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  1. Nodule on Thyoid. Nervous...
  2. surgery or not?
  3. Scared of all of this!
  4. Synthroid?
  5. Thyroidism, ITP, Diabetes
  6. New info...please help??
  7. graves disease
  8. coping tips needed
  9. bioidentical progesterone?
  10. total thyrodectemy
  11. 3 blood tests and still no clue...help!
  12. having TSH problems
  13. 5.5 Nodule?
  14. Normal Thyroid panel??? please help
  15. Help interpreting lab results: Could I have hypothyroidism?
  16. Sub-clinical hypothyrodism???
  17. New & need help with test results please
  18. Anyones input would be great:) please help
  19. how to calculate dosage
  20. switch from T4 only to combo meds
  21. How do you know?
  22. Why am I so sweaty?!
  23. Thyroid Symptoms
  24. Clinically euthyroid 24F with large (5cm) nodule, new to boards and thyroid disorders
  25. Done my research but what do you all think..
  26. Hello, any ideas to ask endo whats wrong with me.
  27. Normal TSH range
  28. Saw the Dr. - Want to SCREAM!
  29. Results from Thyroid Bloodwork
  30. tingling in hands and feet?
  31. Thyroid eye disease question?
  32. From lump, goitre, MNG, HCC?
  33. Any chain pharmacies that carry several strengths of Nature-throid???
  34. Here we go again
  35. Anybody on more than 4 grains of desiccated???
  36. Nodule for 7 years, only getting FNAB now. Freaking out!!!
  37. Eyebrow Loss
  38. Help Please
  39. Thyroid nodules and other fun stuff
  40. Confused
  41. feel better when im hyperthyroid
  42. Mini-success story - thanks to board
  43. u/s results - please help
  44. Hypothyroidism and Soy
  45. Brand new to Hypothyroidism
  46. Dosage increase=lab result.. decrease?
  47. Dr. Appt. Tomorrow - Need Advice
  48. When to increase Thyroid NP?
  49. Need help understanding thyroid ultrasound results
  50. Desperate in Southwest Ga. for a good MD
  51. Hypothyroid or Low Testosterone or Just Fine
  52. HyperThyroid with Normal Labs???
  53. Please help me interpret these test results:
  54. Please help
  55. Started Armour, now VERY hypo :-(
  56. hashi's; hyper and hypo labs; told to stop taking armour
  57. Weight gain from hypothyrodism
  58. hypo-hippo
  59. Thyroid blood tests came back normal
  60. Hürthle cell
  61. Did the Lab give me wrong instructions for my Cortisol Test???
  62. Armour overdosage?
  63. Muscle cramps from Levothyroxine?
  64. Levoxyl-Is it Brand or Generic
  65. Allergic to Tapazole?
  66. A Little bit of help
  67. How much is too much??
  68. Hyperthyroid
  69. Thyroid or carotid artery pain?
  70. weight loss bt i am hypo
  71. ANA question
  72. Cyst - doctor causing concern
  73. Prep for RAI and having severe joint pain...
  74. 2 questions about hypoT, ephedrine, and tired eyes
  75. Further Clairfication of Results
  76. Question 25 Y/O Male, 2 Benign Thyroid Nodules, Thyroglobulin (Tg) 560+
  77. Thyroid Question
  78. Time for the couch potato zombie to go...?
  79. Thyroid and Lupus??
  80. 1 year on and still not feeling well
  81. Just ran out of Cytomel before I will be able to have my lab work done again
  82. Ashwagandha... Any knowledge/experience with this herb??
  83. Thyroidectomy 6 weeks ago and have questions
  84. can cold chills be due to overdosage?
  85. High Normal FT4, Low Normal FT3, High TSH???
  86. High Normal FT4 Low Normal FT3 High TSH???
  87. Low Tsh- 2 nodules... HELP ME!!
  88. Dose Equivalent
  89. my synthroid is annoying to take
  90. feeling worse
  91. How do you know if you are a good candidate for an RT3 test?
  92. A good article/summary I can give my boss?
  93. New Endo, Lab Results
  94. TSH RESULTS, cannot get my Dr to call me back
  95. Hypo with Anxiety/Depression
  96. FNA results
  97. Ultrasound reveals thyroid is inhomogeneous
  98. My Free T4 and TSH results
  99. Thyroid Antibodies High No Treatment what to do now
  100. Subtotal thyroidectomy in Jan, now finding more tissue and a nodule........
  101. I need some advice please! I am pregnant with graves disease
  102. Reverse T3 results went up on T3 - why?
  103. Thyroid Issues & Wanting To Become Pregnant
  104. Please help. TSH:.15 but
  105. Ultrasound results
  106. .15 TSH, normal T4 (but i've been on prednisone)
  107. Taking thyroid while traveling internationally?
  108. new dosage
  109. confused about cortisol!
  110. Newbie and hypot
  111. please explain hot nodules
  112. unusual symptom - is it thyroid-related?
