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  1. Nodule and is my Doc doing the right thing
  2. swollen salivary gland
  3. Levoxyl Recalled AGAIN
  4. Blurred vision-is this a symptom of hypo???
  5. Tree Frog, Selenium question
  6. MEEP could I get your opinion
  7. Meep - just saw your TSH level elsewhere and
  8. painful muscle cramping? anyone?
  9. armour, cortef, adrenal fatigue,etc, etc
  10. selenium question
  11. testing some icons
  12. attn: all progesterone cream users
  13. I Had Blood Tests Done For My Thyroids!
  14. Warning to Board Users
  15. I'm Back! With a question for the ladies!
  16. Test Results and Rai
  17. Hypo Symtoms
  18. ** Newbie confused ** My lab results **
  19. Lump after thyroidectomy?
  20. Anyone had a TSH higher than 143.93?
  21. What does it take to get treated??? mad
  22. Feel like no one cares! Sad and mad! Anyone feel like this ?
  23. Is there a better time to get your blood test for thyroid problem?
  24. New Territory on Armour
  25. Frustrated
  26. Thyrobulin levels pre and post op
  27. Low Grade Temp
  28. what happens when...
  29. Newly Diagnois , Questions??
  30. bosmom
  31. Symptoms changing again-errrrr
  32. Toprol for hyperthyroid
  33. This is driving me nuts
  34. Synthroid--Who actually follows all prescribed directions?
  35. symptoms after starting meds
  36. Connecticut area Doctors?
  37. Info on Antibodies?
  38. Acne and limp hair
  39. Anyone know about Wilson's
  40. question
  41. Kansas doc?- ins., armour....
  42. Armour vs. Synthroid Side Effects Questions
  43. Help with Hypo Symptoms Please.....Meep? Anyone?
  44. Dea...did you find anything out yet?
  45. New user- looking for advice
  46. how long?
  47. armour thyroid
  48. For those who loose/lost hair....
  49. that poor woman -- midwest1
  50. Northern NJ doc???
  51. Tinnitis!!
  52. Information Archive
  53. new user w/synthroid question
  54. Armour stopping hairloss!
  55. Scleritis connected to Hashimoto's??
  56. I am so jealous
  57. new to board new to hypothyroidism, just diagnosed yesterday...
  58. thyroid antibodies test?
  59. Post-RAI --How soon before resuming normal interactions?
  60. Are night sweats a symptom?
  61. Low Body Tempature?
  62. Biopsy results
  63. Post RAI changes in taste
  64. synthroid/new dose
  65. A happy report!
  66. Thyroid test was normal, but....
  67. Can someone help?
  68. new
  69. Anyone had Radioactive Iodine treatment?
  70. lasix and synthroid (bad combo?)
  71. Quick question - Is Armour supposed to smell so bad?
  72. T4 medication
  73. Hypothyroid ?
  74. Results of Thyroid Ultrasound
  75. test results, forgot results on last post
  76. new test results with armour
  77. tsh number
  78. just checking in
  79. teen with overactive thyriod
  80. lab lag time Help Please
  81. nodule and weight Q's
  82. Thyroid Test
  83. total vs free T3 and T4 and dialyzed? confused
  84. Stomach Aches/nausea
  85. Levothyroxine
  86. Time to leave the Boards
  87. Do these levels appear hyper?
  88. Meep question on Free T4 levels
  89. what to expect...etc?
  90. MEEP, I need your input please
  91. How can an ENT help?
  92. Thyroid panel for a 9-month old
  93. Thyroid Test Results
  94. Can you be skinny and have hypo?
  95. Sudden change in symptoms
  96. Salivery Gland and Acne
  97. Anyone else have Hypo,but not tired???
  98. Midwest, Bee, my TSH result is in, let me know what you think
  99. TSH Lag - how long after serum concentration?
  100. skin pigmentation
  101. Cysts on Thyroid?
  102. headaches?
  103. healthboard update
  104. Hypo then Hyper after surgery
  105. Has anyone had bloodwork saying thyroid is normal....
  106. Clear your cookies to use the boards
  107. Have Lab results, need diagnosis
  108. Breathlessness/Dizziness with Hypo?
  109. Armour In N. Ireland?
  110. Question about nails
  111. help with blood lab results?
  112. started levothroxine, periods off balance
  113. armour and cytomel -meep-sky eagle-anyone?
  115. lab results-need interpretation!!!
  116. Help Im scared and need advice
  117. Need info on Wilson's Syndrome
  118. Cold
  119. Thought I was doing better - wrong!
  120. Post RAI--How many lemon drops???
  121. how long does it take, and multivitamins...
