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  1. Tests to request at appt
  2. is this safe to switch?
  3. waiting for results
  4. large thyroid tumor and neck pain
  5. Brain fog, anxiety
  6. A question about cystic thyroid nodules
  7. Hyperthyroid and "normal" levels? High calcium?
  8. Thyroid
  9. please describe what "optimal" is for you- hashimotos people
  10. Need help with labs!
  11. Nutritional needs with Hashimotos
  12. Anyone with Hashimoto and Graves?
  13. Pregnancy Induced Hyperthyroid
  14. Thyroid Issue
  15. Just started med
  16. Hypo and weight??
  17. Opinion on labs
  18. new to this.... but i need info
  19. anyone on hydrocortisone for adrenals?
  20. Hypothyroid and NOT SLEEPING??
  21. What is subclinical hypothyroidism
  22. Lab results
  23. Hypo hell..... Help!
  24. Have anyone ever heard of low thyroid causing premature aging?
  25. Total Thyroidectomy for Christmas
  26. Missing 2 days levothyroxin?
  27. Not Hashimoto's? Viral?
  28. Thyroid Scan - A little worried
  29. can someone explain high reverse t3
  30. Thyroid
  31. Flourescent Lighting
  32. Does this seem ok?
  33. Ultrasound report. Help decoding.
  34. Is it normal to feel worse when starting on Synthroid?
  35. Thyroid stats - sources?
  36. Help with test results
  37. Hypothyroidism-T4 levels
  38. help with labs
  39. Does anyone understand this?
  40. Mystery Illness -- Could this be Hashimotos?
  41. Once you have a thyroid problem...
  42. Thyroid Lab Results
  43. Synthroid and Cycle Issues
  44. Suspect hypothyroid. Would like some insight.
  45. Thyroid Disorder & Migraines?
  46. Pituitary Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
  47. Need t3!
  48. para thyroid test
  49. More Lab Tests
  50. Thyroid Panel Results/Amenorrhea
  51. Hypothyroid systems and Bloodwork
  52. eyebrow hair
  53. Thyroid size on U/S
  54. Started on Synthroid
  55. Nodules changing from solid to cystic? Making myself worry after ultrasound results.
  56. What's wrong with me? Hyperthyroidism? Graves?
  57. Hypothyroidism? Please Help!
  58. Hypothyroidism linked to frequent sickness?
  59. need your help
  60. Confused with uptake scan and ultra sound
  61. Adding a little t4 med to NDT
  62. Reasonable dose increases or too much meds?
  63. Can't Sleep... Lab Results... HyperParaThyroid??
  64. Pregnant with high t3
  65. New and very upset about it...
  66. Secondary Hypo, can't stand watch and wait
  67. Not a happy underactive bunneh :(
  68. fna results
  69. Prescribed Liothyronine Effectiveness
  70. How should I adjust Carbimazole dosage?
  71. 9year old lab test
  72. help understanding tests?
  73. Ultrasound Result
  74. thyroid lump
  75. Help understanding labs
  76. What else - a labs question!
  77. Feeling terrible post-thyroidectomy
  78. Thyroid Nodule..High TPO antibody ??
  79. Hypothyroid Symptoms but normal results...confused!!!
  80. Too Hyper to Touch?
  81. Newbie
  82. labs after 6 weeks -- need advice
  83. Levothyroxine adjustment after TT
  84. armour question
  85. breathing issues and anxiety - synthroid?
  86. Help please with my labs... years of hypo/hashi battle!
  87. Question on thyroid cancer
  88. Why ultrasound scan after thyroid cancer?
  89. Atenolol and proponal together?
  90. hyperthyroid and toxic nodule
  91. Confused
  92. Sythroid excess and seeing endocrinologist on Tuesday
  93. severely unstable hashis, with a question for experienced graves and hashis folks
  94. Vocal Hoarseness
  95. Frustrated
  96. T4-ONLY people: Does the depression ever go away?
  97. Cutting out thyroxine and using NDT (RT3 issues)
  98. Please Help. Can't Read.
  99. Undersactive Thyroid
  100. Why the symptoms are not steady/gradually increasing?
  101. Test Results
  102. anyone Euthyroid and taking meds?
  103. toxic nodule over 3cm or mm?
  104. What *type* of thy ca in 9/11 First Responders?
  105. Hello
  106. Please help me with my lab results...
  107. Low TSH, low T3, low T4? Please Help.
  108. Hashimoto, falling apart
  109. Hypothyroid and Anemia
  110. healing the gut supplements
  111. question about COLORS of thyroid pills
  112. Don't want to be dismissed...part 2 Lab values
  113. Thyroid problems? Or not?
  114. T4-only: How long after final dosage did you realize you were optimized?
  115. Thyroid ultrasound?
  116. Thyroid Disease questions? ANA 1:640 speckled
  117. My thyroid levels
  118. Ideas and Advice, please.
  119. Appt Tomorrow, Don't want to be "dismissed"!!
  120. cortisol/sex hormones results! needing advice
  121. need advice
  122. reverse t3 -- doctors who dont go by it? anyone?
  123. Newly diagnosed and totally clueless!
  124. Newly diagnosed hypothyroid and clueless
  125. Heckofagal's new labs... at very top of range
  126. What kind of dr do you recommend?
  127. Questions regarding the dosage on my methimazole for Graves Disease
  128. out of Armour Thyroid...does anyone know where I can order some online? Please help
  129. Help! Iodine resistant???
  130. TSH 4.49, ft3 0.9
  131. Iodine for umbilical cord care & high TSH ? (TSH 7 at 12 days)
  132. Hypo... wondering about other symptoms
  133. 3cm thyroid complex cyst..please help!
