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  1. need advice
  2. sky, how are you doing?
  3. at a loss
  4. TO meep or someone Re:cortef
  5. Endrocronolgist or MD ?
  6. Does anyone suffer form reoccurring hives
  7. Got test back
  8. numbness after surgery
  9. Does anyone here take birth control pills?
  10. Test results+autoantibodies+love
  11. Diagnosed Hypo and starting meds today.
  12. Adding Cytomel to My Levoxyl - Thoughts Please?
  13. Thyroid meds and Fiber? Are they compatible?
  14. Ovulation Insomnia Connection?
  15. too early for surgery?
  16. Got my lab results, need expert help!
  17. I'm Hypo, yet I was able to lose 30lbs??
  18. Synthroid...Help!!
  19. Lab Results - Starting Rx for hypo (finally) - Input please
  20. Will I need Synthyroid?
  21. Got my results...very strange
  22. THYROID-T4 vs Catscan
  23. HYPO? should i get a second opinion
  24. Dont know where to post
  25. Legs swelling
  26. anyone tried progesterone cream?
  27. NO ONE LOVES ME:) Please respond to my inquiry, I need help!
  28. Question about Thyroid testing
  29. osteopath question
  30. dr put me on norethin
  31. Possible to be Hypo, but experience Hyper symptoms?
  32. Feel terrible but labs are fine
  33. Prego Needs Assistance!
  34. "Meep" can you please review my results.
  35. Hypo with the Flu..help..
  36. Hypo and other aliments
  37. Questions for Opal
  38. Test results back
  39. for opalfirejucika
  40. Symptoms persist
  41. I now have all my results (help required)
  42. hyperparathyroidism
  43. Hypo?
  44. HYPO--What diet works best?
  45. TSH TEST...not tested for T-4 and T-3
  46. Folicular Adenoma
  47. Liver enzyme test??? PLEASE Help:(
  48. Test Results - Opinions Please?????????
  49. Users of Synthroid plus Armour, your experience!
  50. Newbie
  51. Twogs And Our Tests
  52. I Missed You Guys!
  53. i had a hypo moment ...
  54. test results from new doc ...
  55. Trying to compare Synthroid before FDA Approval
  56. depression? opinions please?
  57. newbie with a question, please read
  58. All my lab results. Please help
  59. high T3 lab results
  60. Will hair grow back? Please help
  61. Jingle/Opal,Blue...etc. My 7yr...and T3 issue
  62. Had Test today
  63. can't freaking believe it!!!
  64. Endo or not?
  65. appointment (s) at mayo, going to to a uptake, couple questions.
  66. New here and need help
  67. hypothyroid
  68. Test result question
  69. synthroid vs armour - symptom change?
  70. Questions, questions lol
  71. Went to the new doctor ...
  72. blood tests/pills
  73. Newbie with lab results...
  74. sore throat
  75. hyper???
  76. Test Results, please help...
  77. Two Years After thyroidectomy
  78. Results in range, but exhibit Hyper symptoms...HELP!
  79. nodules and biopsy what to expect?
  80. puzzled
  81. 9.7 TSH and 1.6 FT4....hows it sound?
  82. My Lab history 7yr olds mom, remember me :)
  83. results can anyone interpret please?
  84. Only got tsh tested. What else should I get checked?
  85. Meep, does this make sense?
  86. TSH 30.00 and FREE T4 0.72
  87. new test results - opinion on the Free's
  88. nodules, biopsy and (results meep anyone?)
  89. question about tsh levels again
  90. My Test Results
  91. Can Someone Help?
  92. is it possible ...
  93. what does this mean?
  94. feeling like a weirdo ...
  95. levothroid/side effects/need help
  96. Me Again, Question about my 7yr old...headaches?
  97. Morning Fatigue
  98. TSH 17.5 What does this mean?
  99. Hey Bonnie, how is going with Ms. Pilates
  100. My 15 year old daughter
  101. I'm back with my numbers ...
  102. sky, have you found a doctor yet?
  103. Full Recovery ... is it possible?
  104. 28 yr old male with MS symptoms
  105. Radition burns after RAI????ANYONE?
  106. Levoxyl side effects?
  107. discourged
  108. newbie needing info
  109. Hi! I am a newbie ...
  110. Any Connection Between Thyroid and Earache?
  111. Thyroid disorders and other disorders
  112. Thyca's: What was your TSH once regulated?
  113. hypo and infertility???
  114. My antibodies are high. What does this mean?
  115. Level Fluctuation Question
  116. Heart Attack & Stroke
  117. Just received a message from my doctor..........
  118. Phantom odor
  119. Vitamin B & Hypothyroidism symptoms ???
  120. hyper question before 2nd doctor visit
  121. Doctors and waiting for appts
  122. I am so frustrated, my sister has hypoT
  123. Weather changes?
  124. Change in numbers... what do they mean?
  125. Skin Tags?
  126. It was a good day finally!!!
  127. Hyper?PTU?
  128. Newbie
  129. Can Someone Help Make Sense Of It All...Please:)
  130. anyone here with large pores?
