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  1. How low can TSH go?
  2. what's the difference between ferritin and iron?
  3. this is so annyoing, the blood tests keep on coming back normal
  4. It finally happened....my friends are giving up on me
  5. Muscle Aches and Joint Pain
  6. hyper and losing too much weight
  7. fine needle biopsy
  8. Iodine treatment for Hypothyroidism
  9. Thyroid Betrayal
  10. Swollen lymph nodes....related to hypo or Hashi's?
  11. I just have some questions
  12. test results...canadian ranges and stupid rules
  13. Quick Question
  14. New test results - why do I still feel bad??
  15. How severe is my hypothyroidism?
  16. Help with results please
  17. After lobectomy anyone who didn't need meds?
  18. question on my parent's labs...
  19. interesting lab results
  20. Question about thyroid ultrasound
  21. new,trying to interpret lab results
  22. New Results - Up Medication
  23. Saliva Cortisol Results-Help! Now What??
  24. what does a TSH level of 0.8 mean?
  25. Does anyone have rapid heartbeat?
  26. Iodized Salt vs. not?
  27. Thyroid Specialty Clinics
  28. Anyone Hyper / Graves but exhausted??
  29. Help with test results?
  30. Erfa?
  31. Started synthroid...help
  32. Help with me lab results please!
  33. Feritin levels 24
  34. What are optimal T3 and T4 levels?
  35. TSH Re-taken today - new symptoms
  36. Can a swollen salivary gland be related to Hashi? And other questions inside...
  37. New labs....very confused
  38. Isn't it amazing?
  39. Discouraged and don't know where to start
  40. Brain fog???? Please explain
  41. Low potassium
  42. Do you have to be eurothyroid for RAI?
  43. Thyroid Nodules Found
  44. Help do I have Hashi's or Cancer? Please see labs
  45. TSH is 57, is this normal for hashi?
  46. new here please help
  47. Isn't it against a doctor's oath to blow off a sick patient?
  48. calcium in thyroid nodes
  49. my RAI scan
  50. thyroid
  51. T3 Meds and Weightloss
  52. help with my hairloss
  53. Endo Frustration
  54. Would love some opinions on my latest thyroid panel
  55. HELP! Post-op TT on Vent ENT Recommending TRACH!
  56. birth control pill and thyroid medication
  57. Tsh 75 bloods retaken
  58. Is this hypo?
  59. Could it be the thyroid?
  60. 0.1mg of synthroid, is this a good starting point?
  61. thyroid rx not controlling symptoms
  62. Hypo and Weightloss Instead of Weight Gain
  63. Help.....still Ill with high TPO antibodies!!!
  64. I Need to get this sorted out, help please
  65. Resuming meds after going off for scan ..Question
  66. Do I need T3 or not???
  67. Eye Surgery in Canada
  68. Low TSH with Erf
  69. How do you know when your thyroid is completely destroyed?
  70. TPO antiboties
  71. Having a rough time after surgery
  72. New Lab Results, Do I have Graves?
  73. I am wondering if anyone can answer how large a normal sized thyroid is?
  74. thyroglobulin is 1000?
  75. LOW VIT D LEVEL. Questions??
  76. Help with Symptoms
  77. What do these RAI results mean?
  78. RAI - How long after do symptoms go away?
  79. Tsh 75, UK members
  80. hairloss
  81. Hyperthyroid possibly Grave's
  82. Clean Scan ... Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Opinions would be welcome...
  84. Another weird symptom question
  85. Pattern Lately...
  86. TSH-can you help?
  87. Anyone have very weak muscles???
  88. Can Hashi HyperT Episode Mimic Subacute Thyroiditis?
  89. Quick question for you
  90. why after i eat my eye turn red
  91. Fluctuating Fatigue
  92. Thyroid Problems? Please Help
  93. Hashimotos update, need advice please
  94. I just picked up my thyroid u/s report, and I have questions
  95. Ferritin...Is this too low???
  96. New Armour vs. Old Armour
  97. New TSH levels??????
  98. Thyroid Problems + Low Ferritin?
  99. Surgery on an 88 year old
  100. Please, Please help me!!!!
  101. Free T3, Free T4 so confused.
  102. Horrible leg pain..anyone else?
  103. hyperthyroid - new diagnosis. help!
  104. Can menstruation affect thyroid blood test results???? help pls
  105. Thyroid Medicine not Absorbing Properly
  106. Wired Wrong? Or Something Else?
  107. TSH 2 years ago
  108. What does free T3 of 2.88 mean?
  109. bleeding gums?
  110. TSH >75 Total T4 3.9 - more tests?
  111. Anyone having trouble getting natural dessicated Thyroid? Armour, etc?
  112. Tsh and T4
  113. Diagnosing the thyroid - what tests???
  114. Treatment Update
  115. levothyroxine question
  116. Is Anyone on Lexapro?
  117. How long......
  118. Symptoms.....Need help...What do I ask my Dr?
  119. nodule ultrasound accuracy
  120. can a levothyrine overdose cause deep, long sleep episodes?
