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  1. dizzy with thyroid & cortisol??
  2. Low iron can cause Hypo symptoms?
  3. Thyroid and Anemia
  4. anyone have any GOOD bloat stories?
  5. My update.....
  6. follicular cancer-newly diagnosed
  7. Help - I'm going crazy with mood swings while adjusting to synthroid
  8. Yes, I'm still alive.
  9. HELP! Hashimoto's Disease?? Not MS!?
  10. Water Retention - Help!
  11. Any links or information about DHEA ranges
  12. Iamsotired
  13. I have Dr. appt. need advise
  14. interesting reading for un-dx hypos
  15. Do heart palps cause any damage?
  16. I need some help.
  17. Quick question on eye puffiness
  18. Help? Can't find the supplements I wanted, maybe try "on-line"?
  19. Tree Frog? I asked for DHEA and was told it was in the Men's health section??????
  20. what do you think
  21. does hypo affect your eyes
  22. Could taking cytomel without thyroid probs have caused my nodule?
  23. SkyEagle - question
  24. undiagnosed HELP!!!
  25. hashis and other autoimmune diseases
  26. dizzy with thyroid & cortisol??
  27. dizzy with thyroid & cortisol???
  28. half moon on nails - is it true?
  29. I need thyroid surgery and I am scared to death! Please help!
  30. The itching
  31. Any Natural Therapies for Hypo?
  32. blood test results
  33. Please help, I'm scared......
  34. proper response???
  35. top doc? uugh!
  36. Kael? Kael? Kael?
  37. SkyEagle, Meep -- advice
  38. Hypo/hyper and time frame
  39. Needed: Thyroid specialists in the BOSTON area!!
  40. Help!!! My mom's thyroid is destroying my family!!
  41. synthroid - not FDA approved?
  42. has this happened to anyone else?
  43. Thyroid testing question
  44. swelling and pain
  45. Does anyone actually feel better with a higher TSH?
  46. Should I give up the thyroid angle??
  47. had thyroid surgery on monday
  48. peregrine, or anyone, Where can I find liquid calcium
  49. Surgery
  50. I AM ANGRY...... GRR. Somebody help me!
  51. cant gain weight, dizzy, is this my thyroid?
  52. Is it possible to feel more hypo symptoms after just starting synthroid?
  53. newly dx, lots of questions
  54. on the edge ...
  55. Synthroid in the PM?
  56. Need Your Advice/Input/Meep/Tree Frog/Anyone
  57. brain fog?
  58. MEEP?--Anyone. Advice Please
  59. questions for oncologist and radiologist
  60. See Dr. tomorrow. Help with ???? 2 ask
  61. high level of antibodies-question
  62. ACNE?!?!?!?!
  63. Feeling dizzy and lightheaded
  64. Definitions and what do they do???
  65. ASAP - lab results - Help
  66. Thyroid and weight
  67. Help!
  68. Very Startling Discovery - Am I Shrinking?
  69. Thyroid and trying to get prego
  70. still confused
  71. Anyone, muscle twitching, excessive thirst, nausea, fast heart rate
  72. Where do I go from here?
  73. Hypothetical question on thyroid levels affecting testosterone levels
  74. tapazole
  75. Levoxyl side effects??
  76. follicular cells/surgery tomorrow
  77. Newly diagnosed thyroid nodules with herthle cells-need info please
  78. I think its my thyroid
  79. Meep, others- Why are these foods bad?
  80. thirst
  81. test level normal??
  82. sharing my experiment...
  83. New Dr says Fosamax not calcium???
  84. MD doubts Thyroid
  85. TSH, etc. vs. antibodies testing
  86. What do I do???
  87. Help with levels
  88. Mental Disorder and FT4
  89. ok, here goes ...
  90. For ArtfulD Or other people that can answer me
  91. I seem to have all kinds of questions
  92. New Doctor Troubles
  93. Just a thought
  94. Why are we veiwed as crazy or complainers?
  95. How does Thyroid medication work?
  96. New Dosage
  97. synthroid and antiacid - just took em - help
  98. Late night ponderings about fluoride
  99. weird symptoms
  100. Synthroid in A.M.?
  101. IS THIS SAFE?
  102. Symptom Flare Up - Why?
  103. so how fast can thyroid hormones change?
  104. connection between anemia and adrenal fatigue?
  105. Can RAI or the RAIU cause menopause?
  106. Now What? ... Check these labs, pls
  107. Supplements
  108. Weight Gain! :(
  109. Thyroid surgery
  110. Meep or others - Pls may I have your interpretation of labs?
  111. sosooo tired!
  112. maca -- what does it do?
  113. About the Dairy Queen Hypo-T commerical
  114. it's getting worse -- oh WHINE ...
