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  1. Reverse T3 Dominance question
  2. Natural Thyroid Hormone
  3. Really confused
  4. Thyroid Saga Update!
  5. Gluten-intolerance?
  6. HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELLS 13000 count: freaked out
  7. Slightly High TSH when normal readings of Free T3 and Free T4
  8. Thyroid Nodule and medication question
  9. all tests are normal yet have to have a thyroidectomy due to nodules
  10. Back from the doctor's office
  11. Funny day at the docs... practically hypo but feel really hyper...
  12. Support group for wives/husbands?
  13. Hypothyroid medication help
  14. They found 2 small Thyroid Nodules (under 1 cm)
  15. Recently Diagnosed with Hashimoto's...
  16. Large mass on thyroid/Need advice please
  17. Thyroid Blood Test
  18. Thyroid blood test
  19. Synthroid and Calcium
  20. Will Chantix mess with my Levothyroxin?
  21. Anyone Hypo/Hashi's/Post RAI in Bradenton/Sarasota area?
  22. Pregnant and Hypothyroid, please help (also Dr in DC?)
  23. Question -First time taking Armour Thyroid
  24. Hepatitis C
  25. Can a 9mm cystic nodule cause pain?
  26. Help with Blood Work
  27. t3 and t4
  28. Does optimal thyroid function reduce likelyhood of hardening of the arteries?
  29. Thyroid Ultrasound Results--help appreciated
  30. Is this normal?
  31. Thyroid fluctuations
  32. Feeling pretty good !
  33. It is bad to take medicine for hypothyroidism at 19?
  34. calcium as a filler?
  35. Has anyone found a doctor that does not focus on the TSH?
  36. Gluten and Hashimotos
  37. Hashimoto's timeline
  38. ear ringing and thyroid disorders
  39. Should T3 be this much out of range??!!
  40. Hypothyroid diagnosis? Doc says no.
  41. thyroid?
  42. Time for me to get blood work again....
  43. Doctors Baltimore/DC/PA Area
  44. new labs, advice please (part 3)
  45. Can someone please help me? I am desperate.
  46. Please help...Severe muscle pain and heaviness in the arms with pain
  47. new here and looking for hypo answers
  48. Thyroid
  49. Hyperthyroid symptoms but blood test within normal
  50. HELP... Symptoms getting worse on synthroid!!!!!
  51. need help raising T3 only dose!
  52. Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  53. So tired
  54. TSH went from 4.9 to 7.3 in one month, some hyper symptoms while hypo?
  55. Thyroid
  56. still have symptoms while on medication
  57. Cheratussin and Thyroid disorder
  58. help! crazy high antibodies labs
  59. Hashimoto's?
  60. I think this may just kill me... looking for help
  61. Thyroid dosage and statins???
  62. Continuing symptoms troubling
  63. Over medicated??
  64. Are my doctors just dumb?
  65. Lab Question
  66. Is it Hashimoto's?
  67. Thyroid antibodies
  68. Sammy64
  69. thyroiditis -- flare up after 8 months
  70. Need thyroid experts... PLEASE!
  71. Lab Results Need Interpretation
  72. What Tests Should I Have?
  73. Can someone help me with lab results?
  74. No energy
  75. Please help me figure this out!
  76. My Wife case
  77. Hypothyroid with low heart beat - HELP
  78. TMI question
  79. Hashimoto's Suppression Therapy
  80. Hashimoto's and Type 1 Diabetes
  81. lab results, not sure what to think
  82. Can iron overload suppress Ft4 and Ft3?
  83. New question regarding new labs?
  84. 7 Month follow up labs... Still questioning hypothyroid?
  85. Thyroid tests
  86. I am beyond frustrated :(
  87. My visit to the ENT
  88. Synthroid and low ft3
  89. levo and statins??
  90. Upper arm soreness and heaviness
  91. Assistance Reading Lab Work
  92. Ultrasound Results In: How To Followup Question
  93. Having surgery soon - scared
  94. Should I Test rT3?
  95. thyroid and high cholesterol
  96. Just started taking Amour 3 days ago and feeling horrible
  97. Need info from people who CANNOT take thyroid medication
  98. Help reading lab work
  99. Surgery for Colloid Nodules?
  100. Newer Afirma® Thyroid FNA Analysis
  101. Hoshimoto's?????
  102. Help with Lab Reading
  103. Advice on thyroid results please?
  104. New hypo sufferer here...
  105. What it's like...
  106. T3 question
  107. Help! Has ANYONE ever hair their hair grow back after being optimized on Synthroid?
  108. Is this Hashimoto?
  109. 6 weeks on Levo no weight loss??
  110. could all my issues be thyroid or adrenal?
