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  1. Is this "Normal"?
  2. Naturopathic Physicians - anyone have luck with one?
  3. high/low cortisol & thyroid?
  4. Don't know what to do
  5. Frustrated!
  6. What does this tell me - ANA blood test results
  7. Going to new Doctor tomorrow - Here are my latest Labs - What do I need to increase?
  8. I don't understand my results
  9. Need help with interpreting test results
  10. Please help. Weird lab results
  11. Moon face, swollen hands and feet
  12. OTC thyroid supplements
  13. Dicussion: I would like to hear from anyone who has had a TT for hashimotos
  14. Can I Be Hyperthyroid With Only 1 Symptom?
  15. I thought thyroid nodule calcification was a good thing
  16. Someone please HELP me understand what this all means!
  17. would my supplements interact with thyriod blood tests?
  18. Nodule Size Difference
  19. Removal of Thyroid Gland
  20. what is wise: to cytomel or not to cytomel
  21. Lab results..can anyone interpret??
  22. whatever next
  23. Would Hashi's show on path report results?
  24. Continued thyroid issues
  25. Healthy thyroid...but
  26. Lab results
  27. What are Thyriod antibodies tests should I have?
  28. High Cholesterol and hypothyroidism
  29. Possible hypothyroidism
  30. Preparing for labwork
  31. Thyroid and Panic Disorder
  32. Chest pain
  33. Doctor Recommendations and lab questions
  34. Blood test
  35. How do you all handle your jobs with thyroid disease
  36. new here......labs posted
  37. Please help with dosage and results ??
  38. Synthroid side effects
  39. I had Hashimoto's blood tests 4.5 years ago, should I take them again?
  40. Having trouble switching from Snythroid to generic Armour
  41. Has anyone else had a lot of nightmares during hypothyroidism?
  42. Great info about proper thyroid testing
  43. have some Lab results FINALLY
  44. could this be hyperthyroidism?
  45. Any advice on changing meds?
  46. Angry lymph nodes? Well ok, more like mildly irritated!
  47. Hyperthyroid?
  48. Supplements for hypothyroidism
  49. any updates?
  50. Help cant walk, talk and breath at same time!!!!!!
  51. Why cant I take this vitamin- interactins
  52. Lowering dose thru pregnancy
  53. 10 yr old boy with normal TSH Low Free T4
  54. Thyroid Nodule-but levels are normal?
  55. Who can help me understand my FNA results and my Endo's advice?
  56. need help finding a doctor!!!!
  57. Hypothyroid (natural) treatment ?
  58. Question
  59. Synthroid Day 7 - No Sleep.
  60. Thyroid/Iron Deficient or Male Pattern Baldness?
  61. Nodule
  62. Low lymphocytes?
  63. after thyroid
  64. Question about Antibody Tests
  65. How likely is it that I will end up with thyroid storm?
  66. T3 and menstruation
  67. So confused by labs!!!! Any help would be great!!
  68. Is there anyone out there who is on T3 ONLY thyroid medicine?
  69. Quick Question: What do you think it means when I felt GREAT on Cytomel for .. ?
  70. When to consider Armour + natural thyroid
  71. how big is a 0.2 x 0.4 cm nodule
  72. Question on confronting doctor...
  73. alternative to armour or in addition to armour?
  74. Need help with results for a friend
  75. Hypo?????
  76. sore throat and thyroid - anyone had this
  77. Constipation and Hypothyroidism
  78. how long does shortness of breath last
  79. HELP! Could Use Some Feedback
  80. what is wrong with me?
  81. Dangers of high t3 levels in pregnancy
  82. Hoshimotos and Anxiety
  83. Lab history, not sure what to do with meds, etc til next appointment...
  84. Graves` Disease
  85. Can a nodule cause hypo?
  86. No Thyroid, question
  87. I don't know what to think of my lab results.
  88. Hypothyroidism/Throat Cramps?
  89. RAI and HIGH BP
  90. New to Hyper, could use some help
  91. Newbie - need help with results and endo
  92. Tired of not understanding
  93. Labwork
  94. Tired of not understanding
  95. Query re blood results (Thyroid)
  96. Elevated conversion T4 to T3 Ratio?
  97. Hi - I'm back would love feedback on labs
  98. Anyone ever dealt with secondary hyperparathyroidism?
  99. Elevated Antibodies But No Fatigue
  100. Thyroid Nodule - big relief!!!
  101. Feeling Hot (recovering hypo)
  102. Does this make any sense?
  103. Will Hydrocortisone surpress thyroid?
  104. Hypo and no periods
  105. Changing from Westhroid to Erfa
  106. Can HC supress thyroid function? Labs included in post ;)
  107. Has anyone read 'The complete thyroid book' ?
  108. Hypo, ANA, What does all this mean? Please help!
  109. Newbie - Waiting for US results
  110. Does your t3 go up so much in pregnancy
  111. hyprothryoidsm does this go with cerbral palsy
  112. pain in throat
  113. Hypo with weight loss?
  114. scan says Graves, labs say hypo
  115. New Labs I am HYPOthyroid now!!
  116. My labs got worse again
  117. On t3 and t4, gone crazy pregnant and on antidepressNt but had reaction
  118. Thyroid Cysts & Sinus Pain related???
  119. Random Questions - Please help
  120. How Do You Get Someone to Believe You?
  121. On my 3rd endo
  122. anyone tried the mayo clinic
  123. low tsh, low free t4, normal free t3 - what does it all mean?