  115. Anyone know Wilson's Syndrome?
  116. Thank you so much!!
  117. Been semi-diagonsed with Thyroditis
  118. Test results
  119. Lab Results Interpretation
  120. Nausea...anyone else?
  121. Jaffe-Mellor Technique for Hashimotos'
  122. Rheumatologist?
  123. Reverse T3
  124. Has anyone stopped their HRT?
  125. What blood work to request?
  126. Levoxyl 112mcg recalled
  127. Ritalin for energy?
  128. Symptoms?
  129. trouble sleeping
  130. thyroid,, armour question,,....
  131. What do I do now?
  132. Thyroidectomy recovery time
  133. Can't fight any longer.
  134. 2 OTC supplements you hypo people may be interested in
  135. Question - radioactive iodine
  136. Are there foods that can cause lab #'s to fall?
  137. Lab results- Help! Now what?!
  138. here's my lab report, feedback please!
  139. coconut oil ...
  140. thyroid, ovulation, and weight gain
  141. Thyroid worries 9 years after right lobe removed
  142. Anyone ever try Effexor?
  143. I'm afraid to take my calcium pills??
  144. New and confused
  145. Supplements
  146. Medical Disability - Thyroid?
  147. Is it bad to take Water pills to get this water retention out?
  148. Anyone still have twitches?
  149. Joe......Good Luck Tomorrow(Fri)
  150. Question... and Looking For Support...
  151. Why am I doing this? Is this a normal symptom?
  152. pregnancy and Hashimoto
  153. Aching Feet and Legs
  154. antibodies and other stuff
  155. Iwannalife - Paxil
  156. spots on my hands
  157. More info
  158. symptoms
  159. Questions for 1st Dr. Appt
  160. I don't understand my labs!!! HELP!!!!
  161. Feel good one day, bad the next--what's up?
  162. started meds today
  163. How many of you shrunk nodules with med alone?
  164. What would you guys say about these thyroid test results?
  165. Synthroid 150 for 1st time...is this a high dose?
  166. hypo.... and just starting to lose weight
  167. sweating?
  168. Cat scan results
  169. Loss of taste after rai
  170. just a quick question
  171. My Dr suspects Graves
  172. thyroid and sugar levels?
  173. Question about nervousness...
  174. High TSH? Body Scan pushed up. please help
  175. More ?'s
  176. Enlarged thyroid
  177. New and Confused
  178. Barb - Atkins diet
  179. What do ya know about calcium?
  180. i m gonna print this and show it to the doc...help me pls
  181. is this depression?what do YOU think?
  182. Scheduled for surgery - sore throat
  183. Meep or someone, test results and doctor opinion
  184. question about thryoid levels
  185. thyroid and Noni juice
  186. question for Iwannalife
  187. Kael.......just checking on you
  188. can any of this be connected to hypo?
  189. is there such a thing as too much Synthroid??
  190. feeling something in my throat
  191. Test Results Finally In and a Diagnosis
  192. worse when changing to armour???
  193. Explain : Total T3 to HIGH is this a thyroid problem?
  194. New, confused and needing help!
  195. multinodular vs. single nodule??
  196. Back and doing ok
  197. Are my T3 and T4 Balanced? Please help....
  198. T6 question
  199. Weird Surge of Heat in My Leg
  200. Fourth day of Synthroid - feel wired and crazy
  201. what are the symptoms of hyper thyroid? think i might have it ,but not sure
  202. Does anybody with hypo have this symptom?
  203. tired, sad and scared
  204. thyroid problems
  205. To Much Medication
  206. Meep, Daldre or someone who knows about Cytomel
  207. feeling "off"
  208. Question about Test Results
  209. CONFUSED!!!!!
  210. Is this a hypo supplement?
  211. Do You take your medicine before a test
  212. Progesterone Cream
  213. Test results...could someone help?
  214. ? Lab results fluctuation WHY???
  215. Small "kernel" over right collar bone
  216. HELP!!! My body's acting CRAZY!!!
  217. Thyroid problems & medications
  218. Does anyone know if hair will recover/grow in again?
  219. cat scan question
  220. What tests to ask for
  221. Infant thymus radiation
  222. anybody heard from Meep lately?
  223. Diagnosed with thryoiditis-questions
  224. Questions about antibodies test ...
  225. Help
  226. hypoechogenic nodule = can someone tell me what it means?
  227. Iodine Information
  228. Diagnosis help
  229. Question to Meep or anyone else
  230. does thyroid removal always cause weight gain?
  231. Seen this and thought of you all........
  232. tests to suggest???
  233. What made me sick...
  234. new labs and new nodules!
  235. Good thyroid books anyone?
  236. Meep or others... Educate me, please
  237. Hashimotos ?'s, Please ignore my test message
  238. Test Results... Any thoughts???
  239. Can you feel your Thyroid?
  240. Itching
  241. I have CANCER..........HELP?
  242. nystagmus and hypo
  243. I have a question about my lab results...antibodies
  244. Information Please
  245. Synthroid or No Synthroid? That is the question.
  246. total body scan prior to RAI? cytomel?
  247. Thyroid & Shellfish Allergies
  248. Thyroid & Shellfish Allergies
  249. on synthroid and no change
  250. Returned to work - down hill since

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