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  1. TSH is 4.15 and I feel awful
  2. Hcg
  3. Hope someone can answer this,,,please!
  4. Need Help with decreasing lab numbers
  5. Lab results for son
  6. Do I have a problem or not??????????
  7. Good healthy veg you can eat with being hypo
  8. Whole Body Thyroid Scan Today Please say a prayer for good scan
  9. Just Diagnosed with Hashimoto's
  10. Suggestions?
  11. Thyadine, anyone ever tried? Thoughts?
  12. My TSH dropped from 3.54 to 2.61 after taking Royal Jelly
  13. My update day 13 - skin looks awful and red
  14. Good Biopsy Results
  15. Update day 13 on erfa- my skin terrible and red
  16. How long for thyroid meds to kick in
  17. Are my T3, T4 & TSH normal?
  18. How does being on a diet effect your thyroid?
  19. Analyzing Thyroid Lab Results, PLEASE Help!
  20. After Total Thyroidectomy
  21. Dr. says thyroid results are ok, PLEASE HELP !
  22. Losing Eyebrows, Anyone Else?
  23. Thyroid probs meds free, other conditions not free
  24. I'm Baaack With More Questions =)
  25. diagnosed with thyroiditis
  26. Update with new labs - totally confused
  27. newbie with many questions
  28. Help needed re Thyroid doctor
  29. Free T3 Question
  30. Help Me Understand
  31. When to do labs when taking t3 and t4?
  32. Please help me to understand
  33. Low iodine diet for Whole Body Scan
  34. Help!!
  35. Blood test 'normal' but thyroid symptoms?
  36. Thyroid Lab Result Interpretation, PLEASE HELP
  37. Adams apple hurts =\
  38. RAI Question
  39. Thyroid hormone lab results
  40. Help new test results..Hypo to Hyper?
  41. life after a thyroidectamy
  42. Help understanding TSH and Free T4
  43. Painful FNA
  44. Hashimoto's, No Gallbladder, Sky High Cholesterol
  45. Autoimmune Thyroiditis Question
  46. Feeling hyper in early Morning
  47. Help with lab test results and treatment
  48. Testing for T3 important?
  49. high TPO
  50. Under Active Thyroid
  51. Thyroidectomy hematoma ~ how long until body absorbs it?
  52. Radio-iodine
  53. Back From Second Surgery Need Some Help
  54. Hypothyroidism
  55. My Diary
  56. If your thyroid is in the normal range has anyone still felt non-energetic and unable
  57. First Post - underactive thyroid, confused
  58. Lab results
  59. pills side effects
  60. Do I have to go to an endocrinologist?
  61. taking pregnenolone and DHEA
  62. Radical change in TSH
  63. Ever been erroneously diagnosed with hypothyroidism?
  64. I don't understand, please help!
  65. Old Poster needs help with meds/labs
  66. Endoscopy looming! Scared to death about it.
  67. Doctor wants to leave me on Synthroid, but does NOT want to re-check thyroid labs
  68. Do you stop your meds before your blood test
  69. Enlarged goitre - a neccessity?
  70. Hypothyroid?
  71. Help with thyroid test
  72. Experiences with Postprandial Reactive hypoglycemia?
  73. Sluggishness
  74. Blood Pressure rising
  75. What does it mean when a thyroid nodule is resolved?
  76. Saliva Testing
  77. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's yesterday...questions!
  78. Bella4ever
  79. Help me make a diagnosis?
  80. Recently dx w/ post partum thyrioditis- meds ?s
  81. my thyroid level
  82. Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  83. How am I looking Overall
  84. Please read....post total thyroidectomy have questions......
  85. high thyroid antibodies
  86. when to increase dosage
  87. What meds is everyone on
  88. Free t3 keep dropping. Hypo?
  89. Synthroid at bedtime? Switching from morning?
  90. TSH slightly high
  91. Is it possible to acquire antibodies after the onset of a thyroid issue?
  92. Partial Thyroidectomy Monday,symptoms normal?
  93. Are endocrinologists in short supply?
  94. What would you do ???????????????
  95. Glitterbug
  96. How do I know
  97. What do you think? Is there a need for concern
  98. Hot flashes and nausea
  99. Hair falling out
  100. T3 in erfa
  101. Why do people take natural plus synthetic
  102. Switching from t4 and t3 to erfa - need desperate help
  103. What does thyroid growth feel like
  104. Has Anyone Dealt with this Madness...Looking for Support
  105. overmedicated, now undermedicated, TSH 9.52
  106. TSH is 1.5; T4 is slightly high; TPO-Ab present but not elevated?
  107. Should I Remove my nodule?
  108. How long after your numbers were within normal range did you start to feel better?
  109. Hashi Flare - Causes? Ideas?
  110. Complex nodule seems to change daily???
  111. Clarifying the "Cytomel Experience"
  112. LABS, classic hypo symptoms, breastfeeding
  113. Your First Symptoms
  114. Has ANYONE ever naturally lost weight after being hypo when their levels stabilized?
  115. PLEASE HELP!! Urgent Graves?
  116. Anyone have experience with hyperthyroidism?
  117. Has anyone tried the new T4 drug Tirosint?
  118. Levothroid
  119. need help
  120. Thyroid question
  121. Infant with elevated TSH, no dx yet
  122. New labs
  123. Hypo and Stomach Issues
  124. discouraged...