  121. hydrocortisone/stool issues
  122. Cytomel help needed
  123. Need Help! I am a mess!
  124. What is the range for TSH?
  125. Re: Help with thyroid labs, adrenal supp experience?
  126. tsh so high!plez help me
  127. erfa question
  128. High fiber diet and synthroid
  129. Finally doing well on Levothyroxine - here's how
  130. tsh problem
  131. My most recent labs...what does this mean?
  132. Erfa Safety & Quantity/shipping Info
  133. anyone buy a home testoserone test....
  134. hypothyroidism and statins
  135. Raising Erfa Thyroid
  136. OMG I feel like Crap!
  137. Hi, I am new and looking for help on my labs
  138. Anyone Tried Herbs for Hyperthyroid?
  139. In My Head....?
  140. How do we know erfa is safe?
  141. Can hyperthyroidism cause hypersomnia?
  142. swollen, tender gland
  143. Help with thyroid labs, adrenal supp experience?
  144. same old story: low TSH, normal T3
  145. Is it normal to feel this bad??? New here
  146. Anyone had an ACTH stim test?
  147. Please help me understand lab results
  148. Are these lab results worrisome?
  149. Thyroid eye disease
  150. TgAb question?
  151. eltoxin, goldshield and synthroid levothyroxine
  152. I know somethings wrong, please help me figure this out...
  153. Is synthroid stronger than generic levo?
  154. TSH from 1.85 to 9.54!
  155. Nausea and Dry Heaves
  156. new labs, antibodies still high
  157. Started taking iron w/vit C for low ferritin and now face is breaking out
  158. hypothyroid problem
  159. Saw the endo and had an u/s
  160. Endo says these numbers are fine, what do you think?
  161. Why a nuclear med thyroid scan?
  162. Striae
  163. Please HELP- TSH 5.41
  164. Thyroid nodules-what does that mean?
  165. Symptoms after complete Thyroidectomy
  166. Hypothyroid but symptoms sugggest hyperthyroid
  167. Thyroiditis symptoms (Newbie)
  168. Your thoughts on RAI??? Please reply!
  169. Newly Diagnosed
  170. At What Level Are Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibodies A Concern?
  171. Dizziness and Muscle Weakness after Thyroidectomy
  172. Antibodies Questions
  173. why does my nose get red when I take my thyroid medicine
  174. TSH level way high
  175. Thyroid disfunction in menopause HELP
  176. Saw a new endo today, focusing on other things
  177. Think I may have a problem with my thyroid
  178. thyroglobulin autoantibodies over 600!!
  179. think I am getting too much thyroid meds-help!!
  180. What tests do you need for Graves Antibodies?
  181. Just wondering how some of you deal with working and feeling bad.
  182. Vitamin D levels
  183. How Long?
  184. Help please - tsh 0.02
  185. HELP!!! Graves or Hashi's Hyper Episode??
  186. weak and shaky arms and legs
  187. Test timing?
  188. Advice Needed...Surgery on Tuesday...
  189. Side effects of or too high a dose of synthroid?????
  190. how to shrink a goiter
  191. Newly diagnosed hyperthyroism....questions....
  192. question about T3
  193. early graves disease
  194. Newly diagnosed, when will I notice changes?
  195. Post TT-Carpal Tunnel?
  196. 3 mos post thyroid surgery - tightness in throat still
  197. Can anyone help
  198. TSH slightly high - does this make sense?
  199. Any Advice for treating a Hyper Thyroid Naturally?
  200. Thyroid u/s results - nodule, need another scan
  201. Isotope and Ultrasound done today
  202. Magnesium Citrate?
  203. New labs???
  204. New on here .. Need advice and fellow mate who understands
  205. Iron supplements for low ferritin?
  206. please help
  207. Latest labs. Please help! I'm at my wits end.
  208. Any clues what's going on with me?
  209. Can anyone help me with Lexapro?
  210. Hashimoto's - how long till the meds start to work?
  211. Need Advice Goiter 3 nodules dr says no problem
  212. Test results
  213. Hypothyroid with elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies
  214. Hashimoto's & Graves anyone have both?
  215. Paralyzed Vocal Chord
  216. Non-Stick Pans and Thyroid Disease
  217. help with results please
  218. Pregnenolone Update...
  219. Hypothyriod and adrenal insufficiency
  220. labs 4 months after partial tt
  221. ACTH test results-help
  222. Progress!
  223. Synthroid - Heat Intolerance
  224. trying to understand hashimoto's
  225. Graves Disease - TSH Low
  226. Adrenal Mystery
  227. i hurt all over
  228. High reverse t 3 anyone?
  229. 24-hour Cortisol Labs
  230. A couple questions...
  231. hypothyroid and anemic
  232. Getting bloodwork done after 6 wks on meds.
  233. CLA & Green Tea
  234. Low t3 help
  235. Is this normal?
  236. Which Blood Tests Should I have Had?
  237. Why are my levels dropping?
  238. Hyperthyroidism and No Health Insurance
  239. hypertyriodism
  240. Levothroid (Synthroid/L-Thyroxin) and alcohol
  241. Just when I started to feel normal..
  242. priority one thyroid dosage compared to armour thyroid
  243. New here...my latest thyroid numbers...help me read?
  244. Could I have an allergic reaction to the canuba wax in Naturethroid?
  245. Low Progesterone
  246. is this Thyrpoid cancer?
  247. Hashimotos - Insurance question
  248. Questions re: Going Hypo for Scan
  249. ctscan questions
  250. what happens if the TSH is 11

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