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  1. Can somebody please check my calculation for 'optimal' range FT3/FT4
  2. First Test after starting med's & results are worse?
  3. Hypothyroid and Thirst? no meds
  4. cant take ANY meds??? help
  5. Leg Swelling from Levothyroxine
  6. Normal Thyroid function but elevated Thyroglobulin Level. What does this mean?
  7. u/s showed large nodule - going for biopsy
  8. New - with questions...
  9. The big T3/RT3 question
  10. My Update Since Being "Newly" Diagnosed with Graves, 8 Weeks Ago
  11. My update
  12. Looks Like Hyperthyroid... Questions
  13. Desperately need help on dosage please!!! Please help me!!
  14. Thyroglobulin Question?
  15. Does this mean I'm hypothyroid now?
  16. Confused by Lab Results
  17. low tsh- normal t3 &t4
  18. ZRT Lab results+ DR = CONFUSION?!?
  19. Any sense of how long hyperT symptoms last?
  20. Thyroid mayhem...
  21. Lab results and dosage adjustment
  22. crazy thyroid!
  23. Hypo and breathing issues
  24. What on earth is my doc talking about?
  25. Synthroid/Thyroid Advice
  26. Hurray! A doctor thats willing to listen to ME!
  27. How to properly prepare for blood work
  28. Thyroid Microsomal AB
  29. I need some advice...
  30. Lab and Ultrasound Results, advice helpful!
  31. Dexamethasone and Levothyroxine
  32. lowered dose?
  33. TSH level
  34. Being Hypo and Zinc
  35. Too much Armour?
  36. Cost of a month of natural hormones?
  37. Sister's test results
  38. Thyroid Ultrasound - help me understand :P
  39. Graves disease and Blood Pressure
  40. Pregnant, Hypothyroid, What Do I Do Now?
  41. Am I hypo or not? PCP says no
  42. New to this board
  43. To have surgery or not... opinions wanted
  44. Is there anyone here who has NOT been able to tolerate any T3 medication?
  45. hypothroidism and insomnia
  46. Had TT yesterday.
  47. Weight Issues
  48. Could this be a thyroid problem?
  49. Multinodular goiter
  50. Alternative Thyroid Docs
  51. Afraid to take Levoxyl
  52. Levoxyl and Acne
  53. Confused. doc wants me on Cytomel from now till my RAI the 21st
  54. Do people with Hashimoto's have higher TSH than non-autoimmune hypothyroids?
  55. Hashimoto's prognosis...
  56. Can anyone help me?
  57. Labs questions Dropping TSH and Wellbutrin
  58. Hashimotos,pituitary and adrenal gland Help.
  59. Radioactive Iodine Pill
  60. Pregnancy and Adrenal Fatigue. Oh boy..
  61. Another one of those 'Lab Results' threads.
  62. TSH Results
  63. Thyroidectomy and hot flashes
  64. lab results, please help
  65. Has anyone increased starting doses in small increments every 2 weeks?
  66. Thyroid Ultrasound results
  67. Help with Thyroid Test
  68. high thyroid antibodies
  69. Allergic to Armour & Nature Throid?
  70. Sonographic & FNA Results
  71. Can any one help me shed some light on Thyroid US findings
  72. Does it Sound like Hypothyroidism?
  73. Does it sound like Hypo-T?
  74. Doing RAI Prep w/o Thyrogen is just cruel
  75. Help with labs... Please...
  76. Am I Hypo or not?
  77. High TSH levels with no symptoms
  78. left arm tightness
  79. Switching to T3 only method - Need help w/ increases!
  80. high TSH, high T4
  81. "Pebbly" thyroid?-Feeling hopeless.
  82. Every time I raise meds I go hyper
  83. Logistics of seeing a Naturopath?
  84. switching from NP Tyroid/T4 combo to Cytomel/T4 combo
  85. Anyone have knee stiffness after sitting or kneeling?
  86. Anyone tried using magnesium oil?
  87. Fluoride and your Thyroid, a dangerous connection?
  88. Bone Pain-Help
  89. Prevacid & Synthroid
  90. so many thyroid tests to choose from?
  91. range of thyroid tests
  92. interesting view of 18 months of labs
  93. Need HELP! Friend's thyroid lab results
  94. weight loss on armour
  95. Thyroid
  96. help reading blood test
  97. DESPERATE for help! Think I have Hashi's but MD is NOT helping!
  98. US question... Hashi/Hypo with Multinodular goiter
  99. Pore size and Thyroid - CURIOUS
  100. synthroid before a blood test to elevate level
  101. Thyroidectomy
  102. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho... Dose Increase is a GO!
  103. Struggling for an answer
  104. will my anxiety/depression be gone after thyroid treatment?
  105. Normal TSH, FT3, FT4 with mildly elevated antibodies - monitor or treat?
  106. Can one be Hypothyroid and negative on antibodies?
  107. Can someone please make sense of this blood work
  108. Going off synthroid and healing thyroid naturally
  109. Did the doctor change my dose correctly?
  110. Hypothyroid Treatment Concerns
  111. Newbie needs some help with understanding results
  112. Hashimotos or T4 T3 conversion issue ?
  113. Possible Hashimoto's - scared and confused
  114. Poll: Who treats your hypothyroid in Canada?
  115. TSH Disorder
  116. Son - Thyroid Issues
  117. Another question - regarding diet
  118. 2 weeks into prep - really dizzy and nauseous
  119. Old Armour
  120. Hashimoto's and neck issues
  121. Weight gain on Levothyroxine
  122. New here - had biopsy yesterday
  123. Could it now be under active?
  124. radiation therapy
  125. Got 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion yesterday and surgery date
  126. natural treatment??
