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  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Can Synthyroid cause heart problems?
  3. Help with FNA Path report
  4. Anyone in Raleigh, NC see Dr. Josephine Brown?
  5. Thyroid levels
  6. Blood Test Question
  7. Preping for RAD, never felt better?
  8. TSH .024 to TSH 18 in 6 weeks no treatment given
  9. Shouldn't I be sent to an Endochronologist?
  10. Still waiting for biopsy
  11. Need help with Thyroid harmone and Uptake scan test results
  12. TSH 3.69 H? Also very high cholesterol
  13. How long did you wait for surgery?
  14. Hyperthyroid
  15. T3
  16. My Ultrasound Results
  17. low energy low body temp low tsh
  18. Stopped taking thyroid med?
  19. does anyone know the most reliable methods for detecting antibodies
  20. Please Help! TSH Lab Results
  21. Need explanation please
  22. thyroid nodules
  23. New Member
  24. Please Help, question about ultrasound results
  25. Need Help with Results
  26. synthroid dose and seasons
  27. Hurthle Cell tumor size?
  28. autoimmune disease and goiter treatment?
  29. Normal Thyroid range but HIGH heart rate. (graves in remission)
  30. Thyroid feel choking around the neck
  31. please help me
  32. Synthroid and constipation
  33. Please help me with my results
  34. do you know how to get an accurate diagnosis of hashimoto's thyroiditis
  35. Question about a Medication
  36. Can anyone help me understand these u/s results?
  37. Free T3 & Free T4 levels
  38. Levoxyl and Night Sweats
  39. Levoxyl and Night Sweats
  40. Question on my test results
  41. Feel like I'm dying
  42. swelling & thyroid problems
  43. New thyroid test
  44. does anyone know how to interprete these results
  45. Should I plan another pregnancy with such results?
  46. Thyroid nodules/pain/tighness...really scared!
  47. Trying to get thyroid under control - HELP!
  48. why do red blotches appear when taking daily aspirin
  49. Viral thyroiditis & H1N1????
  50. Synthroid, Estrogen and reactions
  51. Help with new meds
  52. dr says hyperthyroidism not graves disease
  53. Need Help Interpreting Lab Results
  54. help with thyroid test results!
  55. TSH normal level ????
  56. doctor familiar with T3 protocol for Wilson Syndrome
  57. Ent referring me to 3rd FNA...should I be worried?
  58. Optimal Free T3 Level -- "Euthyroid" but feeling Hypo
  59. reverse t3
  60. Experiencing ear and upper jaw pain:
  61. I Will Make an Ugly Bald Woman
  62. What Do These Numbers Tell You
  63. cloudy vision and dizziness
  64. Please help me understand my daughter's tests
  65. Ordering Erfa from Canada
  66. Recently diagnosed, but not improving.
  67. Found Atypical Cell from FNA result. What should I do?
  68. TSH at 12.10
  69. synthroid and goiter?
  70. Hyperthyroid again after surgery! What do I do now???
  71. hyperthyroid
  72. normal range for 25 years men int3-t4-tsh
  73. What do these labs mean?
  74. New results with a high TPO level
  75. High TSH, Low TPO? What does it mean?
  76. how much T3 should I take if I am already on T4?
  77. Help Reading Lab Tests (Hypo)
  78. Was just diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism....
  79. Need help for my thyroid test results
  80. Lab range question
  81. What do you guys think???
  82. Mom had RAI Treatment....questions...
  83. How do you get dosage 37.5?
  84. anti thyroglobulin anti bodies
  85. Help needed for child just diagnosed graves
  86. thyroid and obesity
  87. Problem with taking any type of levo for hypothyroidism
  88. Tachycardia on Armour - should I lower dose?
  89. why does my body temperature increase dramatically after I eat?
  90. HI ALL!! It's been a longgg while but I have NEW LABS w NEW QUESTIONS Plzzz help!!!
  91. Secondary hypothyroidism?
  92. test results - need expert opinion
  93. What happens when you stop Synthroid?
  94. Lupus and Hashimoto's Anyone?
  95. T3 level
  96. why do i get hot after i eat
  97. Has anyone seen a rheumatologist for thyroid?
  98. endocrinologist or otolaryngologist
  99. Thyroiditis and feeling low
  100. question on moms labs - antibodies
  101. Total T3?
  102. Help with meds!!!
  103. Allergic reaction to thyroid medication or hypothyroid?
  104. pill swallowing
  105. Hyperthyroidism testing question...
  106. 2 inconclusive biopsy..what to do???
