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  1. What the heck does T-7 do??
  2. Great Book To Read
  3. Started on Armour~
  4. Help! Eyelashes falling out!
  5. anyone ever feel like being left alone...
  6. Graves disease and hashi's?
  7. What are the ranges of normal for T3 and T4?
  8. Caffiene & Thyroid Meds?
  9. Went in for hives...came out with hypothyroidism?
  10. Selenium
  11. Some questions...please help!
  12. Free T4 and symptoms constant?
  13. Dr. won't give referral
  14. Looking for your input on getting Second opinion
  15. Is there a diet designed for Hypo's
  16. Tinnitus/hypothyroid
  17. Synthroid and Stomach Problems?
  18. Meep, Could you give me your advice??
  19. Meep or anyone else, please help me with these test results!!
  20. New to this board. Please help
  21. meep - could you look at my labs too please?
  22. Wilson's Syndrome Vs Hypothyroid
  23. Interpretation of results
  24. Losing weight & dealing w/hypo
  25. Meep! Need your advice again!
  26. Meep...will you please help to interpret labs?
  27. am I just a lazy whiner?
  28. Is there a natural supplement for hyper?
  29. I think i have hypothyroid....
  30. Any experience with thyroidectomy? Hoping to avoid RI because I have a baby.
  31. help! 5-8 pounds won't go away!
  32. If you want to lose weight...
  33. Why do I feel better toward Eve
  34. Gaining Weight?
  35. :blob2 Holy Crab-*** Batman!
  36. Question about T uptake level
  37. DHEA
  38. Foods to avoid while taking Thyroxine
  39. thyroid radiation as a infant
  40. Any supplements (non-traditional meds) for HyperT?
  41. What thyroid tests are needed?
  42. any info on unithroid?
  43. How long for meds?
  44. selenium question
  45. Hashimoto's Please Help
  46. thyroid
  47. Anyone hypothyroid, without thyroid antibodies?
  48. Test Results - please help explain
  49. What does mcg?
  50. Synthyroid
  51. bad taste in mouth from armour..anyone?
  52. Question about skipping some doses of thyroid hormone.
  53. Hyper and gaining weight?
  54. Atkins and ketosis
  55. Need some advice, please
  56. Divermon
  57. Can T3 flucuate ? went from 617 to normal range
  58. Is there a chance for CANCER?
  59. Miller01 - Is Today the Day?
  60. Armour and Mad Cow Disease?
  61. can swollen thyroid cause ear aches?
  62. Meep, your thoughts would be appreciated
  63. Thyroid improvement with Atkins and Selenium
  64. SO glad to hear that other people have problems!
  65. Can overmedication cause sleep problems??
  66. Neck stiffnes/pain
  67. Since starting meds brain fog worse
  68. is synthroid ruined by heat?
  69. I called about my Cytomel
  70. Has anyone been overdose on snythroid?
  71. Are there blood tests for hypothalamus?
  72. Can a life event causing major stress induce thyroid problems?
  73. the role of stress in TSH levels
  74. Cytomel Question
  75. are calcium levels related to thyroid problem?
  76. Heart Beat in Head ?
  77. Armour dosage
  78. Alcohol causing burning feet
  79. High FT3, High Iron
  80. Frozen Shoulder
  81. Wobbly & Lev How are you doing??
  82. How long for meds to work?
  83. goiter
  84. Meep - My lab results.
  85. eyes - any relation with thyroid?
  86. Update
  87. Leboxyl and Synthroid please advice
  88. swollen tongue?
  89. Has anyone experienced these problems because of a thyroid disorder???
  90. Reverse t3
  91. thinks Endo messed up
  92. Is Hashimoto's caused by a Virus
  93. Meep - numbers please?
  94. Another lump in throat question
  95. ADD/ADHD vs Thyroid Symptoms...
  96. Additional Breathless Question
  97. T4 level is 10.5
  98. No thyroid - trying to get pregnant soon
  99. T3 question.
  100. What is the highest antibody count you ever had/heard about?
  101. Antibodies (TPO) at 21500. Is it possible
  102. Menstrual question....
  103. Hyper Symptoms
  104. 50mcg synthroid + 10mcg cytomel
  105. coconut oil update
  106. Does any one get the itches
  107. Testing for problems
  108. HELP, HELP, HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  109. Needing Info.
  110. Synthroid Dosage
  111. IBS and Over Medicated??
  112. Liquid in back of throat when thyroid swollen?
  113. frustrated
  114. Need help with TSH range info.
  115. Thoughts? Blood Test
  116. Can thyroid affect protein levels in urine/kidneys?
  117. Surgery or RAI
  118. Over medicated?
  119. starting Armour...have questions
  120. Secon opinion same as the first hypo
  121. Went to see enod doc
  122. Need guidance with Cytomel
  123. New on meds...still sooo tired
  124. Raw thyroid concentrate?
  125. now i'm really confused
  126. hashimotos question
  127. Could a thyroid disorder cause male anorgasmia??
  128. Armour Medicine & Symptoms
  129. Is seafood ok to eat for hypos?
  130. Blood Test Results - Can anyone comment?
  131. should I request T3 test?
