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  1. help with interpretation of thyroid lab results
  2. muscle aches and wierd feeling!?
  3. Does any one feel great?
  4. overmedicated symptoms
  5. Hypothyroidism & Pregnancy
  6. Conflicting test results, VERY confused
  7. can birth control pills affect thyroid test results?
  8. Cat Scan results normal!!!
  9. Trying to find my Happy Point
  10. Is cramping in the knees a normal symptom of being hypothyroid?????
  11. Thyroid and coeliac disease
  12. Curious about your TSH levels
  13. Do you know when your meds need adjustment?
  14. Nexium...Anybody take it?
  15. parathyroid tests
  16. neck & back
  17. threads
  18. Quick lab test question
  19. Anyone taking Levothroid??????
  20. nutrition websites
  21. Dieting with thyroid problems???????
  22. Does anyone know how long it takes Levothroid..
  23. thyroid or something else?
  24. TSH and T4 Mean?
  25. RAI After ThyCA - Why Wait To Resume Meds
  26. Recent Bloodwork
  27. Rising TSH, what is "normal", anyway?
  28. question about report nodule findings??
  29. Driving me nuts!
  30. What T3/T4 numbers indicate hypo?
  31. ? on Thyrolar
  32. better days, worse days?
  33. Very confused...please help
  34. new here, antibodies
  35. Waiting for Test Results...
  37. How can I have a nodule when Im on .150 of Levoxyl
  38. What do you make of these levels?
  39. can you be hyper and hypo, at the same time
  40. How Long Does It Take??
  41. liz777...how'd it go?
  42. how long for goiter treatment?
  43. Feeling Better and PMS
  44. New hypo case, questions for you experts =p
  45. Help Please.. Thyroid Meds.
  46. Hashi and Panic Attacks
  47. NeckTenderness
  48. nodule changings
  49. Want help, can't convince anyone!!!!
  50. Meep....Re: flax as goitrogen?
  51. Can thyroid cause this
  52. thyroid and your sex drive...??
  53. Tapazole 5mg
  54. how do you handle criticism?
  55. losing weight with hypo
  56. Hashi and Celiac
  57. WISH LIST for blood test need imput PLEASE!
  58. Update...Bad news, but it feels so good
  59. newly diagnosed
  60. Someone Help me please
  61. Argh!!! Is this me? What tests do I need?
  62. Amour Grain versus MG
  63. herbal supplements
  64. New Here.....Possible hypothyroid...need advise
  65. Thyroid size question
  66. Is thyroid connected to lung functions?
  67. nodule size
  68. Saw the doc today....no hope THERE!
  69. TSH tests & Birth Control Pills
  70. Adjusting Meds
  71. Long story but worth the read!!!!!!!
  72. I have a nodule in my throat?????????
  73. Didn't have RAI !!
  74. My Story
  75. Strange ? How can I get my TSH to increase faster?
  76. Could use some encouragement
  77. Fine Needle Biopsy
  78. My Story
  79. Advice on Synthroid....
  80. Are these symptoms in line with some sort of thyroid disorder?
  81. new to bd need advice
  82. back again, good news i think
  83. advice on labs/meds
  84. Hashi with throat problems...
  85. grumbling
  86. Thyroid removed/now have Hypo-parathyroid
  87. New to the Board and want to order synthroid
  88. Question for thoes of you who are Hypo regarding some diet pills
  89. 2 questions
  90. will depression meds help?
  91. Question about going back on meds
  92. rapid heart rate and palpitations???
  93. New Here,Thyrotoxicosis/Mental Illness
  94. New here, help please
  95. What do you think of these results?
  96. T3 or Free T3?
  97. More test results
  98. a new cold medicine?
  99. What's Your Advice on "T3"?
  100. hyperthroid + rheumatoid arthritis...anyone???
  101. Blue nail beds.... I'm not cold
  102. Diagnostic testing
  103. Update for clover91
  104. hypothyroid with extreme axiety attack
  105. Feeling Lousy
  106. If YOU Still Do Not Feel Well--Please Read This!
  107. Thyroid removed and can't get regulated
  108. New to Synthroid
  109. Newby...nontoxic multinodular goiter
  110. Iodine test
  111. To Tree Frog
  112. Help explain test results, please!
  113. TSH level increased......question
  114. looking for advice
  115. Hashi Difficulty
  116. Anyone with heyperthyroid, or graves have upper right abdomin pain?
  117. Taking matters into my own hands
  118. TSH levels, Hashimoto's, depression, (and seizures) oh my!
  119. Tree Frog or anyone else w/ advice!
  120. Question about T3, T4, TSH tests
  121. anger and synthroid/medicine
  122. dhea for women
  123. What do you all take for Colds?
  124. Thyroid Myths....
  125. Cat Scan done today
  126. Question for Tree Frog
  127. Anyone with hyperthyroidism................
  128. TSH levels... Is this REALLY high?
  129. help! relationship between thyroid & para-thyroid?
