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  1. thyroid Surgery
  2. thyroid Surgery
  3. quick question
  4. a mighty relapse ...
  5. I need help
  6. On Armour low T4, ok T3 high TSH HELP!!
  7. tyroid problems?
  8. suspicious thyroid and nursing
  9. Born with half a thyroid?
  10. does anyone get tremor or twitches with hypo?
  11. Surgery
  12. What Do I do Now?
  13. Hypothyroidism & ovarian cysts??!
  14. anyone else with this
  15. Do I have to get worse before I feel better?
  16. Getting Better ???
  17. Eyelash loss
  18. Help! I'm scared I did something really stupid
  19. Need some help with test results
  20. different range-does it matter?
  21. After the Radioactive Iodine...
  22. 90mg of Armour
  23. no more hospital!
  24. Selenium
  25. anyone had or know about subacute thyroiditis
  26. are frequent same time everyday headaches a symtom?
  27. what's the difference between hypo & hyper?
  28. is this my imagination?
  29. Normal folks at 2.44?
  30. thanks
  31. Meep, or anyone, question on meds
  32. ear, neck, eye pain and swollen thyroid
  33. trouble sleeping?
  34. test
  35. hypo
  36. Hoshimotos / thyroid nodule
  37. You can be hypo and hyper at the same time!?!?!
  38. Neck Ultrasound?
  39. They keep testing me.
  40. new member intro, and questions
  41. What is a thyroid panel?
  42. New, and confused
  43. Ellyn
  44. Does anyone know anything about maca root?
  45. Meep T3 Question
  46. Jinglebets
  47. No Malignancy - Yahooooooo
  48. Has anyone experienced weight gain on Levoxyl? (synthroid)
  49. safe to do colon cleansing while HypoT????????
  50. Does anyone have swelling feet/calves?
  51. Endo? Maybe not? Please help!
  52. Question!!
  53. Thyroid supplements
  54. meep - new meds / question ?
  55. Weight gain? Shouldn't be....
  56. Meep, Armour question when you have time...
  57. Advice please re: second opinion
  58. endo calling me tomorrow..quick question
  59. what is RAI?
  60. Any alternative medicine?
  61. I'm confused, why isn't there much info on HyperT?
  62. Antibodies and Meds.
  63. Alternatives to RAI?
  64. Test Results
  65. Tapazole
  66. Meep--May I have an interpretation too please?
  67. Cushing's disease???
  68. My levels
  69. Do I have a thyroid disorder????
  70. In need of help
  71. RAI in cancer versus RAI in hypo/goiter
  72. Thank you, Meep! Q about Selenium anyone.
  73. They don't tell you this!
  74. natural healing?
  75. Meep if you don't mind me asking.....
  76. Evening Primrose Supplement
  77. Recovering from partial thyroidectomy
  78. Can a Chiropractor help?
  79. the good side of it all
  80. Any ideas on these readings?
  81. Is the Cytomel causing these Symptoms
  82. can you take armour AND synthetic T4?
  83. cytomel diarreah?
  84. Is there anyway hypos can lose weight ?
  85. Hives with Hyperthyroid
  86. Postpartum Thyroiditus
  87. test results--"normal?"
  88. Too tired to do anything
  89. what the heck is wrong with me?
  90. GNC's Fish Body Oil
  91. Radioiodine TWICE?
  92. A BIG THANK YOU!!!
  93. Can I take AminoSculpt?
  94. Another Meep question!
  95. I went to the doctor yesterday...
  96. Supplements
  97. Help, lab results back with no results
  98. Having Problems Lately, can ne one help with the results
  99. Still needing help with abnormal FT3 interpretation
  100. Nodular Goiter
  101. Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  102. enlarged thyroid
  103. Meep!
  104. Sex?
  105. curious about everyone
  106. I will not have removal at hospital - rather die
  107. Cysts on Thyroid
  108. hyper now after starting armour???
  109. Comments Wanted
  110. Panic and Thyroid
  111. Medicating myself
  112. thyroidectomy and cancer questions
  113. Does this make sense?
  114. Winter & Thyroid meds
  115. don't fry eggs in coconut oil?
  116. question regarding tsh level
  117. TSH low - med.'s lowered??
  118. Just looking for a clue
  119. tsh level increase ?????
  120. How can this be accurate?
  121. can OJ with calcium "*****" my synthroid dosage?
  122. Thyroid, low iron & high cholesterol links???
  123. maybe this thyroid thing is actual perimenopause?
  124. Dizziness
  125. make sure you know what's in your medical record
  126. Can anyone please give me some info?
  127. food interactions with synthroid
  128. restless legs
  129. Initial dosing of Armour?
  130. Question regarding Calcium - post thyroidectomy
  131. Question about blood test
  132. Armour question
  133. HELP....I need someone to reply
  134. What do you make of this?
  135. Armour by Temperature
  136. your opinions?