  107. pain around thyroid, but no swelling, confused about symptoms
  108. Fluctuating level???
  109. Chronic Hives & Hypothyroidism
  110. Thyroid prevent you from a menstrual cycle?
  111. Could all this be thyroid related?
  112. This Can't Be Right, Can It? (or, More Crazy Things Doctors Say) :)
  113. Northern Va. help needed- Endo suggestion?
  114. UPDATE:
  115. Yay or nay for Wilson's therapy?
  116. Total thyroidectomy, heart problems
  117. Singing The Hypothyroid Blues
  118. dairy
  119. why is my curly hair going straight
  120. New to Cytomel
  121. graves eye disease
  122. Mouth clave has just operated
  123. T3 replacement only
  124. Biopsy; need help in figuring out what this means?
  125. Confused about levels and medication
  126. Having Thyroidectomy
  127. Listening for Zebras?...Hot nodule diagnosis
  128. Metabolism Issue
  129. Two weeks to go before endo visit and ???'s
  130. test results
  131. Iodine and Hashimoto's
  132. Graves Disease back with a vengance
  133. Hypo & antidepressants/anxiolytics
  134. Something doesn't seem right, ideas?
  135. Hypo and yeast infections
  136. New ultrasound...nodule gone?
  137. Do I have a thyroid problem??
  138. New
  139. had thyroid surgery , should I go on meds?
  140. thyroid nodule repeat fna?
  141. Thyroid nodules
  142. Voice Problem after Thyroid Surgery
  143. Hypothyroidism
  144. Thyroid # came back 2.64
  145. Strange new symptoms
  146. Tingling/Hashi
  147. Does anything here stand out
  148. Lab meaning
  149. ill-defined round area of heterogeneity lower pole left lobe
  150. Rai or anti-thyroid meds?
  151. thyroid issues...any advice??
  152. Vanity vs health
  153. Is this too much?
  154. I want to go natural can someone help
  155. Lab result question
  156. Can nausea and dizziness be hypo or is it only adrenal?
  157. Radioactive Iodine
  158. Need help - inconsistant thyroid
  159. How do these results look
  160. TSH test results
  161. Slightly high TSH, slightly high free T4
  162. Grave's Disease in '01 now Cancer?
  163. Thyroid levels changed
  164. TSH jumped up ? WHY?
  165. Getting a new doctor soon
  166. TSH blood test- when can I get it after I took medication?
  167. Hyperthyroidism or not?
  168. Lab Results New to all this an feel awful
  169. Hypoparathyroidism????
  170. wellbutrin xl 150
  171. endo appt yesterday
  172. Thyroid removal/weight gain?
  173. Reaction to iodine
  174. Post TT update
  175. Help understanding Thyroid results
  176. pounding head and pulse in ear
  177. Can you get pregnant with a high end TSH level?
  178. abdominal bloating w/overmed?
  179. Quick question about TSH increase
  180. off meds now after 18 months but the palps have started
  181. High Calcium, Low PTH
  182. thyriod under or over drs not sure yet
  183. Lab results and symptoms
  184. Tapazole - Totally Confused
  185. Where to go for thyroid surgery
  186. Thyroxine
  187. Hurthle cells-confused about what doctor said
  188. What does calcification mean?
  189. Switched Meds - Please Help
  190. Help with test results...
  191. New undiagnosed member...possibly hyper-thyroid
  192. how big is my thyroid!?! US report
  193. radioactive iodine details? risks?
  194. s/p tt-insomnia, help
  195. are my levels considered borderline?
  196. Is my Calcium level and Folic acid too low???
  197. Anyone take Naturethroid & T4???
  198. Thyroid levels
  199. hyperthyroid range 0.02
  200. pls help blood results don't make sense
  201. labs and a stupid question
  202. Treatment or not???
  203. Thyroid Nodule
  204. No eyebrows/eyelashes/hair, and constant headaches
  205. Iodine deficiency....
  206. hyperthyroidism
  207. Do Hurthle Cells always equal removal?
  208. any other explanation for palpitations? frustrated!!!
  209. 10 yr old daughter with enlarged thyroid
  210. Best way to take morning temp....
  211. Levothyroxine, tiredness and vivid dreams
  212. CoQ10 for hypothyroidism?
  213. hypothroidism
  214. Hashimoto's and low lymphocytes
  215. low tsh and ft4
  216. Can my supplements suppress parathyroid function?
  217. Tighness in neck
  218. Hypothyroid and how does it affect function?
  219. Question about iodine
  220. Question about treatment/new labs
  221. high TSH
  222. So confused! I need some help!
  223. Got my fna results....
  224. What are Thyroglobulin Antibodies?
  225. FNA Results for the 2nd time
  226. what if your tsh and ft4 is already normal but still have nodules
  227. Missed 24 hour mark for Thyroid Scan?
  228. Test results "interesting case"
  229. My Thyroid Ultrasound,Please Read...r/o
  230. Is Nature-Throid conversion chart accurate?
  231. hypothyroidism and tachycardia
  232. tsh ultrasensitive 0.34 what does that mean
  233. Thyroid #'s question....
  234. what new tests can i try?
  235. Thyroid Scan and Lab results! Need help understanding.
  236. TSH is .10, free T4 is .74, and free T3 is 490?
  237. Have TSH and free T4 results after tt 4 weeks ago...could this make me feel bad?
  238. Help whats gone wrong?
  239. How has anyone successfully lowered their RT3?
  240. Does RT3 show up on labs as FT3?
  241. Got my Blood Results
  242. Yet another lab result opinion request!
  243. Fever, enlarged thyroid, normal blood work!
  244. Confused and very scared
  245. Adding Cytomel for high RT3?
  246. Dangerous levels?
  247. High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies
  248. help...high RT3 what does this mean
  249. tsh
  250. Thyroiditis??! Mono?? Help!

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