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  1. Meep one more question
  2. New here: hyperthyroid questions.
  3. cytomel OTC (i think)
  4. TPO and TGAB detected not sure what this means/previous cancer patient
  5. new test results, help!
  6. Meep #'s for you
  7. Aimee
  8. Exactly what tests do I want ?
  9. Levoxyl for 6 weeks now - TSH going down!
  10. Cytomel, Thyroids and BiPolar??
  11. Muscle in ear twitching
  12. Having Surgery in a week
  13. Major confusion here are my blood workups
  14. drug interaction
  16. MEEP, thyroid/adrenal questions
  17. How often to check TSH?
  18. New
  19. update on my dx/treatment
  20. PAIN!
  21. tired feeling
  22. Thyroid
  23. Low body temp,other symptoms : advice?
  24. My doc's dx: thyrotoxicosis
  25. quick qestion
  26. enlarged thyroid but levels normal
  27. Anyone else with itching problems?
  28. Meep, Tree Frog, I need some advice
  29. Meep
  30. PTU Side Effects
  31. Hashimoto's Disease
  32. gritting my teeth
  33. Anyone know any correlation between MS and Hypothyroidism?
  34. flutter of the heart
  35. First day here and first day on Cytomel and lots of ???s
  36. Am new - Post RAI - Must I Gain Weight?
  37. Meep-Went to MD today
  38. football in stomach
  39. hyper & hypo at same time?!
  40. Lab result advice
  41. dr. mercola and his no-grain diet
  42. evening feeling of being on a rush
  43. weather achiness -- and tf, u were right
  44. another goiter
  45. ArtfulD,Meep,******** anyone :)
  46. Meep - one last question
  47. Hi new and need help
  48. Would not fasting before a thyroid test mess up the results?
  49. Need Help Interpreting Lab Results!
  50. A SOLUTION TO constipation
  51. hypo and bone density
  52. Please help me, i cant take much more!!!!
  53. Aimee, how are you feeling?
  54. Antidepressant
  55. How Long Does It Take??
  56. Meep-thanks for the help
  57. constipation
  58. goiter
  59. Back again and need some guidance
  60. new results
  61. For Tree Frog
  62. meep-are you there???????
  63. I started Levothroid 4 days ago and I feel a little jittery
  64. Is this bizarre or is it just me?
  65. Newly Diagnosed
  66. ********/meep -- magnesium and selenium -- dosage?
  67. andrenal/addison's disease question
  68. DIET FOR THYROID ?????
  69. new test coming next week...sed rate?
  70. Multiple Auto Immune Diseases...
  71. Just a simple question
  72. Can anyone help me?
  73. Need a good Dr. in north Dallas.
  74. different medications
  75. should I be concerned?
  76. Meep #'s for you and ???
  77. Any advice with these results?
  78. No treatment if TSH turns out normal, despite symptoms
  79. are thyroid problems a life long thing?
  80. Thyroid?
  81. Hyperthyroidism
  82. Thyroid problem?
  83. question about level results
  84. Interesting
  85. tsh level not going down
  86. changing TSH
  87. Do any of you twitch??? HYPO TO HYPER
  88. new to hypothroidism
  89. swollen glands...Gurl79
  90. When should I ask the Doc for Cytomel or Armour?
  91. thyroid meds, antidepressants, and the meds culture
  92. ArtfulD, can you advise please? (others welcome, too)
  93. Advice needed on private testing
  94. Synthroid and period regularity
  95. Meep- ? for you
  96. how long does it usually take before one benefits?
  97. effect of coconut oil on low thytoid
  98. trying to understand my test results...
  99. Brain Fog Supplement
  100. Can hypothroidism go away without medication?
  101. Scared Newbie
  102. Wierd question for you!
  103. Morning feeling of being on a rush?
  104. Now that I have purchased seleium how
  105. thyroid medication and severe constipation
  106. eltroxin dose
  107. Swollen thyroid, is this weird?
  108. how to take synthroid
  109. Results
  110. TSH >20
  111. Pieces of the puzzle?
  112. Meep come in please
  113. thyroid and bone health
  114. Interpreting test results
  115. secondary hypothyroidism
  116. anyone taking b vitamin biotin?
