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  1. Fell Bad? On a Diet? Read this guys!
  2. Can high Cortisol cause digestive disturbances, meds, ect
  3. I'm not crazy!!!
  4. Need Help!!!
  5. Interesting labs on Armour..help
  6. New Labs
  7. Got some test results
  8. Anti-TPO test
  9. Someone HELP ME!
  10. My TSH can back Very Low???
  11. A ? about Armour
  12. Have increased synthroid
  13. Fish Oil/Jitteriness? also Soy Question
  14. Free
  15. Armour vs Synthroid
  16. confused about disappearance of nodules
  17. Feel Worse at Ovulation/PMS times???
  18. Help Please! Can someone help me understand thryoid levels and meds!!
  19. Hey Meep! Could you help me? (or anyone else to0!)
  20. Thyroid disease in the family
  21. Went to NEW Dr
  22. Do I have Surgery??
  23. Hashi..Question
  24. Be careful regarding Thyroid tests....
  25. holistic doctor experience
  26. Basic thyroid questions?
  27. MEEP, could you advise?
  28. Looking for some input
  29. Are these thyroid disorder symptoms?
  30. Synthroid & Weight Loss
  31. Cortisol is 19 on a scale of 2-9, is this very bad?
  32. doc visit
  33. hormone food
  34. Making the switch!
  35. Surgery
  36. Why would doc put me on Tapazole if I'm hypothyroid?
  37. feelings of swelling in neck
  38. Nodules, goiter, weak, dizzy, diarrhea...
  39. What my three page letter got me
  40. I am confused - any help/suggestions are appreciated
  41. Cortisol...I am new and need some info
  42. Jodi
  43. Please Help Me !
  44. New to Synthroid
  45. Cytomel Abuse....
  46. Weight control success stories?!!
  47. NEW TSH Lab Guidelines
  48. 24 Year Old Male Needs Your Help!
  49. No progress
  50. tests?
  51. Coming to the astounding? Conclusion
  52. ready to give up and cut it out myself
  53. Starting out on Synthroid, what to expect
  54. Elevated FT3 and TT3 questions?
  55. How do I find my DD a Doc?
  56. Non existent libido
  57. Hypo = increased breast size?
  58. synthroid/armour
  59. Heart Rate
  60. Tired of fighting
  61. years of frustration
  62. No thyroid - can't conceive
  63. am I hypothyroid or not?
  64. Synthroid make you cranky?
  65. Type of diet for Hypothyroid?
  66. i am praying this is my answer
  67. T4 not increasing
  68. Got test back..
  69. Feeling hopeless, need encouragement
  70. thyroid storm?
  71. coconut oil?
  72. Update on thyrogen scan...
  73. Wilson's Syndrome
  74. For Midwest
  75. Should I switch??
  76. surgery
  77. How do you juggle your weight and hypo-t around?
  78. There is hope ...
  79. Switching from synthetic to natural hormone
  80. tsh question
  81. quitting smoking and hashis
  82. I need some reassurance
  83. Im back again
  84. Help !!
  85. Stressed........:-(
  86. ARRRGGHHHH!!! Will it ever end???
  87. Pinched nerves anyone?
  88. i woke up free of pain today!!
  89. I wrote a three page letter to my "doctor" hope she will take another look
  90. Anxiety Attacks??
  91. Need someones advise
  92. Hypo and UTIs... anyone?
  93. Question for Armour users
  94. MEEP, Midwest, your thought on this one please
  95. help with tsh
  96. self help books please
  97. I have hypothyroidism
  98. I'm so Frustrated!!
  99. Armour helping smptoms-- New Lab Numbers
  100. Could Chocolate be a problem?
  101. help: hashi's, pregnancy, and TSH
  102. Newbie going for test tomorrow-feel a battle coming on!
  103. Free T3 results finally in - need advice T3 uptake keeps decreasing
  104. Which labs use .3 - 3.0 as normal range?
  105. Does anyone have success stories?
  106. what to expect
  107. birth control pills
  108. Please advise. New member.
  109. Hyper and Worried
  110. Need some advice......
  111. Calling girlygirly...
  112. Also high Cholesterol
  113. high cholesterol
  114. Armour and new symptoms
  115. midwest1 and muscle wasting ...
  116. Low sodium blood test, waiting for answers.
  117. selenium
  118. Highest TSH Level You've Heard Of?
  119. Test results--PLEASE HELP Interpret
  120. Stupid Doctors!
  121. Anyone out there have problems with Synthroid?
  122. pregnancy and T3
  123. Thyroid symptoms with a low, but acceptable Thyroid level!!! HELP!!!
  124. Syndrom X ???????
  125. Hot nodules anyone?
  126. so what now?!?!
