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  1. Acouple important thyroid questions.
  2. why are my hands numb while sleeping?
  3. Advice Please
  4. What do the #'s mean??
  5. I am SO frustrated
  6. No FT4, high FT3 - on T4 meds only
  7. Hot Face, Muscle Tightness, please respond
  8. Scroll by if you hate whiners...
  9. Here are my results, could somone explain?
  10. Am I hyper ? or still hypo ? lab results
  11. Am I just nuts?
  12. Light at the end of the tunnel...
  13. pain in the neck!
  14. Is missed period common?
  15. Sons Levels, Could He Be........
  16. hypothyroid and aortic regurgitatin questions
  17. Is T3 harder on your body?
  18. How do oral contraceptives alter TSH results?
  19. is this normal
  20. Armour
  21. hypo & endo?
  22. Anyone ever have viral thyroiditis?
  23. someone talk to me please
  24. Is there a Tree Frog in the house?
  25. Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA)
  26. No Longer Hopeless
  27. What do you think?
  28. Im Baaaaaack
  29. Uncomfortable!
  30. Any Idea or Info what is best!!
  31. decongestants and synthroid
  32. bosmom ...
  33. Newbie taking dessicated thyroid supplement
  34. Feedback on results requested...
  35. Hashimotos disease
  36. Wilson's Thyroind Syndrome?
  37. Everyone
  38. She upped my dose..
  39. High cortisol rules out
  40. Help, I need strength
  41. hypo friends! no suger makes a world of difference
  42. Help! Need Biopsy,SCARED!!
  43. Meep... I need your advise
  44. Hyperthyroidism
  45. Help! Doc called, I'm nervous
  46. Multi Nodular Goiter...please help!
  47. abdominal swelling
  48. Nodule on thyroid?
  49. thyroidectomy and post surgery swelling
  50. Have I been stupid??
  51. Thyroid and keratoconus (eye disorder)
  52. new problem, need help.
  53. Got my blood work back
  54. Losing Weight
  55. Is it Thyroid or the Flu
  56. PUSHKA, where are you??
  57. post-surgery- odd menstrual problem
  58. pregnancy & thyroid testing - how early?
  59. Need advice
  60. Was it the soy?!
  61. Thyroid Meds
  62. Flunked My Adrenal Test?
  63. Should I opt for total thyroidectomy w/Hashis?
  64. newbie pregnant&hypothyroid
  65. Have now lost all faith in Endos
  66. bonnie -- thx for the explanation!!
  67. Headaches?
  68. Dry, brittle hair!
  69. Response to MEEP
  70. New Here ~ Should I be treated for Hypothyroidism?
  71. tsh or T-4
  72. ? thyroid problems
  73. Goitre and Lump but Doctors say I'm "normal"
  74. Pathology results came back and...
  75. travel with TD -- how do you do it???!!!!!
  76. Do you fast before labwork?
  77. Lab results..can someone look at these..please
  78. About my meds and weight..
  79. Pain in Legs, nervousness
  80. Cortisol
  81. dr says my child has hypo, radiologist says hyper
  82. Pleas Help
  83. skin problems
  84. what discussing thyroid prob got me
  85. surgery scheduled Jan 28
  86. Any suggestions to control & lessen hyper thyroid hormone levels (the T3 & T4)?
  87. Trying to conceive post RAI
  88. confused and can't find an answer
  89. Could it be the Cytomel?
  90. Thyroid nodule
  91. How long do meds stay good?
  92. Please help - advice for endo visit
  93. Free T3/T4 question
  94. Heart palps and a higher TSH! HELP!!!!
  95. Results after three months on ARMOUR???
  96. weak muscles and no thyroid
  97. Will someone please look at these results please?
  98. My blood work results? a little confused!
  99. Questions - I new at this..
  100. I'm a Scared!
  101. got a referral to an endo...yippeeeeee
  102. latest labs, feel awful....but why????
  103. New Armour labs...what do you think?
  104. pregnancy??
  105. thyroid and pregnancy
  106. do symptoms actually go away???
  107. Your opinion, please.
  108. MEEP, will you look at these when you get a chance please?
  109. Is it rare to be 28 and have hyper thyroids.l..
  110. Please help me figure out what's wrong!
  111. Goiter Question
  112. Tests say normal...
  113. Lipitor....high cholesterol
  114. Weight Loss, the real scoop.
  115. Cytomel during pregnancy
  116. Hair question....
  117. Oh my Lord - I feel like a house (m)
  118. Why don't all doctors prescribe Armour?
  119. Test Results from Healthcheck
  120. I need encouragement, I've gained a couple of lbs!
  121. Antibodies
  122. dry (almost calloused) skin?
