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  1. sudden rise in TSH, now low FT4, low TSH-help pls
  2. Will labs right after thyroid hormone increase appear better than after 6 weeks?
  3. Totally confused
  4. Abnormal lab, no symptoms?
  5. Hyperthyoidism-no symptoms
  6. Mentally drained from multiple issues...
  7. Daughter is being sent to an Endocrinologist?
  8. please help me answer my questions regarding partial thyroid operation
  9. Hives & angioedema & Hypothyroid with normal tsh? Hashimoto's?
  10. Does anyone believe elevated RT3 means you are taking too much T4 medication?
  11. Please help me decide what to ask or do
  12. Grave's disease & confused with test results
  13. High TSH
  14. Normal. Tsh. Normal t3. And. Low t 4 on nature thyroid 1.5 mg
  15. Just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but I don't see how I have it.
  16. Are old lab tests still helpful to finding your sweet spot with thyroid medication?
  17. multinodular goiter and blood test questions
  18. Trembling, twitching & Shaking??
  19. Brand New to Site - Low TSH but symptoms
  20. Get worse, before you get better?
  21. 2 grains a day Hypothyroidism Type 2
  22. Probiotics and hashimotos
  23. nodules and hurthle cell=surgery!
  24. New Here and Totally Confused
  25. Lab test questions
  26. Levothyroxin Problems...
  27. I've read that people who have thyroid problems need their levels to be super optimal
  28. How long before I actually start feeling better?
  29. feeling of lump in throat, difficulty swallowing-hypo
  30. Looking for advice & Doctor in Rochester NY area
  31. Journal for Success
  32. Surgery is scheduled and im beyond nervous
  33. Hyperthyroid????
  34. TSH: How low is too low when on dessicated thyroid?
  35. Chronic Dieting / Hypothyroid...
  36. New here... Need help with results
  37. Thyroid Biopsy
  38. need opinion from the #'s experts
  39. Can you relate? Any experts on results? What to do next?
  40. Lets help each other- Hyperthyroid
  41. Hyperthyroid/ Anxiety
  42. Everyone says "FT3 and FT4 mid-range or higher!" - so why am I still miserable?
  43. Completely New, Completely Clueless
  44. I was sure my TPO test would come up positive, but no
  45. Post TT troubles... what is happening?
  46. Testing Thyroids when on armour
  47. Stupid thyroid
  48. Triglycerides 800-tsh 5.8 freaked out!
  49. Help Please - Thyroid test results
  50. 6 weeks pregnant, hypo went hyper!
  51. Someone please go over my results - THYROID PROBLEMS
  52. What would you do?
  53. TT today at 12:30...
  54. Thyroid Uptake Scan Results
  55. Hi! New here, in need of help!
  56. Muscle and Joint Pain with Thyroid Disease
  57. I have HKPP - in your opinion could it be caused by Graves?
  58. normal levels
  59. Cytomel dosing
  60. Parathyroid surgery
  61. Now this is how all doctors should medicate
  62. Can Weight Lifting Increase Thyroid Activity?
  63. hematomas under big toenails.
  64. Midwest, Sammy, FinnMaid, mgkbrook...
  65. Blue Horizon blood test UK???
  66. Help with Graves Disease
  67. how many grains should i take?
  68. Iodine (as potassium iodide) 150 mcg in my multivitamin, should I be concerned?
  69. TSH 1.4 very bad symptoms
  70. Cytomel/T3 - how quickly did you notice a difference emotionally?
  71. Interpreting Lab Results .... HELP!
  72. Lab tests? Help!!
  73. tingling and numbness, plus low-ish thyroid
  74. No hair loss?
  75. Do Hurthle cells mean surgery is necessary
  76. Hashimoto's & Hearing Voices
  77. hypothyroidism and pre-menopause
  78. Dealing with feeling cold
  79. Cytomel and Levothyroxine Continued- Dosing, symptoms, etc.
  80. Importing thyroid medication from Asia need advice
  81. Anyone experience Dumping syndrome symptoms?
  82. newbie here
  83. Great News
  84. Can my thyroid return to normal ever?
  85. Recent Lab Work
  86. Donít know what to do next.
  87. New to Thyroid problems
  88. Tests show in range, but all symptoms plus positive ana
  89. TSH 33 and resistant to medication- HELP!
  90. Thyroid Hormone Test Results After Surgery
  91. new doctor & new lab results...your thoughts?
  92. SAN T3 to improve thyroid
  93. latest labs - opinions please
  94. hypothyroidism and health insurance
  95. Hypothyroid condition went away????
  96. Thyroid Tests
  97. Exercise burning off T3
  98. Upcoming labs... rapid fire question time! ;)
  99. red blotchy palms
  100. Thyroid is getting me down...
  101. hyperthyroid and side effects
  102. thyroid testing
  103. Hashimoto's and hating it....
  104. t4 free levels
  105. ultrasound results
  106. Fine-tuning...
  107. Help! I need new Dr.
  108. Newbie here- Is it thyroid, or all in my head?
  109. Why are drs SO scared of thyroid meds but...
  110. Update... found an Endo
  111. question
  112. Has anyone read "The Autoimmune Epidemic"?
  113. Splitting Armour Dose
  114. Endo upped meds
  115. Feeling very Hyper - Primary Doc did another round
  116. Now what?
  117. can it possibly be growing back?? Help please!
  118. Question about thyroid meds
  119. Scared and worried
  120. Could i have Hashis?
  121. Antithyroglobin Ab 245;
  122. Freezer Storage of NTH?
  123. tpoab question
  124. Undiagnosed for years
  125. Low T4 Total and Low Free T4 - No Thyroid
  126. Does this cortisol level indicate adrenal insufficiency- will it affect thyroid meds?
  127. 11 more days to Thyroidectomy!!