  127. Chronic thyroiditis
  128. Is it me or the doctor?
  129. questions about tests/lumps
  130. Thyriod problems
  131. Decreasing meds?
  132. tapazole didn't help
  133. I'm FINALLY Losing Weight........
  134. Weight?
  135. hyperthyroidism
  136. difficulty swallowing
  137. Help! Is my doctor crazy?
  138. sensitive to light touch anyone?
  139. New labs, unconcered doctors, and have no idea and still feel crappy
  140. Feeling SUPER BAD!! Again!!
  141. What do you think?
  142. Hypo Symptoms After Eating, Anyone???
  143. When is it not your thyroid????
  144. Cytomel and CLA, increase in appetite
  145. cold to the touch
  146. adding more meds
  147. I don't feel good, someone please help
  148. Thyroid Antibodies
  149. potential thyroid problems?
  150. Help understanding my Thyroid Levels
  151. Do I need to find a new endo?
  152. How important is having a physical exam of the thyroid area?
  153. Something To Think About
  154. T4 and T3 help please Dr. gave me cytomel
  155. Need 'How To's' for doctor shopping, please (& an update)
  156. Synthroid, T-3 and Armour
  157. Can I Whine?
  158. Pregnant withh Thyroid Antibodies????
  159. Soooo disappointed in Endo.
  160. Is this true...
  161. If only it made any sense....
  162. Before and After Hypo Meds Question
  163. tsh results-please give advice
  164. Armour, soy & fluctuating TSHs
  165. Help with number
  166. Where can I find 2002 report that TSH guidelines have changed?
  167. ADD Dx but maybe thyroidal, too?
  168. Oh, the irony of it all... (Just had to share)
  169. low gylcemic diet
  170. Received FT3 & FT4 results, please help with interpreting
  171. Back I am
  172. thyroid recovery?
  173. Help! On medication but not feeling better.
  174. need advice
  175. sky, how are you doing?
  176. at a loss
  177. TO meep or someone Re:cortef
  178. Endrocronolgist or MD ?
  179. Does anyone suffer form reoccurring hives
  180. Got test back
  181. numbness after surgery
  182. Does anyone here take birth control pills?
  183. Diagnosed Hypo and starting meds today.
  184. Adding Cytomel to My Levoxyl - Thoughts Please?
  185. Thyroid meds and Fiber? Are they compatible?
  186. Ovulation Insomnia Connection?
  187. too early for surgery?
  188. Got my lab results, need expert help!
  189. I'm Hypo, yet I was able to lose 30lbs??
  190. Synthroid...Help!!
  191. Lab Results - Starting Rx for hypo (finally) - Input please
  192. Will I need Synthyroid?
  193. Got my results...very strange
  194. THYROID-T4 vs Catscan
  195. HYPO? should i get a second opinion
  196. Dont know where to post
  197. Legs swelling
  198. anyone tried progesterone cream?
  199. NO ONE LOVES ME:) Please respond to my inquiry, I need help!
  200. Question about Thyroid testing
  201. osteopath question
  202. dr put me on norethin
  203. Possible to be Hypo, but experience Hyper symptoms?
  204. Feel terrible but labs are fine
  205. Prego Needs Assistance!
  206. "Meep" can you please review my results.
  207. Hypo with the Flu..help..
  208. Hypo and other aliments
  209. Questions for Opal
  210. Test results back
  211. for opalfirejucika
  212. Symptoms persist
  213. I now have all my results (help required)
  214. hyperparathyroidism
  215. Hypo?
  216. HYPO--What diet works best?
  217. TSH TEST...not tested for T-4 and T-3
  218. Folicular Adenoma
  219. Liver enzyme test??? PLEASE Help:(
  220. Test Results - Opinions Please?????????
  221. Users of Synthroid plus Armour, your experience!
  222. Newbie
  223. Twogs And Our Tests
  224. I Missed You Guys!
  225. i had a hypo moment ...
  226. test results from new doc ...
  227. Trying to compare Synthroid before FDA Approval
  228. depression? opinions please?
  229. newbie with a question, please read
  230. All my lab results. Please help
  231. high T3 lab results
  232. Will hair grow back? Please help
  233. Jingle/Opal,Blue...etc. My 7yr...and T3 issue
  234. Had Test today
  235. can't freaking believe it!!!
  236. Endo or not?
  237. appointment (s) at mayo, going to to a uptake, couple questions.
  238. New here and need help
  239. hypothyroid
  240. Test result question
  241. synthroid vs armour - symptom change?
  242. Questions, questions lol
  243. Went to the new doctor ...
  244. blood tests/pills
  245. Newbie with lab results...
  246. sore throat
  247. hyper???
  248. Test Results, please help...
  249. Two Years After thyroidectomy
  250. Results in range, but exhibit Hyper symptoms...HELP!

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