  132. Breathlessnass?
  133. Treating symptoms, not tests
  134. Need help with TSH (3rd gen??) results
  135. Milk production??
  136. Uptake & Scan Results
  137. Impending Thyroidectomy
  138. Question about basal temp.
  139. Overactive Thyroid and Brith control pills
  140. How long to wait before second opinion?
  141. Water, water everywhere....
  142. post thyroidectomy levels?
  143. Iodine deficiency testing
  144. Crashing on T3 - hydrocortisone?
  145. List of how to feel better.
  146. Meep & others... question about Hashimoto's
  147. Hypo w/ wacky blood sugar
  148. To Meep
  149. achy muscles, why?
  150. Need help from the experts!!
  151. it's always something ...
  152. Does T3 matter?
  153. is this all in my head?
  154. Hypo but food helps?
  155. Newly Diagnosed Under-active thyroid
  156. Thyroid Levels and Cancer
  157. Iwannalife?
  158. food stuck?
  159. Are meds going to help my energy?
  160. OMG!!!
  161. To WonderingWhy
  162. Thyroid Test
  163. newly Diagnosed-- hypowould like some info-Thryoxine
  164. Coconut oil for hypothyroid?
  165. Armour in grains & in miligrams
  166. Looking for a endo in Ohio Or PA who treats on the basis of having anti bodies
  167. Should I get tested for hypothyroidism? HELP PLEASE!
  168. Help! Soooo Frustrated
  169. Could use some advice
  170. Am I hypo?--test results
  171. TSH to low for Hypo/why don't I still feel better?
  172. What should I do?
  173. Feeling terrible on a higher dose?
  174. Thyroid and prolactin... Please help!
  175. ravenous appetite while hypo?
  176. I'm feeling horrible-going to Dr. in a.m. -Help!
  177. What should I ask ENDO?
  178. Anyone Hyper and tired?
  179. 6-yr hypo-spontaneous disappearance
  180. Test results in if anyone can help please do.
  181. New to male thyroid problems-HELP!
  182. Need Advice quickly on what tests to have run!
  183. question on meds
  184. Daldre1269...NJ Doc?
  185. Would an ENT be able to see if I had a thyroid problem?
  186. please help
  187. Labs Back -- Thyroid now low
  188. Just Got TSH Results...HELP!
  189. New England Jrnl of Med study
  190. Graves?
  191. How do you know if you have hyperthyroid?
  192. woke up with what I think is a goiter
  193. Feeling DIZZY ~
  194. SPACINESS - Please, help!
  195. TxBell Did You have Surgery??
  197. Graves and hypo, helpo
  198. Armour and time of month?
  199. has anyone here been treated with only having the anti bodies?
  200. Anyone have anecdotal experience w/Soy?
  201. Why are some people afraid to be tested?
  202. Post-Op Complications
  203. Hypothyroidism Question
  204. is a high T3 level indicative of hypothroidism?
  205. More thyroid questions!
  206. Synthroid Overmedicated?
  207. Newly Menopausal and ? hypothyroid
  208. Armour-Blood Clotting???
  209. ~Armour Question~
  210. Do you take Synthroid before testing?
  211. argh! overmedicated now--when will I feel better?
  213. armour thyroid and weightloss?
  214. TSH level (synthroid) help! New member
  215. TSH Level
  216. endo-from-heaven!!!!!
  217. Newly Diagnosed but wary... TSH at 54.44??
  218. what is the parathyroid gland?
  219. what is T3
  220. Modified neck dissection
  221. Synthetics vs. Armour
  222. Had Partial Thyroidectomy Tuesday
  223. Hypoparathyroidism
  224. Waiting to hear from doctor - hyperthyoid?
  225. half pill = half dosage?
  226. medication and symptom question???
  227. What's your thoughts?
  228. Hot!! Night Sweats!!
  229. A few more questions
  230. Thyroid cyst questions...
  231. New here, question about Hashimoto's....
  232. New here with a question (includes a background and is long, sorry!)
  233. My first labs since DX....
  234. Please help with symptoms
  235. Don't always trust your pharmacy!
  236. Chiropractic care for hypothyroid
  237. Hypo for years, about medication
  238. Thyroid lump question...
  239. Synthroid switch 2 Armour
  240. HELPPPPP!
  241. basal temperatures
  242. Eltroxin
  243. My results came in today
  244. went to the doctor today ......................
  245. Went to the doctor ..........
  246. Fine Needle Biopsy Question
  247. My Neck is sore and feels stiff
  248. would like info
  249. Taking half your dose of Armour twice a day?
  250. Not too Sure?

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