  113. Iodine therapy or not....please help
  114. Eye appointment - all is good!
  115. Iodoral supplements
  116. Need Thyroid opinions, please help...
  117. Possible Thyroid Problem?
  118. I am posting my results now.
  119. Synthroid making me crazy
  120. levothyroxine and menteral period
  121. For Hypo, what blood tests
  122. Hair Coming out!! Hashimoto's, High TSH, High FT3, Low Ferritin
  123. TSH Normal, Low Free T4
  124. huge thyroid
  125. Pregnant with Graves Disease Tyroid Disorder
  126. Is this a common pattern with thyroid treatment?
  127. Need help again
  128. thyroid
  129. thyroid
  130. Hypothyroidism & Thin
  131. Hi Everyone I'm Back and I need help now with thyroid function test.
  132. Best way to start Cytomel
  133. Does this sound like possible thyroid problem?
  134. Can someone who knows what they are doing check my lab results?
  135. Normal TSH, Does this really rule out Thyroid problems?
  136. better in the evening: any explanation?
  137. Hashimotos!!
  138. Raised bump on incision
  139. I think I need to get another Endocrinologist....
  140. Labs, ultrasound, and symptoms
  141. Endocrinologist's office called in a panic
  142. Labs
  143. Tsh - 11.431
  144. New labs - opinions please.
  145. Thyroid Issues - Confusion Reigns
  146. What does *depression* mean to YOU?
  147. Desperately seeking Thyroid savvy MD in Albuquerque
  148. New results and still feeling anxiety
  149. Chronic sore throat
  150. Synthroid and Side Effect??
  151. Feeling trapped in a vicious circle
  152. Hoarse Voice - partial 2 months ago
  153. Hypo Numbers ....
  154. Thyroid surgery x 2 now, now same problems have come back.....need advice...
  155. new labs, please help
  156. Severe thyroid pain
  157. Sigh...
  158. Am I Puttin Myself in Danger By NOT Getting Treatment?
  159. TSH Fluctuation
  160. Thyroid or something else?
  161. Hi everyone my other results.......
  162. snythroid no longer working - at a loss?
  163. Need interpretation of results (new to boards and Thyroid tests)
  164. How long does it take your thyroid prescription to start working?
  165. Are Doctors Clueless or Is It Me?
  166. My new labs, please translate them for me.
  167. Graves & Lyme
  168. Wondering Why?
  169. Synthroid Armour Tinnitus?
  170. Joint pain gone, emotional symptoms lingering!
  171. Do common illnesses mess with your thyroid?
  172. How to find a helpful doctor???
  173. aldosterone
  174. enlarged thyroid
  175. Underactive Thyroid
  176. Pain like the Flu!!!
  177. Low Lying Thyroid ??
  178. Choking caused by sore throat?
  179. Abruptly Stopping Armour, Any Symptoms?
  180. Advice for 5 Year Old
  181. please help explain these tests
  182. Wight loss with Thyroid Problems
  183. I am beggin someone to respond...
  184. need advice on synthroid back to armour and labs
  185. TSH high levels after 1 week
  186. Hyperthyroidism
  187. New test results..
  188. I dont understand my lab results :(
  189. Questions about Armour
  190. Hyperparathyroidism?
  191. Confused
  192. Thyroid Yes, No & Don't know
  193. Partial Thyroidectomy and Synthroid
  194. Cytomel question!
  195. Brain fog and dizziness after partial thyroidectomy
  196. hashimotos
  197. Hashimotos new symptoms help
  198. can Hyperthyroidism cause these symptoms??
  199. Just diagnosed RT3 - Sigh - is this right?
  200. dizziness
  201. Is my thyroid the root of all evil? with Labs!
  202. Moving forward...
  203. A Little Scared
  204. confused and trying to educate myself
  205. Quick Question!
  206. Thyroid Test
  207. TSH extremes - new here
  208. Vision symptoms
  209. Thyroid Test
  210. Advice requested on hypo patient (history included)
  211. Hypothyroidism question Part II
  212. update
  213. New Thyroid patient has questions/needs advice
  214. advice on vitamins
  215. swollen left ankle pains much
  216. What to Do With My Multinodular Goiter???? Help...pls!
  217. TSH erratic
  218. V8 Diet
  219. Frustrated With My Hyperthyroid
  220. Armour
  221. hashi now hyper need some help please
  222. Graves Disease post RAI
  223. sooo poorley
  224. Multinodular Goiter...so confused???
  225. hypo thyroidism
  226. TSH level high T4 normal T3 low
  227. Many medical issues possibly stemming from thyroid?
  228. Needing help with understanding us results ~ large thyroid with nodules
  229. Beta-Blocker withdrawal causing Thyroid issues?
  230. Can anyone interpret my results?
  231. Hypothyroidism and Arthritis
  232. Tell me I'm on the right path...advice?
  233. sleeping problems with graves disease
  234. Hypothyroid Slipping Into Hyper?
  235. Please help with ultra sound results!!!!!!!
  236. Please help me with my ultrasound results
  237. Just got diagnosed with HypoT
  238. Tpo
  239. Secondary Hypothyroid? Hashimoto and lab results? Help
  240. So, my doctor keeps suggesting that basically it is all in my head.
  241. Help! Confused About Hashimoto's
  242. How long to get back to feeling better?
  243. Birth control + Hypothyroidism
  244. Do I need more thyroxine?
  245. New on Synthroid due to thyroid cancer - weight & mood questions
  246. New here, symptons, lab results
  247. I just want it all to stop!
  248. Self-medicating
  249. Who here has had success with Armour?
  250. What is wrong with me?

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