  111. Are we on the right track?
  112. Affecting Neck Structures
  113. Hashi's and Nodule Size
  114. Lab Ranges
  115. Thyroid High
  116. Ultrasound Question
  117. Any good thyroid docs in SC? (pref Myrtle Beach or Mt. Pleasant/Charleston area)
  118. New Labs - Feel Like Giving Up
  119. Question about TSH
  120. Headaches & Thyroid
  121. Lab results - Please have a look
  122. graves disease and extreme irritability
  123. Weird thyroid numbers
  124. Memory? What memory? Help!!
  125. Thyroglobulin Antibodies
  126. HELP! New! Normal TSH, Free T4 & T3 in range, but low
  127. My labs are a mixed story... please help me hack them?
  128. Probably crazy...
  129. t3 & t4
  130. Overactive Thyroid
  131. Accidently Hyperthyroid Help Please
  132. Hyper? Anyone?
  133. weight - worried
  134. Just wondering how many diagnosed with Hashi's has swollen glands and fevers
  135. Propylthiouracil (AKA PTU)...Yea or Nay?
  136. What direction can I move with these new results please?
  137. Thyroid labs, are these ok?
  138. Feeling horrible
  139. Do I really need surgery for thyroid nodules?
  140. Hashi's with a negative TPO ab test?
  141. Hypothyroidism? Pretty Confused
  142. Changing doctors will be without treatment until December!!!!
  143. Test results please can someone help!
  144. HELP!!! Taking Armour Thyroid Having strânge symtoms.
  145. Got my results... please help
  146. Newest lab results
  147. Fluctuating Thyroid - what does this mean?
  148. Graves, Hashi or both? HELP! HELP! HELP!
  149. Iron fluctuating and dropping randomly?
  150. Where is all my free T3 going?
  151. Dosing - linear or parabolic?
  152. Half a thryoid, no meds, good labs = feel bad?
  153. Doc says nothing wrong with results but feel ill :(
  154. I feel like I leveled off
  155. Please help... Huge solid mass in thyroid lobe
  156. In need of some longtimers help, confusing situation
  157. Need to work out calulations but think I am getting it wrong :(
  158. New to Armour
  159. Lab Results - Dr. is Happy
  160. Cluster of epithelial atypical cells???
  161. New to the boards and really need some advice
  162. DeDe
  163. 2 ?'s ~ High Iron and Antibodies
  164. TSH Normal but having symptoms
  165. Should I bother seeing an endocronologist?
  166. High TPO Dr. says no active disease?
  167. I guess it's all in my head
  168. Any DES Daughters out there with thyroid issues?
  169. Hypothyroid and skin rash
  170. Nocturnal diarreah and hives thyroid connection???
  171. General lab question
  172. What Labs Do I Need???
  173. Thyroid Savvy MDs in Texas!
  174. Cynomel vs Triyotex?
  175. Don't know what to do!
  176. TPO 929 This is all new to me
  177. please help with thyroid, iron, cortisol labs
  178. How to understand if I am undermedicated?
  179. Is counselling the same for graves'/thyroid related mental health problems?
  180. Lab Results
  181. Criteria for Graves' Remission? What to make of my antibody levels...
  182. Dr. Appt on Tuesday ... what tests?
  183. Minnesota-Frustrated with doctors/hypo symptoms w/family history
  184. Lab results, I hope she increases dosage
  185. First post. Minnesota. Frustrated with doctors...
  186. Thyroid problem?
  187. HELP! So confused with labs!
  188. 5 cm solid nodule, hard thyroid, high TSH t3 and t4... thoughts?
  189. Latest Lab Results and stupids Drs!
  190. Help with Thyroid Problems
  191. Hypothyroid - Is this Hell>? HELP please. Too tired to keep reading..
  192. Labs - any thoughts?
  193. Shoulder Pain and TSH
  194. Hashimotos symptoms query
  195. TSH/FT4 confusion
  196. I'm feeling the "I told you so!"
  197. Thyroid? Anxiety? Something else?
  198. Synthroid increase... relief after 5 weeks?
  199. Hyperthyroid
  200. Parathyroid
  201. A question about stopping Propranolol
  202. One year on Armour....six months on current dose
  203. Interpreting lab results
  204. Newly Diagnosed-Hypo
  205. Nodule/Armor Question
  206. TT and still in hospital week later!
  207. Dr. appt. next week, need advice
  208. Doctor recommendations
  209. HypoThyroid-Help, someone believe me.
  210. Please Help... New Test Results including Antibodies and RT3... Help needed!!!
  211. New to Board
  212. Hashi's and new test results.
  213. Hot flashes & blood levels?
  214. Elevated TSH with normal T3, T4 , FT3 and FT4
  215. not sure about current levels...
  216. Crazy labs.
  217. Please help with lab results!!!
  218. very large thyroid
  219. Armour dosage help!!
  220. New to thyroid problems - confusing results!
  221. removing the thyroid or radioactive iodine?
  222. side-effects of levotyroxine?
  223. Hypothyroid? Confusing labs
  224. 4 weeks on armour thyroid, is it time to increase?
  225. Off Levothyroxine for 1 week...
  226. Subclinical hypothyroid
  227. Anyone else here with really low adrenals, normal TSH and low FT3/4?
  228. Thyroid and food allergies... questions
  229. Hair loss with Tirosint
  230. partial thyroidectomy, seizures, white stool
  231. Is there anything that affects your tsh, etc. readings?
  232. Decrease in Thyroid Peroxidase level
  233. Does nature thyroid cause itching
  234. New dosage; strange symptoms
  235. Need Thyroid MD in TX!
  236. Is it mental or thyroid related??(my story)
  237. best thyroid medication
  238. When is the best time of day to take Blood Tests?
  239. TTC / Menstral Changes post RAI
  240. graves rage and other mental health problems... help please
  241. questions about ultrasound results
  242. Why some ok some HypoT ? HyperT ->remission -> some OK some HyperO
  243. Confused about my lab results?
  244. New on Thyroid med
  245. Newly Diagnosed... Nature-throid, does it help your symptoms??
  246. Extreme sensitivity to thyroid meds!
  247. Has anyone ever not done well on one T4 medication and switched to another T4 med?
  248. Lab results
  249. Tsh @ 0.85 and serum free t4 @ 14
  250. Does anyone have LPR?Acid reflux and on Levothyroxin?

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