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  1. Low FT4 and normal TSH: Means what?
  2. Recommendations for Doctor in the Austin Area
  3. Low T4 to T3 conversion?
  4. Thyroid
  5. Conflicting symptoms - no answers
  6. False result on iodine loading test?
  7. What is the difference on types of TSH test?
  8. TSH Dropping Very Low T4 Fluctuating
  9. Lots of Hypo symptoms... normal test results
  10. Should a large thyroid nodule be removed?
  11. Question about RAI prep
  12. thyroid issue
  13. Change in Labs Question
  14. Breathing and hypothyroidism.
  15. Low TSH, but still Hypo?
  16. High FT4
  17. High FT4
  18. And so the journey begins!!
  19. Daytime Nightmares
  20. alternating doses
  21. So confused!!
  22. Again, new labs in and an appointment in 2 days...
  23. New to Hypo, question about lab results
  24. Heart issues from overmedication?
  25. Hi I'm new.
  26. One week post op
  27. Hurthle cells
  28. How to calculate Free T percentages?
  29. Thyroid Or Not?
  30. Does a high TpoAB but normal Free T4 and TSH mean I may have Hashimoto's?
  31. Synthroid Dosing And Panic Attacks
  32. Who to go to next, or do I stop for now?
  33. Biopsy Questions
  34. Quick Question
  35. Hypo confusion
  36. Please help, Thyroid bloodwork came back...not really sure what to make of it?
  37. My updated hypothyroid situation... Make any sense?
  38. Hypo and foot pain
  39. Hashimotos and taking Chlorella
  40. Graves Disease
  41. Is .300 mcg of Levoxyl a lot?
  42. New-drug induced hyper/grave's??
  43. Urgent Help Needed! Converting Compounded T4/T3 to Synthroid/Cytomel
  44. Had Surgery March 20th
  45. Can someone *PLEASE* look at my labs and tell me what they think I need or should do?
  46. Biopsy results in...
  47. TSH w/reflex to FT4
  48. Just prescribed levothyroxine yesterday...
  49. I have a question.
  50. Diagnosed today, have no idea what's going on...
  51. Do I have a thyroid problem???
  52. need help with numbers
  53. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody
  54. Blood Tests - Grr - Any help?
  55. thryoid update--new nodule and others growing
  56. T3 Cytomel Replacement
  57. What is wrong???
  58. Graves and Hasi's Meds, Surgery or nothing?
  59. Please help, confusing blood results
  60. Help Please! Need Advice!
  61. How's this for a report?? Hashi's/Hyper
  62. Hi... new here, with a Anti-TPO level of 509
  63. Goiter Surgery
  64. 8 months of Armour still Hypo!
  65. Endocrinologist in San Francisco?
  66. New - comments appreciated
  67. New here. I have questions...
  68. Confused Over Results. Help Please!
  69. Newly diagnosed with questions
  70. Gluten free = thyroid function improved????
  71. Thyroid test question and what to say to endo
  72. Enlarged Thyroid
  73. My results! Please help!
  74. Finally, a possible answer to my strange medical problems
  75. What should I look for in blood test results
  76. New, please help with test results.
  77. Mild thyromegaly !
  78. Thyroid Hell
  79. Help!!
  80. Full Thyroid - Normal Test
  81. Ft4 & tt3
  82. Hemithyroidectomy for multinodular goiter
  83. Which adrenal supplement worked best for you?
  84. Thyroid nodule
  85. Biomeridian testing MSA
  86. I'm so thankful for my thyroid miracle!
  87. Should I be worried
  88. Cytomel and other options
  89. Hello Im New!!
  90. I feel rubbish!
  91. Recieved the worst call!!!
  92. Very sick and in debt
  93. Very sick and in debt
  94. New here...
  95. My TSH is 24 (possible interaction blood pressure med and Thyroid med?)
  96. Severe hypothyroid from prolonged zinc, magnesium and b6 supplementation
  97. Got my Biopsy results, now what?
  98. Thyroid Dysfuntion
  99. New labs - Good and bad HELP!!!!!!
  100. Hello Everyone! Scared and Confused about Thyroid Issues
  101. edema vs. weight gain? any thoughts? anything that's helped?
  102. tirosint and blood sugar
  103. I feel like I am going crazy
  104. Heckofagal's new labs
  105. New here-question
  106. Surgery is Monday!
  107. Would love some input on my thyroid test numbers
  109. pls tel if i have thyroid problem...
  110. Hypothyroid and red/oily face
  111. partial thyroid
  112. Being Cold and Hypo
  113. Question re: Thyroid and Low Blood Sugar
  114. thyroid meds and adrenals
  115. Parathyroid issues? + How to get diagnosed...?
  116. Plz help w/lab results?
  117. Help With Lab Test Please
  118. Possible Hyperparathyroidism?
  119. Thyroid Issues, Anxiety Attacks, and PVCs
  120. Here are my latest labs - I am as miserable as ever - WHAT do you think I should do?
  121. Did Research And Still Have Questions
  122. Taking Armour and Levothyroxine together
  123. Morning med gives me a jolt
  124. Another idea to find a thyroid-savvy doctor
  125. New, please help me understand my results..
  126. Hyperthyroidism: What's next?
  127. The Aftermath of Thyroid Surgery
  128. Scared and tired... just need some encouragement
  129. New to Board and Thyroid
  130. levoxyl dosages
  131. How did your hypothyroid change your body/looks
  132. Tooth implant
  133. If I hear "But your TSH is Normal." one more time I'll cry!
  134. Question about Hypothyroid and skin, physical changes
  135. Hypo
  136. Chest Tightness - Med Adjustment?
  137. changes in swelling/edema?: adrenal testing? diuretics? draining process?
