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  1. Hypo or Hyper?
  2. Steroid injection and TSH
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Hashimotos, thyroid cysts and cost!
  5. TSH over 800
  6. New here ... On Armour - fluid retention fatigue
  7. Please help me better understand my lab tests
  8. Help!! lovethyroxine side effect of heat intolerance
  9. Levoxyl Blues
  10. Transition from Levothyroxine to Armour Thyroid
  11. new member
  12. Titration question - HELP!
  13. Diagnosed with beginning stage of Graves Disease
  14. Constipation
  15. Help for hubby with TSH/nodules
  16. Thyroid maybe?
  17. Recently I am really struggling with hair loss and brain fog.
  18. Could this be thyroid?
  19. I'm new results
  20. Confused about T4
  21. Low thyroid function ... maybe?
  22. thyroid surgery in 17 days!
  23. Would goitrogens affect me if I have no thyroid function?
  24. Help!!!! Problems with thyroid
  25. confused
  26. Anyone taking HRT?
  27. Hypothyroid mental symptoms
  28. Hypothyroid mental symptoms
  29. low adrenals+ armour+ phentermine+??
  30. Newbie. Hypothyroid and omega 3 causes aggression
  31. What to do next?
  32. what now losses ! thyroid storm now hair loss at 33
  33. Hyperthyroid and symptoms that are driving me crazy.
  34. Kind of Scared Ultra Sound Results of thyroid
  35. Gearing up for a fight with Dr. - TSH levels increasing.
  36. Steriods for Hashimoto's antibody/autoimmune attack?
  37. Titrating Westhroid - Need encouragement!
  38. Thyroid confusions, Help pls,
  39. Thyroid Biopsy (Core & FNS) Scared
  40. Concerned - Post RIA swelling?
  41. Seeking Advice on Switching to Synthroid
  42. Blood test help
  43. Child's thyroid test results and questions
  44. Patients in trouble - denied T3
  45. thyroiditis
  46. New to Hashi's and Questions
  47. Too much synthroid?
  48. Any medical journals that discuss Armour thyroid dosing?
  49. How long to stabilize on new medication?
  50. Lab Results w/RT3 ... Help Understanding
  51. Thyroid cyst issues
  52. Hashi's and hating new add of Cytomel
  53. Hashi's and hating new add of Cytomel
  54. Labs, new at this...
  55. 4 weeks pregnant/Hypo (Low TSH, High FT4) - Need help
  56. Tsh
  57. Hypothyroid detection is too late in India
  58. Extremely worried ... no longer hypothyroid but positive ANA/RA factor?
  59. Need Adjustment?
  60. My thyroid is killing me
  61. Parathyroid question based on results.
  62. Anyone experienced with getting a new doctor when on medicaid?
  63. New test results, need med adjustment?
  64. Thyroid nodules/biopsy results should I be concerned
  65. Burning Itching of my feet and sometimes hands
  66. What's the best way to proceed?
  67. thyroid level
  68. Help w/Thyroid Test Results
  69. T3 and thyroid health
  70. Curious and concerned
  71. Worried about using Kelp
  72. Is it worth getting an ablation (Grave's Disease)?
  73. odd almost drunken sense of humor
  74. Thyroid Huh?
  75. Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  76. ridget
  77. Thyroid or Menopause?
  78. Help
  79. Help!!!!
  80. Has anyone lost weight AFTER having their meds reduce so they aren't hyperthyroid?
  81. Daughters lab results can you help?
  82. New labs
  83. Meds are making me hyper?
  84. Hashi's??
  85. Thyroiditis? Cancer?? Something else??
  86. Possible Cushings and high TSH
  87. Hormones or thyroid?
  88. All the symptoms, but...
  89. HOW to get free T3+4 checked
  90. are these considered normal results?
  91. thyroidectomy
  92. Thyroid problem? How can a dentist suggest..
  93. Cancer, Hashimoto's, Graves?
  94. Parkinson symptoms
  95. Hashi's? Graves? Something else?
  96. thyroid
  97. TPO - is something wrong?
  98. Anyone on Synthroid AND Naturethroid? Also, excessive hair loss?
  99. vitamin d Question?
  100. Thyroid 42 ... stopped me from having surgery
  101. Fast heartbeat in the morning
  102. Need help understanding test results plz :)
  103. TPOab and TgAB test High
  104. Blood test
  105. T4 switch to NTH, feeling awful, please advice
  106. stupid question ... can nodules burst?
  107. Need input!
  108. Just an update
  109. Low TSH, High TPO, Hyperthyroidism...Bipolar/Lithium
  110. protein powder
  111. Free T3 vs. Free T4?
  112. Still having awful insomnia
  113. Thyroid Cancer or Hashimoto
  114. Hyperparthyroid Surgery
  115. Switching from Generic to Synthroid
  116. what does this mean?
  117. Hypothyroidism, feels like I am dying.
  118. Meds at night?
  119. new, on t3 only med, need help
  120. Do doctors know about percentages?
  121. Need guidance ...
  122. hashi AND graves? hashitoxicosis?
