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  1. Thyroid problems in family...
  2. On Amour labs show...
  3. Makes no sense, symptoms getting worse?
  4. Severe dry eyes relates to Thyroid?
  5. Need help! Levothyroxine, Alli & MISSED PERIOD
  6. please help - confused
  7. lab results----hypo????
  8. Why wait 6 weeks for next blood test?????
  9. What do you do when you are having a SYMPTOMS day?
  10. I need some clarification
  11. Quick question about Erfa and taking it sublingually
  12. Increased difficulty swallowing and trouble moving secretions/postnasal drainage....
  13. New with question
  14. Hi all, my results after I flipped to hyper from hypo...
  15. My labs very scary low T3
  16. Thyroid
  17. Am I Nut's -- Lump feeling in throat.
  18. latest labs opinions please
  19. Anti TG and Anti TPO
  20. Newly diagnosed, need some thoughts.
  21. Hyperparathyroid To Hypo?
  22. TPOAB results. Is it positive?
  23. My Story and some Questions
  24. thyroid removed years ago-why would levels be off now
  25. lab result help
  26. hashimoto thyroiditis
  27. Latest Labs
  28. enlarged thyroid question
  29. They only test my TSH
  30. Life after radioactive iodine?
  31. endocrinologist in southern ontario ??
  32. Help with results and what to ask for
  33. Help with Labs
  34. friend has normal TSH but still tons of symptoms....HELP!!!!!
  35. Post TT Update (thyroid cancer)
  36. Thyroid and dry eyes
  37. Need help with labs and crazy doctor--
  38. Can anyone help interpret my results?
  39. Is rt3 counted in a ft3 test?
  40. How much does lack of sleep and time of day alter TSH levels?
  41. Synthroid & Protien Shake at 4:30 am
  42. How long does it take Levothyroxine to leave your system?
  43. thyroiditis
  44. Have you ever had your doctor say you're all better but really don't feel 100% yet?
  45. Hashi's and Balance Problems?
  46. Question about labs when you are on t3/t4-
  47. Is it down enough??
  48. Need help w/ ultrasound
  49. My mums thyroid results
  50. Problems with Levothyroxine?
  51. symptoms
  52. synthroid users
  53. New results - opinions please
  54. thyroid symptoms
  55. Synthroid/Cytomel to Armour??
  56. Thyroid test results
  57. Thyroid Results
  58. Shocked at my levels
  59. Dose Increases - Hypo
  60. Other fillers besides cellulose
  61. Could a tsh of 5 be normal for me?
  62. Are my thyroid blood results normal, or is my Dr. just plain ignoring me?
  63. TGAB Test Help, Please.
  64. Need blood tests while on thyroid meds...best way to test?
  65. Need Help and Answers for Thyroid problems
  66. Cytomel Question
  67. Hashi's with weak positive antibodies?
  68. Question About RAI
  69. Lab results + Symptoms | Any ideas?
  70. Another lab interpretation question...
  71. What happens if start thyroid meds w/untreated adrenals
  72. Hypothyroidism did they ever figure out what dose of meds to put you on?
  73. radioactive iodine treatment
  74. Thyroid frustration
  75. Help for my daughter
  76. Hand soreness and stiffness from Parathyroid Disease?
  77. Tired of going from one DR. to Another and WHAT do I believe ?
  78. Progress slower than a snail's pace...
  79. doin some research
  80. thyroid or synthroid causing headaches
  81. Could I have hypothyroidism?
  82. New member with labs - cortisol, tsh, ft3, ft4
  83. Lab results
  84. Left Thyroidectomy 6 days ago
  85. Methimazole and swollen eyelids
  86. Hypo Puffy Face
  87. Enlarged thyroid cause salivary gland pain
  88. Frustrated with progress
  89. Enlarged Thyroid
  90. Is my TSH Level low?
  91. Just venting.............
  92. My thyroid was removed 3 days ago...
  93. Throat Swollen 8 weeks after total thyroid removal
  94. Need Help with Labs/Adding cytomel
  95. As yet untreated and exhausted to the point of non-functional
  96. My daughters test results - totally confused
  97. thyroid test results
  98. Newbie with first set of results...
  99. Please help explain my thyroiditis stats!
  100. Looking for Cortef advice
  101. Had my Nodule Biopsied. *Calcification*
  102. New member with Hashimoto's
  103. Should my meds be changed or adjusted?
  104. Second Thyroid Surgery....should I expect anything different this time around??
  105. Help Hashimoto's!
  106. Why do you feel bad after increasing your medication
  107. Depression, weight gain and Thyroid? Maybe I am not crazy
  108. hypo and hair loss
  109. before thyroid labs?????
  110. High T3... what does this mean?
  111. New Labs, please help
  112. newly diagnosed papillary carcinoma
  113. Symptoms and repeat thyroid US.....
  114. No weight gain and Hashi's?
  115. Help! Thyroid imbalance or something else?
  116. Thyroid Disorder or something else? Please help!
  117. Thyroid eye disease surgery
  118. Confused and weird side effects
  119. Just had TT-- Questions
  120. Please help interpret labwork test results....
  121. help please...
  122. 8-year-old girl TSH high
  123. Lab Results Opposite of Expected Once Again -- Any Advice, Please??
  124. If you have NO thyroid..how long to regulate meds?
  125. so confused about diet, please help
  126. heading towards hyperthyroid again ?