  124. Thyroid/Testosterone/Anemia???
  125. Help with Thyroid Test results
  126. Thyroid Nodules and scared
  127. Anxiously awaiting diagnosis ......help ...anyone
  128. Armour thyroid side effects ????
  129. Good news to share
  130. thyroid mass discovered on MRI
  131. Help...Freaking out.
  132. Thyroid Function
  133. No energy
  134. my T4 is 8. Dr. says normal...
  135. My Dr. says my thyroid is fine, but I think I am HYPO.
  136. Canadian vs US Normal Ranges?
  137. Help me make sense from these lab results please!
  138. Parathyroid
  139. Adrenal gland cyst with hormone imbalances
  140. TSH/fT4/fT3 from my endo appointment
  141. Looking for doctor in Calgary Alberta
  142. Suspicious nodule and thyroid cancer??
  143. liothyronine sodium - question
  144. T4/T3 dosages
  145. Thyroid goiter / nodules
  146. Armour question
  147. a little insight with labs please...
  148. New Results - need some input
  149. New Results - need some input
  150. Thyroid "Mass" and Labs any thoughts?
  151. How long does it take to feel the effects of stopping synthroid?
  152. Exaggerated Fears
  153. how do you recognize the difference between hypo or hyper symptoms?
  154. Had a TT in 1997 but never had a full thyroid functioning test
  155. Suspicious nodule and thyroid cancer
  156. Normal T3 and T4 slightly higher TSH
  157. Hashitoxicosis: how to treat it?
  158. How much of your day is spent thinking about how you feel?
  159. New to Hypo-Trouble with Med Adjustments
  160. Update part 2
  161. Anyone know any good endo's in Northeast Ohio?
  162. Just found thyroid nodule in ultrasound
  163. Possible Thyroid Issues?
  164. Who'd have thought - thyroid too small!
  165. New Results and new T3
  166. Need help from Armour users
  167. FNA Question
  168. Need more help
  169. sore throat
  170. Trouble sleeping
  171. Very High Reverse T3
  172. ACTH test results
  173. Me vs The Doctor
  174. thyroid disorder
  175. back from endo tsh really suppressed??/
  176. please help with thyroid test results
  177. thyroxine
  178. Anyone familiar with Inherited Peripheral Nerve Disorder?
  179. If I have this can I get pregnant?
  180. Does thyroid hormone decrease sex drive
  181. Fluctuating FT4?
  182. Natural Cure Wanted for Thyroid Cysts
  183. Scan Result & Unbelievable Rx !
  184. Gluten Intolerance Symptoms--skin and tissue
  185. Confused about test results...Thyroid issues?
  186. Help with Results
  187. Thyroid help please
  188. Thyroid Lab Results- 21 years old and have no idea help please!!!!!!
  189. Hypo FT3 & FT4 Question
  190. Need The Best Doctor Around
  191. ahhh hypo/hyper/hypo/hyper and pain
  192. PREGNANT? Here is something you should know
  193. NEW Study on Dosing
  194. Well I'm still NORMAL
  195. t4 11.4 what should it be
  196. I just got Armour Thyroid and feel like garbage!
  197. levothyroxine and hair growth
  198. Lab Results (OPINION NEEDED)
  199. I feel like I'm going backwards!
  200. tsh 3.61
  201. When Is There Stability?
  202. Thyroid + other Hormones Lab Interpretation?
  203. hair loss
  204. Worried about endo appointment tomorrow
  205. Oh No! Not an Endo!
  206. New Blood Work
  207. Can just T4 change improve symptoms?
  208. Lab help!!! Still symptoms but doc wants to reduce armour
  209. cytomel and synthroid combinations, does it work?
  210. Thyroidectomy
  211. Thhroidectomy
  212. Beta-blockers inhibit Thyroid hormones?
  213. Low TSH, low Free T3, and low Free T4...HELP!
  214. need help
  215. Thyroid medication-affects
  216. help needed- propranolol prescribed?
  217. Possibly thryoid problem, no insurance, no money, help
  218. Thyroiditis and pain
  219. Any help would be great!! Hyperthyroid question?
  220. New diagnosis of Hypothyroid
  221. 6th day of thyroxine
  222. Thyroid Ultrasound Exam
  223. Lab results and ultrasound question
  224. Confused
  225. Made a medical history for the new endo...wonder how things relate to each other?
  226. Armour Thyroid
  227. Water Retention due to HC ??
  228. Weight gain after thyroid surgery
  229. Normal test results but still have symptoms
  230. A Little Help Here - More Blood Tests
  231. Need Help interpreting new Labs!
  232. new results
  233. Hypothyroid?
  234. New Here :) Hashimoto help?
  235. TSH & TPO Ab test
  236. A-Fib and Hashimoto's
  237. Update on My Ultrasound/FNA Situation
  238. Work has become a problem !
  239. Hypothyroidism?
  240. Extrememly tall !
  241. Help interpreting results
  242. What is appropriate treatment for Hashimotos?
  243. Advice for a Frustrated, Concerned Husband?
  244. Advice for a Frustrated, Concerned Husband?
  245. What if i never get my old self back?
  246. Pain after FNA
  247. My turn with a question re levels/dose increases
  248. Depressed with some questions... Help?
  249. Weight loss and fitness
  250. How quickly do you get side-effects with Levoxythrine?

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