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  1. swollen left ankle pains much
  2. What to Do With My Multinodular Goiter???? Help...pls!
  3. TSH erratic
  4. V8 Diet
  5. Frustrated With My Hyperthyroid
  6. Armour
  7. hashi now hyper need some help please
  8. Graves Disease post RAI
  9. sooo poorley
  10. Multinodular Goiter...so confused???
  11. hypo thyroidism
  12. TSH level high T4 normal T3 low
  13. Many medical issues possibly stemming from thyroid?
  14. Needing help with understanding us results ~ large thyroid with nodules
  15. Beta-Blocker withdrawal causing Thyroid issues?
  16. Can anyone interpret my results?
  17. Hypothyroidism and Arthritis
  18. Tell me I'm on the right path...advice?
  19. sleeping problems with graves disease
  20. Hypothyroid Slipping Into Hyper?
  21. Please help with ultra sound results!!!!!!!
  22. Please help me with my ultrasound results
  23. Just got diagnosed with HypoT
  24. Tpo
  25. Secondary Hypothyroid? Hashimoto and lab results? Help
  26. So, my doctor keeps suggesting that basically it is all in my head.
  27. Help! Confused About Hashimoto's
  28. How long to get back to feeling better?
  29. Birth control + Hypothyroidism
  30. Do I need more thyroxine?
  31. New on Synthroid due to thyroid cancer - weight & mood questions
  32. New here, symptons, lab results
  33. I just want it all to stop!
  34. Self-medicating
  35. Who here has had success with Armour?
  36. What is wrong with me?
  37. What is going on with this nodule? So confused.
  38. New, worried and in the dark until Friday
  39. New results, confused and need answers
  40. 5 days later.....
  41. private test results back..are they ok??
  42. Yet another Levo/cytomel adjustment vent...
  43. Swollen feet a hyperthyroid symptom?
  44. Swollen feet a hyperthyroid symptom
  45. Hypo
  46. Thoughts on Levoxyl?
  47. Was Hypo, now low TSH, High FT3
  48. I will be away for awhile
  49. new bloodresults, any advise please?
  50. On The Right Path?
  51. Test results are in...please advise
  52. New thyroid patient with questions??
  53. hypothyroidism
  54. thyroid confusion
  55. Energy is Up and Down - is this normal?
  56. Can yall take a look at these labs and offer any insight?
  57. How do you know if you need a T3 heavy treatmen vs. a T4 heavy treatment?
  58. hashimoto's lab help
  59. CT Thyroid Gland Question
  60. Thyroid and menstruation
  61. Tirosint
  62. Toe and foot cramps
  63. Your Thoughts Wanted
  64. Will weight loss cause a rise in thyroid levels?
  65. Partial Tyroidectomy aug 18th
  66. Here we go again
  67. thyroid problem
  68. Trying to understand my results
  69. Synthroid causing LOW Blood pressure?? Is it possible?
  70. Help for a hyper newbie? Appt. tomorrow
  71. under med for 6 mos.
  72. How long to feel a difference on T3 only?
  73. Is there hope yet?
  74. Low levels of b12, ferritin etc...
  75. AUGH, oh for.........(new labs)
  76. weight issue. need advice
  77. results from diagnosis to present are they ok now
  78. What to do after RAI....hyper again
  79. thyroid resistance????
  80. TSH Count doubled — and now low folic acid count
  81. finger spasms
  82. Any info, suggestions or comments on Thyroid Lobectomy in Indy?
  83. Does this seem normal?
  84. Venting - Levoxyl makes me feel horrible
  85. New to this particular board.
  86. Hypo and Hyper symptoms....Hyper labs...diagnosed HYPO w/ Hashis
  87. Iodine
  88. Dizziness and hypothyroidism?
  89. Hypothyroidism?
  90. Thyroiditis for months, need advice
  91. Tt and supplements
  92. doc tells me bloods normal still got symptoms
  93. Hypothyroid no insurance
  94. Strange diagnoses
  95. Hypothyroid-tried everything no help-frustrated
  96. Dizzy, wonky, loopy, ack!
  97. What does ft4:ft3 ratio mean?
  98. Good Endo in SE Michigan?
  99. 3 days after Hashi diagnosis and need to connect with others !!
  100. Hashi's and *surges* of thyroid hormone?
  101. TSH and Free T4 - my Thyroid results what do they mean?
  102. my friend's results
  103. 131 full body with thyroid intact?