  128. increase Synthroid or not?
  129. Deciding on a surgeon, need help
  130. LONG!! Can someone take the time to interpret these results
  131. Weird reaction to Armour Thyroid
  132. Anyone had success with Guggul?
  133. what can i do??? help me
  134. Levothyroxine and HRT
  135. Thyroid issues, very confused
  136. Lab questions, newbie!
  137. I think I'm hypo... lab results... ?
  138. So frustrating
  139. Do you lower levothyroxine when adding cytomel?
  140. Grown below clavicle?
  141. Enlarged thyroid--- silent reflux--lump in throat???
  142. Question?
  143. Trying to understand my labs... please help...
  144. labs and lump
  145. Another Hypo (maybe?) Newbie!
  146. Thyroid tumor/nodule/mass, biopsy scheduled - questions???
  147. Levothyroxine and Cytomel Questions
  148. No one explains what different labs mean & how to manage them!
  149. No one explains what different labs mean & how to manage them!
  150. TSH 72; Anti TP0 500; Anti Thryogob 300 Should I be worried?
  151. Opinions on labs
  152. Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4
  153. Hmmmm, Free T3 not even an option on the lab form?
  154. fed up...
  155. Is Cytomel dangerous for pregnancy or NOT? Need a straight answer!
  156. Possible Mistake on Doctor's Behalf on Interpreting My Lab Results?
  157. Started On Synthroid 2 Wks Ago - Now I'm MORE Tired??
  158. Increase meds and Free T's fall?
  159. Just a few questions
  160. Thyroid and Motion/air pressure changes
  161. FT3 level dropped??
  162. Hypothyroidism and cough
  163. surgery scheduled!
  164. Two Questions About Weight Loss and Nutition
  165. Do I really need to be on medication?
  166. ultrasound & bloodwork results please help me to understand correctly..
  167. im having thyroid surgery
  168. Why is this happening ???
  169. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most! ;)
  170. Need a good Thyroid doc in Denver area. Suggestions please!
  171. seeking advice - 8 yr old child w high thyroxin
  172. Eliminating stress from our lives
  173. New here, with numbers... please help :-)
  174. pain in calves
  175. New to this and need help figuring out what might be going on
  176. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Treatment HELP!!!
  177. Pregnant, no doc, should I up my dose?
  178. How much to rely on temperature when dosing?
  179. New to the site :)
  180. Tired all the time and TSH low.
  181. Need new endo in so cal
  182. Want to understand my Thyroid Test Results
  183. Low Adrenal Function & Thyroid Problems
  184. ultrasound of the thyroid
  185. Help!! Lab Results And What To Say To Doctor!
  186. My niece needs your input on labs
  187. thyroid antibodies?
  188. Thryoid Test - Dont understand results! Help please?
  189. Low TSH and Low Normal T4 - not on meds
  190. hyperthyroid and mental issues?
  191. Can someone with experience explain my ranges?
  192. Anyone gone directly from 30 mg to 60 mg desiccated thyroid?
  193. Looking for Thyroid Dr in Indiana
  194. Totally confused
  195. Breakthrough! Finding answers!! Finally!
  196. Hashimoto's & Hypothyroid
  197. In general...does taking T4 raise T3 levels?
  198. Thyroid issues
  199. Thyroid Ultrasound Results & Questions
  200. It's been feeling crappy since Feb
  201. Natural ways to raise Free T3? Suggestions please!
  202. is it hypothyroid?
  203. to cut or not to cut, half or all, insurance, and side effects
  204. Prominent hypervascular mass
  205. sore left jaw/tingling feeling/thyroid issues
  206. Please help with lab results...
  207. ultrasound
  208. Blood tests don't match symptoms, TSH changing, and low t3/high ish t4?
  209. What do you do when you can't find a doc?
  210. Please help
  211. Pre biopsy
  212. Need advice on Hashi's
  213. Total Thyroidectomy Scheduled for 6/13/12
  214. Should I be concerned?
  215. Please help me decide thyroid surgery or not?
  216. Is T3 and T4 testing needed?
  217. Need some help with my hashimoto's
  218. Lab Results
  219. Its been a long time and my update.
  220. Looking for a Kaiser Endocrinologist in San Diego
  221. 2cm nodule
  222. Kudos to our spouses/significant others:
  223. High TSH, normal (low-end) free T4
  224. Good thyroid/adrenal doc in CIncinnati/NKy area??
  225. Can somebody please check my calculation for 'optimal' range FT3/FT4
  226. First Test after starting med's & results are worse?
  227. Hypothyroid and Thirst? no meds
  228. cant take ANY meds??? help
  229. Leg Swelling from Levothyroxine
  230. Normal Thyroid function but elevated Thyroglobulin Level. What does this mean?
  231. u/s showed large nodule - going for biopsy
  232. New - with questions...
  233. The big T3/RT3 question
  234. My Update Since Being "Newly" Diagnosed with Graves, 8 Weeks Ago
  235. My update
  236. Looks Like Hyperthyroid... Questions
  237. Desperately need help on dosage please!!! Please help me!!
  238. Thyroglobulin Question?
  239. Does this mean I'm hypothyroid now?
  240. Confused by Lab Results
  241. low tsh- normal t3 &t4
  242. ZRT Lab results+ DR = CONFUSION?!?
  243. Any sense of how long hyperT symptoms last?
  244. Thyroid mayhem...
  245. Lab results and dosage adjustment
  246. crazy thyroid!
  247. Hypo and breathing issues
  248. What on earth is my doc talking about?
  249. Synthroid/Thyroid Advice
  250. Hurray! A doctor thats willing to listen to ME!

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