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  1. Ultrasound findings?
  2. Ultrasound findings?
  3. Confused with RAI....need help pls...
  4. new labs
  5. my endo appointment today
  6. Levothyroxine causing sun-sensitive skin?
  7. small anechoic image with central calcification
  8. new test results... TOTALLY different from 2 wks ago
  9. Question for those of you who have had partial or total thyroidectomy.....
  10. Help need with a diagnosis/results/where to go from here?
  11. Acceptable range! what do you think?
  12. Thyroid enlarged...normal blood test?
  13. which medicine?
  14. new here
  15. Labs Results on Armour
  16. Hypothyroid, Cortisol high, anxiety, dizziness
  17. Need help with labs
  18. 95.1 temperature
  19. Can you be hyper with no hyper symptoms?
  20. How long did you wait from biopsy result to surgery ?
  21. I have real issues with blood levels and synthetic hormones
  22. thyroid problem
  23. Not taking meds on day of blood test?
  24. TPO Antibody???? NEED HELP
  25. Time of day for meds and do I need to separate them?
  26. PAINFUL lymph nodes in breast/underarm... is this related to my new thyroid prob?!
  27. confused. strange symptoms. please, help
  28. New here
  29. Pittsburgh, PA - I need a good endo!!!!!
  30. Newest results (TT in July '09)
  31. Ok, I found a great doctor...how long to wait ?
  32. Need help for daughter with hypo symptoms but close to normal lab results
  33. Need help with labs please
  34. does removal of thyroid effect libido
  35. Liver caused thyroid problems
  36. Birth control making thyroid worse?
  37. Headaches
  38. Blood tests and questions -- please look!
  39. Where do I go from here?
  40. Thyroid...should I have it removed???
  41. thyroid nodule...should I have it removed????
  42. low ferritin, slightly high tsh...help
  43. Synthroid Adjustment
  44. Is it thyroid or both, adrenal and thyroid problems?
  45. TSH Level -- Graves in '06.
  46. Tsh result
  47. New Labs
  48. hyperparathyroidism?
  49. What is secondary hypothyroidism?????
  50. Thyroid and Stomach Problems
  51. what does low T3 levels mean
  52. Exausted is it my thyroid?
  53. Frustrated Mom--Son has high TSH normal T3 and T4
  54. Question About Total vs. Free Lab Results
  55. Cyst on my thyroid....
  56. Is it possible to have a TSH of 3.99 and not need Thyroid Meds
  57. Relationship between FT4 and FT3
  58. Persistent Tyroid Problems And Confusion
  59. Finally- feel like I found a doc who will help me
  60. Subtotal Thyroidectomy Then Regenerated Tissue and Possible Repeat Thyroid Surgery??
  61. thyroid test levels
  62. T4 conversion question
  63. New blood work after heart palpitations, chest tightness and SOB.....
  64. Scared,what does this mean???
  65. Not taking my synthroid before my tests?
  66. Low end of normal but all symptoms, is dr wrong?
  67. Mom has thyroid disease - High calcium, gout, sarcoid, etc. Please help. :(
  68. thyroid uptake scan results
  69. Three days post op....feeling odd...is this normal??
  70. High TPO levels (antibodies) and wanting to get pregnant??
  71. I need good arguments for a stubborn endo
  72. Question on recent lab results
  73. If dose is too high will it show in 6 weeks?
  74. NEED HELP WITH THYROID RESULTS, Do I need meds with these results ??
  75. Needle Biopsy
  76. calling Midwest1 and Meep ~ are you around?
  77. Recently Started Synthroid -- Why Do I Feel WORSE??
  78. Had my surgery yesterday.....
  79. A word of warning about second opinions!
  80. Questions about thyroid tumor
  81. what happens when tsh level is 45.48
  82. what happens if TSH is High and T3
  83. Too Sensitive?
  84. hypo, and i feel so bad!
  85. Tsh 162
  86. Will My Body Temp Rise Once I'm Optimized
  87. Symptoms Typical at certain times of day?
  88. T4 Increasing and TSH dropping...Is this good or bad?
  89. 1st blood results after diagnosis and meds...input please!!!!
  90. 8 weeks on methimazole
  91. TSH was high and 3 weeks later, it's normal (without meds) Am I hypo?
  92. Thyroid levels are back to normal...???
  93. toxic multi nodular goiter
  94. Just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism...
  95. Underactive thyroid?
  96. Question......
  97. CONFUSED with THYROID readings?? I need help? meds do nto seem to be working?
  98. I was hyperthyroid - weird feeling in my hands?
  99. Hashi's and trying to lose weight??
  100. COnfused about TF4/TSH result
  101. How long does it take?
  102. Can excess iodine cause thyroid problems?
  103. low thyroid natural help
  104. Missing period for a year possible thyroid problem help finding a Dr.
  105. Weight loss possible with Grave's?
  106. Need Help with Lab Restults
  107. Swinginh HyPO to HypER - how does this work?
  108. Slightly Hypo, not sure if I should take Synthroid- side effects?
  109. Skipped a period when I started Synthroid
  110. Pain in neck, thyroid problem??
  111. Houston, Tx. Dr. Tiana Shiver
  112. Houston, Tx. Dr. Tiana Shiver
  113. my situation
  114. My parents have jumped on the anti-depressant bandwagon
  115. Will steel cut oats interfere with thyroid meds?
  116. dominant solid nodule 5.3X3.0X1.8cm
  117. Synthroid and Allergy Meds
  118. hyper and hypo
  119. Enlarged Thyroid with solid nodules with lucent margin
  120. Trouble Getting a Fine Needle Aspiration
  121. More questions - please comment.
  122. Symptoms of thyroid, but possible Chiari Malformation, help please!
  123. Thyroid or Chiari Malformation?!
  124. autoimmune disease? please help
  125. what happens if tsh is 73.75
  126. Why am I feeling worse since taking more D3?
  127. Fasting required for any of the possible thyroid studies?
  128. Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism, Anxiety
  129. Just had thyroid test...need help interpreting results
  130. Why wont TSH go down
  131. Should I have it gone
  132. T3
  133. Parathyroid problem? Test results
  134. What do you take for hypothyroidism?
  135. Here we go again....
  136. Thyroid Ultrasound Time
  137. Hyperthyroid- Conventional Treatment not working
  138. Is T3 available in Ontario, Canada?
  139. Too Young for Thyroid Disorder
  140. very frustrated... any advice?