  123. Please advise on blood results - Confused
  124. Headaches
  125. To those of you who had biopsies
  126. Surgery prep.
  127. Tests to check thyroid??
  128. What are the effects too much/little iodine?
  129. Right hemi-thyroidectomy on Monday
  130. no more thyroid, but I don't want weight gain
  131. MY LONG list of both MY Hypo/Hyper Symptoms and results say "normal"
  132. antibodies....
  133. I need help please--test results came back "normal"
  134. what are symptoms?
  135. don't know what's wrong with me.
  136. Nodule increase and decrease in a day
  137. TSH and T4 results for my daughter
  138. Question about Synthroid - newbie here
  139. Could it be thyroid?
  140. So now what?
  141. I feel hopeless
  142. thyroid toxicity first post
  143. Please help, not feeling that great..
  144. thyroid in a man 58 years
  145. Success Stories-Atkins and Hypo?
  146. feel great, at first
  147. cytomel causing bone and heart damage
  148. Lymph Node Swelling Normal?
  149. could this be a symptom?
  150. secondary hypothyroidism
  151. Just saw a new doc. Need opinions: Med Change?
  152. more lab help please!!!
  153. Hormones - Which ones?
  154. Mintchocolate - who is your doc?
  155. Just saw my NP.......need to vent!
  156. BEE, how are you?
  157. Finally, some weight loss
  158. I just quit!
  159. will I ever get treatment? HELP!
  160. needing some perspective
  161. Hypothyroid & trying to get pregnant!
  162. Can someone help please? Symptoms of Both Hypo & Hyper?
  163. Now I'm Really Confused
  164. ...from the sublime to the...
  165. Has anyone missed their dose for several days?
  166. Looking for a doctor in PA
  167. Thyroid meds and osteoporosis
  168. Low Tsh and normal T4, what does all of this mean?
  169. No one understands
  170. Tingling sensation
  171. Nervous about T3
  172. Tg Levels?
  173. life after cancer?
  174. I am so tired of feeling like this
  175. What if my symptoms are from something else....RA or Lupus etc???
  176. symptom
  177. What do you think?
  178. My nodule has not decreased in size
  179. Can't Sleep since upping to 100mcgs! Help!
  180. Icky all over again
  181. Anybody ever read??
  182. A Brazil Nut a day.......for Selenium
  183. Questions about hyperthyrodism.
  184. Muscle Aches, need advice
  185. Some Hypo Questions from a Newbie
  186. blood test - quick question
  187. surgery ALTERNATIVES
  188. itchy with hypo
  189. Hashi's caused by infection?
  190. T3 question
  191. Does anyone have burning pain?
  192. Catching up.....
  193. TSH is normal....still don't feel right
  194. Information Please
  195. Need ansewers/advice/help
  196. Happy New Year!
  197. need help
  198. knowledge wanted???
  199. thoat woes
  200. what are the symptoms of a thyroid not working properly in a man?
  201. levoxyl to armour
  202. pulse rate just hit 200
  203. Levoxyl + PMS worse?
  204. high pulse rate
  205. gray hair?
  206. thyroid invasion: twogland :)
  207. Anyone with Hashi's and another auto immune disease?
  208. normal test results, thyroid changing size
  209. Question about Cytomel
  210. Need encouragement badly - please help!
  211. Nervousness and thyroid
  212. Serlenium and thyroid function. Check this out.
  213. A little nauseated...is this from Synthroid?
  214. New
  215. Here's what I found out about soy free Vitamin E
  216. sick and tired of being sick and tired...
  217. sticking it out
  218. Hyper test results
  219. newly diagnosed
  220. results are in- HELP!!!
  221. Skin problems
  222. test results
  223. working with hypothyroidism
  224. 2 days from surgery - going nuts
  225. Soy and My Thyroid Problems
  226. synthroid-weight gain
  227. controversial surgery?
  228. Has anyone been hypo but had normal lab ranges?
  229. blood work
  230. Please can someone help? Hyperthyroidism
  231. could I have Hypothyroid
  232. thyroid problem?
  233. Is it a Thyroid problem?
  234. Tylenol PM
  235. my dosage...my arms...my fried green xmas brain...
  236. Surgery next Tues - what to expect?
  237. Xmas is done with, now on with the sales
  238. Men and Thryoid
  239. Merry X-Mas
  240. Overmedicated or wrong meds?
  241. Mets to lungs??? Anyone else?
  242. Thyroid nodule without abnormal blood tests - what does it mean is wrong with me?
  243. Anxiety?
  244. anyone ever get facial hair on their chin from being hyper or hypo?
  245. Give me a thyroid transplant!
  246. Dea.....how are you feeling ?
  247. thyroid biopsy
  248. I am here (maybe lost) but here!
  249. testing for thyroid
  250. Whats going on with these symptoms??

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