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  1. Anyone on T3 only meds for reverse T3?? Need help badly!
  2. Question on thyroid function
  3. Do i have hashimoto's
  4. Armour fixed my thirst - OMG.
  5. All from an IUD being out of place? (X-post)
  6. Thyroid test results
  7. Has anyone had their hair grow back (or NOT grow back) on T4 meds?
  8. Undergoing testing, confusing results
  9. Hypothyroidism and Getting Pregnant
  10. Calcitonin in natural dessicated thyroid hormones
  11. pain with hashimoto's
  12. New doc wanted me off meds to retest, help
  13. Severe Brain Fog
  14. Can someone give some insight to some ultrasound results, I am worried.
  15. Thyroid Problems when asked to stop all medication? What should I expect?
  16. Low TSH, normal Free T3
  17. New here - partial thyroidectomy in 3 weeks - advice?
  18. On Armour 90 mg., levels are just okay
  19. Thyroid and menstrual cycles.
  20. My Thyroid results - Should I need medication yet?
  21. New here - thyroid results confusing and dr. is no help
  22. My daughter's situation
  23. Exact test to ask for
  24. Coming off Efra thyroid hormone ~help!
  25. Need help understanding levels
  26. Is a Thyroidectomy Worth It?
  27. Looking for good thyroid dr. in north ga
  28. Effect of prednisone on thyroid
  29. Underactive Thyroid - Issues/stopping treatment.
  30. please help
  31. new labs -- switch to armour? need advice
  32. On synthyroid, missing periods
  33. Growing Goiter!!!!!
  34. third generation??
  35. Results Interpretation Please
  36. any success taking l tyrosine?
  37. Please can someone help me with my test results, thank you
  38. Auswest 1
  39. Switched to Armour
  40. Elevated thyr peroxidase AB
  41. High TPO, what does it mean?
  42. just got thrown another curveball in treatment -- advice please
  43. Is this a thyroid problem?
  44. Growing Thyroid... Thyroidectomy???? Pls...lp!!
  45. Subclinical hypo, strange lab results
  46. Levels don't make sense... help a newbie
  47. TSH dropping - Hypo and Hyper symptoms??
  48. Can someone tell me if I'm considered hypothyroid
  49. Tired of being tired
  50. Normal? More results
  51. need help interpreting these labs -- related to hash's?
  52. Tsh 2.8 ustsh .79 ***??
  53. What do I have???
  54. Thyroid medication Armour and Glaucoma
  55. HIgh TSH Anti-bodes and low T3
  56. Help understanding lab results..
  57. Low TSH High rT3 What's going on?
  58. I am struggling with staying awake
  59. help - feel awful (THYROID PROBLEM)
  60. Skin reaction to Carbimazole
  61. So frustrated with hypothyroidism tiredness... what gives?
  62. Suspecting Thyroid Disease
  63. How long do meds take to work?
  64. Confused and sad
  65. What happens when you find out you've been overdosing on cytomel for a few months?
  66. Thyroid/Neck Scan Results& Symptoms
  67. Any proof of the cortisol/adrenal connection to hypothyroidism?
  68. Your thoughts please?
  69. Hypothyroid... Adrenal Fatigue or both??
  70. Would an ultrasound tech ever say they found nodules?
  71. New and Desperate *LONG sorry :(*
  72. Hashi's - femoral nerve issue
  73. lab results and psoriasis
  74. hypothyroidism
  75. Can my thyroid be causing all my issues
  76. hypthyroidism
  77. I have anti TPO antibodies..What does this mean?
  78. waiting to be referred to an endo
  79. hashimotos -- started on Synthroid. HELP
  80. Is this good? TSH
  81. Synthroid and LEG SWELLING
  82. Please HELP... Need Advice
  83. I think I have thyroiditis, but my Dr disagrees
  84. TSH Help!
  85. Synthroid is not working for me?
  86. Going Hyper after Gluten Free ?
  87. Same Old Story
  88. Radioactive Pill & cancer of the kidney
  89. Weight lost
  90. Hashimoto's or Iodine deficiency?
  91. Speech problems after partial thyroid removal
  92. How to calculate lab result within range percentages??
  93. Just soooo tired...
  94. Hyper Symptoms but "normal" results; Anxiety??
  95. Are these labs as good as my doc says they are? Still feeling bad since surgery.
  96. Scalloped Tongue and Ulcers
  97. New here...
  98. [United Kingdom]Blood test interpretation
  99. Can levothyroxin mess with your menstrual cycle?
  100. Time to get rid of high RT3
  101. 3 years of hell after Thyroidectomy
  102. Help me prep for my appoitment
  103. Bad Levoxyl?
  104. half of thyroid not visible?
  105. Liothryronine & Fosamax timing of dose
  106. Thyromegaly
  107. how long until hashimotos takes over completely?
  108. Thyroid overdose and food relationship
  109. Need help fast understanding thyroid scan
  110. Thyroid Test Results?? - Help Please
  111. New & Need Help with Test Results
  112. need advice if its all about thyroid problem...