  130. Starting Levoxyl Tomorrow -Have Question
  131. Little bumps
  132. Help with Meds
  133. What do you guys think?
  134. weight
  135. What is "normal" TSH, anyway?
  136. Please Help My Daughter
  137. Carpal tunnel improving
  138. High Hopes
  139. Why do I still feel tired?
  140. Anyone on Synthroid?
  141. Thyroid Nodule
  142. TSH and Free T4 results
  143. Do i have thyroid problems?
  144. About Exercising
  145. Why Do You Think......
  146. Cytomel alone, how will I feel?
  147. It's just stress...
  148. free t4...what will this test solve?
  149. Blood pressure
  150. Diagnosed hypothyroid 8 days ago, wanting advice plz
  151. SICK of having HASHIMOTO'S!!!!
  152. marsz63
  153. Vitamin D
  154. diet for thyroid
  155. sleep apnea &thyroid
  156. new blood results..appreciate an opinion
  157. new blood results..appreciate an opinion
  158. hypothryoidism and the heart...
  159. Laurajane RAI is OVER!!!!
  160. Just want to cry
  161. baffled!?
  162. New information on my condition.....
  163. getting used to T3
  164. hypothyroidism
  165. Post-TT TSH Levels - How Fast Does it Increase?
  166. Armour question
  167. Good doctors in Illinois
  168. Test results, it's in another language to me.....
  169. CAUTION!!!
  170. Need guidance. Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  171. armour thyroid?
  172. Doc Finally called.......
  173. more sleeping problems
  175. heres a strange question...
  176. Goiter...seems to be growing
  177. Nodules. Please Help
  178. Chest pain?
  179. Anyone have carpal tunnel?
  180. Is this all related to being Hypo??
  181. Anyone tried Homopathic vitamin supplements.....
  182. TSH released at night
  183. Sleep problems - associated with hypo?
  184. iodine deficiency
  185. just found!
  186. discovering my symptoms...I'm new!
  187. Very low TSH, cutting meds
  188. New Guidelines
  189. what can i do?
  190. Goiter?
  191. Waiting...Waiting.........
  192. Temperature 94.5 this AM
  193. Laurajane going in for RAI tomorrow!
  194. how are YOU feeling?
  195. Diets to lose Weight???
  196. hurry up and wait....again!
  197. What should I ask the endocrinologist
  198. terrible bloating.....help!!!
  199. New
  200. Do I have to go to an endo????
  201. Hypo and ? ?? about jobs & MORE...
  202. Goiter with symptoms/normal hormone levels
  203. thyroid nodule disappearing
  204. Back from doc appointment!
  205. FNA Results Back - Need Help Interpretating
  206. Want to lose weight....
  207. Need some advice
  208. Amour Thyroid
  209. Last min advice????
  210. Hypothyroid medications?
  211. Thyroid results and more!!!!!!!
  212. Hypo vs Hyper?
  213. Thyroid tests?
  214. Follicular Variant of Papillary Carcinoma
  215. Test Results
  216. anxiety disorder???
  217. Twitches
  218. What kind of doctor, and where???
  219. FNA question
  220. Need help/advise?????
  221. Advice please
  222. Question for people post RAI?
  223. Newbie, TSH questions
  224. New Labs in
  225. Mimi30 - Had my RAI>>>>>
  226. Another Question. Thyroid Surgery and Graves Disease
  227. Waiting on test results could I have hypothyroidism?
  228. anger problem?
  229. Palpatations
  230. TSH over 100
  231. Information about thryoid problems
  232. Ultrasound
  233. Unbelievable
  234. Remission of symptoms
  235. Hashi and eye problems
  236. New to forum and Thyroid question
  238. Dear Tree Frog...can you answer...
  240. High TSH and Insomnia
  241. Here are my latest TSH results...any comments???
  242. dear Tree frog or anyone that can help
  243. moderately enlarged through thyroid?
  244. Is this anything to do with my hypo?
  245. iodized salt
  246. eyelid puffiness
  247. hypo and high blood pressure
  248. Low TSH & Normal T4 Free
  249. Want to lose weight??? I did by....
  250. Good news - thyroid levels normal...now about this weight gain

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