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  1. Sore throat with Hashi's?
  2. Labs Back Finally!
  3. Low on Vit D all these years?
  4. Very irritated with my GP
  5. hypothyroid question
  6. Thyroid Destruction Phases
  7. Thyroid/Graves Disease and RAI
  8. T3 is low, Free T4 and TSH are low-normal - any idea what's going on?
  9. Switching to natural thyroid... Erfa arrived today!
  10. Cytomel with Mitral Valve Prolapse Question
  11. thyroid autoantibodies refrence range
  12. 8 wks pregnant and Free T4 out of wack
  13. Goiter enlargement and supplements
  14. Anyone had RAI for hyper / Graves & had it work out & not sorry?
  15. thyroid problems
  16. Coarse Black Wiry Hairs (crown of head) From Armour?
  17. consistent low normal with symptoms
  18. Just learned my TSH is 150...
  19. Meds maing me worse, looking for natural cure
  20. High T3's?
  21. newly diagnosed hypo
  22. new here.. endo says it's my decision to remove part of thyroid.. so confused..
  23. new here and labs
  24. Starting to panic!
  25. Help! TSH undetectable at 30w pregnancy!
  26. Has anyone ever tried Clearvite for detox?
  27. thyroid scan
  28. New labs - TRAB Positive - What does this mean?
  29. Hi All
  30. So tired 1 month after surgery help
  31. Tired of Synthroid...
  32. Anyone miss their period after having thyroid surgery?
  33. 24 hour urine free cortisol level
  34. Help with FNA results
  35. So tired!!
  36. What do you think about these test results?
  37. New - I131 set - questions - please assist
  38. TT two weeks ago and Pathology report...
  39. Can I stop Hypothyroid medication due to the side effects?
  40. Hypo and headaches?
  41. what should your free t4 be on blood work
  42. Increase in dose of Armour Thyroid?
  43. Thyriod play games
  44. Newbie with ?'s
  45. no weight gain when 7 months pregnant,hyperthyroid?
  46. New Results, Doc says normal BUT T4 seems low, any help?
  47. feeling worse after dose increase
  48. still not feeling right
  49. i have many thyroid nodules what does that mean
  50. Lab results - input really appreciated!
  51. Ok doc doesn't think results deserve medication
  52. Is ZRT and Canary Club the only places to order saliva tests?
  53. sick now for 2 1/2 years
  54. Latest results - any thoughts?
  55. I had a major "crash"
  56. Labs Done Finally...
  57. Feeling worse?
  58. Thyroid Question/Heat
  59. Could this be thryoid related?
  60. Critical levels of Free T4
  61. Graves and Hashimotos--treatment opinions?
  62. Should I have surgery?
  63. Surgery scheduled this coming week...need some advice
  64. 2 weeks after increasing my Synthroid, still feel like crap
  65. HELP PLEASE with hypo/hyper question?
  66. Am I hypo or hyper? Need help with test results
  67. thyroid
  68. Hypothyroism/Hemochromatosis
  69. Thyroid Medication Questions
  70. feeling of electric current and twitching
  71. Need Help Understand Sono Results...Hashimoto Thryriod
  72. And Now Treated For Hypothyrodism Too
  73. What does 200mcg of Synthroid convert to in Cytomel dose?
  74. Loss of taste, taking sensipar
  75. What do these Labs mean?- Hypothyroid
  76. How Long Does It Take for Cytomel to Leave Your System?
  77. Need help
  78. Got latest lab results today
  79. Did my doc increase meds to fast?? Please help!
  80. swollen tongue, ideas?
  81. When to retest? (hypo)
  82. Help~Doctors won't listen
  83. Hypo and low ferritin...need advice
  84. Triiodothyronine-T3
  85. New and looking for hypo advice
  86. New here/ Hi everyone!
  87. what the heck?
  88. Hyper again?!?!
  89. Possible Thyroid
  90. Cortisol and Thyroid Results
  91. had FNB confused on labs
  92. My endo experience
  93. what should i do if low tsh and FT3 and FT4 are normal?
