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  1. Brain fog and Hashi
  2. Hashimoto's/Hypothyroidism: Diet or Meds? Any real results with diet for anyone?
  3. good bye and thank you
  4. TooMany problems--low blood pressure, tachycardia, vertigo --don't know where to turn
  5. Does anyone know about water retention while on Synthroid?
  6. Tachycardia and Hashimoto's
  7. asymmetrical thyroid
  8. TSH 99.8 before 6 weeks now 8.47
  9. Please, please let me know what you think of these lab results.
  10. TSH 3.69, Free T4 1.12, Free T3 2.7
  11. Please help. low T3 but normal TSH?
  12. Anyone know of any online "self pay" labs that test TSI?
  13. TSH and FT4 result pls help!
  14. Newbie looking for input on labs!
  15. NEW HERE -- T4 and FT4 very high, FT3 low, TSH normal--HELP
  16. Anti-TPO Antibodies with normal Thyroid hormones! HELP!!!
  17. Pregnant with Thyroid Questions
  18. Very high ft4, low ft3, normal tsh -- help
  19. Have any of you been able to get well on Synthroid?
  20. Hashimoto's knowledge? Please help! Can Hashimoto's cause chronic neck/shoulder pain
  21. thyroid madness
  22. just diagnosed with Graves :(
  23. Yippie, I found a new doctor! :)
  24. Hypothyroidism and puffy everywhere
  25. Appts scheduled this week and next - need help framing my concerns
  26. How do the labs test for Thyroid Hormones?
  27. cause of misng periods from d last 5 months?
  28. Asking for help with Labs results please.
  29. Thyroid Antibodies Test ???
  30. unsure of when to take medication
  31. Thyroid problem : Please suggest
  32. Not sure if I need Hospital
  33. Hypothyroidism Diagnosis? Synthroid/ Cytomel Dosing Questions
  34. Ft4 test result please help
  35. Doctor's message: Call a Psychiatrist!
  36. What Factors Beside "How I Feel" Necessitate a Thyroid Status Check?
  37. Hashimoto's, Grave's, Hashitoxicosis, or all of the above?
  38. Marsha M.
  39. Gastroparesis and Graves
  40. Why More tired when changed from 75 mcg to 88 mcg?
  41. R Thyroidectomy Tomorrow
  42. natural dr in NJ/NY
  43. Thyroid cancer
  44. She says I'm over medicated but I have constipation, delayed digestion, and no period
  45. Lab Results - Hair Loss, Dry Skin
  46. Suddenly symptomatic after years of successful tratment for Hashimoto's
  47. Low TSH, High T4
  48. confused and fustrated
  49. Not doing good :(
  50. Please share your thoughts
  51. pills/vitamins that help or stop hair loss
  52. If you are on Synthroid and it makes you retain a lot of water, should you increase?
  53. thyriods
  54. what other tests should i request?
  55. Front neck sensations, tightness, ear pain
  56. Lab results; family dr says not concerning
  57. Post period tiredness & lower abdominal tenderness
  58. Test Results 5/2012
  59. Results today...
  60. Test results... input please
  61. update: hyper symptoms, hypo labs
  62. Help me with med adjustment
  63. Help with interpreting lab results
  64. Help with interpreting lab results
  65. thyroid peroxidase antibody question?
  66. Allergic to synthroid?
  67. semi-annual blood work results
  68. Anyone here familiar with Dysautonomia?
  69. Feeling
  70. A strange endocrinological case?
  71. Normal Labs?
  72. help with lab results please
  73. No added T3 during pregnancy??
  74. Hashi's and pernicious anemia
  75. Allergic to Synthroid!!!
  76. Thyroid problem.
  77. Have a surgery date ~ FINALLY
  78. Please help hypo symptoms for 4 years
  79. I'm going to be away for awhile
  80. Who has Skin Disorders with Hypothyroid??
  81. Hypo symptom?
  82. Need a great thyroid/hashimotos doctor around Tampa
  83. confused
  84. Hypothyroidism, Mono, EBV
  85. Lab results question
  86. Overactive Hyperthyroidism
  87. hi
  88. hello
  89. Any luck with Hashimoto's treatment in Cincinnati?
  90. Feeling better but my nails look awful!
  91. Antidepressants and Thyroid Meds
  92. Corneal Microcysts
  93. Maybe I'm not crazy???
  94. lingering hypothyroidism symptoms
  95. I don't have classic symptoms of hypothyroidism
  96. Dose change
  97. Diagnosed with Hashimoto at 14
  98. Tirosint
  99. Thyroid Problem
  100. New - Maybe Graves, turned Hypo to hyper
  101. Synthroid reaction
  102. Thyroid Problem? All result say healthy :(
  103. extreme hypothyroidism when to go to the ER
  104. Hypothryroid meds not stable I need advice
  105. Allergic to Synthroid
  106. My tyhroid story
  107. switching from Synthroid to Nature-Throid.. Can I expect anything?
  108. tsh 25 12 year old
  109. levothyroxine after right side lebotomy
  110. new lab findings
  111. hypothyroid and wellbutrin?
  112. Seventh Day on Synthroid
  113. is bad or what? help me!
