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  1. levothyroxine
  2. How long will it take me to recover?
  3. HELP! Low TSH with normal T4 and T3 being told I am going hyper
  4. Could someone please look at test results..
  5. Could someone look at Thyroid results please.
  6. Frustrated...
  7. Multimineral & Thyrosol...saw this on TV
  8. Low dose a problem?
  9. Anyone Taking Thyroid Meds and Supplemental Calcium?
  10. Low tsh
  11. very small bony thing on my lower gums
  12. Question about alternatives for potential hyperthyroidism..
  13. allergic to Thyroid medicine?
  14. Graves disease, now pregnant and "hypothyroid"
  15. Untreated thyroid disorder- What should I do?
  16. Please help - newbie with tough situation
  17. Does it sound like my doctor found a thyroid problem?
  18. Hyperthyroid but overweight?
  19. TSH low norm, FT4 just below norm--am I wasting my time?
  20. I'm starting to think *partial* thyroid hormone replacement just doesn't work...
  21. Anyone here who can tell me what this means?
  22. Can *ALL* of these symptoms be thyroid-related?
  23. Does Vit D help symptoms?
  24. Latest Lab Results
  25. Latest Lab Results
  26. Latest Lab Results
  27. New Results
  28. test results - help/advice
  29. So Scared--please help. Hashi's, Swollen Lymph Nodes, Cancer fear
  30. Pathology results show Medullary Cells...
  31. My newest results-HELP
  32. TSH Level
  33. when adding Cytomel or T3?
  34. Interpret labs for me please
  35. Finished my treatment for Graves Disease, what to expect?
  36. Dr. Skinner
  37. My last lab results
  38. What were your thyroid levels (and ranges) when you were diagnosed?
  39. Hypo, PCOS, Arthritis, Low Cortisol
  40. Can someone help me out with this?
  41. Synthroid and excessive sweating.
  42. I'm ready to perform surgery on myself...
  43. No RAIU uptake in half the thyroid???
  44. Just back from the hospital after testing...
  45. Sore, swollen tongue
  46. breathing issues after vocal cord paralysis
  47. Totally new to hyperthyroidism
  48. Who do I believe??
  49. Dr says normal but this is NOT normal!
  50. update: Saw Cardiologist yesterday
  51. Thyroid Ultrasound Results
  52. Hashimotos normal tsh
  53. Need more options
  54. Gr8 doc but meds totally ineffective (720mg Armour, 300mcg T4), am I resistant?
  55. It is Papillary Carcinoma
  56. HELP!! New labs after starting Cytomel!
  57. dropping tsh and tf4 tf3
  58. MD listening- FINALLY!
  59. Help a newbie with Graves please? Labs are in
  60. Is this reading ok, meds dropping fast??
  61. New to board and to Hashimoto meds - help!
  62. Normal Labwork - A lot of Symptoms - What should I do?
  63. Questions about Armour vs Synthroid/Cytomel
  64. Questions about Hashimoto's
  65. God and bad of goitrogens food
  66. Breast Pain/Tenderness With Hashitoxicosis Fluculations?
  67. Quick ? - Synthroid
  68. Newbie Here, Need Help On Lab Results... Please!!!!
  69. Back from the Dr. and More Questions
  70. TSH Levels
  71. Swaying from Extreme Hyper to Hypo
  72. sooooo thirsty! HELP!
