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  1. Odd labs, Hypo a possibility?
  2. Confused by new results, any advice?
  3. Surgery, Endo, Help! Oh My!
  4. hyperthyroidism
  5. when to take synthroid?
  6. Help with Thyroid US results
  7. Help! Confused
  8. Ladies and Gents of knowledge
  9. Went Hyper to Hypo, and now Hyper symptoms but normal labs
  10. Update and questions on thyroxine increase!
  11. Can someone help me interpret my lab results?
  12. TSH 5.6, but hyperthyroid symptoms...
  13. Referred to a rheumatologist for thyroid issues?
  14. managing your Hashimoto's
  15. Help Understanding Lab Results/symptoms
  16. Please, please, please help me.
  17. Retaining water weight on Synthroid - Anyone lose weight once optimized?
  18. Help with my latest lab results
  19. My TSH went up to 14 from 4 in two weeks!
  20. Foggy me again, with more newbie ?'s
  21. Lab results before surgery - Please help
  22. Vitamin D Deficiency - Are injections the answer??
  23. soya milk, ibs & metformin for pcos
  24. Feeling wore out!
  25. hypo questions
  26. Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.
  27. my levels still aren't right, should I find another new doctor?
  28. Hypothyroidism
  29. New medication after thyroidectomy
  30. advice?!
  31. New with Labs
  32. Please Help!!!! Trying to understand lab results
  33. Unusual problem with hair
  34. Questions - TT Post Op - FEEL VERY SICK!!!
  35. Thyroid nodules & lymphadenopathy- no answers from doctors
  36. strange symptoms since thyroid surgery... help
  37. Am I Hypo?
  38. lab results after increased Synthyroid dosage
  39. Good and bad days (hashimotos)
  40. Can Hypothyroid Meds cause Hair Loss?
  41. Help for a friend
  42. Help with Labs- still Hypo? why weight gain
  43. Newly diagnosed with hashimotos
  44. Results and advice
  45. Rising TSH and symptoms
  46. concurrent hyperparathyroid and hyperthyroid
  47. Nodule
  48. Please help with labs...
  49. Hyperthyroidism - Deciding next step
  50. Test results help
  51. Do symptoms get worse when starting Levrothy?
  52. Thyroid Nodule?
  53. Newly diagnosed
  54. Recovered with a green drink
  55. Need Help with LAB RESULTS
  56. Hashimoto's going hyper?
  57. New and very frusterated.
  58. Test interpretation - hypothyroidism ?
  59. Thyroid disorders
  60. How RAI treatment affected me.
  61. GI issues
  62. T3
  63. Brazilian nuts
  64. need some relief
  65. Any Thoughts, 24 yr. old daughter struggling
  66. Will Cytomel increase affect adrenal testing?
  67. Test Results
  68. Your Sense of Taste ??
  69. Thyroid Hormone Resistance
  70. Hypothyroid and Facial Hair !!
  71. Lab Result Analysis... Should I be looking into T3?
  72. new - tsh t &t4 normal but waiting for antibodies result
  73. Acupuncture Nerve Damage during Pregnancy
  74. Test help- hope they can be read properly this time
  75. Chest Pain - Very Concerned
  76. Dessicated meds and levels
  77. Hypothyroid Can Someone Explain... What Does This Mean?
  78. Can you be hypo and have Graves Disease?
  79. Post Hemithryoidectomy Test Results
  80. Will I ever have thick hair again?
  81. Concerned about my TSH level (but GP is not)... what to do?
  82. Having thyroid ultrasound
  83. How did you feel after RAI treatment?
  84. low TSH vs low FT3/FT4 question
  85. Doctor's Say Nothing Wrong, but Still Not Sure...
  86. Thyroid Test Help, T3 Uptake Percent
  87. Biopsy results... need input
  88. Crestor and Thyroid
  89. Thyroid removed and also had uterus and left ovary removed...all started Dec 2006
  90. New Results - Help?
  91. Is all hard non movable thyroid nodule cancerous????
  92. Thyroid is just gone!!
  93. CPAP and thyroid surgery
  94. Hypothyroidism
  95. *DEER IN HEADLIGHTS...* Anybody with any ideas?
  96. Radioactive Iodine Taken - Day 3-8
  97. Frustrated... Docs says tests normal...
  98. lowered dose of thyroid meds. symptoms
  99. On Armour, doctor worried not getting T4
  100. ms and thyroid problem too
  101. how long does it take for thyroid medication to work
  102. Hashimotos diagnosis...
  103. 6.5cm mass on thyroid, more nodules and questions galore~?~
  104. Levothyroxine working on all but weight
  105. Can anyone Help?
  106. too much levothyroxin?
  107. Should I get back on Synthroid Even if it Gives Me Higher Reverse T3?
  108. Cytomel and T3 Questions | Help Please
  109. Switched To NP Thyroid - Feeling A Bit Better!
  110. HELP! high free T3, Low free T4, normal TSH??
  111. pressure in head and ears
  112. Understanding Labs
  113. What is the main reason they do surgery for a 4 cm nodule
  114. thyroid ultrasound results
  115. New opinions from those who have thyroid problem
  116. Are these tests adequate for diagnosis?
  117. Thyroid crash. PLEASE help.
  118. Normal thyroid ultrasound, abnormal bloodwork.
  119. lab results after being on desiccated thyroid for 2 months...am I on right dosage?
  120. new here - seeing endo tomorrow.