  114. What would happen if a normal person was given 50 mcg Synthroid?
  115. Naturethroid & Blood sugar levels
  116. Thyroid issues - Still no real answers !
  117. Possible clue for those with high TSH and normal T3/T4??
  118. lab results received - T3 problem
  119. Results... help?
  120. Paradox?
  121. Can anyone help me with the result?
  122. Paradox?
  123. Another Endocrinologist Number 3
  124. Hypothyroidism
  125. When will hair loss stop with levrothyroxine?? UGG
  126. thymus gland removal
  127. Second Opinion - Scan
  128. Biopsy results... now what?
  129. They say my levels are normal, but I'm so tired....
  130. Staying At Low Dose Too Long...?
  131. Is he trying to kill me? Jeez.
  132. TSH results help?
  133. Graves disease
  134. TSH = 9.2 and T4 = 14
  135. Hashimoto and Miscarriage...
  136. hives & thyroid
  137. Thyroid test results interpretation?
  138. Increasing thyroxine but feeling worse
  139. Switching from Cytomel only to Erfa
  140. Going gluten-free for Hashimoto's?
  141. Hyper Thyroid
  142. Wholeistic Doctor?
  143. Life after complete thyriod removal due to papillary cancer
  144. New Update
  145. Acupuncture seems to be helping!
  146. HOT HOT Face
  147. High TSH Level Synthroid not working
  148. Results
  149. 2 drs -2 opinions depression related ?
  150. help interpreting results -hash ?
  151. Weird pinching/tingling sensation by thyroid
  152. Thyroiditis... what do you recommend?
  153. RepairVite - has anyone tried it?
  154. Odd labs, Hypo a possibility?
  155. Confused by new results, any advice?
  156. Surgery, Endo, Help! Oh My!
  157. hyperthyroidism
  158. when to take synthroid?
  159. Help with Thyroid US results
  160. Help! Confused
  161. Ladies and Gents of knowledge
  162. Went Hyper to Hypo, and now Hyper symptoms but normal labs
  163. Update and questions on thyroxine increase!
  164. Can someone help me interpret my lab results?
  165. TSH 5.6, but hyperthyroid symptoms...
  166. Referred to a rheumatologist for thyroid issues?
  167. managing your Hashimoto's
  168. Help Understanding Lab Results/symptoms
  169. Please, please, please help me.
  170. Retaining water weight on Synthroid - Anyone lose weight once optimized?
  171. Help with my latest lab results
  172. My TSH went up to 14 from 4 in two weeks!
  173. Foggy me again, with more newbie ?'s
  174. Lab results before surgery - Please help
  175. Vitamin D Deficiency - Are injections the answer??
  176. soya milk, ibs & metformin for pcos
  177. Feeling wore out!
  178. hypo questions
  179. Would L-Tyrosine be a good option for me? I'm desperate.
  180. my levels still aren't right, should I find another new doctor?
  181. Hypothyroidism
  182. New medication after thyroidectomy
  183. advice?!
  184. New with Labs
  185. Please Help!!!! Trying to understand lab results
  186. Unusual problem with hair
  187. Questions - TT Post Op - FEEL VERY SICK!!!
  188. Thyroid nodules & lymphadenopathy- no answers from doctors
  189. strange symptoms since thyroid surgery... help
  190. Am I Hypo?
  191. lab results after increased Synthyroid dosage
  192. Good and bad days (hashimotos)
  193. Can Hypothyroid Meds cause Hair Loss?
  194. Help for a friend
  195. Help with Labs- still Hypo? why weight gain
  196. Newly diagnosed with hashimotos
  197. Results and advice
  198. Rising TSH and symptoms
  199. concurrent hyperparathyroid and hyperthyroid
  200. Nodule
  201. Please help with labs...
  202. Hyperthyroidism - Deciding next step
  203. Test results help
  204. Do symptoms get worse when starting Levrothy?
  205. Thyroid Nodule?
  206. Newly diagnosed
  207. Recovered with a green drink
  208. Need Help with LAB RESULTS
  209. Hashimoto's going hyper?
  210. New and very frusterated.
  211. Test interpretation - hypothyroidism ?
  212. Thyroid disorders
  213. How RAI treatment affected me.
  214. GI issues
  215. T3
  216. Brazilian nuts
  217. need some relief
  218. Any Thoughts, 24 yr. old daughter struggling
  219. Will Cytomel increase affect adrenal testing?
  220. Test Results
  221. Your Sense of Taste ??
  222. Thyroid Hormone Resistance
  223. Hypothyroid and Facial Hair !!
  224. Lab Result Analysis... Should I be looking into T3?
  225. new - tsh t &t4 normal but waiting for antibodies result
  226. Acupuncture Nerve Damage during Pregnancy
  227. Test help- hope they can be read properly this time
  228. Chest Pain - Very Concerned
  229. Dessicated meds and levels
  230. Hypothyroid Can Someone Explain... What Does This Mean?
  231. Can you be hypo and have Graves Disease?
  232. Post Hemithryoidectomy Test Results
  233. Will I ever have thick hair again?
  234. Concerned about my TSH level (but GP is not)... what to do?
  235. Having thyroid ultrasound
  236. How did you feel after RAI treatment?
  237. low TSH vs low FT3/FT4 question
  238. Doctor's Say Nothing Wrong, but Still Not Sure...
  239. Thyroid Test Help, T3 Uptake Percent
  240. Biopsy results... need input
  241. Crestor and Thyroid
  242. Thyroid removed and also had uterus and left ovary removed...all started Dec 2006
  243. New Results - Help?
  244. Is all hard non movable thyroid nodule cancerous????
  245. Thyroid is just gone!!
  246. CPAP and thyroid surgery
  247. Hypothyroidism
  248. *DEER IN HEADLIGHTS...* Anybody with any ideas?
  249. Radioactive Iodine Taken - Day 3-8
  250. Frustrated... Docs says tests normal...

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