  137. Labs question
  138. Scary new lab results....PLEASE interpret for me
  139. does kelp, mecca root, etc. help hypo lose weight
  140. Normal test result but have most of the symptoms
  141. Meep?
  142. TU?
  143. What the heck does T-7 do??
  144. Great Book To Read
  145. Started on Armour~
  146. Help! Eyelashes falling out!
  147. anyone ever feel like being left alone...
  148. Graves disease and hashi's?
  149. What are the ranges of normal for T3 and T4?
  150. Caffiene & Thyroid Meds?
  151. Went in for hives...came out with hypothyroidism?
  152. Selenium
  153. Some questions...please help!
  154. Free T4 and symptoms constant?
  155. Dr. won't give referral
  156. Looking for your input on getting Second opinion
  157. Is there a diet designed for Hypo's
  158. Tinnitus/hypothyroid
  159. Synthroid and Stomach Problems?
  160. Meep, Could you give me your advice??
  161. Meep or anyone else, please help me with these test results!!
  162. New to this board. Please help
  163. meep - could you look at my labs too please?
  164. Wilson's Syndrome Vs Hypothyroid
  165. Interpretation of results
  166. Losing weight & dealing w/hypo
  167. Meep! Need your advice again!
  168. Meep...will you please help to interpret labs?
  169. am I just a lazy whiner?
  170. Is there a natural supplement for hyper?
  171. I think i have hypothyroid....
  172. Any experience with thyroidectomy? Hoping to avoid RI because I have a baby.
  173. help! 5-8 pounds won't go away!
  174. If you want to lose weight...
  175. Why do I feel better toward Eve
  176. Gaining Weight?
  177. :blob2 Holy Crab-*** Batman!
  178. Question about T uptake level
  179. DHEA
  180. Foods to avoid while taking Thyroxine
  181. thyroid radiation as a infant
  182. Any supplements (non-traditional meds) for HyperT?
  183. What thyroid tests are needed?
  184. any info on unithroid?
  185. How long for meds?
  186. selenium question
  187. Hashimoto's Please Help
  188. thyroid
  189. Anyone hypothyroid, without thyroid antibodies?
  190. Test Results - please help explain
  191. What does mcg?
  192. Synthyroid
  193. bad taste in mouth from armour..anyone?
  194. Question about skipping some doses of thyroid hormone.
  195. Hyper and gaining weight?
  196. Atkins and ketosis
  197. Need some advice, please
  198. Divermon
  199. Can T3 flucuate ? went from 617 to normal range
  200. Is there a chance for CANCER?
  201. Miller01 - Is Today the Day?
  202. Armour and Mad Cow Disease?
  203. can swollen thyroid cause ear aches?
  204. Meep, your thoughts would be appreciated
  205. Thyroid improvement with Atkins and Selenium
  206. SO glad to hear that other people have problems!
  207. Can overmedication cause sleep problems??
  208. Neck stiffnes/pain
  209. Since starting meds brain fog worse
  210. is synthroid ruined by heat?
  211. I called about my Cytomel
  212. Has anyone been overdose on snythroid?
  213. Are there blood tests for hypothalamus?
  214. Can a life event causing major stress induce thyroid problems?
  215. the role of stress in TSH levels
  216. Cytomel Question
  217. are calcium levels related to thyroid problem?
  218. Heart Beat in Head ?
  219. Armour dosage
  220. Alcohol causing burning feet
  221. High FT3, High Iron
  222. Frozen Shoulder
  223. Wobbly & Lev How are you doing??
  224. How long for meds to work?
  225. goiter
  226. Meep - My lab results.
  227. eyes - any relation with thyroid?
  228. Update
  229. Leboxyl and Synthroid please advice
  230. swollen tongue?
  231. Has anyone experienced these problems because of a thyroid disorder???
  232. Reverse t3
  233. thinks Endo messed up
  234. Is Hashimoto's caused by a Virus
  235. Meep - numbers please?
  236. Another lump in throat question
  237. ADD/ADHD vs Thyroid Symptoms...
  238. Additional Breathless Question
  239. T4 level is 10.5
  240. No thyroid - trying to get pregnant soon
  241. T3 question.
  242. What is the highest antibody count you ever had/heard about?
  243. Antibodies (TPO) at 21500. Is it possible
  244. Menstrual question....
  245. Hyper Symptoms
  246. 50mcg synthroid + 10mcg cytomel
  247. coconut oil update
  248. Does any one get the itches
  249. Testing for problems
  250. HELP, HELP, HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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