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  1. Finally feeling good on Synthroid
  2. Will I ever be able to lose weight?
  3. Thyroid results- help please
  4. Hurthle Cell Nodule Story
  5. Papillary Cancer-TT follow up questions-help
  6. Hello, please help ACTH test, racing, weight lost
  7. Warfarin and Thyroid meds - the battle continues!
  8. thyroid questions
  9. hypo/hyper on synthyroid with multinodular goiter
  10. L-Tyrosine
  11. Is TSH this low dangerous?
  12. Problem tolerating cytomel
  13. Confused about needing to divide T3 dose?
  14. Thyroid issues...help
  15. Thyroid tests
  16. 5 days post partial thyroidectomy...
  17. How would you know if your thyroid disorder is in remission?
  18. HELP!!! Low TSH, low T3 with a normal T4 and at my wits end
  19. Nuclear Scan of Thyroid for Diagnosis
  20. frustrated
  21. Test Results - Opinions Please
  22. Hypothyroidism and pregnant
  23. Cytomel and Blood Sugar spikes
  24. Is it ok if I refuse to do the radioactive uptake and scan?
  25. Thyroid complications during or after surgey.
  26. thyroid Patients GPs dont seem to want to Refer to Specialist
  27. results
  28. Anyone gluten intolerant or hypoglycemic?
  29. Really Don't know where to turn..
  30. What do you take to boost your immune system when you have graves/hyper??
  31. from hypo to hyper
  32. I have no idea wha'ts wrong with me (TSH)
  33. Unsympathetic Doctor
  34. URGENT--Hypothyroidism (with Hyperthyroidism symptoms) with positive TPO and TGAb
  35. Hashimoto: normal TSH but hyperthyroid symptoms???
  36. New to Thyroid Problems
  37. Possible thyroid cancer
  38. Newbie - 6 weeks post total thyroidectomy
  39. Need help with test results
  40. Re: Herbal remedies for adrenal exhaustion?
  41. Hypothyroid TSH 15, Low T4, Norm T3 Help!
  42. Smelling smoke
  43. Dosage from mcg to mg
  44. Advice for Doctor Visit
  45. Depressed after diagnoses
  46. Hypothyroidism and Weight loss when treated
  47. Help with lab results
  48. Thyroid Test Results - Opinions wanted
  49. News labs...my numbers keep changing?
  50. Low TSH, Low Free T4
  51. Normal TSH, low T4 (but in range)
  52. Extremely high Free T3 and Free T4...treatment
  53. I had a low pulse and temperatuture so got tested
  54. The Long Awaited Appointment ...
  55. Waking up early/falling asleep easily?
  56. thyroid scan
  57. nightmares and syntrhoid or menopause??
  58. Just started Armour...feeling hypo symptoms again?
  59. Hypothyroidism on levothyroxine but still feel tired and have vivid dreams.
  60. Gluten free?
  61. Antibodies present/negative result
  62. Thyroid test results
  63. does Synthroid cause fatigue?
  64. New to Hashimotos
  65. Best time to get blood tests done when on T3?
  66. newbie please help !!
  67. would Soy Lecithin 100mg affect Thyroid function?
  68. Is it a good/bad idea to force exercise when you are still adjusting meds?
  69. 2.8 cm thyroid nodule!
  70. Hypothyroid? Normal Free T3 & T4, but elevated on TSH
  71. Wow...old labs tell an interesting tale.
  72. Chest feels tight after upping Synthroid - ??
  73. Weight Gain - Weight Loss Dr?
  74. FT3 to FT4 ratio? Other Questions...
  75. What to get tested
  76. Update: New lab results and they are not good :( i can't believe it!!
  77. My first blood test results, after starting Methimazole
  78. Hashi's and TPO antibodies
  79. Partial thyroidectomy - anyone's experiences?
  80. High TSH, Normal T4..
  81. So Frustrated with Endocrinologists!
  82. Doctor and TPO results???
  83. confused with result's!!!
  84. Confusing test results
  85. Treatment: How long until you feel some improvement?
  86. First endo visit, after suffering for years, and she's useless...
  87. Thyroid surgery recovery
  88. Doctor is no reassurance
  89. Low Ferritin and Possible Hypo-Which One Came First?
  90. Hyperthyroid to normal thyroid conditions and pregnancy.
  91. Complex cystic nodule, normal TSH and FT4 - any thoughts?
  92. TSH 5.705
  93. Normal TSH, Low FT4- possible hypothyroidism?
  94. can you guestimate how long you've had hypothyroidism
  95. Thyroid lab help!
  96. Question for Cytomel/T3 users - dose? side effects?
  97. My lab results. Your thoughts?
  98. Viral Thyroidosis: living with....
  99. I have Hashi's and daughter got her results back, what do you think?
  100. Thyroid #'s question....
  101. Anxiety Attacks/Hypothyroidism
  102. Taking 150mg T4 but blood tests no change
  103. What should I know about T3?
  104. Results interpretation
  105. Fast Nodule Growth?
  106. Understanding TSH levels
  107. Positive Thyroid Peroxidase
  108. Cytomel
  109. Weightloss tips while on synthroid
  110. Does Graves Lead to Diabetes?
  111. Started Cytomel
  112. Wait or do surgery right away???
  113. Hythothyroisism symptoms
  114. Hypothyroid symptoms not addressed as yet
  115. Thyroid Ultrasound Results. Worried.
  116. Do I need Synthroid?
  117. 15 years of well managed hypo, now out of control hyper but increased hypo symptoms
  118. My dose has been increased but there's no improvement
  119. pain under the tongue
  120. Fuzzy throat feeling.
  121. I have an underactive thyroid, level keeps raising with each medication increase
  122. Hi! Looking for help!!
  123. Becoming More Ill, Confusing Symptoms
  124. Very frustrated and tired of feeling sick
  125. thyroid and Vit D ??
