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  1. Interesting Info on Synthetic Meds
  2. Checking In.....
  3. I really could use you all right now
  4. surgery
  5. It's A Miracle - "I'm Cured Too!"
  6. 25 yr old male needs advice
  7. Recheck on TSH..you're cured!
  8. Armour vs Synthroid
  9. Thyroid removed sore throats all the time
  10. Adrenal question for Meep
  11. When are more tests necessary?
  12. calling bellajoon ...
  13. TSH Question
  14. New...need help...hypo/hashi
  15. Hypo. and doc wants me to stop meds
  16. thyroid making me fat?
  17. hyper fight or flight
  18. My endo report
  19. Tree Frog, I have a question
  20. Mary Shomon guide to loosing weight.
  21. Hyper and staying feeling really bad
  22. Ladywolfe
  23. Change in TSH results
  24. Fat Thyroid or nothing at all?
  25. Hypo med ?'s
  26. Alternating meds.
  27. Thyroid help
  28. Lots of thyroid questions!
  29. TSH results. Help!
  30. Lumps on neck
  31. Really low ferritin...scared, any thoughts?
  32. Hypo female hormone problems? Please help
  33. Michael - Levoxyl & Calcium??
  34. Confused and bummed out
  35. fluttering in ear
  36. Strange Throat Sensation
  37. Fainting, nausea etc - overdose?
  38. Test results HELP!
  39. newly diagnosed
  40. last nite's dose made me ...
  41. Question about ...
  42. First time reaction to Synthroid anyone?
  43. Thanks
  44. Raise your hand if you have had a thyroid scan...
  45. Endo Questions
  46. Upcoming Thyroidectomy
  47. antinuclear antibodies
  48. Thyroid and immunity
  49. I have a TSH question for anyone
  50. Doing my own thing...Armour
  51. Armour..great info for you
  52. I feel like a Yo Yo
  53. calling bosmom
  54. hashimoto's disease tests
  55. Two post-op questions
  56. Have you been treated as a mental patient rather than having a thyroid disorder?
  57. BEE hows it going?
  58. New to this disease and to the boards
  59. Dosage lowered, feel worse
  60. Cold medicines
  61. I just realised how angry I am with my GP!
  62. Need to vent
  63. Suggestions for shrinking a Goiter?
  64. newbie-? on tingling in head and other areas
  65. Finally a Doc who know's what they are doing!!!
  66. Meds????
  67. Finally
  68. T3/T4 levels and Grave's
  69. Need Help,Please!
  70. Hashimoto's
  71. I am so worn out
  72. OK, does Coconut Oil really work?
  73. anybody else out there?
  74. dumb question about synthroid
  75. Hyperthyroidism, help
  76. Oil of Oregano????
  77. Does anyone cycle from feeling ok to lousy?
  78. synthroid dose
  79. gem stone
  80. hyper now??
  81. HORRIBLE Endo Visit
  82. Help! My dr is refusing to see me
  83. Brookeysma & Ginger9708.
  84. Can fluctuating thyroid levels cause bp to drop and temp to rise?
  85. Female hyperT's only, please
  86. Low Iodine Diet Problems?
  87. Surgery Scheduled
  88. What to do to lose weight?
  89. IBS Symptoms
  90. I've been lurking.. but now I'm back! HyperT patient
  91. Autoantibody results
  92. some question about thynoid
  93. Curious, How many of you suffer from ovarian cysts or polycystic ovaries?
  94. Is there a "honeymoon" phase with synthroid?
  95. at wits end
  96. Hashi's,and blood in urine?
  97. Doc wants to cut my thyroid meds down?
  98. Those pesky abbreviations are here
  99. Post your funny stories about being hypo!
  100. endo appt
  101. If I wasn't feeling bad enough
  102. thyroid related to menstural problems?
  103. Levxoyl-Hair F/O & Dizzyness ? = Help
  104. Thyroid or something else
  105. Levoxyl side affect?
  106. Advice please-on Armour-new lab results-endo appt. Friday
  107. *****STARDUST39*****thanks!
  108. Scary Experience
  109. Now I'm really confused, feel bad, but labs are...
  110. Interpreting lab results
  111. Really Depressed
  112. hypothyroidism
  113. Lack of intimacy....
  114. Hyperthyroid and hating it
  115. possible placebo
  117. and what is this "awakeness" anyway??
  118. please help. New with thyroid CA...
  119. Hashimotos's and Sjogren's
  120. finally, some answers!!
  121. Want some relief!!!!!
  122. swolen lymph nodes
  123. Lab Results
  124. Any success with Magnesium for heart palps ?
  125. hashi's question
  126. Should I stay with same doc
  127. Thyroid Autoantibodies
  128. starting treatment tomorrow for hypo...