  134. Difference Between Armour and Nature-Throid?
  135. Follow up Nodule Ultrasound
  136. Remnant ablation for thyroid cancer
  137. Thyroid blood tests
  138. Any advice how NOT to gain weight on L-Thyroxine (Synthroid)?
  139. Very confused
  140. 12 days old and TSH 7 - Congenital Hypothyroid?
  141. reverse t3 question
  142. Thyroid Levels - Normal? Low Normal? Low?
  143. Wondering what I should do next?
  144. Advice on meds
  145. Generic -vs- name brand?
  146. Hey Hypo gals! Have you lost any weight?
  147. Hypo, been untreated, test result interpretation pls
  148. Can anyone help interpret my labs?
  149. Thyroglobulin levels... What to expect?
  150. levoxyl dosage... question
  151. Enlarged Thyroid Help
  152. Can severely low TSH cause psychosis?
  153. Thyroid cancer and worried sick!
  154. Anyone else with thyroid nodules *&* plantar fibroma?
  155. Changes in Armour?
  156. is it easier to get.sick?
  157. Lump in neck... Absolutely terrified!!! Please help
  158. Thyroid madness??
  159. Help with labs!
  160. Allergic to both Synthroid and Eltroxin?..
  161. Is This Thyroid?
  162. Thyroid tests
  163. fluctuations?
  164. Best Time To Take Thyroid Test
  165. Thyroid Ultrasound abnormal
  166. Thinking About Going Back To NP Thyroid From Tirosint...
  167. Take Armour after meals?
  168. Low grade thyroditist
  169. Large Pores, skin changes due to hypothyroidism
  170. Med dosage not working but can't tolerate going up
  171. Had a Panic Attack
  172. thyroid nodules
  173. Hypothyroid and Sudden Weight Gain!
  174. Referred to Endocrinologist for possible Hashimoto's
  175. Not feeling like myself... Test results included
  176. Iron overload and thyroid not good!!
  177. New to Boards... my uncommon labs
  178. Swollen Thyroid
  179. gaining weight... had my thyroid removed
  180. Are beta blockers supposed to allieviate all cardiac related symptoms?
  181. Just saw endo for first time, had some bloodtests, can you interpret results for me?
  182. On Armour, TSH went down but so did FreeT4... is this ok?
  183. Tips for finding the right dr.
  184. Heartburn with Armour anyone?
  185. New results after 2 mo on unithroid
  186. New - Test results included
  187. high tsh,normal t3,t4
  188. levoxyl
  189. Trying to figure out hypo plus anxiety... Need advice.
  190. how do you know synthroid isnt working for you?
  191. Tests to Ask for!!!
  192. FNA biopsy/Hashimotos question
  193. Understanding lab results
  194. Are these symptoms adjusting to synthroid?
  195. MS/HypoThyroid
  196. Feeling lousy and hoping for some answers
  197. follicular neoplasm
  198. Panic, no thyroid
  199. Feeling horrible, is it thyroid?
  200. can you tell me your experience with nodule?
  201. Switching from Levoxyl to NP Thyroid Dose Question
  202. Hi~ I'm new here diagnosed Hashimoto dz. yesterday.
  203. trouble breathing on synthroid
  204. Should I be on medication for a high TSH?
  205. Newbie here... HELP!
  206. feelin hot with my hypothyroid
  207. length of time to adjust to dose?/ UTI's/ hair ever stop falling out?
  208. Can someone Please Help with some answers
  209. Thyroid problem
  210. Back from the doctor, lab results
  211. Mid TSH + High Free T4?!
  212. Daughter's thyroid results
  213. Besides hyperthyroidism, is there something else going on?
  214. RAI - to do or not to do?
  215. Do I need TSH
  216. New Lab Results Interpretation Please
  217. Expert Advice Needed Please/graves
  218. Thyroid goiter very large and concerned help explain
  219. synthroid question - side effect
  220. New results and symptoms
  221. Thyroid Problems?
  222. TSH .55 + hyper symptoms: Should I see an endo?
  223. My daughter has symptoms like mine (hashi) please help
  224. Need your help :)
  225. Quitting Smoking and the effects on HypoT
  226. just.tried.propanolol
  227. just.tried.propanolol
  228. Question regarding hypothyroid
  229. Looking for help with thyroid med levels
  230. TPO antibody question
  231. how do you no if you have hashimotos
  232. Huge weight gain
  233. anyone on propanolol or metroprolol and zoloft?
  234. noisy joints?
  235. Thyroid Nodule Single - FNA
  236. can you give opinions or recommend literature on options for treating hyperthyroid?
  237. beta blockers
  238. Radio iodine for the 2nd time
  239. anyone with hep c or autoimmune hepatitis?
  240. Possible Hashimoto's??
  241. help... new hyper thyroid and don't want.to.stop breastfeeding!
  242. Thyroid & Breast Feeding
  243. Hyperthyroidism
  244. Hashimoto's - Mini Thyroid Storms
  245. Lab results - help!
  246. what happens when you don't find relief from thyroid meds?
  247. Help please
  248. Levothyoxine vs Synthroid and weight gain
  249. Thyroid Problems!
  250. Advice on Lab Results

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