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  1. Grave's Disease in '01 now Cancer?
  2. Thyroid levels changed
  3. TSH jumped up ? WHY?
  4. Getting a new doctor soon
  5. TSH blood test- when can I get it after I took medication?
  6. Hyperthyroidism or not?
  7. Lab Results New to all this an feel awful
  8. Hypoparathyroidism????
  9. wellbutrin xl 150
  10. endo appt yesterday
  11. Thyroid removal/weight gain?
  12. Reaction to iodine
  13. Post TT update
  14. Help understanding Thyroid results
  15. pounding head and pulse in ear
  16. Can you get pregnant with a high end TSH level?
  17. abdominal bloating w/overmed?
  18. Quick question about TSH increase
  19. off meds now after 18 months but the palps have started
  20. High Calcium, Low PTH
  21. thyriod under or over drs not sure yet
  22. Lab results and symptoms
  23. Tapazole - Totally Confused
  24. Where to go for thyroid surgery
  25. Thyroxine
  26. Hurthle cells-confused about what doctor said
  27. What does calcification mean?
  28. Switched Meds - Please Help
  29. Help with test results...
  30. New undiagnosed member...possibly hyper-thyroid
  31. how big is my thyroid!?! US report
  32. radioactive iodine details? risks?
  33. s/p tt-insomnia, help
  34. are my levels considered borderline?
  35. Is my Calcium level and Folic acid too low???
  36. Anyone take Naturethroid & T4???
  37. Thyroid levels
  38. hyperthyroid range 0.02
  39. pls help blood results don't make sense
  40. labs and a stupid question
  41. Treatment or not???
  42. Thyroid Nodule
  43. No eyebrows/eyelashes/hair, and constant headaches
  44. Iodine deficiency....
  45. hyperthyroidism
  46. Do Hurthle Cells always equal removal?
  47. any other explanation for palpitations? frustrated!!!
  48. 10 yr old daughter with enlarged thyroid
  49. Best way to take morning temp....
  50. Levothyroxine, tiredness and vivid dreams
  51. CoQ10 for hypothyroidism?
  52. hypothroidism
  53. Hashimoto's and low lymphocytes
  54. low tsh and ft4
  55. Can my supplements suppress parathyroid function?
  56. Tighness in neck
  57. Hypothyroid and how does it affect function?
  58. Question about iodine
  59. Question about treatment/new labs
  60. high TSH
  61. So confused! I need some help!
  62. Got my fna results....
  63. What are Thyroglobulin Antibodies?
  64. FNA Results for the 2nd time
  65. what if your tsh and ft4 is already normal but still have nodules
  66. Missed 24 hour mark for Thyroid Scan?
  67. Test results "interesting case"
  68. My Thyroid Ultrasound,Please Read...r/o
  69. Is Nature-Throid conversion chart accurate?
  70. hypothyroidism and tachycardia
  71. tsh ultrasensitive 0.34 what does that mean
  72. Thyroid #'s question....
  73. what new tests can i try?
  74. Thyroid Scan and Lab results! Need help understanding.
  75. TSH is .10, free T4 is .74, and free T3 is 490?
  76. Have TSH and free T4 results after tt 4 weeks ago...could this make me feel bad?
  77. Help whats gone wrong?
  78. How has anyone successfully lowered their RT3?
  79. Does RT3 show up on labs as FT3?
  80. Got my Blood Results
  81. Yet another lab result opinion request!
  82. Fever, enlarged thyroid, normal blood work!
  83. Confused and very scared
  84. Adding Cytomel for high RT3?
  85. Dangerous levels?
  86. High TSH, normal T3 T4, high antibodies
  87. help...high RT3 what does this mean
  88. tsh
  89. Thyroiditis??! Mono?? Help!
  90. Just plain desperate! Confused! Tyroid Scan tomorrow!
  91. Will taking too little levo make me worse?
  92. New labs...really need some advice...!
  93. Lump in thyroid, new lump in neck
  94. Leg cramps after tt
  95. thyroid and my voice
  96. Vitamin D and Calcium levels?
  97. How does estrogen impact symptoms and test results?
  98. My Throid Test Results
  99. Can Cytomel cause constipation
  100. Prognosis for Hashimoto's disease?
  101. Running my first half marathon next Sat!
  102. Is there a link? Thyroid nodules and laryngitis
  103. How long for FNA results?
  104. labs on new westhroid..need input please
  105. 2nd FNA Inconclusive?
  106. Man, I thought I had found a good one!
  107. Hashimoto Thyroid disease-diagnosis
  108. Charlie Horses and Thyroid????
  109. Hashi's without antibodies??
  110. Help with Lab results
  111. Confused Hashi hypo diagnose for my son
  112. Hypo IQ
  113. Can a person w/slight hashimoto's thyroiditis; multivitamin tablets??
  114. why dont you lose weight after taking synthroid for thyroid
  115. tight throat
  116. What to check for on next blood work?
  117. Newly Diagnosed
  118. Thyroid scan and Uptake Results, Help Please
  119. Latest Lab Results how bad is it?
  120. Labs- low Free T3 with normal TSH?
  121. I think my doctor is wrong?
  122. High Lab Results
  123. S/p tt sx-update
  124. throid results okay?
