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  1. My TSH > 150 help me
  2. Feeling so invisible
  3. Feeling weird, don't know how to describe it...
  4. Do I have a thyroid disorder or am I going crazy?
  5. Hyperthyroid Treatment
  6. Standard Tx for Cold Nodule
  7. Do I really need to wait 6-8 weeks for blood work?
  8. Advice please
  9. Low T3 - High T4 ? T3 conversion problem?
  10. Low Free T4, normal T3 looking for advise
  11. Has anyone completed the Saliva testing
  12. Robot assisted surgery
  13. Dexamethason suppression test - how did you feel?
  14. Neck Sweats - Advice, Help Guidance etc
  15. Id like to say.......
  16. How do these labs look? Anyone?
  17. Long time no talk
  18. Is it ok I am not working full-time while I fix my thyroid issues or am I slacking?
  19. Thyroid - Confusing Information
  20. Question for Those Who've Had a Thryroidectomy
  21. My Results
  22. Aussie Battler
  23. Follow-up endo visit/suppression test/2 week juice diet?
  24. please help me understand
  25. TSH of 89
  26. Questions about Kelp?
  27. Lab test question
  28. I increased my Armour on my own-should I have?
  29. TSI Range Clarification
  30. Thyroid / Gastroparesis link?
  31. Results are in and its not good :-(
  32. My thyroid functions
  33. Good dr in Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio?
  34. Naturopath on the Gold Coast that uses Thyroflex
  35. Need advice on these results
  36. dose not taking your medication on day of test affect results?
  37. Increase thyroid meds when sick?
  38. I feel awful.
  39. Trouble Adjusting on Synthroid
  40. Hypothyroidism -- do i need to see a doctor before getting pregnant?
  41. Armour Thyroid....
  42. TSH question....
  43. Results Tomorrow.......
  44. levothyroxine and Flovent
  45. Hypothyroidism info all in one place
  46. Those whose symptoms have been eliminated, which symptoms left first?
  47. Has anyone had a doctor refuse to give more medicine b/c it was bad for bones/heart?
  48. normal tsh, low free t4, normal free t3--please explain
  49. I think my tHYROID cANCER HAS RETURNED. ?
  50. Ultrasound on Thyroid, multiple nodules
  51. Thyroid Test Result Meaning?
  52. Really struggling today :o(
  53. Free T4 18.03 pmol/L + TSH 4.60 mIU/L
  54. Synthetic blood results VS Porcine/Dessicated/Natural blood results
  55. newbie to levothyroxine, great at first, not anymore
  56. Thirst and Constipation
  57. Hashi/hypo and coconut oil
  58. Help me make sense out of this...
  59. No idea
  60. 14 yr old girl with high Hashi antibodies- is this normal?
  61. Is it hyperthyroidism
  62. HELP with test results PLEASE!! :(
  63. Hashi's, What happens to the antibodies if you remove the thyroid?
  64. Higher T3 levels???
  65. Overactive Thyroid - HELP!
  66. Nodules neither hot or cold?
  67. Lab Results- Why do I feel lousy?
  68. My Fna Today
  69. Very high TSH but normal ft3 and ft4 - help please?
  70. Hashi's gets better on its own???
  71. Latest labs, confused
  72. lab confusion still
  73. Weird, vivid dreams on meds?
  74. euthyroid multinodular thyroiditis
  75. HyperThyroidism
  76. new treatment new thread
  77. Getting a good doc to work with me?
  78. Need advice -at a loss on what to do
  79. Free T4 Dialysis/Mass Spec
  80. Help - what is does the Total T3 mean again?
  81. Hello! New here...hypothyroid questions...
  82. Hypo after partial thyroid removal/test question
  83. Confused about thyroid and parathyroid
  84. Possible Early Stages of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  85. Low thyroid and diabetes
  86. Ultrasound
  87. Visit w/New Doctor - not hopeful
  88. Update on Thyroid
  89. switching from armour to synthroid/cytomel....
  90. thyroid cancer treatment concerns, thyroid disorders
  91. Having blood done, should I take my Levo now or wait until after?
  92. Need advice please...
  93. Please Help
  94. Hyper T. to *maybe* Hypo T.????
  95. Please help me interpret these results
  96. Do I have hypothyroidism?
  97. test results and drs
  98. I'm so confused
  99. Is it possible to have your TSH level be HYPO, then 10 days later be hyper?
  100. Finally upped my Cytomel
  101. New to Armour and having major low blood sugar
  102. High IgG Ab's & Thyroid Disease?
  103. Please help me read my test results, Thanks.
  104. can someone help me...
  105. Low TSH, High Free T3, Low Free T4
  106. Had to reduce meds for the first time
  107. Had hyper on levo- pulled off- how drastic is level change?
  108. Hashitoxicosis with repeatedly hypo labs?
  109. If your Cytomel dosage was increased and you have a chest anxiety feeling, should ..
  110. Starting meds and confused
  111. hashimotos twitching musles, muscle pain
  112. TSH 0.02 -- Please help
  113. Confused
  114. hi normal Free T4, low normal TSH
  115. Confused with new labs (link between TPO and T3?)
  116. How many hours apart from eating/drinking should you take your thyroid meds?
  117. Frustrating treatment with labs-please help
  118. Low T4 and low TSH - what does this mean
  119. T3 and hair loss
  120. hashimotos
  121. MVP + Hypo; sensitivity to doses?
  122. Enlarged thyroid, but normal TSH
  123. New & Afraid
  124. 3.1cm benign nodule with low TSH
  125. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Swollen Lymph Nodes
  126. sammy what should I do ?