  94. Need help with lab results & what to do next.
  95. Hypothyroidism + oral thrush
  96. Feeling Like Corn in the Throat
  97. Alternative meds?
  98. swelling of fingers
  99. Do thyroid levels change with aging?
  100. Just Can't Figure It!
  101. worried
  102. High Cholesterol and Hypo
  103. Results of blood work - help please?
  104. choaking in the neck throat
  105. Symptoms question
  106. What does anyone think about my lab results?
  107. Please Advice with my wife Ultrasound report
  108. Could I have a thyroid problem?
  109. Should I pursue further??
  110. Night sweats, weight loss and bruises..
  111. New here... :(
  112. Switching to natural thyroid...
  113. Hashi's--taking 350mcg LevoT--EEEK!
  114. hypo & allergies
  115. Location of Thyroid Gland
  116. Starting treatment
  117. Hurthle cell adenoma
  118. High FT3 and Ft4
  119. Levoxyl versus Synthoid users
  120. Thyroid ultrasound
  121. thyroid
  122. thyroid test results
  123. Headache since FNA
  124. Latest Labs
  125. Taking armour thyroid on my own, need help!
  126. What should I do?
  127. Got new labs and I still feel cruddy :-(
  128. Cat Scan Iodine Contrast- can this affect me?
  129. Blood draw in the AM
  130. New Dosing Advice
  131. Help with understanding these new levels...
  132. Can caffeine affect the thyroid?
  133. my tyroid and ubnormalities in menstral
  134. Just Got Ultrasound report
  135. sleep problems
  136. Please help me understand my lab tests
  137. results
  138. having overactive thyroid removed how soon can i get pregnant afterwards
  139. Starting Synthroid dose?
  140. thyroid or not please help
  141. Javelina: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Need help with synthroid/have had overmedication issues
  143. Tired of explaining (venting)
  144. Synthroid Side Effects Opposite of Expected, Anyone Else Have This?
  145. new to boards- "normal" test with continued classic HT symptoms
  146. Will I ever get warm?
  147. Thyroid numbers results - are these normal?
  148. High antibodies count
  149. Cytomel to much, makes me think a lot. Suggestions for Alternatives?
  150. what do these numbers mean?
  151. Does listerine total care lower my thyroid?
  152. Hyperthyroid question
  153. Does Ft4 and Ft3 change througout the day?
  154. Thyroid question
  155. Getting pregnant via IVF with Hashi
  156. I need help with dosages please
  157. Should I avoid iodined salt while taking synthroid?
  158. Hyper or not hyper but then what?
  159. Free T4 level
  160. I think I found a new doctor!
  161. Edema with well treated Hashimotos
  162. Does anyone know about employee laws regarding your health?
  163. Dr recommendation-Denver?
  164. Just got new labs--what is going on??
  165. Just back from the doctor and have my results.
  166. Regular doc or Endo
  167. does synthroid come in a 25 mcg
  168. Hypothyroid?? Please help!!!!!!!!
  169. Anyone else get a flare-up when changing meds?
  170. Large thyroid goiter with normal thyroid levels
  171. New labs done for 2 week post op visit for thyroid lobectomy...
  172. confusing labs- need a little advice!
  173. Ok now I'm scared!
  174. Diagnosis: Hashimotos - but doc says reversible
  175. Coping with work when you feel like crap
  176. GOT MY bloodwork!
  177. Is Hypothyroidism that Dangerous?
  178. On Synthroid, not helping symptoms
  179. your opinion on my test results, hyper
  180. Increase in GERD symptoms since partial thyroidectomy......
  181. Test Results - Feedback welcome!
  182. help with synthroid overmedication
  183. Did you lose weight when you started Synthroid?
  184. Thyroid Surgery
  185. Midwest, Dear I need your help
  186. Hypothyroid??
  187. New Labs on Compounded Thyroid
  188. hyperthyroid? normal test results.
  189. So many questions on quest for diagnosis.
  190. Hyperthyroidism??--Confused
  191. Thyroid biopsy results
  192. TT People. Anyome on Levothyroxine Cytomel combo?
  193. Found nodules thyroid
  194. Did Synthroid affect your periods?
  195. Trying to figure this out. Need help
  196. AM I going Hypo AGAIN?
  197. hypo to hyper
  198. Should I try Naturethroid?
  199. New here - can anyone help?
  200. Does anyone have an elevated Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)?
  201. Hypothyroid
  202. Question:T3 anf rT3
  203. Is this a normal reaction to T4?
  204. Body aches and I dont know if it has to do with my doc taking me off of synthroid
  205. My sons hypothyroidism
  206. Is this related to the Thyroid
  207. Anyone want to read my labs and tell me what they think?
  208. ? re thyroidectomy
  209. Hyperthyroidism?
  210. help me with this pain
  211. advice needed before Dr. visit
  212. new labs - any suggestions ( already on 3 gr of naturethroid)
  213. Adrenal fatigue w/hypo symptoms
  214. Normal TSH, normal T4, T3 Normal, but in the low range. PLEASE HELP!
  215. can someone help me understand my thyroid results
  216. Heterogeneous hypoechoic nodule?? what is this?
  217. Bad ultrasound results???
  218. Dosing of Armour Thyroid
  219. Can nodules cause hyperthyroid-like symptoms?
  220. New labs
  221. Hyperthy symptoms nodules, almost normal bloodwork?
  222. Follow Up TSH Levels post Feb. hypo diagnoses
  223. Feel like crap...not seeing my endo for another week!
  224. Help understand high Thyroidglobulin AB test
  225. Ast/alt range
  226. Frustration & firing my doc
  227. Ultrasound findings?
  228. Ultrasound findings?
  229. Confused with RAI....need help pls...
  230. new labs
  231. my endo appointment today
  232. Levothyroxine causing sun-sensitive skin?
  233. small anechoic image with central calcification
  234. new test results... TOTALLY different from 2 wks ago
  235. Question for those of you who have had partial or total thyroidectomy.....
  236. Help need with a diagnosis/results/where to go from here?
  237. Acceptable range! what do you think?
  238. Thyroid enlarged...normal blood test?
  239. which medicine?
  240. new here
  241. Labs Results on Armour
  242. Hypothyroid, Cortisol high, anxiety, dizziness
  243. Need help with labs
  244. 95.1 temperature
  245. Can you be hyper with no hyper symptoms?
  246. How long did you wait from biopsy result to surgery ?
  247. I have real issues with blood levels and synthetic hormones
  248. thyroid problem
  249. Not taking meds on day of blood test?
  250. TPO Antibody???? NEED HELP

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