  123. Im 27 and i give up..
  124. Biopsy scheduled
  125. Lab results, need help interpreting
  126. Thyroid medication
  127. Do people find that they sleep better on desiccated thyroid?
  128. Hyperthyroid - Looking for reassurance & advice!
  129. type 2 hypothyroidism (Dr. Mark Starr)
  130. Please answer this if you know ...
  131. Thyroid disorder
  132. Synthroid
  133. Eyes burning?? Help please
  134. Do these labs seem normal?
  135. New here. Please help
  136. Multinodular goiter and Soy?
  137. 5 cm nodule low tsh don't understand T4
  138. low iron, low vitamin D, thyroid related?
  139. ttc with low TSH
  140. New Labs... ANNOYED!
  141. New labs, new Doc, still symptoms, need advice
  142. Symptoms vs Lab Results
  143. Unsure and freaking out
  144. Thyroid Medication Conversion - Synthetic to Natural
  145. Thyroid disorder detection problem.
  146. Here I am again.....
  147. TSH Dropped after 8 years?
  148. stumped my dr's, 7 months home sick, s/p thyroid surgery
  149. Frequent throat infections/laryngitis after TT
  150. Thyroid goiter and nodules
  151. I dont understand my Lab Results
  152. Lab results question?
  153. Start 50mcg generic synthroid?
  154. Newly Diagnosed
  155. Need help interpreting TSH level results (sorry this is long)
  156. Help for my daughter
  157. Help with diagnosis, please. Hypo symptoms but it's complicated...
  158. Subacute Thyroiditis - Story and Questions!
  159. Dose adjustments
  160. US Results in detail
  161. Greatly eleated FT4
  162. Newly diagnosed
  163. Hypothyroidism
  164. Should Tapazole dosage be split into 2 doses per day?
  165. Thyroid Ultrasound Results, need insight!
  166. Can hypothyroidism cause mental illness?
  167. High free T4, normal free T3, Normal - High TSH
  168. Finally diagnosed hypothyroid is dizziness linked?
  169. Synthroid vs Levothyroxine
  170. Newly Diagnosed: Severe drowsiness a med side effect?
  171. Hair Falling out every Summer!!! Help!!
  172. Tsh = 0.15
  173. Scared...Confused
  174. Graves' disease question
  175. Cytomel, exercise, & heart rate
  176. Could this be my thyroid?
  177. Can metal toxicity from hip implant be a cause of hypo?
  178. Help family inherited hypothyroid negative results
  179. Is this hypothyroidism?
  180. Please help with these lab results
  181. Does it sound like I'm in remission? (Graves)
  182. hairloss
  183. Questions about Thyroid
  184. Is pulse a valid way to know if your dose is off?
  185. Extreme changes in TSH when dose doesn't change?
  186. Suddenly going hyperT after being hypoT for months?
  187. Please help I'm in hell!
  188. Hashimotos and diet
  189. Why does it take so long to see an endocrinologist?
  190. Erfa ... and I'm a new person
  191. Should my levythyroxine be increased?
  192. Should I have my levythyroxine increased?
  193. Help! Thyroid nodules - to biopsy or not? scared :-/
  194. Normal Lab results
  195. Tsh 0.75
  196. Desperate for Help - 4 years & still can't get meds right
  197. Good Endocrinologists in Northern VA Area?
  198. Thyroid out of wake on sythroid and cyromel
  199. Thyroid - Double Thyroid dose by accident (worried)
  200. Can anyone recommend a Dr in Oregon?
  201. help plz whats wrong with me
  202. how do i know if levothyroxine will work for me?
  203. new to thyroid disease
  204. New doctor visit- not very hopeful
  205. Confused - Believed i had thyroid problems, then lyme, now back to thyroid?
  206. confused ... need help reading lab results
  207. Need Advice
  208. hypothyroidism
  209. Thyroid labs
  210. Need help reading test results
  211. Need help understanding thyroid results
  212. Thyroglobulin question
  213. Need help, thyroid advice
  214. How to feel symptom free?
  215. my results from 2011 reposted
  216. Armour
  217. Please Help - Thyroid Problem?
  218. High TSH, High T4.. what does this mean?
  219. Synthroid Newbie. Now getting Hypo symptoms.
  220. Help with Lab Results
  221. Exhaustion--Can anyone responsd-
  222. So Confused Please Help Lab error or dr. error
  223. Leg pain and fatigue
  224. cytomel to Armour - not going well!
  225. Hyperthyroid/Graves - Newly Diagnosed, please help
  226. Newly DX Secondary Hypo on Synthroid what can I expect???
  227. Seeking doctor in Miami
  228. Help please
  229. Graves' Disease & Cosmetic Surgery
  230. Do goitrogens matter if I have no thyroid function at all?
  231. Thyroid Function Return
  232. So tired....
  233. Lab Help - Hyper?
  234. Lost, need help, can't deal much longer
  235. New here. Heath questions on hyperthyroidism.
  236. Question about testing after dose adjustment
  237. Confused
  238. Thyroid dr. Annapolis/Baltimore area
  239. Feeling Overwhelmed from Lab Results :(
  240. Cytomel
  241. Thyroid Readings
  242. Alternatives to Surgery for Hyperthyroidism
  243. Hashimoto, muscle twitching, high calcium
  244. lOW-T and low TSH in Nashville
  245. Please help with lab results
  246. Thyroid test normal now to see a neurologist?
  247. I'm wanting to quit my thyroid medicine
  248. here we go again
  249. Can anyone experienced help with lab tests PLEASE
  250. Confused about need for scan, anxious to start meds

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