  127. thoughts about my labs please
  128. lymph node pain after RAI
  129. Just back from docs, they do not listen.
  130. Unilateral lobe enlargement
  131. Help with new labs
  132. Heat Intolerance
  133. large thyroid nodule and high antithyroglobulin
  134. New Thread Re Kate 511, Notify Her?
  135. doc who prescribes cytomel
  136. Seeing endo tomorrow. FNA, Prednisone??
  137. How do I have FNA reread?
  138. Dr. orderd STOP synthroid and cytomel after 8 years!!
  139. New Article and Info on Thyroid
  140. Does my Husband Have Hashimoto's?
  141. Newbie to all this. Need help!
  142. Newbie to all this. Need help!
  143. Alcohol and blood tests?
  144. Here's my story.....
  145. Tsh 10.4
  146. Thyroid levels were checked, Found anemia too??
  147. upping thyroxine
  148. Is my endo nuts? Please advise!
  149. new thyroid labs
  150. Hashimoto's with now too LOW TSH
  151. Thyroid mass cancer probability
  152. New Labs-More Questions!
  153. Hi
  154. Hi
  155. Armour/T3 side effects?
  156. My doctor is sssooo funny....
  157. anyone know a good endo in the Toronto area?
  158. Am I crazy or what?
  159. normal tsh, ft3 and low ft4 while on armour
  160. "Normal" although I sure don't feel like it. Please help!
  161. Help! I want to understand my lab results
  162. new labs
  163. Is this "Normal"?
  164. Naturopathic Physicians - anyone have luck with one?
  165. high/low cortisol & thyroid?
  166. Don't know what to do
  167. Frustrated!
  168. What does this tell me - ANA blood test results
  169. Going to new Doctor tomorrow - Here are my latest Labs - What do I need to increase?
  170. I don't understand my results
  171. Need help with interpreting test results
  172. Please help. Weird lab results
  173. Moon face, swollen hands and feet
  174. OTC thyroid supplements
  175. Dicussion: I would like to hear from anyone who has had a TT for hashimotos
  176. Can I Be Hyperthyroid With Only 1 Symptom?
  177. I thought thyroid nodule calcification was a good thing
  178. Someone please HELP me understand what this all means!
  179. would my supplements interact with thyriod blood tests?
  180. Nodule Size Difference
  181. Removal of Thyroid Gland
  182. what is wise: to cytomel or not to cytomel
  183. Lab results..can anyone interpret??
  184. whatever next
  185. Would Hashi's show on path report results?
  186. Continued thyroid issues
  187. Healthy thyroid...but
  188. Lab results
  189. What are Thyriod antibodies tests should I have?
  190. High Cholesterol and hypothyroidism
  191. Possible hypothyroidism
  192. Preparing for labwork
  193. Thyroid and Panic Disorder
  194. Chest pain
  195. Doctor Recommendations and lab questions
  196. Blood test
  197. How do you all handle your jobs with thyroid disease
  198. new here......labs posted
  199. Please help with dosage and results ??
  200. Synthroid side effects
  201. I had Hashimoto's blood tests 4.5 years ago, should I take them again?
  202. Having trouble switching from Snythroid to generic Armour
  203. Has anyone else had a lot of nightmares during hypothyroidism?
  204. Great info about proper thyroid testing
  205. have some Lab results FINALLY
  206. could this be hyperthyroidism?
  207. Any advice on changing meds?
  208. Angry lymph nodes? Well ok, more like mildly irritated!
  209. Hyperthyroid?
  210. Supplements for hypothyroidism
  211. any updates?
  212. Help cant walk, talk and breath at same time!!!!!!
  213. Why cant I take this vitamin- interactins
  214. Lowering dose thru pregnancy
  215. 10 yr old boy with normal TSH Low Free T4
  216. Thyroid Nodule-but levels are normal?
  217. Who can help me understand my FNA results and my Endo's advice?
  218. need help finding a doctor!!!!
  219. Hypothyroid (natural) treatment ?
  220. Question
  221. Synthroid Day 7 - No Sleep.
  222. Thyroid/Iron Deficient or Male Pattern Baldness?
  223. Nodule
  224. Low lymphocytes?
  225. after thyroid
  226. Question about Antibody Tests
  227. How likely is it that I will end up with thyroid storm?
  228. T3 and menstruation
  229. So confused by labs!!!! Any help would be great!!
  230. Is there anyone out there who is on T3 ONLY thyroid medicine?
  231. Quick Question: What do you think it means when I felt GREAT on Cytomel for .. ?
  232. When to consider Armour + natural thyroid
  233. how big is a 0.2 x 0.4 cm nodule
  234. Question on confronting doctor...
  235. alternative to armour or in addition to armour?
  236. Need help with results for a friend
  237. Hypo?????
  238. sore throat and thyroid - anyone had this
  239. Constipation and Hypothyroidism
  240. how long does shortness of breath last
  241. HELP! Could Use Some Feedback
  242. what is wrong with me?
  243. Dangers of high t3 levels in pregnancy
  244. Hoshimotos and Anxiety
  245. Lab history, not sure what to do with meds, etc til next appointment...
  246. Graves` Disease
  247. Can a nodule cause hypo?
  248. No Thyroid, question
  249. I don't know what to think of my lab results.
  250. Hypothyroidism/Throat Cramps?

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