  73. Do I need a new doctor for my hypothyroid condition?
  74. Cynomel dosing
  75. Thyroid cyst, hypo and pain
  76. I believe I have Hashimotos
  77. Cancer or not?
  78. TSH 118.03 MIU/L 1 year after complete thyroidectomy
  79. Can someone help me interpret these results?
  80. Thyroid Nodules
  81. Questions about hypothyroidism
  82. 20 month with congenital hypothyroidism
  83. Could fatigue be due to low thyroid?
  84. Help! All LOW: TSH, Free T3, Thyroxine (T4) & Vit. B12
  85. im on levorthyroxine 25 mg and missed my period
  86. Am I crazy? or what....
  87. Thyroid Nodules normal blood work up -negative for graves and hashimoto's
  88. testosterone and thyroid levels
  89. Why do my periods have such a terrible effect on me.
  90. Next Quack Please!
  91. Latest Lab Results - Any Thoughts?
  92. Newbie... could use some help deciphering bloodwork/diagnosis.
  93. Please help interpreting thyroid panel
  94. solid mass with enlarged left thyroid ??
  95. Post partial thyroidectomy issues - please help
  96. Goiter and cyst on thyroid but normal blood work??
  97. Tests before Hysterectomy?
  98. Could I be Hypothyroid?
  99. 3 Weeks Post Partial Thyroidectomy
  100. Hypo, no insurance, end of my rope
  101. what is your sweet spot?
  102. fustrated.. need advise
  103. This is my blood work without any meds
  104. Losing too much weight on naturethroid
  105. Sick, tired, confused, and angry!
  106. advice needed please
  107. medication issues
  108. Levels getting better, but still have anxiety
  109. lab results
  110. TSH Level
  111. Hypoechoic cyst
  112. Need help understanding my test results
  113. missed period synthroid medication
  114. High Rt3 suffering hypo symptoms
  115. Help Needed! Diagnosed with low grade Hypo
  116. Chest Tightness - Hypothyroid?
  117. Hopeful
  118. Weird feeling in neck
  119. Waking up with a racing heart rate-Hyopthyroidism or Hyperthyroidism?
  120. Help w/my FREE T3 & T4 numbers from 12.15.11
  121. Has anyone had this issue? Please help...
  122. Do chronic hives = hypo?
  123. Help
  124. thyroid help/muscle spasm/chest pulling/spinal cord weird movement/
  125. HI...any input on my labs would be appreciated
  126. RT3 Ratio HELP!!!!
  127. Please advise: Confused with numbers and symptoms
  128. Newbie - help!
  129. Help for Newbie
  130. Thyroid antibodies-hashimoto's thyroiditis
  131. TSH Level 2.98 & Small Lump On Thyroid
  132. Hashi's, Selenium, organic mushrooms, Grains: Connected>?
  133. reversing antibodies
  134. Can low adrenals affect Thyroid lab readings?
  135. suggestions please... ran into a problem
  136. neg, BX, Labs now what?
  137. Ultrasound results
  138. Is my doctor crazy..or am I..?
  139. REVERSE T3 above normal. What's it mean? Lab results included.
  140. No relief
  141. Help-Advice-Frustration
  142. First day of meds
  143. Needle Biopsy
  144. Thyroid disease and Brain Fog
  145. Your Thoughts, Please -- Why Can't I Get My Free T's Up on High Levels of Armour?
  146. Post Op meds
  147. Need answers not pain meds.
  148. What am I in for?
  149. 19 year old male desperately needs help :(
  150. advice needed - please help
  151. Newbie needs help!
  152. Why Are Drs So Annoying?
  153. Hashimotos, sweating and rashes
  154. Help with labs, WWYD? Anyone on ERFA?
  155. Not sure how I feel about this
  156. losing my hair???
