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  1. Hashi's, Selenium, organic mushrooms, Grains: Connected>?
  2. reversing antibodies
  3. Can low adrenals affect Thyroid lab readings?
  4. suggestions please... ran into a problem
  5. neg, BX, Labs now what?
  6. Ultrasound results
  7. Is my doctor crazy..or am I..?
  8. REVERSE T3 above normal. What's it mean? Lab results included.
  9. No relief
  10. Help-Advice-Frustration
  11. First day of meds
  12. Needle Biopsy
  13. Thyroid disease and Brain Fog
  14. Your Thoughts, Please -- Why Can't I Get My Free T's Up on High Levels of Armour?
  15. Post Op meds
  16. Need answers not pain meds.
  17. What am I in for?
  18. 19 year old male desperately needs help :(
  19. advice needed - please help
  20. Newbie needs help!
  21. Why Are Drs So Annoying?
  22. Hashimotos, sweating and rashes
  23. Help with labs, WWYD? Anyone on ERFA?
  24. Not sure how I feel about this
  25. losing my hair???
  26. Here we go AGAIN!
  27. new to the board can someone help
  28. Questions on dosage/symptoms and future Dr visits (sorry this is so long!)
  29. Thyroid Results - Confused - Please Help
  30. Thyroid dosage increase
  31. Scared after discovering thyroid nodules :(
  32. New labs show I'm back in range, dose questions (graves/Hyper)
  33. Ladies: question about thyroid & period
  34. Journey Update. New labs... TSI ?
  35. What test should I ask for
  36. ACTH Stimulation Test Results. Help!
  37. Low T3 & High Thyroid Peroxidase. Does this mean Hashimoto's?
  38. Thyroid half or all out?
  39. Is it the synthroid or me
  40. Cytomel Questions
  41. I Need to Vent
  42. Looking for a good Dr. in the Baton Rouge, LA area - any suggestions?
  43. Synthroid dose of 300 mcg
  44. SIde effects from reducing meds that were too high a dose
  45. 7.5mg of Armour for Hashimoto's
  46. Switching from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid
  47. hives somehow related
  48. biopsy done- whew... relief
  49. Very sore neck and Hashimotos?
  50. Tsh 5.2
  51. Zen and hypothyrodism: just accepting it.
  52. Hashiomoto's and Depression
  53. Is this normal, I feel like my throat is closing.
  54. Ok...Now What's Going On?
  55. Thyroid cancer?/high thyroglobulin
  56. Am I imagining this?
  57. Confused, Could there be a thyroid issue?
  58. Symptoms Say Hypo, but Blood Tests Say Hyper
  59. Need help with medication dosage; new member!
  60. How to convince new PCP to override endo's treatment decisions?
  61. Armour: not all symptoms relieved. Anyone??
  62. PLEASE HELP - Atypical Thyroid Growth: What's next?
  63. How Does a Chemical Pregnancy / Miscarriage Affect Hypothyroidism Thyroid Levels?
  64. Anyone else have swollen looking eyelids?
  65. to biopsy or not to biopsy
  66. Please Help-Daughter has Hypothyroidism
  67. Just diagnosed, low thyroid
  68. pivotal splint
  69. No Treatment d/t Normal TSH
  70. lab Conversions
  71. Toxic mutlinodular goiter
  72. Thank You!
  73. Thyroiditis with unknown cause?
  74. Please help. Been battling a year now.
  75. May I have a Thyroid Problem (Results Included)??
  76. Is this Hashi's? Help! :(
  77. Highest dose of thyroid meds??
  78. Subclinical hypothyroid?
  79. Is this a standard amount of Synthroid starting out?
  80. Peds Labs follow up
  81. Help with my Lab Results and treatment
  82. Am I Crazy or Am I Hypo?
  83. Lower back, hip and vest pain with armour. Need Help
  84. Saw Endo. Confused. Want Advice
  85. Muscle pain and tension migraines
  86. Getting others to understand thyroid issues
  87. HELP Cytomel not working
  88. Hi I have Reverse T3 problem, unable to take T3 it causes extreme anxiety. Please hel
  89. Im 21 and I have Hypothyroidism.
  90. Hyperthyroidism/Operation/Probems with it all need help, Please help me
  91. Hypo and Bad Hair Days
  92. On synthroid and cytomel for several years but Free T4 and Free T3 keep dropping
  93. Best route to take?
  94. New here, looking for others struggling to control their Hashi's
  95. Hello, I am new here...
  96. Recently Diagnosed and Clueless!
  97. Hashimoto's and thyroid meds
  98. my throid.
  99. Diagnosed with fibromyagia and sleep apnea is it thyroid?
  100. New to this - help interpret results?
  101. Pediatric Thyroid Question
  102. help with the thyroid results
  103. Levo has cellulose filler!
  104. Hyperthyroidism
  105. Thyroid Nodule
  106. Got new labs..questions? Haven't been around in a long time..
  107. Can anyone help with these lab results?
  108. Newest labs don't make sense to me...
  109. Help Needed! Hypothyroid and on Armour
  110. arnour or cytomel for high FT3
  111. Me again... armour under the tongue?
  112. Lots of weird nodules. Is surgery an option?
  113. TSH & FT4 dropping
  114. Ultrasound shows enlarged thyroid but I have normal thyroid levels on my meds? Help!
  115. The killing/persecution against a patient, help!
  116. To Endo or not to Endo
  117. Quick Poll......for Synthroid users....
  118. Ok, officially freaked out.
  119. Considering weight loss surgery after thyroidectomy...
  120. Newly diagnosed Hypo w/other hormone imbalances
  121. Will I feel ok on a small dose of Synthroid?
  122. Synthroid how long did it take
  123. Bad batch of Armour???
  124. My poor doctor
  125. Armour causing problems?
  126. Thyroid problem?
  127. Very elevated Antithyroglobulin and Thyroid Peroxidase
  128. Hair woes
  129. Miacalcin (Calcitonin) and Synthroid
  130. Saw endo this morning.....
  131. Slightly Elevated TSH, HELP?
  132. What do I have? Need a label on it.
  133. Graves to hypothyroid: dose upped
  134. What to expect after a full thyroidectomy
  135. Total Frustration
  136. Do I Still Have Graves?? Help Please, confused.
  137. "I Don't Feel Like Myself"....what does that mean to you?
