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  1. Hashi's, Sore Back, Constant Colds
  2. Can someone read these #'s from the doc
  3. daldre1269.....???
  4. question - off topic
  5. DO I still have to???
  6. does armour thyroid come from factory-farmed pigs?
  7. taking thyroid meds at same time as other meds
  8. switch synthroid to ???
  9. Any one w/ U.C.?
  10. Hypo and High Blood Pressure - any link?
  11. Question for those with Hashi's/Hypo....
  12. Synthroid to shrink thyroid
  13. Weight Gain with cardio and weights
  14. Anyone awake besides me??
  16. 4 weeks after surgery w/problems?
  17. When is the best time to test thyroid levels
  18. Soy & the Thyroid? Bad match?
  19. Thyroid testing question
  20. hyper thyroid
  21. removal vs medicate
  22. question for meep
  23. Staying Encouraged
  24. Armour vs Synthroid
  25. thankyou
  26. Low TSH
  27. TSH higher than it's been before. Help please
  28. dosage of armour
  29. Any try the southbeach diet with success?
  30. Male with possible thyroid problem
  31. Starting to feel like something else might be wrong...UGH
  32. I need help
  33. Help... if there IS help out there
  34. switching from levothroid to armour
  35. goitre
  36. Had my surgery, yikes!
  37. Just got back
  38. ?'s about thyroid, PMS and birth control
  39. Wondering about Salts affect on Hyperthyroid
  40. thank you and an update :)
  41. Confused...
  42. Weather
  43. Lab results need help
  44. cytomel and hot flashes
  45. New lab results
  46. T3 Uptake and other test results question
  47. Nausea
  48. Enlarged Thyroid
  49. To start or not to start thyroid meds?
  50. bellajoon ... how are you?
  51. hasimoto's disease and infertility
  52. what do you make of this? check it out
  53. I'm posting more lab results...need help
  54. Newbie
  55. You people are wonderful
  56. hot flashes and nausea, and i'm NOT in menopause ...
  57. I have a question...moderator, or anyone?
  58. feeling frustrated and helpless
  59. MIDWEST...how are you feeling?
  60. Please help! Been sick for five months and no answers YET.
  61. A question for everyone
  62. thyroid and infertility
  63. bosmom - how are you doing??
  64. heard from justgina?
  65. Meep - would you mind looking at?
  66. goiter
  67. 12 yo w/subacute thyroiditis
  68. OK, Now what to do? That is the question.
  69. Gray hair..
  70. Have an endo appt - anyone have experience with ...
  71. Have an endo appt - anyone have experience with ...
  72. Have an endo appt - anyone have experience with ...
  73. Uptake scan results and some questions too....
  74. My thyroid bkgrnd/Question
  75. Levoxyl vs Armour??
  76. can thryoid alone cause this acute fatigue and severe muscle weakness??
  77. Realizations from taking thyroid
  78. thrush and gas
  79. Very odd question
  80. blood test???
  81. Test today!
  82. Polycistic Ovary syndrome
  83. creepy crawleys - heavie geavies?
  84. Is it important to know
  85. Taking the plunge - and thankyou
  86. Thyroid disease and our spouses???
  87. Throat clicking...doc says maybe thyroid
  88. Libido issue
  89. Results from Ultra Sound Finally!
  90. RAI-U, I-125 radioactive uptake scan and sushi???? Ughh--did I mess up?
  91. anxiety and hashi's
  92. Anti-thyroid autoantibodies?
  93. What are normal levels?
  94. TSH "Normal"
  95. How long for lab results
  96. Anyone else not follow LID pre RAI?
  97. body temp???
  98. Help! - Hypo and Excess hair growth???????
  99. wide awake,after midnight..
  100. Path report
  101. Doctors driving me NUTS-no help with hair or Armour
  102. Could cytomel make me go hypER?
  103. Can someone please look at these numbers?
  104. Doctor's Appointment
  105. Side effect from Armour????
  106. Cytomel Questions
  107. does this ever end?
  108. Thyroid Activator and Maca?
  109. buy Amour on internet?
  110. What would you do?
  111. Hashimoto's Diagnosis ---questions
  112. Slow Heart Rate
  113. Thyroid Symptoms
  114. Lab Results
  115. Hypothyroid with new lump in throat?
  116. normal levels for thyroid tests please
  117. does everyone normally start taking meds right away after being diagnosed?
  118. helpful info
  119. Doc in Houston ,Texas?
  120. More cytomel questions
  121. Do T4 levels remain consistant throughout life?
  122. very confused and need support..
