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  1. Hyperthyroid, Weight Gain
  2. Mood/anxiety/depression and hypothyroidism - what are your best coping mechanisms?
  3. UnderActive Thyroid change of Thyroxine dosage
  4. Pregnant - My appoint with my endo - dont know what to do next
  5. In need of a good endocrynologist in Bakersfield
  6. Please Help, What do my test results show?
  7. Mixing medicines
  8. ultrasound results
  9. Need a good source on why free T4/3 levels are more clinically relevant than TSH
  10. What are the reasons for inablity to stabilize thyroid levels?
  11. Lab Results/Questions
  12. Unexplained Weight Gain and I'm not convinced it's thyroid, thoughts??
  13. Could it be hyper?
  14. Ugh....Feeling Not So Good
  15. what is it?
  16. What to do?
  17. Confused
  18. Newly Diagnosed~ ;(
  19. Guilt about missing work/social events?
  20. Armour and low TSH question
  21. Knot on Thyroid
  22. Anyone feel lousy when starting/increasing meds?
  23. Online Adrenal Gland testing
  24. thyroid cancer q
  25. Do I have true hypothyroidism or nonthyroidal illness?
  26. hypothyroid tests
  27. Could I still have Hyperthyroidism?
  28. Trying to get a diagnosis (hypo). Please help.
  29. "Just" depressed?
  30. Daughter just diagnost -Graves Disease - HELP- PLEASE!!!!
  31. How can this not be Hyperthyroidism?! :(
  32. Free T3 has dropped, and ? about antibodies. Please help!
  33. Thyroid spikes
  34. My thyroid nodule is growining - not sure what to do
  35. Hypothyroidism causing kidney failure?
  36. Low TSH, borderline high Free T3, normal Free T4
  37. SCARED! Very High Thyroglobulin Level
  38. Tired & Finger and Hand Tingling
  39. Is Garlic good or bad for HypoT?
  40. Below Normal Cortisol with HypoT Symptoms....What Now?
  41. T3 side effect--perspiring?
  42. ultrasound
  43. large thyroid nodule and neck pain
  44. Thyroid question
  45. Frustrating....
  46. pediatric hypothroid question
  47. THYROID - Any thoughts regarding the results of test and where to go now
  48. Hypo - should I take vitamins?
  49. could this be a thyroid disorder?
  50. Symptoms creeping back
  51. Had My RAI
  52. Confusing Symptoms: Thyroid Quite Painful
  53. Scary Results from US Report
  54. Thyroid Nodule
  55. It only gets worse..
  56. Thyroid nodules on a cervical spine MRI?
  57. Peoples dosage meds when pregnant
  58. Low t3 and pregnant
  59. Past Test Results - trying to understand them.
  60. hydrocortisone
  61. U/S and Scan Results- Please Help Explain
  62. Need Help convincing Endo To Prescribe Meds for Low Thyroid
  63. Best medication?
  64. What is Borderline Thyroid disorder?
  65. test results
  66. normal ultrasound, odd feeling in neck
  67. Borderline everything
  68. Need suggestions regarding Parathyroid surgery
  69. Gonna sound crazy but
  70. Just started cytomel need advice
  71. Possible Thyroid Migration?
  72. New here and concerned
  73. Being weaned from propranolol
  74. I nned your opinion please
  75. t/3 t/4 dose question
  76. New here ~ About me and why I'm here
  77. T4 and tsh results
  78. unexplained problems i can't figure out
  79. Biopsy Results....Suspicious & Highly Suspicious
  80. new labs are surprising (even to doc)
  81. Need a little advice
  82. Need Help with Symptoms
  83. Good Endocrinologist
  84. Mulberry82....did you have your appointment at Emory?
  85. Low T / Muscle Pain, Thyroid etc not sure what to do
  86. Dizziness, Nausea & Weight gain
  87. Any Ideas?
  88. RAI This Afternoon, Need Checklist Please
  89. Please Help and Respond
  90. Might have hypo/hashimoto ??
  91. Hyper or Graves?
  92. Confusing Thyroid symptoms and results
  93. Increased Dosage - Feeling Worse! Common?
  94. Advice with new labs
  95. Finally after years of suffering I found a cure
  96. Please help with labs....
  97. 0.419 TSH on Synthroid 100 mcg - ??
  98. hypothyroid symptoms for years neg tsh,t3,t4
  99. blood tests
  100. under active thyroid
  101. Recently Diagnosed with Hashimoto's
  102. Hypo and Breast/Nipple changes?????
  103. TPOab decreased....??
  104. Am i having symptoms for being undermedicated
  105. Does Amount of TSH = Severity of Symptoms?
  106. How painful did you find the biopsy?
  107. Surprising lab results
  108. Brigham & Women's Boston MA
  109. Some initial labs results back: Vit D & WBC
  110. 9 days without synthroid/total thyroidectomy
  111. Recovering Hypo - changing symptoms
  112. Undiagnosed Hypo?
  113. Please help
  114. Questions about post TT removal
  115. So confused.....am I being mismanaged?
  116. I'm new...I have a question about my t3 meds
  117. reece, how was your ckup?
  118. Hashimoto's Disease
  119. Concern about Hypothyroid, Hashimotos?
  120. Question on thyroid-stimulating hormone decease
  121. Lab results.... advice appreciated!
  122. One Week Post Total Thyroidectomy
  123. Help – I need your opinion
  124. Graves disease
  125. Thyroid Scan -- seems inconclusive
  126. Confusion! Lab Results!
  127. Tsh level .01
  128. please help, I'm feeling worse.