  125. Newly diagnosed with hyperthyroid, yet to see an endo, 21 years old, questions
  126. Enlarged thyroid ?
  127. if one vocal cord is damaged then what happen
  128. Just Diagnosed and wondering
  129. is something else wrong?
  130. Synthroid dose?????
  131. TSH test
  132. 23 yr old Newbie with extreme lab results..
  133. Hormones and thyroid??
  134. Anxiety and depression at such a normal range
  135. Optimal B12 Levels for Hashis Patients??
  136. Need some input/advice
  137. Hormones and thyroid
  138. Total Thyroidectomy post op
  139. Sometimes it is not just a thyroid problem!
  140. do multi nodules not cancer in thyroid and outside cause pressure on nerves
  141. Eyelash Loss as the ONLY Symptom of Hypo?
  142. Is it normal to lose hair ON thyroid meds?
  143. 3 1/2 weeks post thyroidectomy and have questions
  144. Doctor Says Nothing is Wrong But I Question...
  145. Test Results
  146. Treatment after a TSH of 10
  147. Need Advice, Feel Like I'm Backsliding on Synthroid
  148. hypothyroid and bloating
  149. need some advice...
  150. Need help interpreting current lab test
  151. first labs since switching from levo to erfa
  152. Lab results from 08-16-10
  153. Secondary Hypo/Primary/Enlarged Pit. Gland
  154. Doctor doesn't want to treat possible hypoT
  155. throid and lymphnode cancer surgery
  156. Thoughts?
  157. Secondary Hypothyroidism??? Any thoughts..
  158. Am I possibly hypo? Help needed please.
  159. Last year's and this year's results!
  160. Armour question....
  161. Very confused about blood tests and how I feel
  162. Doctor called, You know it's bad when they ask ?'s
  163. Hyperthryoid syptoms after surgery
  164. Quick question ...
  165. Diagonsed with Pretibial Myxedema
  166. So confused..Please help !!!!
  167. What's the connection with memory to thyroid???
  168. 8mm thyoid nodule disappeared after 3 weeks?
  169. TSH High
  170. Hypothyroid and growing lots of facial hair???
  171. Doc, DO or endo in Chicago
  172. Subclinical hypothyroidism and panic/anxiety
  173. Itching after tt sx
  174. 4 mm thyroid nodule
  175. Please help w/ test results peroxidase high
  176. New labs affected by flu???
  177. Armour thyroid med and pregnancy....
  178. confused on how to proceed
  179. (RAIU) test will it identify the problem?
  180. How are these labs?
  181. In search of Thyroid education...
  182. hashimotos thyroiditis
  183. Brand new to hypo, help with labs - unsure!
  184. hypothroidism and pregnancy
  185. Need help with Lab Results, Please!!
  186. Feeling very alone, just needed to vent.
  187. Low White Blood Cell Count
  188. difficulty breathing and other stuff
  189. 10 yrs of this....What happens if I stop taking the meds?
  190. Thyroid question
  191. normal tsh, low free t4 and normal (low) free t3. what does this mean?
  192. confused by my thyroid profile lab results
  193. Higher end TSH but normal T4 and T3
  194. Thyroid lab test results
  195. does methimazole lower your TSH
  196. Libido after tt
  197. Lab results Hypothyroid - I know it, will my dr though?
  198. Confused about lab results - please help!
  199. ANOTHER lab question
  200. Hypothyroidism still possible?
  201. Problems with BM since starting thyroid???
  202. Meds, RAI, or surgery?
  203. newly diagnosed...
  204. Help With Results
  205. Good Days and Bad Days
  206. Pediatric Thyroid Question
  207. Paranoid or Problem?
  208. Pms and thyroid
  209. Fluctuating TSH. any thoughts?
  210. Hashimoto's gone without treatment?
  211. Do I need meds?
  212. 6 1/2 years after RAI for Graves
  213. If not thyroid then what?
  214. Now I am really confused!
  215. Beta-blocker as needed or regularly?
  216. vitamin deficiencies
  217. Hypothyroid but anxious!
  218. Some reassurance
  219. Anxiety flareups
  220. Hormone testing
  221. How insistent should I be with doctors?
  222. Tired but can't sleep?
  223. Can it get better?
  224. I'm Hypo but feel Hyper
  225. So confused
  226. Could this be hyperthyroid?
  227. Thyroid Causing High LDL Cholestrol
  228. Need some help with Cytomel
  229. Weird symptom-poss. Cancer
  230. A year of confusion
  231. Red, rashy, swollen face on Synthroid
  232. Hyperthyroid recurrence.
  233. Lets talk hair here
  234. Libido after thyroid sx
  235. Thyroiditis, Hashi's, Graves??
  236. Tapazole
  237. Early stages of Graves Disease
  238. Help with lab results
  239. Meds after surgery
  240. Thyroid Issue?
  241. Parathyroid Issue?
  242. High Thyroid antibodies (TPO) - Advice anyone?
  243. nodulat goitre
  244. flare ups and swelling migraines, should I be concerned anyone experience this?
  245. Synthroid and Ortho Evra
  246. Teeth Deteriorating + Hyperthyroidism??
  247. Thyroid stable for how long?
  248. TSH elevated, free T4 normal- why treat?
  249. Thyroid Nodules and FNA
  250. Is there cure for multinodule goiter beside surgery?

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