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  1. TSH Results in...HELP
  2. Thyroid & foot pain?
  3. Can Basal Temp really diagnose thyroid disease?
  4. I feel crappy but have no insurance.
  5. RAI Treatment and found lump under chin
  6. lab results
  7. lump on my rt thyroid-what does it mean?
  8. Thyroid problem?
  9. RAI Question
  10. Hypo & Sleep Apnea?
  11. Are we a bunch of lab mice?
  12. Guggul- am I the only one to try this?
  13. positive ANA test and thyroid
  14. heat intolerance?
  15. another night of almost no sleep.....please help!
  16. antihistamines and thyroid function
  17. 9 mm nodule found on thyroid...
  18. ARRRGH! Dr. Frustration!!!!
  19. Shrimp Allergy, anyone?
  20. i feel AWFUL!
  21. Do medications really help?
  22. physically better, mentall a mess!
  23. Nodules and goiters? How can you tell?
  24. Vibrating again
  25. Need opinions: dosage change
  26. Meep! Need Your HELP!!
  27. Meep! Need Your HELP!!
  28. Is life worth living anymore?
  29. Who knows more anymore, the doctor or the patient?
  30. Seeing new doc soon...What should I do?
  31. hypothalamus extract
  32. ok ...i just received my lab tests...any ideas?
  33. Roni, Roni, Roni
  34. Synthroid, Anxiety and what my Dr said..
  35. is it common to lose appetite when meds are changed?
  36. Too much Synthroid???
  37. can't eat...can't sleep...walking zombie? you betcha
  38. A Quick Primer On the Adrenals
  39. Tree Frog + Shrimp?
  40. meds caused my memory lapes
  41. Dear IWL...
  42. Symptoms I've Noticed, Possible Hyperthyroidism?
  43. Back to Work
  44. Meep - are these levels too high now???
  45. OHG, you guys, I can't take this one more night! Help!
  46. What to expect now?
  47. taking cytomel by itself...
  48. Cost of blood test in CA - no insurance!
  49. looking for new treatment direction - hypo
  51. Am I alone on this one??
  52. Newbie with Question
  53. Hair regrowth
  54. hypo-fast heart rate?
  55. emioo1
  56. Meep or anyone ?- levoxyl dose in half
  57. Advice Please
  58. AngelaA-TPA of Texas
  59. pathology reports- second opinion
  60. hypothyroidism and sleep apnea
  61. Meep....they're baaack...
  62. Everyone check this out please!
  63. Your opinion on my test results?? Pls
  64. Westroid & Nature-throid
  65. taking thyroid med without water
  66. Synthroid and Anxiety... Anyone?
  67. new to this
  68. Nodule measuring 1.27 - what does it mean?
  69. Gotta find a Dr.-how?
  70. Take a look Meep
  71. Bad Attitude off Meds
  72. new test results, help appreciated
  73. Hi There!! Newbie Here... Please Help
  74. Meep help please! sorry this is long
  76. Please help.
  77. armour in canada?
  78. am I crazy?
  79. My Doctor
  80. the issues that cause trouble with the thyroid!!
  81. weight loss challenge
  82. Is this a hyperthyroid or hypothyroid symptom?
  83. T3 T4
  84. Test results back - now what?
  85. Home again & ? to Meep about getting back on meds soon
  86. Hypothyroidism
  87. Hashi's and meds
  88. FNA tomorrow
  89. Meep, Per Your Request...
  90. Hairloss & Stitches post thyroidectomy
  91. Is one hour before eating a meal long enough?
  92. MEEP-Detailed Test Results
  93. Armour or Cytomel,or both?
  94. Metabolic
  95. just needing to vent at this moment
  96. Calling all Blacktulips
  97. hypo-irregular heartbeat
  98. Can anyone explain why it takes so long to see results?
  99. interesting article to share with U
  100. Seeking goiter/nodule info
  101. Makers of Levothroid told to stop making it
  102. Unusually Tired...(meep,too)
  103. Meep...Ultra sound/test results.
  104. To Iwannalife
  105. Doctor V. Doctor
  106. Anyone know about Miracle II Neutralizer?
  107. Testing......Meep
  108. do birth control pills effect thyroid function or readings?
  109. How long on Synthroid before requesting something new?
  110. normal tsh level
  111. Glad I found all of you
  112. Thanks so much!
  113. Does anyone here know anything about cortisol levels?
  114. PTU side effects?
  115. Borderline Underactive Thyroid
  116. need an answer please
  117. itching till bleeding
  118. Feeling much better, not eating soy.
  119. New pains...maybe I am turning HYPO again?
  120. Meep - Please Advise
  121. light sensitivity
  122. Armour Thyroid in Australia
  123. small, red, not itchy, bumps on body
  124. What to do?
  125. tremor, BP up and fast pulse after meds
  126. does anyone have hypo & hyper symptoms?