  127. For Hypo, how do you get rid of swollen thyroid? Iodine or hormone replacement?
  128. Help with lab results
  129. cat scratch "wet read" results of ultrasound
  130. Saw Endo today (AGAIN) - Suggestions?
  131. Pantothenic acid for cortisol??
  132. Anxiety is out of control!!!
  133. Help please??
  134. hyperthyroid question
  135. How do I get someone to diagnose me???
  136. understanding blood results
  137. Need feedback on new lab results..
  138. What additional tests to request?
  139. New, plz post some advice!
  140. Please help me...
  141. Hashi "Attack"?
  142. Strange Symptoms while on Armour Thyroid
  143. just asking for some help here with results ;)
  144. euthyroid sick syndrome treatment?
  145. Could thyroid have been the problem all along? High TSH
  146. does anyone on here take T3 slow release?
  147. TSH gone up to 8.9 - pls could someone advise
  148. Should you take your medication before blood work
  149. Question on Ultrasound Results
  150. One Lobe Gone, It Was Cancer
  151. Need Help with HIGH Antibodies Please
  152. Question on Peroxidase Results
  153. question about hashi's
  154. I need some serious help to figure out what is wrong with me...
  155. Appropriate Dosage for TSH Levels ranging in 20s?
  156. Confusing lab results...
  157. thyroid - Synthroid vs generic brand meds
  158. Hashimoto's test after 43 years?
  159. Graves Disease and High WBC?
  160. Bulging Eyes
  161. HypoT with IBS
  162. Suspected Hypothyroid (my poor wife)
  163. Recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, but diagnosed with ADD 8 years ago...
  164. Thyroiditis - What do you think of my stats?
  165. Newly diagnosed Hyperthyroid
  166. Making sense of test results
  167. How has your thyroid issue affected your daily life?
  168. Test Results
  169. Doc Says Thyroid's Fine, Epstein-Barr Causing Fatigue?
  170. Should I be treated??
  171. Thyroiditis - How long for each attack?
  172. How long for the swelling to go down?
  173. Additional meds
  174. CT Scans for thyroid?
  175. What are all the different Thyroid tests called? Which are the best & why?
  176. Does this sound thyroid?
  177. Lightheadedness & Heart Palps - help!
  178. 9 mos Post RAI Question
  179. Cytomel didn't touch my FT3
  180. TSH of 2.86?
  181. New Diagnosis/, weird symptoms
  182. Diziness
  183. New and scared
  184. What is t4 free
  185. Newly Dx Hypothyroid Have a ??
  186. Please!!! - Need Articles to Convince doctor about T3
  187. question for Javelina about rT3???
  188. 39 yr old male diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  189. heart palpitations-could it be thyroid related?
  190. How to get desiccated thyroid
  191. Low TSH, normal FT4
  192. Thyroid u/s and questions??
  193. Ultrasound tests results - Finally
  194. Hyperthyroidism back.........
  195. Tumors all stable but Tg increasing...
  196. Well, had my labs today...my TSH is 3.25.
  197. Solid Nodules
  198. what do these results mean?
  199. are nodules of thyroid common?
  200. Inflamed lymph glands and thyroid
  201. Synthroid dose possibly too high?
  202. tsh level
  203. Levothyroxine vs levothroid
  204. Levothyroxine vs levothroid
  205. thyroid biopsy help needed plzzzz
  206. 22 mm mass in left thyoid on cspine MRI
  207. Being Hypo & Weight Loss
  208. Anyone have poor exercise tolerance?
  209. Need help with new labs
  210. Has anyone experienced this post TT?
  211. Can Thyroiditis happen again?
  212. Ashwagandha affect Thyroid?
  213. Finding the 'best' Endocrinologist and/or thyroid surgeon
  214. Not sure if this is related to my hypoT
  215. Just told I have Hypo & like to know from you all about meds...
  216. Got my biopsy results today
  217. Switching Synthroid to generic
  218. Anyone taking more than 25mcg of T3??
  219. will a collagen/protein supplements affect Thyroid blood test?
  220. Really Concerned
  221. Fasting for Thyroid Tests?
  222. plz could someone help panicking here :(
  223. Discrepancy in Ultrasound report
  224. Is this even possible? (test results)
  225. Glad to be done with surgery!
  226. am I hashi? need insights
  227. how to take t3 with t4 mcg50
  228. On Dessicated compounded thyroid therapy, lasb are good, but having palpitations
  229. Maybe not graves?
  230. Just started levothyroxine-side effect?
  231. eyebrow hair falling
  232. Question about Hypothyroidism
  233. Lab results dont know what this means
  234. my lab results/question
  235. Advice on changing meds?
  236. Help! Hyperthyroid Symptoms, Normal TSH
  237. New Here: Alone and unhealthy
  238. T4 and T3?
  239. Important to test free T3 & 4?
  240. can anyone help?
  241. troublesome thyroid nodule/lymph nodes
  242. Is this related to Hypothyroidism
  243. RAI - back from isolation with questions
  244. Life Without Thyroid
  245. My new labs? Advice please
  246. Anyone who is on reformulated Armour OR Nature-throid....
  247. How t4/t3 is different in synthetics vs dessicated....
  248. Thyroid problems after imaging contrast - post FNA procedure.
  249. The doctor doesn't want to know
  250. thyroid

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