  138. New lab results. Why no weight loss and still have terrible muscle pain?
  139. I'll never get well as long as TSH is at zero
  140. new to this goitre stuff
  141. Has anyone ever gotten their FT3/FT4 up to mid-range or higher and not felt better?
  142. Anyone here HYPO and having blood sugar problems?
  143. Thyroid and emotional problems?
  144. Any ideas is this all my thyroid ?
  145. ALA inhibit T3 to T4 conversion?
  146. How is this possible?
  147. New to board - test results
  148. Thyroid Disease stressing your marriage?
  149. Thyroid Goiter--doctor needed
  150. Started armour and low iron
  151. Blood Test Results
  152. Thyroid Goiter
  153. Iodized salt vs. synthroid
  154. Can such a small dose really be helping??? Advice please
  155. I'm confused and my doc's on vacation!
  156. Negative for Hashi's, so what is causing my hypo?
  157. Hyperthyroidism? Please help! Going nuts!
  158. Need OPinions!!!
  159. 0 TSH for a long time
  160. Newbie asks for your two cents
  161. high TSH questions
  162. please help - labs for hypo
  163. Thyroid Issues and Mercury Poisoning
  164. Does anyone here have any exercise intolerance?
  165. New Labs!!
  166. Need Some Guidance
  167. Best time to take supplements?
  168. Is it normal to feel so tired/zombie-like on meds?
  169. Is there anyone who has input that could help me?
  170. Latest Lab Results - Any Thoughts?
  171. Help with Labs- Anxiety, Hashimotos, but TSH low and Ferritin 11
  172. Reflexes, twitching with hypothyroidism
  173. lab test
  174. Trileptal and Levothyroxine and a few other things
  175. High Free T4, normal TSH question
  176. Advice for a newbie hypo please!
  177. Low Body Temperature?
  178. returning to the gym?
  179. Newbie - Follow Up Post - Just started on Synthroid?!?
  180. Fluid Retention
  181. Hashi's question
  182. Thyroid Nodules-terrified! pls help interpret ultrasound?
  183. Not Sure What's Going On
  184. Finally got some Labs
  185. HELP, feeling crappy, doctor wont listen
  186. Reaching breaking point - need help
  187. Trileptal and Levothyroxine
  188. Hair loss for 1.5 years- Synthroid for 6 years
  189. Suppressed TSH
  190. Newbie Newbie Here
  191. hyperthyroidism? tachycardias, arrhythmias, etc
  192. High T3, low T4, high cortisol ...
  193. Is there anyone here who did NOT have symptom relief when FT3/FT4 were upper range?
  194. Had my surgery yesterday
  195. What made you go in and a few other questions.
  196. New labs ???
  197. Help! Can't get any answers!
  198. Question: When Changing from Synthroid to Armour
  199. Question on levothyroxin
  200. REALLY? PA says that I am hyper! T3 & T4 are low, ugghh...
  201. Depression and HYPERthyroid?
  202. ACTH Stim test question
  203. No Insurance, debating whether or not to see doc
  204. doc in Durham/Chapel Hill for Hashimoto's?
  205. Hunt for good UK thyroid doc
  206. need some experienced advice
  207. Intro dose of Levothyroxine too high?
  208. High TPO THOUGH normal thyroid
  209. So Confused. Graves Disease possibly?
  210. I think I might live!
  211. Recommendations for a really good multivitamin/mineral supplement?
  212. Venting....
  213. Weight loss
  214. thyroid 5.09
  215. Am I suffering from Hypothyrodism ?
  216. Itching
  217. TSH 0.16 but keeping levothyroxine dose the same
  218. day 3 of L-thyroxine- body hair is falling out!!
  219. what's goin' on with my thyroid?
  220. understanding my labs
  221. Zithromax and thyroid med interaction
  222. Zithromax and thyroid med interaction
  223. New labs - this is ridiculous
  224. Nontoxic Diffuse Goiter?
  225. Understanding Thyroid Results
  226. Newly diagnosed with Graves... never been sick with anything... what to expect?
  227. Help with labs - feeling so overwhelemed
  228. old blood tests
  229. What's wrong with me.
  230. HELP!My saliva cortisol test is off the scale???
  231. Latest labs - waiting to hear from new Dr
  232. Re-formulated Armour--anyone happy with it
  233. Elevated T3 in 7 year old
  234. Hypothyroid TSH but uptake scan indicates hyper?
  235. Extremely Tired with Hypothyroidism
  236. Tapazole and Hair Loss
  237. Should I try Cytomel again? Depression is getting bad :-(
  238. I'm having a real hard time waiting for my surgery
  239. Which "thyroid med" worked best for you?
  240. Just starting meds
  241. Advice regarding lab results and levoxyl dosing
  242. Lab results - advice, please!
  243. What if you can't take the meds after removal?
  244. Thyroid Confusion- Please help!
  245. Thyroid AB going up?
  246. Goiter with normal thyroid levels
  247. Question regarding my bloodwork
  248. Lump on left lobe of gland almost entirely made of dominant nodule
  249. Lump on left lobe of gland almost entirely made of dominant nodule
  250. Cheap TPO test and input on new Hypothroid dx

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