  123. Synthroid and C.Pill
  124. Going to Endo finally!
  125. How long for TSH to change?
  126. Reducing Synthroid
  127. Is this normal
  128. I'm switching to Armour today - advice please !
  129. Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  130. Anyone gain weight in untreated stage of Graves?
  131. Interpreting Lab Results
  132. Hoshimoto's and a growth?
  133. how does selenium help
  134. pregnancy and tsh
  135. Hashi's --advice needed
  136. Thyroid question...got results of blood test back
  137. What do you make of these results?
  138. New territory on Armour
  139. more questions on symptoms please
  140. Nodules, FNB's, scans, cancer....confused, help!
  141. Start Off At What Dose?
  142. Heart Palpitations and Shortness of Breath
  143. Does synthroid make anyone else's eyes sting?
  144. RAI and cancer - length of stay?
  145. multifocal papillary carcinoma
  146. Anyone heard of Thyroid Crisis?
  147. New here and need advice please.
  148. Still learning
  149. synthroid and actonel -- skyeagle1?
  150. Please Help! Thyroid Medication, treatment options!
  151. Amount of Armour
  152. what do you guys know about Saliva test
  153. what can happen if your goiter is removed?
  155. Analyze this please
  156. Help, first less than 0.010 TSH, now 0.02 and I feel terrible
  157. sex drive zero
  158. Study: effect of low T4 on pregancy and the baby
  159. Looking for some input!
  160. Now What Do I Do?
  161. lab test
  162. lovemythreeguys... Re the new doctor
  163. hyper - hypo?
  164. Caffeine
  165. Thyroid Function Test
  166. Hi, I'm new here.......
  167. Hypo...tell me EVERYTHING!!!
  168. Can somebody interpret my TSH results?
  169. what is the difference between Armour and Synthroid?
  170. thyroaid question
  171. Ha! I knew it! Lab results; looking for "Top Doc" in MN
  172. meep,, help
  173. test done,, help,,,
  174. Frustrated on Synthroid!!!!
  175. anyone's advice please
  176. help with Thyroglobulin Autoantibody vs Thyroglobulin results ???
  177. What is it and how long does it take for your blood work to come back?
  178. Graves and artificial sweeteners
  179. symptoms
  180. is there any hypos that have not gain weight?
  181. fell asleep at the concert tonite ...
  182. Is this why I am not converting?
  183. Goiter Question
  184. Hypo or Hyper, what do the numbers mean?
  185. Has anybody had this
  186. How long should I have give the doctor to call me with my scan results?
  187. graves disease
  188. cycle question
  189. sores on scalp
  190. Neck Dissection Tomorrow
  191. Any one treated by an ENT
  192. is it true?
  193. hypothroid
  194. joint pain and hypo diet ???'s
  195. I am feeling better! 5 weeks on synthroid
  196. taking levoxyl & synthroid, weight and dose
  197. Can't decide best time to take my meds...
  198. I'm fine.don't worry!
  199. Confused-Hyper or Hypo????
  200. Arms and legs falling asleep faster
  201. Too much carbimazole ? - it seems being on it too long may have damaged health ??
  202. 7-Keto Dhea
  203. from hyper to hypo on tapazole
  204. Just wondering
  205. cytomel(?) and armour?
  206. Meep- question
  207. HYPO ??
  208. progesterone
  209. Synthroid question
  210. Here's a tidbit to chew on...
  211. Painful feet
  212. joints
  213. Temperature Diagnosis - Possible???
  214. crawley itchy things ...
  215. calling the women out there...
  216. Suppressed TSH-HELP
  217. im supposed to feel different yes?
  218. Need...HELP....PLEASE
  219. Big question PLEASE!!!
  220. All about calcium
  221. ? about thyroid, T4 and body temp
  222. hair falling out on Armour! HELP !
  223. Is anyone from Canada
  224. help with lab results
  225. having a really bad day
  226. How do families deal with ups and downs
  227. Taking decogestants and hypo
  228. Bosmom, what are you taking?
  229. Synthroid Dosages
  231. Strange Question
  232. anyone with this problem?
  233. Newly(ish) Diagnosed - can anyone help pls?
  234. Need help to understand tsh serum and throid?
  235. How would I get tested for Adrenal fatigue?
  236. Newly treated
  237. Has Anyone Heard From Joe--01?
  238. Brookeysma-OB visit
  239. Flu Vaccinations??
  240. Residual Effects?
  241. information please?
  242. Starting on Synthroid for 1st Time
  243. Always hot! But doc insists it's Hashimoto's??
  244. Loosing weight on synthroid
  246. why'd doc ask?
  247. Nystagmus driving me crazy!!
  248. how to get back on track
  249. Got uptake results
  250. Need support, feeling terrible

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