  157. Here we go AGAIN!
  158. new to the board can someone help
  159. Questions on dosage/symptoms and future Dr visits (sorry this is so long!)
  160. Thyroid Results - Confused - Please Help
  161. Thyroid dosage increase
  162. Scared after discovering thyroid nodules :(
  163. New labs show I'm back in range, dose questions (graves/Hyper)
  164. Ladies: question about thyroid & period
  165. Journey Update. New labs... TSI ?
  166. What test should I ask for
  167. ACTH Stimulation Test Results. Help!
  168. Low T3 & High Thyroid Peroxidase. Does this mean Hashimoto's?
  169. Thyroid half or all out?
  170. Is it the synthroid or me
  171. Cytomel Questions
  172. I Need to Vent
  173. Looking for a good Dr. in the Baton Rouge, LA area - any suggestions?
  174. Synthroid dose of 300 mcg
  175. SIde effects from reducing meds that were too high a dose
  176. 7.5mg of Armour for Hashimoto's
  177. Switching from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid
  178. hives somehow related
  179. biopsy done- whew... relief
  180. Very sore neck and Hashimotos?
  181. Tsh 5.2
  182. Zen and hypothyrodism: just accepting it.
  183. Hashiomoto's and Depression
  184. Is this normal, I feel like my throat is closing.
  185. Ok...Now What's Going On?
  186. Thyroid cancer?/high thyroglobulin
  187. Am I imagining this?
  188. Confused, Could there be a thyroid issue?
  189. Symptoms Say Hypo, but Blood Tests Say Hyper
  190. Need help with medication dosage; new member!
  191. How to convince new PCP to override endo's treatment decisions?
  192. Armour: not all symptoms relieved. Anyone??
  193. PLEASE HELP - Atypical Thyroid Growth: What's next?
  194. How Does a Chemical Pregnancy / Miscarriage Affect Hypothyroidism Thyroid Levels?
  195. Anyone else have swollen looking eyelids?
  196. to biopsy or not to biopsy
  197. Please Help-Daughter has Hypothyroidism
  198. Just diagnosed, low thyroid
  199. pivotal splint
  200. No Treatment d/t Normal TSH
  201. lab Conversions
  202. Toxic mutlinodular goiter
  203. Thank You!
  204. Thyroiditis with unknown cause?
  205. Please help. Been battling a year now.
  206. May I have a Thyroid Problem (Results Included)??
  207. Is this Hashi's? Help! :(
  208. Highest dose of thyroid meds??
  209. Subclinical hypothyroid?
  210. Is this a standard amount of Synthroid starting out?
  211. Peds Labs follow up
  212. Help with my Lab Results and treatment
  213. Am I Crazy or Am I Hypo?
  214. Lower back, hip and vest pain with armour. Need Help
  215. Saw Endo. Confused. Want Advice
  216. Muscle pain and tension migraines
  217. Getting others to understand thyroid issues
  218. HELP Cytomel not working
  219. Hi I have Reverse T3 problem, unable to take T3 it causes extreme anxiety. Please hel
  220. Im 21 and I have Hypothyroidism.
  221. Hyperthyroidism/Operation/Probems with it all need help, Please help me
  222. Hypo and Bad Hair Days
  223. On synthroid and cytomel for several years but Free T4 and Free T3 keep dropping
  224. Best route to take?
  225. New here, looking for others struggling to control their Hashi's
  226. Hello, I am new here...
  227. Recently Diagnosed and Clueless!
  228. Hashimoto's and thyroid meds
  229. my throid.
  230. Diagnosed with fibromyagia and sleep apnea is it thyroid?
  231. New to this - help interpret results?
  232. Pediatric Thyroid Question
  233. help with the thyroid results
  234. Levo has cellulose filler!
  235. Hyperthyroidism
  236. Thyroid Nodule
  237. Got new labs..questions? Haven't been around in a long time..
  238. Can anyone help with these lab results?
  239. Newest labs don't make sense to me...
  240. Help Needed! Hypothyroid and on Armour
  241. arnour or cytomel for high FT3
  242. Me again... armour under the tongue?
  243. Lots of weird nodules. Is surgery an option?
  244. TSH & FT4 dropping
  245. Ultrasound shows enlarged thyroid but I have normal thyroid levels on my meds? Help!
  246. The killing/persecution against a patient, help!
  247. To Endo or not to Endo
  248. Quick Poll......for Synthroid users....
  249. Ok, officially freaked out.
  250. Considering weight loss surgery after thyroidectomy...

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