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  1. Will I feel ok on a small dose of Synthroid?
  2. Synthroid how long did it take
  3. Bad batch of Armour???
  4. My poor doctor
  5. Armour causing problems?
  6. Thyroid problem?
  7. Very elevated Antithyroglobulin and Thyroid Peroxidase
  8. Hair woes
  9. Miacalcin (Calcitonin) and Synthroid
  10. Saw endo this morning.....
  11. Slightly Elevated TSH, HELP?
  12. What do I have? Need a label on it.
  13. Graves to hypothyroid: dose upped
  14. What to expect after a full thyroidectomy
  15. Total Frustration
  16. Do I Still Have Graves?? Help Please, confused.
  17. "I Don't Feel Like Myself"....what does that mean to you?
  18. shrinking thyroid nodule with yeast free diet
  19. soy?
  20. Reading, Comprehension, and Memorization
  21. Educate me please! New to this....
  22. Why does my medical group want to control my life?!!!!
  23. Need advice please!!!!!
  24. A few simple questions.
  25. Natural supplements?
  26. My Dreams Seem More *Real* Than My Waking Life...
  27. Clues you were going hyper???
  28. Anxious, Tired, and Confused.
  29. Low Temperature - Just Need to Vent
  30. Help Interpreting labs???
  31. I'm frustrated and need advise
  32. Ranges for the Antithyroglobulin AB?
  33. In need of endocronologist
  34. New to Synthroid - what to expect?
  35. What has change?
  36. Need some advice - upset!
  37. How long before you were dx?
  38. Hypothyroid symtoms
  39. Thyroid Antibodies
  40. TSH .01 to 15 in 4 weeks??
  41. In what way was was your memory affected by your thyroid
  42. so hungry
  43. hyperagain
  44. hyperanger
  45. Medication help please Armour vs Synthroid?
  46. Have Hypothyroid Symptoms, but tests were 'normal'
  47. Endo wants me to try Byetta/Victoza injections for weight loss
  48. Multi Nodular Goiter---Normal Labs
  49. Stopping Synthroid Cold Turkey
  50. Problems with generic cytomel?
  51. Update on labs=confusion reigns~
  52. High TSH, 'normal' thyroid hormones.
  53. I need help understanding my Thyroid test results, they're quite strange..
  54. My Doctor is AWESOME!
  55. Hypothyrodism???
  56. TSH results
  57. OK What Tests to Ask for?
  58. My test results....frustrated!
  59. Should I increase dose at this point?
  60. Changing seasons, changing doses?
  61. Hello
  62. High Antibodies...
  63. Do elevated TPO ab immediately mean Hashi?
  64. Hypothyroidism
  65. Thyroid nodule mobility?
  66. Synthroid, Hashimoto's and Bone Loss
  67. "Most hypothyroid people feel better in upper range" any proof I can show the doctor?
  68. FDA-approved Thyroid Cancer Catalyst
  69. Understanding ACTH results?
  70. low TSH high free t's and high anti bodies????
  71. Dr. Appt. Monday; Any thoughts?
  72. Saw PA on Wed. ended up in ER on Sat.
  73. Levothyroxine + Crestor at night?
  74. Hypothyroidism Copycats?
  75. Possibly Overmedicated on Synthroid
  76. Long term treatment options for Hyperthyroidism/Graves?
  77. Going back to Endo this week - Would Love some questions??
  78. thyroid gland not there
  79. will dr. get a good reading now of TSH??
  80. Just tested!
  81. Thoughts on TSH levels.
  82. Other labs & thyroid implications
  83. Elevated ANA and Thyroid Antibodies- told it is nothing
  84. Thyroid Tests and Symptoms
  85. 11 Years of Hyper Symptoms-No Treatment-Help with new Labs
  86. Just thyroid or perhaps something more?
  87. One year - drastic change
  88. TSH "normal"....
  89. Hypo, MS, BPPV??? Feedback please?
  90. Have had symptoms for over a year, doctor tells me my thyroid is normal.
  91. Really... is there a light at the end on this tunnel??
  92. my tsh levels are85.5 can i get pregnant?
  93. Nausea after partial thyroidectomy
  94. Body heat question..help!
  95. Thyroid Ultrasound Readings?
  96. Please explain TSH levels to cholesterol levels.
  97. Will Hashimotos show up?? Also--what to do besides Armour?
  98. Just to say Thanks
  99. thyroiditis, graves, or toxic nodule?
  100. Thyroid
  101. please please help me
  102. recommend an endo?
  103. new labs
  104. Can High Estradiol Cause Hypothyroidism?
  105. Various symptoms but TSH only 4.71 and T4 normal
  106. some hashimoto questions....
  107. Sorry if redundant re thyroid
  108. Thyroid Test
  109. update on my daughter: Hashitoxicosis?
  110. choking
  111. Went to the ER today... had the thyroid CrAzIeS
  112. Completely Confused
  113. multinodular goiter/normal levels HELP please!
  114. Recently diagnosed and about to lose my mind
  115. Hashimotos
  116. Painful Neck.. Caused by thyroid? Pls help!!
  117. Desiccated & low FT4
  118. What does it mean when you have a very low TSH and low Vit. D?
  119. Could this be Pituitary!!!!
  120. fna - terrified!
  121. ultrasound shows hashimotos.....
  122. Thyroid nodule disappeared....then came back.
  123. Low TSH
  124. Can your low thyroid actually cripple you?
  125. Totally freaking out right now! Are you struggling with "Normal" labs?
  126. Help with Thryoid Ultrasound Results
  127. is this normal or not?