  129. low adrenals low thyroids help?
  130. Elusive Carpal Tunnel Syndrome……….
  131. Question about T3
  132. Figuring out t3 dose
  133. Please interpret my results....
  134. Quick question about exercise and TSH levels
  135. What happens if I stop taking Synthroid totally after having had a total Throidectomy
  136. High TPO - safe to get pregnant?
  137. Could I have a thyroid problem
  138. How do i find a doctor to take me seriously?
  139. Should I be seen by an Endocrine consultant?
  140. Surprising labs today - the ongoing saga...
  141. Anyone else use Basal Body Temp?
  142. is this from Low Thyroid??
  143. Lab Results help appreciated
  144. Pregnant - Was bleeding but now ok - Thyroid ques also
  145. 1st 6 weeks of taking thyroid Plus with Shakiness
  146. Either I'm having a Black Swan-esque break down or it's a thyroid problem
  147. Do I have a problem, or is it all in my head?
  148. Help!!!!1
  149. Thyroid Med and Coffee
  150. Should I suggest getting my thyroid removed?
  151. Porcine(Armour) Thyroid & UTI, Kidney/Bladder Infection
  152. Without meds is it likely my tsh will drop?
  153. Any insight greatly appreciated
  154. iron deficiency and hypothyroid
  155. Your experience of starting medication
  156. I was fine BEFORE meds!
  157. pregnancy
  158. Why are my labs the same with Synthroid as when I wasn't on meds?
  159. Help a Knuckle head interpet T4, T3
  160. Armour with TSI antibodies?
  161. Super low TSH, low T3, low to normal T4
  162. Diagnosed Hypo - should I check for Hashimoto's?
  163. Am I Crazy???
  164. New Natural Thyroid NP
  165. Question about low thyroid levels and symptoms
  166. What kind of MD do you all see?
  167. Am I hypothyroid???
  168. Lab Tests
  169. I am so sick....not really sure what to do. Can anyone help with LABS?
  170. Hair loss with Thyroid Disorders: Did yours ever grow back?
  171. Question about my Sister's blood work
  172. Please Help...Am I going Hypo ????
  173. My Results - Pregnant
  174. TSH @8.9
  175. post subtotal thyroidectomy hair loss
  176. How did you know you were better and your thyroid issue was adequately resolved?
  177. high PTH after 7 weeks post op parathyroid surgery
  178. Are My Lab Results Normal?
  179. 6yo hypothyroid on armour with high cholesterol
  180. Hyperthyroidism and lab results interpretation?
  181. Take medication in morning or evening?
  182. Thyroxine dosage based on weight
  183. Low TSH and bone density
  184. TSH range source, and a few questions
  185. Do you get irritable if TSH is too low?
  186. Can you gain weight when hyperthyroid?
  187. What dose are you on post-surgery?
  188. Newbie: Help with Labs
  189. Can I take antidepressants and levothyroxine at the same time?
  190. Thyroid Test Result Help
  191. ? Hypo and muscle weakness
  192. Do ENTs treat thyroid issues
  193. ? Hypo, muscle weakness in legs
  194. Mood swings
  195. New Labs indicate Hyper - Where to go?
  196. RAI and Low Iodine Diet
  197. Thyroid/fluoride
  198. Hypo - changes in taste preferences
  199. Weight Loss and thyroid probs among others
  200. Switching Medication
  201. advice on recent labs?
  202. help! levels ok, but feel worse?
  203. How long should you give a dosage level to kick in before trying something different?
  204. partial thyroidectomy 1 wk ago-horrible mood swings
  205. Maca Powder for Adrenal Fatigue
  206. Is This Considered Low?
  207. New to forum - and Armour
  208. Pathology Results Not As Expected
  209. Questions???
  210. What is more accurate FT4 or T4?
  211. Completely Confused - Help!
  212. Hi, on Armour and have new labs
  213. Need help please....
  214. Thank you
  215. Prolactinoma
  216. Hypo
  217. Natural way to boost conversion of stored hormone to useable?
  218. Need advice!
  219. My TSH was 6.23, could I be hypo?
  220. Can I use my body temp as a sign meds are working?
  221. Pregnant - My endo wants me to reduce meds - im petrified
  222. pregnant with low free t4 or maybe not?
  223. Amour
  224. Need some Hashi's/Armour Success Stories...
  225. Will antibiotics alter thyroid blood labs?
  226. Antibodies and Cancer Markers
  227. Does This Sound Right?
  228. When will she start to feel better?
  229. insight on lab results
  230. Thyroid Peroxidase ABS Antibodies
  231. My Mama has nodules on her thyroid... ?s
  232. 2 weeks to decide: RAI or Surgery - Help?
  233. Need help evaluating some results.
  234. multinodular goiter...need advice..please
  235. Extreme levels...concern?
  236. Lab results help please
  237. Help with lab results - Possible Hypo?
  238. Thyroglobulin after RAI
  239. Does this sound like Hypo?
  240. Hashimoto Focused Diet Book
  241. I'm pregnant but been messing with my medication
  242. Learned a few things - also help w/Low Ft3/Ft4 vs. TSH
  243. Help find a doctor who understands...PLEASE!
  244. 15 year old with Type 1 Diabetes: Thyroid results
  245. I'm a man who may have hypothyroidism
  246. Huge bloated belly
  247. Hypothyroidism and Sleep
  248. Cold moved to chest :(
  249. Hot Cold Spells
  250. broken capillaries and rash

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