  129. THYROID HELP!! please
  130. girlygirly I have a question
  131. I Can't Take This Anymore-pain Errrrr!!!
  132. what do I do now????
  133. zoloft
  134. Hypothyroid and High Blood Pressure
  135. Test Results HELP?
  136. Where's IWANNALIFE?
  137. Feeling of adrenaline rush, anyone else?
  138. Did I read this some where?
  139. Shortness of Breath
  140. Sick again with a question
  141. Bee, how are you?
  142. strange thoughts anyone?
  143. Night sweats survey. Armour?Sythroid?Estrogen?
  144. Feels like something stuck when i swallow..
  145. HASHIS/GRAVES this is the right one
  146. Proper amount
  147. help with thyroid and menstral
  148. garbled speech
  149. Thyroid Diagnostic Center in LA
  150. Hashis/Graves? Check this out
  151. swollen thyroid
  152. Thanksgiving Dinner
  153. List of hypothyroid symptoms
  154. Hypothyroidism & MS
  155. Hair falling out-WILL IT EVER STOP??
  156. Sore Throat?
  157. Help!!!! They don't know if I'm hyper/secondary hypo. What do these values mean?
  158. TSH is 207.44- HELP
  159. Wilson Syndrome or Just Thyroid Problems Desperate for some HELP!!!
  160. menapause/thyroid connection??
  161. Could this be overactive Thyroid?
  162. Got all the results from every test
  163. swell thyroid
  164. help and input please
  165. I Got The Results Of My Thyroid Test
  166. HELP! Results of Nuclear Scan questions?
  167. Irritated eyes???
  168. Is this all part of Hypo
  169. thyroidectomy
  170. new -discontinue synthoid question
  171. girlygirly got a question for you
  172. cortisol
  173. Nodule and is my Doc doing the right thing
  174. swollen salivary gland
  175. Levoxyl Recalled AGAIN
  176. Blurred vision-is this a symptom of hypo???
  177. Tree Frog, Selenium question
  178. MEEP could I get your opinion
  179. Meep - just saw your TSH level elsewhere and
  180. painful muscle cramping? anyone?
  181. armour, cortef, adrenal fatigue,etc, etc
  182. selenium question
  183. testing some icons
  184. attn: all progesterone cream users
  185. I Had Blood Tests Done For My Thyroids!
  186. Warning to Board Users
  187. I'm Back! With a question for the ladies!
  188. Test Results and Rai
  189. Hypo Symtoms
  190. ** Newbie confused ** My lab results **
  191. Lump after thyroidectomy?
  192. Anyone had a TSH higher than 143.93?
  193. What does it take to get treated??? mad
  194. Feel like no one cares! Sad and mad! Anyone feel like this ?
  195. Is there a better time to get your blood test for thyroid problem?
  196. New Territory on Armour
  197. Frustrated
  198. Thyrobulin levels pre and post op
  199. Low Grade Temp
  200. what happens when...
  201. Newly Diagnois , Questions??
  202. bosmom
  203. Symptoms changing again-errrrr
  204. Toprol for hyperthyroid
  205. This is driving me nuts
  206. Synthroid--Who actually follows all prescribed directions?
  207. symptoms after starting meds
  208. Connecticut area Doctors?
  209. Info on Antibodies?
  210. Acne and limp hair
  211. Anyone know about Wilson's
  212. question
  213. Kansas doc?- ins., armour....
  214. Armour vs. Synthroid Side Effects Questions
  215. Help with Hypo Symptoms Please.....Meep? Anyone?
  216. Dea...did you find anything out yet?
  217. New user- looking for advice
  218. how long?
  219. armour thyroid
  220. For those who loose/lost hair....
  221. that poor woman -- midwest1
  222. Northern NJ doc???
  223. Tinnitis!!
  224. Information Archive
  225. new user w/synthroid question
  226. Armour stopping hairloss!
  227. Scleritis connected to Hashimoto's??
  228. I am so jealous
  229. new to board new to hypothyroidism, just diagnosed yesterday...
  230. thyroid antibodies test?
  231. Post-RAI --How soon before resuming normal interactions?
  232. Are night sweats a symptom?
  233. Low Body Tempature?
  234. Biopsy results
  235. Post RAI changes in taste
  236. synthroid/new dose
  237. A happy report!
  238. Thyroid test was normal, but....
  239. Can someone help?
  240. new
  241. Anyone had Radioactive Iodine treatment?
  242. lasix and synthroid (bad combo?)
  243. Quick question - Is Armour supposed to smell so bad?
  244. T4 medication
  245. Hypothyroid ?
  246. Results of Thyroid Ultrasound
  247. test results, forgot results on last post
  248. new test results with armour
  249. tsh number
  250. just checking in

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