  128. doctor says enlarged thyroid.
  129. Hashi/ new lab results is even more confusin then last
  130. How to get thyroid treated if levels are "not high enough to warrant treatment"?
  131. Can a hyperactive thyroid interfere with singing?
  132. 5th dr today, waste of breath..
  133. Sub-Clinical
  134. Still have Hashimoto's?
  135. Lab Results In
  136. Itchung!!!!!!
  137. enlarged thyroid
  138. Test results help please. Thank you!
  139. Hello! New to the board and possibly Hypo?
  140. Tell me it will get better!
  141. Thyroid Question??
  142. all labs. FINALLY.
  143. High TPO and super high TSI - hopeless?
  144. Cytomel vs Compounded T3
  145. new to thyroid problems
  146. Hyperthyroid, no auto-antibodies, no cancer
  147. Has anyone tried Armour Thyroid or Thyrolar after using Synthroid for awhile?
  148. could this be thyroid related?
  149. In a lot of pain
  150. Hashimoto's Help...
  151. test result help please
  152. Need some input, really kind of desperate.
  153. Do people's lab values pretty much stay the same throughout the year?
  154. 4 large >1 cm nodules; 1 cyst, 3 solid; L & R lobe involvement
  155. How long should you give optimal lab values to take effect in relieving symptoms?
  156. Just doing FINE until NOW !
  157. i am confused can somebody help?
  158. Gotta ? about blood count...
  159. Help - need to know when you know
  160. Help -Solid nodule w/Calcification on my Thyroid.
  161. Calcification on thyroid nodule -What can I expect?
  162. Strange feeling in neck?
  163. Need help with test results!
  164. For the newbies.... no, you're not crazy
  165. what do the labs mean/show about thyroid?
  166. Overtreated Thyroid
  167. Can someone explain tests
  168. Graves disease
  169. Thyroid Enlarged?
  170. Goitre
  171. Levothyroxine stopping it - does it have major side effects?
  172. Please help, I do not understand my TSH, T4 lab results
  173. Please help with these numbers!!
  174. When does Synthroid become effective with dosage increase?
  175. What the H do I do now... Doc says I'm "Fine" but I know I'm not...
  176. Please help-Non fasting thyroid test and iodine supplementation
  177. Ill-defined Hypoechoic Nodule
  178. memory loss, speech problems
  179. Please Help - At My Wits End
  180. Could these test results and symptoms be thyroid?
  181. lump/bubble on toncil
  182. radio therapy iodine
  183. Talked to my Endo again about my Test Results feel worse than ever!
  184. Gagging/Coughing
  185. Recently diagnosed, just started Synthroid
  186. Para Hyperthyroidism (Low vitamin D levels, need help looking for pill)
  187. Hurthle Cells? Benign? Lots of questions????
  188. Cyst, many symptoms, awaiting ENT
  189. drs protocol
  190. Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies Test >1000
  191. Need help from experts please
  192. Thyroid meds cause Estrogen to drop
  193. 5 yr old boy with subclinical hypothyroidism
  194. Would love some straight answers?
  195. Spinning outta control & can't stop it...
  196. 5 days post partial thyroidectomy - still feel awful
  197. OK - Here Are The Latest Lab Results
  198. My thyroid hormones are unchanged with 1 grain of armour???
  199. well no luck with the endo, now what the heck do I do
  200. Goiter, nodule, very high antibodies.. please help me!!
  201. please help!
  202. Synthroid vs. levothyroxine
  203. Endo says I shouldn't still be fatigued ...
  204. If you have hypothyroidism are u more likely to develop nodules?
  205. Possibly Thyroid problem?
  206. Recent test came back NORMAL but i still have hashi?
  207. Normal T4(low) Normal TSH (low) HELP!!!
  208. Thyroid meds & stomach acid/digestive enzymes
  209. Finding the right dose
  210. Generic synthroid and itchy hands and ankles
  211. Low Thyroid
  212. Thyroid and Adrenal?
  213. Test results in...Dr says they are normal!
  214. Test results in...Dr says they are normal!
  215. Can I Continue T3 If I Have Diarrhea?
  216. Lab Results? Dr. not much help
  217. newbie to hashimoto's. feeling horrible!
  218. hashimoto appearance on ultrasound
  219. lab results and started on levothyroxine
  220. raised prolactin levels???
  221. Did Armour damage my thyroid??
  222. Just got new test results back
  223. Second Auto-immune Disease After Hashimoto’s/Thyroidectomy?
  224. To split or not to split the Cytomel dose?
  225. endo in kc
  226. Update New Lab Results
  227. Help with anti-tg elevation
  228. New with questions - thyroid nodules
  229. Post total thyroidectomy TSH level question.
  230. 14 year old daughter with Hashimotos
  231. Normal range for TSH and Free T3 for children?
  232. thyroid ultrasound today
  233. Excess of Thyroid Bodies
  234. Lab work results - confused
  235. A little confused
  236. possible thyroid problems/ swollen lymph nodes throughout body
  237. Basal Body Temp Significance
  238. New w/possible thyroid prob - need help pls
  239. Is there an OFFICIAL Range?
  240. New to the board - and frustrated!
  241. Thyroid Nodule..Please help!
  242. Please Help me out to understand symptoms
  243. Test results
  244. Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid
  245. Help Needed to understand the symptoms.
  246. Confused by ultrasound/FNA results on 6cm solitary nodule, please help me.
  247. Catching a cold with Thyriod issues
  248. Adding Cytomel to Synthroid
  249. Multinodular Goiter...Don't Know What to Do???
  250. FNA Results -

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