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  1. inability to gain weight
  2. RT3 and Ferritin question
  3. Side effects--how long?
  4. is tightness in the chest a side effect?
  5. Need thyroid removed
  6. thyroid help
  7. symptom checker???
  8. Stressed about thyroid
  9. Hashitoxicosis...What Do You Think Of My Labs?
  10. Thyroid Peroxidase 1353.4 but normal Thyroid Function - Help!
  11. Another Question on Lab Results
  12. ON THE FENCE - TT scheduled for Friday
  13. Have Hashimoto's- Thyroid showing calcification - Prolactin levels high
  14. Low Thyroid and Cold/AC intolerance
  15. few question about Hashimotos and other realated issues ???
  16. Is there a test for Adrenal Problems?
  17. Newly Diagnosed Hashi's: Gluten question...
  18. Underactive thyroid and anemia
  19. Super frustrated ... but still smilin :)
  20. Help interpreting results thyroid results PLEASE
  21. Can someone help me understand my lab values?
  22. Question
  23. Can someone suggest a good doc in Kansas city?
  24. New Here - Question about Lab Results
  25. do you eat gluten?
  26. Help? Any suggestions????
  27. Erfa Dessicated thyroid made t4 get lower??
  28. FNA Question
  29. Thyroiditis and disability?
  30. What do I do next.....
  31. Is tender breasts a side effect of methimazole????
  32. dry mouth, sweet taste, fatigue, feeling of malaise
  33. Getting frustrated...can't find an omega-3 I can tolerate
  34. New lab results
  35. why not remove thyroid?
  36. Confused about ultrasound results
  37. Lab results and semantics
  38. Is this something to worry about?
  39. low T4, low TSH, high T3 what is happening to me?
  40. Possible thyroid problem?
  41. Need Help please- I got my Ultrasound report and dont understand
  42. Need Help....
  43. Been awhile--new thyroid issues
  44. How often to have thyroid u/s with multinodular goiter?
  45. Swollen lymph nodes
  46. Hyper active thyriod treatment or answers please!!!
  47. do i have underactive thyroid
  48. how much weight gain after radioactive iodine
  49. Off Synthroid, Cytomel only......help
  50. Voice Change after TT
  51. Total Thyroidectomy- Please Share
  52. Thyroid Disorder/Cancer and Keratin/Brazilian Straightening
  53. FNA question
  54. Could my thyroid being causing the shaking?
  55. Ultrasound Results
  56. thyroid
  57. New Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis
  58. new thyroid ultrasound results
  59. How long does it take for my thyroid medicine to shrink my goiter
  60. can low thyroid cause white stools
  61. Please help me with my nature throid/hashi problem
  62. Thyroxine dosage and palpitations and high TSH
  63. Need help analyzing my TSH
  64. ENT appointment - feedback please
  65. Dark spots on thryoid ultrasound?
  66. Do I or don't I kill my thyroid????
  67. dr won't test mom for hashi's antibodies
  68. Tsi
  69. What's wrong with me?
  70. Need advice! I think I have a thyroid problem.
  71. Autoimmune AIU/ Positive Anti IgE Receptor AB Test
  72. Calling lab brainiacs for interpretation of not run of the mill labs
  73. ultrasound results..I just need someone to say....
  74. thyroid/adrenal fatigue neither
  75. How long for thyroid hormone to kick in?
  76. Hives after full Thyroidectomy
  77. Not happy with results
  78. Saliva test vs ACTH stim test
  79. Can birth control really affect your thyroid?
  80. high calium
  81. Does prednisone affect TSH results?
  82. Cannot find the cause for my moderately high Ferritin serum levels
  83. Should I go to an Endo?
  84. Frustrated -1st Endo visit
  85. Maybe it's not adrenals...maybe it's my thyroid??
  86. Lowered Synthroid dose,still feeling hyper~help?
  87. Newbie - is it thyroid or parathyroid or fibromyalgia or what?
  88. does the amount of work you do at work affect the thyoid
  89. one eye is bulging
  90. Tired of being judged by friends.
  91. Blood work results and what do they mean
  92. hypothyroidism and psychosis
  93. Help with thyroid and adrenal test results?
  94. Very nervous
  95. I need help Understanding blood levels..
  96. Please explain what my latest labs mean
  97. Is this a thyroid or a lymphoma issue? Please help!
  98. low FT4, normal TSH??? can anyone help?
  99. Is it Cytomel or is it just me?
  100. Good Follow up
  101. New to Board-Would Apperciate Advice on Test Results
  102. what kind of doctor do I need?
  103. Feeling GREAT after TT. Is this normal?
  104. Sick of inconsiderate Doctors!
  105. Levothyroxine/ Cytomel combo
  106. thyroid specialist in chicago suburbs
  107. New US results - help please?
  108. What are people doing for adrenal issues with hypothyroid treatment?
  109. Why mega dose B12.
  110. Synthroid and acne
  111. Muscle pain between shoulders. Anyone else?
  112. on synthroid and feeling lousy
  113. Multitude of Hypo symptoms, lab results in...
  114. how to tell if gone hyper?
  115. 7 Years and counting Need Help?
  116. help with lab results
  117. Do I have graves?
  118. venting..........
  119. TSH slighty out of range
  120. adrenals, thyroid and veins
  121. Swelling
  122. overheating with hypOthyroidism/ Hashi's
  123. Yet another request to look at lab results
  124. left hand and fore arm numb and tingle
  125. Question about my Thyroid
  126. Help wih Armour Please!
  127. appointment with endo ! what a joke !!