  113. Help need analyzing 2nd lab results
  114. Blood Test Results in range but Hyper Symptoms.
  115. Hyperthyroidism Thyrotoxicosis
  116. Hashi/hypo and no meds yet! :(
  117. not sure of new dr.'s (lack of) reaction
  118. Help with Test Results
  119. Blood Test Results
  120. Need help finding a doc in Vermont??
  121. Mineral imbalance
  122. How much medicine to take?
  123. Need help finding doc - Central FL
  124. Lab Results "Normal", Hypothyroid Symptoms
  125. All the symptoms but no diagnosis of hypothyroidism
  126. Test results - hypo?
  127. Two Years Monitoring TSH
  128. Now,Thyroid Problems
  129. Thyroid surgery?
  130. Thyroid Lobe Enlarged - surgery?
  131. Fed up 20 year old who's desperate for some help
  132. Finally got FT3 and FT4 above 60%! BUT high RT3 :-(
  133. Does the presence of any antibodies mean Hashimoto's?
  134. Was hypo for years, now hyper?
  135. Still feeling symptoms of hyperthyroidism, even after okay lab results and treatment
  136. Starting Treatment-need opinions!
  137. Hypothyroid?
  138. hashimotos possible?
  139. Lab Results Question
  140. Any insight?
  141. lost weight with under-active thyriod. and also have acid re-flux problem
  142. Radioactive Iodine - Hyperthyroidism - Need Advice ASAP
  143. Happy Adrenals make for a happy thyroid: cortisol testing
  144. Could this be Thyroid related?
  145. its been three weeks and still suffer fatigue and extreme sore/muscle aches
  146. Is it a goiter?
  147. Just looking for help...
  148. Compression symptoms...is it all in my head?
  149. could a low TSH still be a hypothyroidism
  150. more confused... here are my lab results
  151. neck
  152. Help! I completely forget!
  153. thyroid nodules
  154. Is there a connection between hypo and menstruation?
  155. Help with "medication"
  156. cytomel as a stand alone
  157. Will they do anything??
  158. Is it reasonable to up my meds?
  159. Alternating doses
  160. Very Sick Pup - Switched From NP Thyroid to Tirosint...
  161. hey, help please
  162. Looks like I might have hypothyroid/Hashimoto's
  163. Tirosint
  164. Cytomel and Synthroid
  165. Understanding Thyroid Test Results
  166. a week without medication?
  167. lab results, but still have symptoms :(
  168. Hypothyroidism with Thyroid Nodule
  169. Reverse T3
  170. Gluten free diet
  171. Allergic Reactions & Thyroid Problems - Please help
  172. New to Thyroid Nodules, waiting for FN biopsy results
  173. Lab results -- someone help interpret. is it thyroiditis?
  174. How to read results: Ranges??
  175. Please help me with lab results
  176. Interpretation of thyroid results?
  177. Which Thryoid med should I start?
  178. Please Help - I am so confused
  179. Labs make absolutely no sense!
  180. Can anti thyroid globulin levels show thyroid failure?
  181. Hello!
  182. Antithyroidglobulin test results.
  183. Questions about Levothyroxin?
  184. HELP! Don't know what to do.
  185. lab levels confusion
  186. Lab test results, please help!!
  187. Prednisone, Hoshimoto's disease
  188. query
  189. Still sick, after five weeks
  190. First low T3, then low T4
  191. Is this too high?
  192. What are the arguments against T3-only treatment for RT3?
  193. Cortisol Blood Test Info
  194. Hypothyroidism
  195. low thyroid
  196. why did my levels jump???
  197. Tired of being tired. Help please!
  198. hypothyroidism and insomnia
  199. Help! High cortisol, low temps...resistance? High RT3? Confused
  200. PLEASE HELP! throat clicking/cartiladge rubbing
  201. interpreting labs
  202. Does levothyroxine increase blood pressure?
  203. help me interpret lab results
  204. Medication and numbers Help?
  205. advice needed
  206. Reverse T3 Dominance question
  207. Natural Thyroid Hormone
  208. Really confused
  209. Thyroid Saga Update!
  210. Gluten-intolerance?
  211. HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELLS 13000 count: freaked out
  212. Slightly High TSH when normal readings of Free T3 and Free T4
  213. Thyroid Nodule and medication question
  214. all tests are normal yet have to have a thyroidectomy due to nodules
  215. Back from the doctor's office
  216. Funny day at the docs... practically hypo but feel really hyper...
  217. Support group for wives/husbands?
  218. Hypothyroid medication help
  219. They found 2 small Thyroid Nodules (under 1 cm)
  220. Recently Diagnosed with Hashimoto's...
  221. Large mass on thyroid/Need advice please
  222. Thyroid Blood Test
  223. Thyroid blood test
  224. Synthroid and Calcium
  225. Will Chantix mess with my Levothyroxin?
  226. Anyone Hypo/Hashi's/Post RAI in Bradenton/Sarasota area?
  227. Pregnant and Hypothyroid, please help (also Dr in DC?)
  228. Question -First time taking Armour Thyroid
  229. Hepatitis C
  230. Can a 9mm cystic nodule cause pain?
  231. Help with Blood Work
  232. t3 and t4
  233. Does optimal thyroid function reduce likelyhood of hardening of the arteries?
  234. Thyroid Ultrasound Results--help appreciated
  235. Is this normal?
  236. Thyroid fluctuations
  237. Feeling pretty good !
  238. It is bad to take medicine for hypothyroidism at 19?
  239. calcium as a filler?
  240. Has anyone found a doctor that does not focus on the TSH?
  241. Gluten and Hashimotos
  242. Hashimoto's timeline
  243. ear ringing and thyroid disorders
  244. Should T3 be this much out of range??!!
  245. Hypothyroid diagnosis? Doc says no.
  246. thyroid?
  247. Time for me to get blood work again....
  248. Doctors Baltimore/DC/PA Area
  249. new labs, advice please (part 3)
  250. Can someone please help me? I am desperate.

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