  141. Pill Splitting Levothyroxine
  142. thyroid level 16, cold, constipation, uneasy feeling,
  143. RT3, FT3, FT4 blood results
  144. Can you tell me what the numbers from my labs mean?
  145. Why did I react to CT scan Iodine Dye Contrast? HypoT a factor?
  146. How long after taking Synthroid do I need to wait to take Welchol?
  147. hypothyroid hairloss
  148. Side Effects of Hashi's
  149. Synthroid side effects - dizzy, bloated? Second opinion needed?
  150. hi new and needing advice :O)
  151. Wilsons, T3 meds.
  152. How do I explain why I'm tired all the time?
  153. Low Vitamin D and Hypothyroidism?
  154. hyper and hypo?
  155. New labs
  156. ACTH and Serum cortisol still high..why?
  157. Is anyone treating thyroid symptoms with ADHD meds?
  158. Mail order Armour came through for me
  159. Endo says I do not have HypoT and is weaning me off Levo?
  160. Taking other meds with thyroid meds
  161. Labs and T4 meds only prescribed
  162. What is your synthroid dosage?
  163. Does Hypothyroid or Meds Cause Moon Face?
  164. Newest labs..
  165. Pre-Op with the NP on Friday....what should I expect...
  166. Puzzled by labs again
  167. How do you feel with hypothyroid?
  168. jitteryness
  169. I am SO MAD!!! (Looooong)
  170. Not Feeling Well on Compounded Thyroid
  171. help reading / interpreting labs, please!
  172. Thyroid - Facial Expressions
  173. So much fatigue....please help!!
  174. Thyroid-S, efectiveness?
  175. I am Finally getting Somewhere!!!!
  176. thyroid lab results, solid nodules and possible Hashimoto's?
  177. Joint Pain
  178. question about biopsy result
  179. Do labs indicate I am not getting better?
  180. Am I getting better?
  181. Help, Please -- Can't Find List of Top Thyroid Docs on This Site
  182. tsh levelsl
  183. Difficulty in getting New Labs sent to me
  184. Thyroid Results
  185. Latest test labs...
  186. Could it be hypothryoidism?
  187. Thyroid Ultrasound and 2nd Dr - Very Discouraged!
  188. how accurate is a thyroid test
  189. Need assistance - new test information.
  190. Can you take both armour and levo together
  191. newly diagnosed hypothyroidism
  192. thyroid
  193. If you have autoimmune thryroid issues, did you have any of these symptoms?
  194. Help....
  195. How long after stating meds for hypoT did it take for you to feel better?
  196. intro with questions
  197. frustrated with my endo
  198. Hypothyroid & tingling hands and feet
  199. TT and sleep issues
  200. ended up in hospital due to thyroid meds
  201. Possibly Hypothroid? (cross post)
  202. Does anyone have these Symptoms?
  203. how to shrink goiter
  204. Question about naturethroid dosage for Hashis
  205. Please help decipher labs/symptoms
  206. Possible thyroid problem?
  207. Low thyroid and PCOS
  208. New and confused
  209. Thyroidectomy & T3 Replacement
  210. Water in Thyroid Gland
  211. Confused
  212. Thyroid Brain Fog and Depression
  213. First post
  214. More information about Hyperparathyroidism in Young People
  215. i want to do permant vocal cord surgey but doctor/parents want me to do injection
  216. how to take cytomel
  217. Swollen, Painful Wrists
  218. does having an underactive thyroid make you crave sweet things
  219. Very high TSH level..??? Hashimotos
  220. I don't know what this is...please help!
  221. Solid nodue
  222. Is it safe to take detox herbs if hypo?
  223. I don't usually do things like this
  224. level
  225. cytomel
  226. Could be Thyroid - waiting to see
  227. Throbbing/pulsing related to hypothyroidism?
  228. My first post - need some help w/ my thyroid problems
  229. Levothyroxine Right dosage?
  230. Yes or no anyone? is it possible to have worms even after..
  231. Value of free t-3 test versus regular t-3 test
  232. My RAI (I-131) Story Starting Today
  233. I feel cold all the time no matter the temperature
  234. New symptom? (Sleep Problems)
  235. What Is a Normal TSH Level
  236. Does Anyone know conversion of Erfa or Armour to Synthroid?
  237. question
  238. Strange Thyroid Issue
  239. Methimazole -- the anti thyroid
  240. Is 4 weeks too soon to test?
  241. I've had hives off and on.
  242. I think I do have Adrenal Problems!
  243. New at this thyroid stuff, need a little help.
  244. 9mm nodule
  245. What is normal post-Graves TGAB/anti-TG?
  246. Needing Comments - possible thyroid problems
  247. i know something is wrong and keep being told it is all in my head
  248. Thyroid level low, took meds now high, why?
  249. Has anyone ever tried Compounded Time Release Armour Thyroid?
  250. sick and tired

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