  128. Is It Normal To Be This Sensitive to Synthroid?
  129. my labs-re:last thread - hashi's?
  130. RT3 Blood test And Other
  131. what does it mean to kill your thyroid?
  132. another request to look at labs
  133. is this possibly hypothyroidism?
  134. TSH 47.80 - T4 2.9 - FreeT4 0.5 - T3 Free 2.8
  135. New labs, need input
  136. New here and need opinions
  137. Meds make me feel worse
  138. Thyroid/Arthritis Lab Results Clarification
  139. antibodies are high - hashis's ?
  140. ordering Erfa
  141. jillian michaels metabolism diet
  142. Goitrogens
  143. Opinion on Hypothyroid
  144. New to all this & frustrated
  145. Could I have hyperthyroidism?
  146. Question About Fillers in Generic Thyroid Meds
  147. thyroid removed now what
  148. eagle syndrome?
  149. Fish Oil
  150. My result after a dose change
  151. Had another doc tell me to lower my meds today...ugh!!
  152. Thyroid Test Results and Questions
  153. Multitude of hypothyroid symptoms, TSH is 2.48
  154. Low TSH, but normal FT3 and FT4 - is this okay?
  155. Just got diagnosed with hypothyroid
  156. Has anyone read " Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal?
  157. Who has had a TRH stim test?
  158. TSH results
  159. T3 only not working?
  160. Armour and Erfa thyroid taken everyother day
  161. severe dry eyes
  162. Biopsy Of Thyroid
  163. FNA tomorrow
  164. Is this air hunger?
  165. Is T3/T4 combos only good for people with conversion problems?
  166. TT surgery tomorrow morning
  167. I want to go on armour or erfa.
  168. Hyperthyroid/Salivatory Stone
  169. Switched to Armour, put on no-starch diet...?'s
  170. I'm new, I'm confused, I'm a fun person and HELP PLZ
  171. what does this mean
  172. T3/T4 combo...how does it affect people who have anxiety and changing FT3 levels??
  173. Hashimoto's thyroiditis and low WBC??
  174. Need help understanding lab work please help
  175. new labs..raised antibodies
  176. fatigue and thyroid disease
  177. Treatment Decision Time for Graves
  178. Question about Efra desiccated thyroid?
  179. TPO level
  180. Thyroid
  181. High Free T4 28.5pmol/L; High TSH 4th Generation 5.6385 mIU/L
  182. Is a TSH of zero really that dangerous?
  183. is thyrolar available anywhere
  184. Ultra Sound
  185. TSH rose after dose increase?
  186. Nodule Growth
  187. vocal cord lineing has changed and swollan dont no why?
  188. help for voice student post surgery
  189. Hyperthyroid but have always had hypo symptoms
  190. New Blood Work, what your diagonsis
  191. Dental changes with Hashi's?
  192. Going to my Endo today, still feel like crap, expect her to do nothing.
  193. Does an RT3 test have to be done in the am?
  194. New and have results....HELP!
  195. After last summer hell it is back again!!
  196. Hashimoto's with bouts of Hperthryoidism
  197. Going off Synthroid to check Pituitarity is my doctor crazy?
  198. Switched to SR T3 Compound
  199. ? have thyroid disorder
  200. Surgery or not?
  201. Thyroid Ultra Sound Results
  202. what is my body doing?
  203. Levothyroxine
  204. Thyroid swelling
  205. Why have Ft3 tested?
  206. Please help me.....
  207. Anyone switched from thyroxine to nature throid
  208. Erda and nature throidp
  209. Please comment if you have knowledge. Thank you.
  210. FNA Biopsy Results
  211. Will birth control alter an ACTH test a lot?
  212. Tacycardia but tests showing Hypothyroid? Any advice is welcome
  213. Fine needle biopsy
  214. Does time of day matter for an ACTH test?
  215. Is an EKG necessary?
  216. does yeast infaction affect thyroid
  217. which tests to ask for (antibody test not run)
  218. Im really Embarassed - Can anyone help
  219. Hives and Hashimoto's
  220. Follicular neoplasm- hot nodule
  221. Don't know what to do...
  222. how common are vitamin deficiencies with hypothyroidism
  223. New Lab Results! Need opinions please
  224. Small balls on side of Adam's Apple
  225. difference in nodules and goiter
  226. ultrasound results large, cold nodule
  227. I posted here before and have new labs
  228. When is drug treatment needed?
  229. Desperate for help with nodules!
  230. Hashimoto's thyroid pain, but no goiter?
  231. How accurate is TRH stim test?
  232. Lithium and the Thyroid
  233. Gtnan
  234. Meds up but labs down??
  235. FT4 Level not changed since increase
  236. HELP PLEASE!!!!!! Reading test results
  237. Multi-dosing erfa
  238. High thyroidglobulin levels again??
  239. hyperparthyroidism for second time
  240. No symptoms at all but elevated THS and low T4. What's it?
  241. Hashimoto's, indeterminate FNA
  242. odd but necessary question
  243. New dosage of Levothyroxine is giving me the shakes
  244. Hashimoto's and enlarged spleen?
  245. just had cat scan and ultra sound; have questions
  246. One week post TT
  247. Any idea why FT4 won't budge?
  248. Finally diagnosed and need help
  249. Been awhile hrt and thyroxine
  250. My thyroid disease experience

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