  126. Azuree & All - I'm Finally Back On The Bus!
  127. Thyroid Newbie
  128. Levothyroxine help please
  129. another dr apt?
  130. Internal Buzzing is this a symptom?
  131. Alpha Lipoic Acid and thyroid?
  132. Newly diagnosed with under active thyroid
  133. FinnMaid/Midwest1/anyone else - please explain this to me
  134. Just got switched to 2x/day cytomel, need help figuring out when to take it
  135. Has anyone experienced LOW blood pressure with hypothyroidism?
  136. New to Forum...Questions (Long post)
  137. graves disease cont, blood results
  138. lab results
  139. severe neck pain & hyperthyroid
  140. Please help me,Please!
  141. Hypo & exercise
  142. Always hungry and gaining weight...Help!!!
  143. Hi, question for you! New labs and wondering if all is okay.
  144. t3/t4 dosing and recent labs -Is my dr. dangerous to my health?
  145. needing help fast please!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Going to a new doctor soon, advice.
  147. What are the different functions of T3 and T4 in the body?
  148. Lab results need help
  149. Hyperthyroid and nervous system shakes
  150. Need help from the T3 users!
  151. New labs...would like any opinions...
  152. New results - hello Cytomel?
  153. Need help! Being treated but still feel horrible!
  154. Trial of meds for the "seemingly" normal...
  155. Low Thyroid after surgery
  156. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just off my rocker.
  157. Tirosint
  158. 419 level Thyroid anibodies?
  159. Thyroid on the low side of normal?
  160. High RT3 or low thyroid labs?
  161. diagnosed graves
  162. False Negative on Graves' Antibody test?
  163. Woke up with extreme depression... Graves' related?
  164. New to Thyroid issues
  165. new diagnosis's
  166. Thyroid problems
  167. Blood test results
  168. Hypo symptoms - normal readings
  169. How would you feel with a TSH of 0.6 and a Free T4 of 1.1?
  170. Diet for those with NO thyroid, always hungry
  171. High TSH and hypoechoic nodule
  172. Low TSH normal T3 T4-doc says hyper but I wonder....
  173. HELP! Need Support To Pursue Proper Treatment
  174. blood tests tomorrow
  175. On 30mg Armour - overstimulated, stomach problems
  176. Large nodule- related to tiredness, lack of concentration and mood changes?
  177. Generic T4 Absorption
  178. How do I know my thyroid tests will be accurate when I'm stressed out?!
  179. high ANA with autoimmune thyroiditis?
  180. High TSH, high FT4, highT3
  181. Recently diagnosed with HYPERthyroid- but I'm overweight!
  182. Levothyroxine question
  183. Light at the end of the tunnel
  184. Did pregnancy cause this?
  185. Low TSH + High Reverse T3 + a slightly elevated body temp?
  186. Split Dessicated Dosage AM/PM
  187. Small heavily calcified nodule question
  188. Tsh post test???
  189. PAIN - any ideas to deal with
  190. help with FNA
  191. What is the next step?
  192. new lab results, need some interpreting
  193. Synthroid and Cytomel LONG
  194. 5-6 cm nodule, benign on fna, booked for lobectomy but now getting cold feet!
  195. TSH from 1.2 to 3.68
  196. Hypo and sleep issues
  197. Mrs
  198. Low T4 and Low TSH
  199. No Magic For Weight Loss .. Are Carbs the Devil?
  200. High Free T3
  201. Can Hypothyroidism Cause Low Ferritin Level?
  202. Is This Normal With Adding Cytomel/Liothyronine.....
  203. Help - New Doctor is No Help!
  204. Not feeling so good on Cytomel
  205. Chest Pain and Graves Disease.
  206. goitre
  207. Thyroid Victims
  208. Worried and Confused: Need Input
  209. carbimazole - how to adjust dosage?
  210. Asking For Help With Lab Results
  211. Multivitamins/minerals
  212. Repeat TFT Am I Hypothyroid?
  213. What the heck do these numbers mean!? 2.56 TSH!?
  214. Need Advice!
  215. latent hypothyreosis
  216. help with labs!!
  217. daughter diagnosed with under active thyroid
  218. anyone know what these results mean?
  219. Seasonal allergies/thyroid hormone levels
  220. HypoT and Anemia, low Vitamin levels ??
  221. HELP me understand my results
  222. 5cm cold nodule
  223. concerned thyroid ultrasound results
  224. Any pointers would HELP PLEASE!!!! :(
  225. Help! Newbie trying to wade through thyroid (hyper) issues!
  226. Can someone help ?????
  227. Feel so down
  228. should i be concerned about my numbers?
  229. Please need advice - 10 weeks pregnant
  230. 6 weeks on levo and menstrual cycle shorter
  231. Alternatives to Uptake Scan for diagnosis?
  232. Thyroid and Intestinal Health/Pro&Prebiotics
  233. how often for blood work?
  234. Thyroid Problems?
  235. stress stress stress how to cope?
  236. Switching from Armour to Levothyroxine
  237. do I need more t-4
  238. Hashimotos...
  239. Vitamin D
  240. changes in cholesterol/thyroid
  241. Possible Hypothyroid
  242. How far below adams apple is thyroid?
  243. Never knew the thyroid could be so confusing!
  244. ugh...why am i so tired?
  245. How to calculate ideal levels
  246. No thyroid and fluctuating TSH
  247. Update!! Thyroid results
  248. Need help with Lab results and new Armour dosing
  249. Please help with labs
  250. cholesterol a thyroid results question

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