  125. What foods can a Hypo eat?
  126. synthroid absorption rate
  127. Joining new clinical trial
  128. Hyperparathyroidism
  129. How are you able to maintain your job with thyroid issues?
  130. How long does 10mcg t3 effect you thyroid levels for?
  131. first time user, first question. please advise
  132. Med Help!
  133. help! ACTH testing
  134. Scared - Need Advice
  135. hypo lab tests
  136. Hormones and Thyroid Confusion
  137. new and new to Hashimoto's
  138. New with some lab results and would love some input please
  139. How long did it take you to feel better after you were given thyroid medication?
  140. Free t4 and TSH results-need help
  141. hashimotos
  142. My face has changed!
  143. Name of a good thyroid doc in Atlanta?
  144. I would be grateful to have some feedback =)
  145. Hyperthyroidism and orthapedic surgery
  146. Scared and confused! What are my next steps?
  147. What would you do?
  148. Am I a candidate for T3? Guidance, please.
  149. dominent complex 7.6 x 5.7 cm mass
  150. My TPO lab is it fine???
  151. First day on Thyroid Energy and feeling wierd
  152. Could Use Some Feedback On This
  153. TSI result...what does this mean?
  154. Switched to desiccated..going more HYPO??
  155. EXERCISE: How soon after you were diagnosed were you able to keep an exercise routine
  156. atypical cells consideration thyroiditis
  157. Yearly Whole Body Scans Following Cancer
  158. Can you still have thyroid symptoms of hypo even with proper medication?
  159. Another adrenal ? - anxiety/Cortef
  160. What should I expect Post-Op??
  161. Help?
  162. Help...Dr. Says I should feel great with FT3 2.8?
  163. Correlation Between Thyroid and Anxiety?
  164. Oroxine for a Endomorph?
  165. my tsh test
  166. I'm switchng to Erfa, need help
  167. Generic Question
  168. Tender legs (or calf) and hypothyroidism
  169. Updated Blood Work - Still "Subclinical?
  170. Please help with test results
  171. Question on decreasing meds
  172. RE: metformin for weight loss.. i am hypo...
  173. Lab Results - Need Help Interpreting
  174. losing my hair, please help
  175. SING HAIR20 year old - hypo - LO - please help!
  176. Some symptoms of thyroid (hyper and hypo)
  177. Anxiety and Armour
  178. low body temp means hypo?
  179. Possible thyroid imbalance
  180. here's a mystery that needs someone to solve
  181. Hyperthyroid HELP
  182. Exercise Intolerance
  183. Question about T3
  184. Two questions...one about my doctor, the other about a lump on my thyroid
  185. Does this mean I have a thyroid problem?
  186. Not diagnosed yet, here is my blood work
  187. Hypo? or Hyper? Low TSH with Multinodular Goiter
  188. Hyperthyroidism/hypo misdiagnosed as anixiety????
  189. Young being MISDIAGNOSED!!!!
  190. vitamin d levels and thyroid?
  191. Hyperparathyroidism
  192. help with a hyper thyroid and high blood pressure
  193. accidently took 2 synthroid in 1 day
  194. I'm going to Naturethroid from Synthroid/Cytomel
  195. What are they looking for?
  196. interpreting labs
  197. Doc says I'm fine - I don't get it! - Suggestions?
  198. help me chose
  199. Can I have my blood tests while having a flu?
  200. no nodules found on RAIU scan/uptake?
  201. what Thyroid tests should I have?
  202. Help please with my labs!
  203. When your levels are off do you find yourself sitting around on the couch all day?
  204. Thyroid issues?
  205. converting from natural to synthetic
  206. Hypothyroidism and Angioedema
  207. Newly diagnosed Hashimoto and need support/advice
  208. For those who don't tolerate natural thyroid meds well.
  209. Are over-the-counter thyroid meds safe?
  210. Thyroid issues? 13 years of heck.
  211. Cytomel guidance
  212. I need to balance my hormones! Any advice?
  213. Recovery From Armour ?
  214. Head Tingling/Off Balance/Face Tingling/Scared to Death
  215. Thyroid problems in family...
  216. On Amour labs show...
  217. Makes no sense, symptoms getting worse?
  218. Severe dry eyes relates to Thyroid?
  219. Need help! Levothyroxine, Alli & MISSED PERIOD
  220. please help - confused
  221. lab results----hypo????
  222. Why wait 6 weeks for next blood test?????
  223. What do you do when you are having a SYMPTOMS day?
  224. I need some clarification
  225. Quick question about Erfa and taking it sublingually
  226. Increased difficulty swallowing and trouble moving secretions/postnasal drainage....
  227. New with question
  228. Hi all, my results after I flipped to hyper from hypo...
  229. My labs very scary low T3
  230. Thyroid
  231. Am I Nut's -- Lump feeling in throat.
  232. latest labs opinions please
  233. Anti TG and Anti TPO
  234. Newly diagnosed, need some thoughts.
  235. Hyperparathyroid To Hypo?
  236. TPOAB results. Is it positive?
  237. My Story and some Questions
  238. thyroid removed years ago-why would levels be off now
  239. lab result help
  240. hashimoto thyroiditis
  241. Latest Labs
  242. enlarged thyroid question
  243. They only test my TSH
  244. Life after radioactive iodine?
  245. endocrinologist in southern ontario ??
  246. Help with results and what to ask for
  247. Help with Labs
  248. friend has normal TSH but still tons of symptoms....HELP!!!!!
  249. Post TT Update (thyroid cancer)
  250. Thyroid and dry eyes

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