  127. Plantar Fasciitis
  128. 'adrenalin rushess'
  129. Now I'm scared!!!!
  130. Eltroxin
  131. What are antithyroglobulin antibodies?
  132. do my symptoms sound familiar?
  133. Brain Fog???
  134. Synthroid Dosage ???
  135. Hurthle Cell 5cm tumor
  136. test results. what now?
  137. NEWBIE
  138. hypothyroidism thyroid?
  139. Armour vs. Thyrolar-why would naturopath want to switch?
  140. Back to the old drawing board...
  141. Is hypo and hashi's the same
  142. help,this is driving me crazy
  143. what else could it be??
  144. Just diagnosed hypo, tsh 98
  145. new here ..if you know pls help..
  146. Overproduction of Saliv...a
  147. Another stupid question, please bear with me!
  148. Has anybody ever heard of this? Is it valid?
  149. frustrated and need HELP!
  150. had my blood work today
  151. Neck Ultrasound
  152. Selenium - Thyroid, now I REMEMBER!!!
  153. Hey Roni!!!
  154. Is it better to take meds at night or in the morning?
  155. I have issues
  156. meep can you help?
  157. Difference between FT4&F4.....
  158. Xenical and Hypo meds???
  159. What are these antibody results?
  160. any suggestions
  161. TSH Results and Thyroid scan
  162. blood work for thyroid
  163. RAI for cancer...please help
  164. I am so sick...please help.
  165. Trancing off/Medication
  166. Just found out I'm Hypo
  167. I NEED HELP ~ Thyroid and diet
  168. In need of support
  169. Help-thyroid & HEAVY periods???
  170. Just started Eltroxin, what should I expect?
  171. Tests, help someone
  172. antibodies question!!
  173. Anyone with a similar situation?? Help!
  174. APB: Missing Stool Sample Huh?
  175. New Problem
  176. First timer
  177. my STUPID surgery and now this my humourous whining for all to enjoy
  178. Am I really hypo??
  179. what tests to ask for??? thyroid
  180. Is it ok to take steriodal inhalors with Armour?
  181. Accutane and thyroid
  182. Super High TSH 22.7...anyone else?
  183. Complex Question obout TSH, T4, and T3 correlation
  184. does this sound like thyroid problems
  185. Vegetarian Diet; does soy cause a problem?
  186. Meep...can you help me please?
  187. Armour OR Cytomel?? Or Both?? Help
  188. husband needs advice
  189. new and afraid
  190. Can ur thyroid (numbers) fluctuate?
  191. anyone who has hashi
  192. Joonbug
  193. Does an MRI show the thyroid?
  194. info on levoxyl (poss of being pulled off market)
  195. Taking 3 grns Armour daily, T3 is 0.8 ??
  196. Please pray for my brother
  197. Test results on saliva
  198. Pushed for test! Thanks you guys!
  199. Menstruation cycles and thryoid levels
  200. just arrived here! Result help?
  201. wondering if you could help
  202. Should I push for an ultrasound?
  203. hashimotos flare-ups?
  204. Birth Control and Thyroid
  205. First Post, Results Questions...
  206. results
  207. Question
  208. Blood test- symptoms, doctor says ok
  209. Shall you just have TSH lab done?
  210. for Marilyn
  211. tsh test?
  212. tsh test?
  213. Flaxseed and Hashi's.....
  214. very frustrated. please help
  215. triglycerides and the thyroid
  216. going to doctor today for blood test report results
  217. Anyone unable to tolerate Armour?
  218. New-just say Hi
  219. TSH Level ? -- a little confused
  220. Meep, follow up lab tests
  221. Hey Meep - TSH Question!
  222. Hyper and Medication Intolerence
  223. Confused About Soy
  224. Armour conversion
  225. surgery last week- is my neck normal?
  226. Question regarding vitamins
  227. forgot a few
  228. thyroid symptoms?
  229. I started with Hyer now am Hypo
  230. How many of you had/have this symptom?
  231. tsh level
  232. misdiagnosed or just nervous?
  233. New dosage
  234. Hillary from Canada
  235. Changing T4 to Cytomel-reply to meep
  236. Ready for scan and returning to meds questions for Meep/Stardust or others???
  237. Questions for Dr. Meep or others with experience
  238. changing from T4 to Cytomel
  239. Meep
  240. Test results, please help.
  241. thyroid Surgery
  242. thyroid Surgery
  243. thyroid Surgery
  244. thyroid Surgery
  245. quick question
  246. a mighty relapse ...
  247. I need help
  248. On Armour low T4, ok T3 high TSH HELP!!
  249. tyroid problems?
  250. suspicious thyroid and nursing

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