  104. Trying to understand my options
  105. Frustrated and need advice
  106. HELP!!! Tried t4, erfa and t3 ... now at huge t3 dose and not better/hyper
  107. New Have Questions about Thyroid levels
  108. Plan of action, need advice :)
  109. WHY does my endo want to keep my dosage low? Is he trying to protect me?
  110. starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel
  111. High TSH and normal T4 and T3, plus feel hyperthyroid!
  112. My 5 year old has Hashimoto's. Do I too?
  113. Birth Control question...
  114. Dr says everything is normal..
  115. T4 didn't budge with 25mcg dosage increase??
  116. Good news to share
  117. Mixed Thyroid Results - I'm Confused
  118. Thyroid issues suck-enough said
  119. Side effects of taking erfa
  120. Talking to your doctor about hypothyroidism
  121. Synthroid and Monthly Cycle?
  122. Hypothyroidism and fevers
  123. Anyone else losing family,friends, becoming angry?
  124. Tsh 91.98?
  125. difficulty with nature-throid
  126. Hashimotos Lab, High TSH, Low T3, T4 normal
  127. Test results
  128. Lab results skewed. Need Help!!!
  129. Curious, having subtotal Thyroidectomy Surgery on Thursday
  130. Lab Results, help please..
  131. Latest Labs - Doctor tomorrow - Confused with these numbers?!
  132. need new dr - moved to Chattanooga
  133. Feeling "off", but doctor says all is well...
  134. Thyroid ultrasound
  135. Help with dosage When pregnant
  136. Borderline Thyroid Test
  137. Probable Thyroid cancer
  138. weight gain
  139. Questions about Cytomel
  140. Hypothyroidism & Sex Drive
  141. WOW, I thought I was healthy....
  142. feeling worse after meds-panic attacks and anxiety
  143. Has anyone ever had GERD/acid reflux with the thyroid issues?
  144. Is there much of a difference between the different natural thyroid medications?
  145. Effects of alcohol after thyroid removal?
  146. Hyperthyroid: what caused it?
  147. What do these mean?
  148. Overactive Thyroid
  149. Lump in throat
  150. Thyroid meds make me tired
  151. Need help with thyroid/T numbers and Dr office staff...
  152. If my labs are so "normal" why do I feel so bad?
  153. Thyroid and Weight Loss Struggle
  154. If your chest hurts and it feels like there's a lot of stress in your chest, does ...
  155. Is this my new "normal"?
  156. Jus tone more guy, looking for feedback on lab work. :)
  157. Hashimoto's - is there a way to prevent future immune problems?
  158. can anyone help to read my test results
  159. My TSH > 150 help me
  160. Feeling so invisible
  161. Feeling weird, don't know how to describe it...
  162. Do I have a thyroid disorder or am I going crazy?
  163. Hyperthyroid Treatment
  164. Standard Tx for Cold Nodule
  165. Do I really need to wait 6-8 weeks for blood work?
  166. Advice please
  167. Low T3 - High T4 ? T3 conversion problem?
  168. Low Free T4, normal T3 looking for advise
  169. Has anyone completed the Saliva testing
  170. Robot assisted surgery
  171. Dexamethason suppression test - how did you feel?
  172. Neck Sweats - Advice, Help Guidance etc
  173. Id like to say.......
  174. How do these labs look? Anyone?
  175. Long time no talk
  176. Is it ok I am not working full-time while I fix my thyroid issues or am I slacking?
  177. Thyroid - Confusing Information
  178. Question for Those Who've Had a Thryroidectomy
  179. My Results
  180. Aussie Battler
  181. Follow-up endo visit/suppression test/2 week juice diet?
  182. please help me understand
  183. TSH of 89
  184. Questions about Kelp?
  185. Lab test question
  186. I increased my Armour on my own-should I have?
  187. TSI Range Clarification
  188. Thyroid / Gastroparesis link?
  189. Results are in and its not good :-(
  190. My thyroid functions
  191. Good dr in Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio?
  192. Naturopath on the Gold Coast that uses Thyroflex
  193. Need advice on these results
  194. dose not taking your medication on day of test affect results?
  195. Increase thyroid meds when sick?
  196. I feel awful.
  197. Trouble Adjusting on Synthroid
  198. Hypothyroidism -- do i need to see a doctor before getting pregnant?
  199. Armour Thyroid....
  200. TSH question....
  201. Results Tomorrow.......
  202. levothyroxine and Flovent
  203. Hypothyroidism info all in one place
  204. Those whose symptoms have been eliminated, which symptoms left first?
  205. Has anyone had a doctor refuse to give more medicine b/c it was bad for bones/heart?
  206. normal tsh, low free t4, normal free t3--please explain
  207. I think my tHYROID cANCER HAS RETURNED. ?
  208. Ultrasound on Thyroid, multiple nodules
  209. Thyroid Test Result Meaning?
  210. Really struggling today :o(
  211. Free T4 18.03 pmol/L + TSH 4.60 mIU/L
  212. Synthetic blood results VS Porcine/Dessicated/Natural blood results
  213. newbie to levothyroxine, great at first, not anymore
  214. Thirst and Constipation
  215. Hashi/hypo and coconut oil
  216. Help me make sense out of this...
  217. No idea
  218. 14 yr old girl with high Hashi antibodies- is this normal?
  219. Is it hyperthyroidism
  220. HELP with test results PLEASE!! :(
  221. Hashi's, What happens to the antibodies if you remove the thyroid?
  222. Higher T3 levels???
  223. Overactive Thyroid - HELP!
  224. Nodules neither hot or cold?
  225. Lab Results- Why do I feel lousy?
  226. My Fna Today
  227. Very high TSH but normal ft3 and ft4 - help please?
  228. Hashi's gets better on its own???
  229. Latest labs, confused
  230. lab confusion still
  231. Weird, vivid dreams on meds?
  232. euthyroid multinodular thyroiditis
  233. HyperThyroidism
  234. new treatment new thread
  235. Getting a good doc to work with me?
  236. Need advice -at a loss on what to do
  237. Free T4 Dialysis/Mass Spec
  238. Help - what is does the Total T3 mean again?
  239. Hello! New here...hypothyroid questions...
  240. Hypo after partial thyroid removal/test question
  241. Confused about thyroid and parathyroid
  242. Possible Early Stages of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  243. Low thyroid and diabetes
  244. Ultrasound
  245. Visit w/New Doctor - not hopeful
  246. Update on Thyroid
  247. switching from armour to synthroid/cytomel....
  248. thyroid cancer treatment concerns, thyroid disorders
  249. Having blood done, should I take my Levo now or wait until after?
  250. Need advice please...

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