  131. Lab Results
  132. Any thycas from a while ago still out there?
  133. Finally, the right test results are in! Someone please decipher?
  134. Update
  135. going off meds
  136. Feeling like DOOKIE!
  137. Any Advice?????
  138. salty taste
  139. New--Can TSH normalize on its own?
  140. cytomel expiration
  141. antibodies question
  142. Bug Eyes
  143. Can you have normal T4 and high T3?
  144. need good endocrinologist in Toronto area
  145. How does everyone handle the fatigue?
  146. Another disease and please read, this might help you....
  147. Surgery Questions???
  148. What do these numbers mean
  149. Does anyone else have high cholesterol?
  150. Dea4 or others treated with HRT
  151. for meep and/or midwest1
  152. CLA - Need More Info
  153. Article on Cushing's
  154. P(ost)MS? Sorry guys!
  155. newbie with questions/sorry this is long
  156. Feeling of thickness in my neck
  157. Please I need Help
  158. thryodectomy question/bc pills
  159. Can You Have A Thyroid Problem with Negative Tests?
  160. Hypothyroid and MS?!
  161. Untreated hypothyroid
  162. Miper, CLA works, thank you!
  163. back to Ladywolfe
  164. Thyroid Disorders and Soy Milk
  165. Fast pulse???
  166. Can hypothyroidism be genetic?
  167. New here and I am in need of help
  168. DO sent from heaven
  170. Is this normal?
  171. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  172. Help!!!!!
  173. Get what you need to LIVE LIFE!
  174. shakiness, jittery...
  175. numbers, i have numbers, i have lots and lots of ...
  176. Boils???
  177. New to the board
  178. How strange!!!!!!
  179. Coconut Oil
  180. New. Subclinical? After 2nd baby
  181. From Meds to no Meds in a year???
  182. How bad do you have to feel to go to ER?
  183. Does anyone on Armour take calcium pills?
  184. Need response ASAP, Dr question
  185. anxiety and hypothyroid
  186. OMG. I'd hoped I'd educated them better.
  187. For Tree frog or other hypo experts, please
  188. TSH only tested
  189. Will this med hurt my test results
  190. Heart Palpitations Could this be Thyroid???
  191. Scan came back...... rust spot?
  192. Woooo WAAAA great news!!!!
  193. Is it worth it??
  194. Noticed a little swelling in my legs?
  195. Hi, I'm new with a question...
  196. Alittle More Hair Help!?!?!?...
  197. DUMB QUESTION (maybe)
  198. synthroid
  199. dosage?
  200. Finally some tests results... not promising though
  201. Meep I'd appreciate your thoughts here?
  202. Medication after surgery?
  203. Kidney problems
  204. Opinions, please! Hyper after surgery!
  205. Calcium
  206. Chest pain and thyroid probs??
  207. Lipitor question
  208. what's the difference?
  209. lab results...can anyone help me? :confused:
  210. thyroid questions?
  211. Thyroiditis - stomach pain?
  212. what were your meds after thyroidectomy?
  213. Meep... I could use some help
  214. Test results newly diagnosed
  215. lab results
  216. Hypothyroid? Please share...
  217. What other test are there?
  218. Question/Davitude? Miper? Supplements for someone who had no thyroid function.
  219. My numbers
  220. Finally saw my endo re: nodules.
  221. Low Iodine Diet??? REALLY confused. ANYONE?
  222. High Blood Pressure- Low Pulse
  223. Hi all, could someone read these results please
  224. Finally a Diagnosis (Sort Of...)
  225. Hyperthyroid? Results of TSH before and after PTU?
  226. Amazing!!!!
  227. a few questions
  228. for those of you.............
  229. Lab Results
  230. Tired and Dizzy
  231. Anyone on Niaspan? No? Hot Flashes then?
  232. Hashi's and nodules?
  233. Maybe it is just you!
  234. Test Results
  235. Appt time
  236. could someone please post the "normal" ranges for TSH ?
  237. making sense of labs
  238. For those on Armour who have had their thyroid removed
  239. ? about calcium
  240. Any vitamin/nutrient suggestions for Hyperthyroid?
  241. Hyperthyroid Symptoms?
  242. Hyperthyroid? Thinking about radioiodine?
  243. Newly diagnosed.....finally
  244. Questions...
  245. HELP!! Costco says it can't get Armour???
  246. understanding my readings
  247. thanks for the advise "to be patient"
  248. 3 days post thryoidectomy-switching meds
  249. Strange symptoms.... is it thyroid
  250. Natural metabolic increase through exercise?

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