  138. shrinking thyroid nodule with yeast free diet
  139. soy?
  140. Reading, Comprehension, and Memorization
  141. Educate me please! New to this....
  142. Why does my medical group want to control my life?!!!!
  143. Need advice please!!!!!
  144. A few simple questions.
  145. Natural supplements?
  146. My Dreams Seem More *Real* Than My Waking Life...
  147. Clues you were going hyper???
  148. Anxious, Tired, and Confused.
  149. Low Temperature - Just Need to Vent
  150. Help Interpreting labs???
  151. I'm frustrated and need advise
  152. Ranges for the Antithyroglobulin AB?
  153. In need of endocronologist
  154. New to Synthroid - what to expect?
  155. What has change?
  156. Need some advice - upset!
  157. How long before you were dx?
  158. Hypothyroid symtoms
  159. Thyroid Antibodies
  160. TSH .01 to 15 in 4 weeks??
  161. In what way was was your memory affected by your thyroid
  162. so hungry
  163. hyperagain
  164. hyperanger
  165. Medication help please Armour vs Synthroid?
  166. Have Hypothyroid Symptoms, but tests were 'normal'
  167. Endo wants me to try Byetta/Victoza injections for weight loss
  168. Multi Nodular Goiter---Normal Labs
  169. Stopping Synthroid Cold Turkey
  170. Problems with generic cytomel?
  171. Update on labs=confusion reigns~
  172. High TSH, 'normal' thyroid hormones.
  173. I need help understanding my Thyroid test results, they're quite strange..
  174. My Doctor is AWESOME!
  175. Hypothyrodism???
  176. TSH results
  177. OK What Tests to Ask for?
  178. My test results....frustrated!
  179. Should I increase dose at this point?
  180. Changing seasons, changing doses?
  181. Hello
  182. High Antibodies...
  183. Do elevated TPO ab immediately mean Hashi?
  184. Hypothyroidism
  185. Thyroid nodule mobility?
  186. Synthroid, Hashimoto's and Bone Loss
  187. "Most hypothyroid people feel better in upper range" any proof I can show the doctor?
  188. FDA-approved Thyroid Cancer Catalyst
  189. Understanding ACTH results?
  190. low TSH high free t's and high anti bodies????
  191. Dr. Appt. Monday; Any thoughts?
  192. Saw PA on Wed. ended up in ER on Sat.
  193. Levothyroxine + Crestor at night?
  194. Hypothyroidism Copycats?
  195. Possibly Overmedicated on Synthroid
  196. Long term treatment options for Hyperthyroidism/Graves?
  197. Going back to Endo this week - Would Love some questions??
  198. thyroid gland not there
  199. will dr. get a good reading now of TSH??
  200. Just tested!
  201. Thoughts on TSH levels.
  202. Other labs & thyroid implications
  203. Elevated ANA and Thyroid Antibodies- told it is nothing
  204. Thyroid Tests and Symptoms
  205. 11 Years of Hyper Symptoms-No Treatment-Help with new Labs
  206. Just thyroid or perhaps something more?
  207. One year - drastic change
  208. TSH "normal"....
  209. Hypo, MS, BPPV??? Feedback please?
  210. Have had symptoms for over a year, doctor tells me my thyroid is normal.
  211. Really... is there a light at the end on this tunnel??
  212. my tsh levels are85.5 can i get pregnant?
  213. Nausea after partial thyroidectomy
  214. Body heat question..help!
  215. Thyroid Ultrasound Readings?
  216. Please explain TSH levels to cholesterol levels.
  217. Will Hashimotos show up?? Also--what to do besides Armour?
  218. Just to say Thanks
  219. thyroiditis, graves, or toxic nodule?
  220. Thyroid
  221. please please help me
  222. recommend an endo?
  223. new labs
  224. Can High Estradiol Cause Hypothyroidism?
  225. Various symptoms but TSH only 4.71 and T4 normal
  226. some hashimoto questions....
  227. Sorry if redundant re thyroid
  228. Thyroid Test
  229. update on my daughter: Hashitoxicosis?
  230. choking
  231. Went to the ER today... had the thyroid CrAzIeS
  232. Completely Confused
  233. multinodular goiter/normal levels HELP please!
  234. Recently diagnosed and about to lose my mind
  235. Hashimotos
  236. Painful Neck.. Caused by thyroid? Pls help!!
  237. Desiccated & low FT4
  238. What does it mean when you have a very low TSH and low Vit. D?
  239. Could this be Pituitary!!!!
  240. fna - terrified!
  241. ultrasound shows hashimotos.....
  242. Thyroid nodule disappeared....then came back.
  243. Low TSH
  244. Can your low thyroid actually cripple you?
  245. Totally freaking out right now! Are you struggling with "Normal" labs?
  246. Help with Thryoid Ultrasound Results
  247. is this normal or not?
  248. doctor says enlarged thyroid.
  249. Hashi/ new lab results is even more confusin then last
  250. How to get thyroid treated if levels are "not high enough to warrant treatment"?

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