therapy?
  179. Is this normal?
  180. Questions????
  181. Got my Results...
  182. Just a little upate on my Destiny 7yrold
  183. I'm confused and need advice...
  184. Here are my thyroid test results...are they really that bad?
  185. Labs Results fall in normal range, so why take meds?
  186. alcohol and thyroid medicine - part 2
  187. Levethroid dosage question
  188. adrenal gland testing...?
  189. Just diagnosed (I think) with Graves and I don't have a clue...
  190. HI, could someone interpret my labs??
  191. high tsh #?
  192. 1st Endo visit..need surgery !!
  193. Need help ASAP....where do I start????
  194. Will Subclinical HYPO turn into full blown HYPO?
  195. What to do about work?
  196. Is 150mg armour a large dosage?
  197. Treatment Time Blue?
  198. Please help me understand!! (Meep?)
  199. tsh 56.53
  200. Diet pills??Do they work??
  201. Alcohol and thyroid medicine - does it mix?
  202. Synthriod and weight loss?
  203. New Labs
  204. Thyroid Removal and questions
  205. Tsh level is 6.90
  206. home tyr. test and otc drugs
  207. Finally, a doc listens! There is hope!
  208. for girlygirly
  209. armor dosage
  210. to: meeps
  211. twog-landers 2 :) -- bosmom, bonnie, ladywolfe, pushka, blue,
  212. has anyone else...
  213. your experience with meds
  214. Synthyroid for enlarged thyroid????
  215. Saw my Cancer Specialist.... lots of testing coming up
  216. Thyroid Levels/Armour/Help
  217. Question for the Women
  218. dancing knees and hiccup burps??!!!
  219. Subclinical Hyperthyroid
  220. My7yr old starting on Synthroid...help please
  221. path report post tt
  222. Anyone taking Naturethroid???
  223. Total thyroidectomy surgery 2/18/04!
  224. What's normal for changes in TSH?
  225. Undiagnosed and wondering if i am hyperthyroid!
  226. i'm new here need some answers
  227. Switched from Levoxyl to Armour Cause of Your Advice!
  228. Back from OV, Info to share
  229. Thyroid Nodules Disappearing
  230. Blood pressure
  231. Change in Bowels
  232. Poll: TSH lower than .3 and no hyper symptoms
  233. Need help and Guidence
  234. Thyroid Pain?
  235. cytomel and mood
  236. What can I expect with Hashimotos thyroiditis
  237. Thyroid recovery time ?
  238. Diagnosed borderline hyo?? Have test results
  239. Test Results in still confused?
  240. update
  241. Feeling Bad
  242. Low temperature normal?
  243. Anyone Tried T3 Therapy for Wilson's Thyroid?
  244. armour doesn't appear to be working - need advice please
  245. What does Bicarbonate test for?
  246. New Lab Numbers - Thoughts Please
  247. Please Please Please....I Need Help I Cant do this much longer
  248. i am so unhappy ...
  249. Diagnosed Hypo in June Still feeling bad What's taking so long?
  250. TSH 159...what does this mean?

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