  121. Nodules and mass
  122. Help with labs please.
  123. Biopsy on 3.9 cm nodule is benign. Doctor says wait 12 months
  124. First month of meds, got test results back
  125. Had to reply...
  126. Help with blood results please
  127. Puzzled by my thyroid results...
  128. New lab results help please with Free T4 numbers!!!
  129. Hyperthyroidism?
  130. How do I get off this Roller coaster ride?
  131. Thyroid questions
  132. Need some advise
  133. I need help!! and your input
  134. New labs, 6 weeks after adding Cytomel. Erg...
  135. thyroid numbers
  136. Wish me luck
  137. Hypo for 10 years, on cytomel/synthroid still symptomatic hypo with "hyper" levels
  138. Vitamin D and thyroid nodules? Why would my levels be low?
  139. Is papillary microcarcinoma thyroid cancer?
  140. Anyone familiar with hypoparathyroidism?
  141. what is a normal sized thyroid ?
  142. Low dose iodine -131 info - good stuff
  143. Radioactive Iodine Taken - Day 2
  144. Relief from Hives Caused by Thyroid Imbalance?
  145. appointment tomorrow!!
  146. Thyroid test
  147. Do I really have Hypothyroidism?
  148. Feeling bad
  149. Took Radioactive Iodine Today
  150. Thyroid levels, Synthroid dose, Miscarriage, Please Help
  151. enlarged thyroid with normal labs
  152. TSH results--trending toward hyperthyroid?
  153. levels good but getting palps ??
  154. overmedicated ?
  155. Recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and now have sore throat
  156. newly diagnosed hypothyroid-high level athlete
  157. Subacute thyroiditis
  158. Went from Hypo to Hyper. Would it cause swollen glands and sore throat
  159. Synthroid
  160. low TSH, High T3, T4
  161. Confusing thyroid FNA
  162. Dancers' Thyroid "story" looking for answers
  163. hyperthyroid ??
  164. Enlarged Thyroid?!
  165. ultrasound/lab results please help before my surgery
  166. Got results help with interpretation
  167. final path report after partial thyroidectomy
  168. Hello Newbie- Am I an anomaly?????
  169. Hyperthyroidism?
  170. question about swelling after surgery
  171. Just started Carbimazole and feeling much worse... normal??
  172. Hypothyroidism
  173. What's going on? Hashimoto's?
  174. Newbie... Fine Needle Biopsy Results... Confused
  175. Problems adding T3 to Synthroid?
  176. Thyroiditis help?
  177. New user with symptoms, possible thyroid problem?
  178. thyroid solid peach pit size nodule
  179. Help with lab results
  180. Confused!
  181. Hashimotos Doctor wants to lower dosage
  182. Please Help! Cannot tolerate T3 medication and when taking T4 there is weight gain?
  183. Hypothyroidism/Sudden Shortness Of Breath/Anxiety
  184. Help with test results please :-)
  185. Hello Everyone !! Questions on Graves
  186. Interpret my results please...
  187. Consult with surgeon
  188. Biopsy today...now I wait
  189. Hypothyroidism.. nodules, trouble swallowing?
  190. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  191. Does Hyperparathyroidism cause rapid increase in Calcium?
  192. Please Help
  193. Newbie
  194. Confused about levels and could be causing symptoms?
  195. Hypothyroidism and Diet?
  196. Low ferritin, hypothyroididm and pregnant!!
  197. lab results?
  198. 6 Week Post-Thyroidectomy TSH and T4 levels
  199. Feeling like a hypochondriac
  200. Secondary Hypothyroidism? Advice.
  201. Secondary Hypothryoidism? Advice.
  202. High TSH and TPO-ab and normal Free T3 and T4
  203. New Hashimotos diagnosis, gluten questions?
  204. Should these results be treated ?
  205. Levothyroxine Hair Loss
  206. Hyper and my results worried...
  207. new test results show hashi's ????so confused
  208. Obvious symptoms, confusing results.
  209. Help with Lab Results
  210. Thyroid Ultrasound Readings
  211. TSH with reflex to FT4 >100
  212. questions about FNA that is scheduled on wed.
  213. Hyperthryroidism
  214. Possible Hypothyroidism??
  215. fluctuating blood test results, hypo symptoms?
  216. Possible Overactive Thyroid?? Can Prednisone cause this?
  217. Partial Thyroidectomy on 7/12 very sore and turning yellow
  218. Re: New on Cytomel
  219. NaturThroid
  220. thyroid test interpretation
  221. Hypo - Annual review results ...
  222. can this happen?
  223. How much did RAI treatment cost you? 15 mci
  224. Even the doctor didn't know what to say about my levels
  225. normal thyroid range for male 27? interpreting results?
  226. thryoid replacement therapy
  227. Multiple Sclerosis and now Thyroid Disease?
  228. Multiple Sclerosis and now Thyroid Disease?
  229. recovery time after surgery?
  230. what do very high thyroglobulin antibodys mean 17 year old
  231. How did you feel when you started to regulate your thyroid
  232. Can you have a thyroid disorder with normal TSH?
  233. Over the Counter Thyroid Meds
  234. Could it all be my thyroid?
  235. itchy thyroidectomy incision
  236. Hyperthyroid Meds and Painkillers
  237. Help reading my labs
  238. New o forum and questions
  239. Do thyroid levels vary throughout the day
  240. More confused after going to the Endo
  241. Spasams
  242. Hi, I'm new here and I really could use some help understanding my test results.
  243. Sound familiar???
  244. What do the new results mean?
  245. New Here and Confused About Large Nodule
  246. Hi new here :)
  247. Ferritin - Effect on TSH - Am I really Hypothyroid?
  248. Looking for a good Thyroid Dr. Savannah Ga and surrounding areas
  249. Endo Recommendation for DE?
  250. Painful hands and feet in A.M.--HELP!

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