  117. Meep - Yet another ? for you
  118. Help with T3 levels
  119. Help...Thyroid problems and dry eyes
  120. Recovery after surgery
  121. Meep - Another ? for you
  122. How long until I feel bad?
  123. Do I have a under active thyroid???
  124. Thanks Meep and Drewtou!
  125. Decreasing Synthroid Dosage
  126. Meep - I would like to ask more ? about Thyroid problem
  127. need quick respone PLEASE! Palpitations
  128. Metabolic Syndrome and meds for it
  129. remeron
  130. Am I going crazy?
  131. Synthroid Dosage
  132. Great news!!!
  133. high blood pressure
  134. Any advice, Im just getting frustrated with hypo
  135. Funny feeling in neck
  136. I was put on synthroid about three months ago....
  137. This is my story
  138. Funny feeling in neck
  139. Sleepiness
  140. which T3 test should I request?
  141. Anyone with good or bad experience with T3?
  142. any more selenium info?
  143. Percutaneous Ethanol Injection
  144. help with these results
  145. dizziness
  146. What do you use? Natural or Synthetic? Why?
  147. Newbie with questions
  148. Sleep Paralysis
  149. Is this even possible?
  150. TSH "Normal" - what now?
  151. daughter diabetic and thyroid problems???
  152. I need some answers???????
  153. ?? about introducing Cytomel
  154. Blaana-(Or anyone)
  155. Do symptoms come and go?
  156. Grave's Disease/Eye Bulging
  157. Recent labs... Don't feel like I'm getting anywhere!
  158. Meep, what do you make of these numbers?
  159. Another question for anyone who can answer...
  160. question for the board
  161. Length of time before results are shown
  162. Clobazam and low thyroid
  163. weight loss stories?
  164. New Doctor-Hashimotos
  165. Low Iodine Diet, what can you really have??
  166. Could this be a thyroid problem
  167. Hypothyroidism?
  168. synthroid dosage
  169. multi nodular goiter
  170. Artful D
  171. Should you alter your diet?
  172. ThyCa people - Thyrogen & stats question...
  173. The importance of sleep? Any insights?
  174. help with interpretation of thyroid lab results
  175. muscle aches and wierd feeling!?
  176. Does any one feel great?
  177. overmedicated symptoms
  178. Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy
  179. Conflicting test results, VERY confused
  180. can birth control pills affect thyroid test results?
  181. Cat Scan results normal!!!
  182. Trying to find my Happy Point
  183. Is cramping in the knees a normal symptom of being hypothyroid?????
  184. Thyroid and coeliac disease
  185. Curious about your TSH levels
  186. Do you know when your meds need adjustment?
  187. Nexium...Anybody take it?
  188. parathyroid tests
  189. neck & back
  190. threads
  191. Quick lab test question
  192. Anyone taking Levothroid??????
  193. nutrition websites
  194. Dieting with thyroid problems???????
  195. Does anyone know how long it takes Levothroid..
  196. thyroid or something else?
  197. TSH and T4 Mean?
  198. RAI After ThyCA - Why Wait To Resume Meds
  199. Recent Bloodwork
  200. Rising TSH, what is "normal", anyway?
  201. question about report nodule findings??
  202. Driving me nuts!
  203. What T3/T4 numbers indicate hypo?
  204. ? on Thyrolar
  205. better days, worse days?
  206. Very confused...please help
  207. new here, antibodies
  208. Waiting for Test Results...
  210. How can I have a nodule when Im on .150 of Levoxyl
  211. What do you make of these levels?
  212. can you be hyper and hypo, at the same time
  213. How Long Does It Take??
  214. liz777...how'd it go?
  215. how long for goiter treatment?
  216. Feeling Better and PMS
  217. New hypo case, questions for you experts =p
  218. Help Please.. Thyroid Meds.
  219. Hashi and Panic Attacks
  220. NeckTenderness
  221. nodule changings
  222. Want help, can't convince anyone!!!!
  223. Meep....Re: flax as goitrogen?
  224. Can thyroid cause this
  225. thyroid and your sex drive...??
  226. Tapazole 5mg
  227. how do you handle criticism?
  228. losing weight with hypo
  229. Hashi and Celiac
  230. WISH LIST for blood test need imput PLEASE!
  231. Update...Bad news, but it feels so good
  232. newly diagnosed
  233. Someone Help me please
  234. Argh!!! Is this me? What tests do I need?
  235. Amour Grain versus MG
  236. herbal supplements
  237. New Here.....Possible hypothyroid...need advise
  238. Thyroid size question
  239. Is thyroid connected to lung functions?
  240. nodule size
  241. Saw the doc today....no hope THERE!
  242. TSH tests & Birth Control Pills
  243. Adjusting Meds
  244. Long story but worth the read!!!!!!!
  245. I have a nodule in my throat?????????
  246. Didn't have RAI !!
  247. My Story
  248. Strange ? How can I get my TSH to increase faster?
  249. Could use some encouragement
  250. Fine Needle Biopsy

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