  127. Pain and Medication
  128. Cytomel and more issues...
  129. What to ask when "interviewing" potential new dr?
  130. blood test for hormones
  131. Help with my results!
  132. Sick and tired and nowhere to turn :-(
  133. Different TSH numbers, same dosage diff. brands
  134. How much soy is too much?
  135. Hypothyroidism T3 and T4 both low
  136. Need Help with Thyroid Issues Please!
  137. TSH showing... already? Graves
  138. T3 uptake and FTI (Free thyroxine index)
  139. Could dry eyes be caused by hypothyroid? Can you by hypothyroid at TSH 4.2?
  140. Thyroid & Weight-Gain
  141. What diet will help with Hashimotos to LOSE weight!
  142. Please help me with my labwork!!!
  143. Please help, I don't know whats happening to me
  144. Armour and heart palpations
  145. high Free T3 but gaining weight? (normal TSH and Free T4)
  146. Appt with surgeon on Monday 4/30/12
  147. I really need some Cytomel Advice
  148. Hashimoto's and possible Adrenal Fatigue
  149. New Lab Results... Making progress!?
  150. Red Blotches
  151. Hypothyroidism causing early ovulation?
  152. Dosage increases on Synthroid
  153. One week into RAI prep and high BP
  154. Too much synthroid ??
  155. new test results a lil help please
  156. If I'm fine, why have I felt ill for so long? :0(
  157. Thyroid blood tests came back "normal"???
  158. Am I going in the right direction?
  159. Hoshimotos
  160. Thyroid issues and Selnium
  161. Reverse T3 and gaining weight
  162. Growing mass. Did biopsy 3 days ago. waiting on results
  163. Recently went to ER with dizziness and tremors
  164. Lab results show Hyper, RAID scan show Hypo?
  165. Please help, I think I have an enlarged thyroid and am scared...
  166. Is this normal levels?
  167. hypo and exercise and mood swings
  168. New to this, can someone give me insight, please
  169. ok heres my thyroid panel workup
  170. cytology report
  171. Does TSH increase with age?
  172. Does RT3 matter? Also thyroid/pregnancy?
  173. Newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, Lab questions
  174. After I eat I feel
  175. newly diagnosed, questions
  176. Is B12 and the B Vitamins considered iron?
  177. Hashimoto & Extreme Joint Pain
  178. Experiences with Thyrolar, Naturethroid, Acella?
  179. Refered to Endo- Latest Labs
  180. does the isthmus shrink on its own?/confusing sono results
  181. Is this Hyperparathyroid
  182. Thyroid nodular question
  183. Please help with Medications!!!!
  184. New to CYTOMEL and Questions
  185. Normal Labs-Feel hyper
  186. muscle weekness and pain
  187. Don't know if Im hyper or hypo arghhhh!
  188. radioactive iodine and parathyroids
  189. Help, Cytomel side effects?
  190. Thyroid problem, hormones or both?
  191. PTU for Hyperthyroid
  192. Do my test results indicate hypothyroid?
  193. New here: looking for lab result input
  194. Upcoming thyroidectomy: New medicine scary
  195. Going crazy (literally) Please help - NEW LABS
  196. Help I'm a little bit confused
  197. Facing potential RAI treatment. Pros and cons????
  198. Low FT4 and normal TSH: Means what?
  199. Recommendations for Doctor in the Austin Area
  200. Low T4 to T3 conversion?
  201. Thyroid
  202. Conflicting symptoms - no answers
  203. False result on iodine loading test?
  204. What is the difference on types of TSH test?
  205. TSH Dropping Very Low T4 Fluctuating
  206. Lots of Hypo symptoms... normal test results
  207. Should a large thyroid nodule be removed?
  208. Question about RAI prep
  209. thyroid issue
  210. Change in Labs Question
  211. Breathing and hypothyroidism.
  212. Low TSH, but still Hypo?
  213. High FT4
  214. High FT4
  215. And so the journey begins!!
  216. Daytime Nightmares
  217. alternating doses
  218. So confused!!
  219. Again, new labs in and an appointment in 2 days...
  220. New to Hypo, question about lab results
  221. Heart issues from overmedication?
  222. Hi I'm new.
  223. One week post op
  224. Hurthle cells
  225. How to calculate Free T percentages?
  226. Thyroid Or Not?
  227. Does a high TpoAB but normal Free T4 and TSH mean I may have Hashimoto's?
  228. Synthroid Dosing And Panic Attacks
  229. Who to go to next, or do I stop for now?
  230. Biopsy Questions
  231. Quick Question
  232. Hypo confusion
  233. Please help, Thyroid bloodwork came back...not really sure what to make of it?
  234. My updated hypothyroid situation... Make any sense?
  235. Hypo and foot pain
  236. Hashimotos and taking Chlorella
  237. Graves Disease
  238. Is .300 mcg of Levoxyl a lot?
  239. New-drug induced hyper/grave's??
  240. Urgent Help Needed! Converting Compounded T4/T3 to Synthroid/Cytomel
  241. Had Surgery March 20th
  242. Can someone *PLEASE* look at my labs and tell me what they think I need or should do?
  243. Biopsy results in...
  244. TSH w/reflex to FT4
  245. Just prescribed levothyroxine yesterday...
  246. I have a question.
  247. Diagnosed today, have no idea what's going on...
  248. Do I have a thyroid problem???
  249. need help with numbers
  250. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody

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