  122. Roni...
  123. Thyroid again or something else???
  124. Roni...What type of pill....
  125. What kind of thyroid problem do you have?
  126. Hypo or CFS? no relief yet...
  127. Just diagnosed - postpartum tyroid disorder
  128. One more question re: iodine radiation
  129. Iodine free diet questions
  130. Question for a moderator.
  131. Stress' affect on thyroid
  132. enlarged thyroid
  133. Uhh, lab results.
  134. Question about lab results.
  135. This is unbelievable...I give up!
  136. choking spreading to chest
  137. How about a TSH of 174.198???
  138. I have been diagonosed with graves and hoshimotos, anyone relate???
  139. RAI and fertility
  140. What do you all think what my endo said? I'm lost.
  141. cytomel
  142. Rachelyne
  143. Hashimoto's and Grave's at the same time??
  144. The Flu and being HpoThyroid
  145. Thankyou Mimi29 & others
  146. severe dizziness after RAIU?
  147. Anyone else feel "too good" pre-RAI?
  148. ULTRA hTSH
  149. flu shot
  150. What my endo said about my hormone, I'm lost again!
  151. Any advice would be appreciated
  152. Dosage and weight
  153. Bosmom Barb, Jinglebts - I have them now need your opinion
  154. Strange lump on thyroidectomy scar
  155. how soon to retest TSH?
  156. hyper symptoms, confused
  157. blood test results & confused!
  158. How would you describe "Brain Fog"?
  159. can anyone make sense of my lads??
  160. hyperreactive heart
  161. Mimi29 - surgeons name???
  162. 1/2 of my thyroid removed now I need the other side
  163. ? for JoyK
  164. Propythiouracil and liver
  165. Propythiouracil and liver
  166. Hyper and hypo symptoms at the same time.
  167. Sometimes you have to trust your own instincts and this is why...
  168. 6'4" 160lbs
  169. a couple questions....
  170. - - - - -jinglebts- - - - -
  171. ? for panic attacks..
  172. just got my #'s...do these #"s make sence?
  173. Hello Everyone
  174. shortness of breath
  175. Newbie - More Armour or Switch to Cytomel?
  176. Meep, how long after corticosteroid should I wait before having Adrenal testing?
  177. HELP-My incision site is itching like crazy !
  178. is there a differance in names of thyroid meds
  179. Help, Dr. called, prescription is waiting take this Levothroid 100mcg
  180. Test results
  181. How often should a person w/significant family history of thyroid disease be tested?
  182. Even MORE Discouraged
  183. ARGH I feel awful, need to vent
  184. test result questions
  185. Question about thyroid test
  186. are people with hashi/thyroid considered "immune" deficienct?
  187. Hair
  188. The affect of T4 against Free T4
  189. Quick ??: What are the most important Hypo tests to get?
  190. Latest test results... this is screwy!!
  191. Can too little Synthroid cause more Hypo?
  192. adrenals tested?
  193. had rai 20 yrs ago
  194. Meep! Low carb question
  195. Feeling nausea.....does anyone else??
  196. New high and lows for TSH ? help convincing my Dr.
  197. Anyone heard of Thyro Guard?
  198. Meep, I'm a freak of nature. Help pls?
  199. New to board - need advice!
  200. At Home TSH test - works well....
  201. Lab results
  202. new to forum
  203. urgent,help needed! I'm scared.
  204. TG antibodies >80 , pleas help!!
  205. nodules
  206. Migrains???
  207. Feel hypo one day, hyper the next
  208. How many went through MS testing
  209. How many went through MS testing
  210. vegetables
  211. free T4 level question
  212. Meep Can you tell me if these #'s are OK
  213. giving up .....
  214. I need help from my educated American friends
  215. Are my Cholesterol levels OK?
  216. Flu Shot andHyperthyroid
  217. Meep! Feeling terrible
  218. good doctor story /Armour
  219. Hypoglycemic and Hypothyroid
  220. help with lab results
  221. Hyper #'s HypER symptoms. HELP!
  222. Hyper T-Propythiouracil-Nausea-Weight Gain
  223. help, voice affected by goiter? Anyone with this?
  224. Low TSH
  225. What's The Difference?????
  226. Any positive Synthroid users?
  227. Help!
  228. Need some suggestions please...
  229. Tightness around throat
  230. recovery?
  231. Newbie just introducing myself
  232. Corticosteroid use with Hashi's Hypo
  233. Pip48a
  234. Advice Need---Meep also could ya take a look! Thanks!
  235. How is the antibodies test done?
  236. Wilson's Syndrome diagnosed.....so much better now
  237. just need to vent on how I am feeling
  238. I'm Discouraged
  239. Husbands symptoms, what do you think??
  240. Thank you Meep!
  241. Antibodies....tested with titers or no?
  242. Regret switching to Armour??
  243. Hypo and Husbands!
  244. Hashis - Can I just remove the glad?
  245. 12 yo subacute thyroiditis now on synthroid
  246. A little nervous
  247. ok, heres my labs~new dx of hypo
  248. Help Interpreting Radiology report
  249. ok, hers my labs~new dx of hypo
  250. good news...

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